Bizarre Announces Split From D12, Reveals If He Plans To Stop Stalking Nicki Minaj

Exclusive: The leader of the "Weirdo Movement" breaks the news of his bouncing from D12 and explains his "open relationship" with Nicki Minaj.

Rufus Arthur Johnson, p/k/a/ Bizarre has officially split from his group of more than 15 years, D12.

The second most comical voice in Eminem’s hometown collective announced to HipHopDX on Monday (February 27th) that “creative differences” within The Dirty Dozen have led him to move on and start his own “Weirdo Movement.”

His surprising announcement came during a quick Q&A with DX in which the rotund rapper also revealed the status of the online relationship he has with his “boo,” Nicki Minaj, the fondness he has for the new crew that reminds him of a “young D12,” his thoughts on the push Shady Records’ new crew, Slaughterhouse, has received, and the direction of the movement he will be introducing to the masses on his “My Mom’s A Stoner” -led fourth full-length (due for free download March 30th), This Guy’s A Weirdo.

HipHopDX: I have to kick things off by asking if you have any plans to stop stalking Nicki Minaj on Twitter [@bizarresworld] before you get hit with a restraining order? [Laughs]  

Bizarre: [Laughs] I don’t know, man. She’s been responding a little bit, so I might not need a restraining order. Somebody said some hateful shit and she said, “Don’t be hatin’ on my boo.” So that kinda made my day …. [Laughs]   

DX: [Laughs] Were you upset when you saw Nicki and Lil Wayne lip locking at the NBA All-Star Game?
Bizarre: Oh nah, nah, she can date other men, we got an open relationship.

DX: So after the “Hey Nicki” joint and the tattoo you got of her, what’s the next move in your wooing of Ms. Minaj?

Bizarre: Uh … next move, I’m probably gonna get Justin Bieber tatted on my ass. Nah man, next move, I’m about to put this little free album out, coming out March 30th, called This Guy’s A Weirdo. It’s my gift back to the fans that’s been down forever.

DX: Now, I have to ask about this, are the rumors true that you’ve actually quit D12 to join Odd Future?

Bizarre: [Laughs] Whoa! [Laughs] Yeah, I’m not in D12 no more. We just had creative differences and decided to go our separate ways – well I decided to go my separate way. And nah, I’m not in Odd Future. I got my own crew called The Weirdo Movement.

DX: Now you know we gotta flesh out what you just said a little bit there. I mean, that was just a personal decision to leave D12, or was it a group decision to end the group?

Bizarre: It’s a personal decision on my part. I think I’ve just grown as an artist and it’s time for me to branch off on my brand. But shout out to Odd Future though.

DX: What’chu think about them? You kind of helped inspire a new generation.

Bizarre: Aw, man, they dope. They remind me a lot of a young D12. They got a lot of energy. And to do the type of shit we do, it takes a lot of balls. [Laughs] It takes a lot of balls and craziness to do the type of shit we do, so I salute.   

DX: You just sprung some news on me with the reply before that one, so …. I was gonna ask about the Slaughterhouse push, the affect that had on D12, if any?

Bizarre: I don’t think it had no real affect. Slaughterhouse is doing they thing – shout out to them. Me and my man actually just did some production work on their album. And, you know, I think they’re an all-star team of lyricists that’s dope, and I can’t wait to hear this album they about to put out.

DX: Speaking of, on February 24th you tweeted, “Nick and Bizarre on a track??? Stay tuned!!” I just wanna make sure you were talking about Nickel Nine and not Nick Cannon?

Bizarre: [Laughs] You know what? I smoke a lot of weed, so …. But shouts out to Royce [Da 5'9]. He is on my new album. But I think I was talking about Nicki Minaj. I’m trying to do something with her. But, yeah, I smoke a lot of weed, so I probably misspelled some shit.

DX: And lastly, what exactly is this “Weirdo Movement,” ‘cause after peeping that almost Neo Soul-ish type track I’m still confused as to what this movement is all about? [Laughs]

Bizarre: [Laughs] The Weirdo Movement, it’s consisting of me, my group FaygosandConey from Detroit, this guy named Fury, and my Asian brother from Seattle, Sonny Bonoho. And this weirdo movement, it’s just the weird shit, it’s the bizarre shit to another level. It’s just encouraging people that it’s alright to be weird, it’s alright to be different and speak your mind and dress and look however the fuck you wanna look. It’s a weirdo movement, it’s time for that. Hip Hop is changing anyway, it’s getting more and more outrageous how they looking. And I been doing this shit for years, so … C’mon man, you wanna join it?

DX: Eh, I don’t know. [Laughs]

Bizarre: [Laughs] That’s some crazy shit for you to put on, huh?

DX: Yeah, I’m not big on that. [Laughs]

Bizarre: [Laughs] Actually, I’m doing this little contest: the first 300 people that pre-order my album, the hard copy, they’ll get they name in the shout out list of the album …. Also, be looking out for my radio blog show starting March 1st called Bizarre’s World Uncensored. And we gonna be having like freestyle contests, and I will be giving you my honest opinion. If you suck, I’m gonna tell you that. [Laughs] And Bizarre’s World reality show is coming soon too.

DX: And whoever pre-orders the most copies of the album you’ll get their face tattooed on your other arm? [Laughs]

Bizarre: [Laughs] I don’t know, man, I’ll have to see. I’m a weird guy; I might do anything spontaneous.

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  • Anonymous

    Biz and Porter shoulda stayed with it cos Kuniva n Mcvay tryna put out a new album an then they jus fuck shit up like that?? Porter BEEN gone tho he thinks he's too big now.. fucked up

  • Tris

    Why did you split man? ROTDD Vol.2 was amazing, this is sad man.. lots of people are sad that you are bouncing...

  • jaceshadoe

    Bizarre's 1st album was pretty good. Had some good tracks and comdie ones. " Rockstar" was a good video. Even "Fat Boy" was pretty catchy. Even thou Bizarres albums don't have much replay value or sells a lot, at least he's sticking to his own weirdo style. I repect the dude for his creative type music.

  • Anonymous

    D-12 was it for this lunatic. Nobody takes his mic game serious.

  • Ram-say

    Say what you want about Bizzare he's still got more money than everyone posting here.. good for you Bizzy change is key!!!

    • Anonymous

      Obviously you're from the USA..''Say what you want about Bizzare he's still got more money than everyone posting here..'' Like money is always the criterium of success, especially talking about art! Bizarre sucks. He might have more money, but he sucks

  • anonymous

    Oakland rapper Captaincy.. you can hear music at ,, feedback appreciated

  • Real Murderer

    PIL2 in stores better get some deep shit JA RULE IS BACK!!!

  • Anonymous

    its good to hear that he had kno hard feelings toward either D-12 or Slaughterhouse bc if you look at it SH kinda effed up D-12's whole thing..They kinda got put on the back burner for SH and I can def. feel how Biz or anyone of them would feel some kinda way.It would be dope to hear a D-12 feature on the SH album but I doubt it

  • sandrakiss

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  • ramses

    yes im totaly crazy ,,but never a weirdo ,,he can get the f-ck on with that so called movement ,,an arent these dudes kinda old 2 still be using that my moms on drugs its why im messed up shit ,, this dude over 30 ,,if he's a weirdo its his faught not his moms but anyway

  • Mark Demory

    All this hate, leave my man alone! Shit, no one ever made the claim that bizzare was the next rakim, christ. anyone claiming that the rest of D12 couldn't spit is retarded, those cats all had bars, and biz was like the ODB or flav of that situation, a little bit of spice to add to the mix. Incredibly, and i'm loving that others are hip to it, handicap circus was a great record! Dude may not have been the dopest MC but he definetly knows how to craft a cohesive song and album. That's more than we can say for most emcees today. It's just a shame that it's gta be all about a split and all this shit. Do your thing and shut up, gotta leave that door open. Devil's night is like a lost em classic.

  • Pat

    well fuck bizarre he aint that good anyway

  • Anonymous

    Why couldnt he have left the group back when I gave a fuck about them?? He was pretty much the sole reason nobody took that group seriously at all, every other memeber of that group, past or present, could at the very least deliver a solid 16 bars...... Typical D12 track: Eminem kills the first verse Another member lays a solid 2nd verse Bizzare comes in and ruins the song on the third verse

    • TonyViera

      no one could it said it better, Bizarre is a wack rapper his verses was the worst in D12 he dont have skills, the other d12 memembers are very solid in them verses but for Bizzy im sorry....

  • StreetStruck

    Who the fuck conducts these interviews, this nigga talkin bout Bizarre left D12 to join Odd Future like it's some fucking pro-wrestling shit! Jesus Christ yo, what has hip-hop become, it's more about who you're listening to and what groups you like instead of the fucking music....

  • A1 Sauce

    Bugz and Proof die. D9 stole beats and now Bizarre is gone. SMh

  • FVTE3

    this nigga is a cornball

  • Lilworm

    weirdo movement? i think tech n9ne has filled this position...

  • EK

    i think Bizzare suits Odd Future

  • DutchWeazel

    So, no more D12 Guess it's just ''The D'' now When the whole crew was together, Bizarre was kinda funny. But I have to say it's not a big loss for the group, now they can move on like grown men should. Bizzy can join that gay-ass YMCA label Bunch of weirdo's together, fits perfect.

  • TylertheDestroyer

    At least he has always been himself, wearing shower caps getting stomach tattoos.. the dude is fucking bizzare. D12 was just Eminem lending a helping hand anyway its not real music, just funny shit.

  • Anonymous

    It looked at his picture quick and thouht he was jadakiss

  • da1

    Now D12 is a legitimate respectable group now. They may have to change their name to D10... No matter a fact make that D8(Proof).. I forgt. Anyways they are better off now.

  • Anonymous

    Bizarre sucked anyways; who cares.

  • HAGE

    I've got a shitload of respect for this man! he made D12 what it was just like all the other members.. now people can hate on him but he made the group unique and a lot more entertainin.. even tough i'll be one of the few people .. ill keep supporting him with his moves because he's awesome and i still listen to his old albums.

  • Curt McGirt

    I aint about to waste time trying to diss Bizarre like 99% of everybody else. Sometimes you gotta just take shit for face value. Some cats you aint gonna understand and some cats wont claim to be the most lyrical or have the most "swag" in the game. I always thought Bizarre was a weird funny dude and that "Hey Nicki" video was weird and funny as fuck. It is what it is, let the man live.

  • jfkld;a

    I wonder who'll fill the vacancy? Bizzy and D12 have been through so much. Just hope they're all still cool.

  • The Real Franchise

    bizarre was by far the worst rapper in d12, the only reason anyone remembers him is because of the stupid shit he says in his rhymes. This guy is disloyal and refused to say in his lane, em is dropping slaughter, he cant do two group albums simultaneously, the dozen was on deck presumably but i guess he needed a dump truck filled with gravy or something so he splits out on his own. Anyone saying fuck d12, FUCK YOU, swifty can spit, denaun can spit, kon artist can spit, im pretty sure bizarre brought fuzz in, so take that mu fucka with you. RIP to proof, but the dozen is still dope and they just cut a shitload of dead weight.

  • Anonymous

    Did he just go through a whole interview without saying "you know what I mean" ? Anyways.. can't say I'mm too dissapointed he left D12. I liked him on half the tracks but he messed up half as well. I'm interested to see who will fill the gap (please bring back Eye-Kyu)

  • Anonymous

    I enjoyed the Handicap Circus. True story. lol.

  • Anonymous

    bizzare had no flow.. he just said random funny shit out of his ass... but screw d12 i loved them, but whats d12 without proof.. a dirty double? id rather here a solo eminem album then an alleged d12 album with eminem and 2 guys that can barely rap

  • Myke

    so what...D12 only conists of denaun and swifty now?

    • fjdkla;

      Eminem's still in it, if you say Em's not in it you HAVE to say Denaun isn't because Denaun had barely anything to do with them in the last 3 or so years as well as Em. So it's Em, Denaun, Kuniva, Swift, Fuzz.

  • Anonymous

    d-12 dead shady records is dead also yella flopped and so will slaughter house eminem will retire.

  • Lucci

    Proof and Bizarre were the only thing that made D12 worth listening to. Those other niggas are garbage.

  • TheRealBizzare

    Yall niggas straight haters on my dick subconciously im going to go into hiding for like3 years and come back with An MF DOOM mask to return fire onyou non believers in the weirdomovement.

  • Anonymous

    RIP D-12 , even though they were clearly already burried





  • D3

    i dont know whats more of a shame, the fact the Bizarre has split from D12 after 15 years or the fact that the only comments are from haters and ignorant people. Dont say that you love D12 so much then go on to say that Bizarre sucked anyway and hes fat and all that shit, ur just a fucking hater. Its a goddamn shame to hear this news, as an avid D12 for as long as i can remember. Bizarre and Eminem have been making music together since the mid-90s, even before the Slim Shady EP, and to hear that he officially has split from the group is a tragedy. All you ignorant fucks that commented negative shit about Bizarre have no place even listening to hip-hop music, let alone go OUT OF UR WAY to just hate on dudes. You people are what is slowly killing hip-hop; the ignorant audience that think they know music but are sadly mistaken. Bizarre may not have been the best lyricist in D12, but if you understood and have been a fan of the group as you say are, you understood what Bizarre meant to the group. Although D12 had flown under the radar since the signing of slaughterhouse, they had fans looking for a new album possibly being released this year. As much as people hate and show zero knowledge pertaining to this topic whatsoever, there's no denying the impact D12 has had on hip-hop and Eminem's career. He was the perfect fit in the group, keeping that psychopathic sense of humor and attitude as a visual aid in the group's reputation. Stop hating on shit when ur so far wrong it's embarrassing to read some of these comments. Em, Swift, Kuniva & Denaun together jus isnt the same

    • Vic

      @war22 They should change their name to D10 then.

    • war22

      EMinem,Swifty,Kuniva,Fuzz Scoota and Kon Artist can hold D12 sure of it

    • Anonymous

      this post is horsecrap. calling people haters cause you cant handle criticism. grow up

    • Anonymous

      We dont deny that bizarre was good, but if we can be honest to ourselves, D12 cant move on and stay relevant without having Em on every track, so it doesnt really matter that he is leaving D12 cause anyway they werent making anything worth buying or even downloading Casey: That was a good one

    • casey jones

      so what you're saying is "give a free pass to a shit rapper because he was friends with good ones."

  • rallo

    They WACK, be gone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Fernandop

    Listen to ''no ones iller than me'' by em , bizarre and others. bizarre is nice on the mic. he can get serious. Im sad d12s all spread out but proof is dead also. i dont know if it can be dirty dozen without derty harry. bizarres nice. EAT A DICK

  • Creeper Slim

    Aint nobody in the D checkin for a new Bizarre tape or group of his.Only reason that dildo gotta shot in the first place is cause he's down with the white boy and D12.He was by far the weakest link.D12 aint even really good,but all them dudes is better than that fat bastard.Muthafucka cant even stay on beat.

  • DirtyHead

    Eminem is sober now so you can't expect another Purple Pills anymore. Sobriety killed this group. When purple pills video first dropped aah memories... life was so much better back then.

  • zzzz

    wow what a devastating loss. d12 sucks anyway and werent gonna drop another album. eminem is in full blown pop zone, hell drop the flop in slaughterhouse and revert back to his 40 year old pop trash for boss man jimmy iovine. nobody gives a fuck about d12, especially wack ass bizarre. proof was the only one worth hearing other than slim. rest were riding coattails. jimmy iovine is gonna whore eminem out big time next go around, pushing the flop artists like yelawolf and slaughterhouse full steam ahead. hell be working with lady gaga, bieber, rihanna, drake, and whoever else jimmy wants to pay him back. scary time for hip hop.

  • Anonymous

    If you have to constantly remind people that you're weird, you're probably not that weird...

  • murdock

    hes wack as fuck anyway he can barely spit on beat

  • Anonymous

    He officially killed D12 by saying that, D12 was slowly fading away but saaying he split have made it look worse

  • Anonymous

    Who cares. Bizarre has always been the weak link. The only skillz that he has are eating skillz.

  • Anonymous

    he is a smart man he is the most popular one in the club they dont barely come out no way. make your money


    Weird ass nigga..

  • Anonymous

    D12 & Eminem need to get they shit together.i wana see D12 drop another album

  • Hhfan

    RIP to Proof, but D12 was wack from day 1. They can't carry a song without Em.

  • Anonymous

    man fuck bizarre never knew why his wack ass was in d12 in the first place

  • war22

    i hope that D12 album is still a big D12 fan with or without Bizarre they need to put it out son...

  • casey jones

    "Bizarre you a fat stuttering fuck You a joke, I choke whoever buttered you up I've been ridin by your house, you don't come out too much You hide, when I find you I'ma snatch you out of that truck And tie your fat stankin ass to your couch and just FEED YOU, you already look like you about to bust Nigga you can run or hide, I'll be on your porch with a cheeseburger tryin to lure you outside 'Cause he's in it, Bizarre say G-g-g-g-g-g-g-unit I bet you throw some extra "g's" in it Just like a stutterin' fool, can't reach intelligence He sweats when he raps, cuz he got a speach impediment"

  • trolling

    Bizarre is terrible anyway. He raps about the same shit every song "ill rape my grandmother", come on dude you're like 40 now, that shit was entertaining when D12 first dropped. The others will probably follow soon too Slaughterhouse and Yela are Ems main focus right now hes carried D12 from the beginning

  • Anonymous

    Thank God he's gone...FAT ASS FUCK!!!

  • Anonymous

    Bizzare was the weakest link in the group but was funny as hell though

  • 845 boi

    too much crack and angel dust ahha ive always loved him in d12 though even though he's always been the worst

  • KingChandler

    D12 finally let this talentless fuck go, bout damn time, if they did this shit years ago I might have Devils Night in my ipod, but this fat attention whores voice just makes me wanna punch kittens. Im Gone

  • Usher

    Terrible rapper anyway. Kuniva and co won't miss him.

  • damn

    People have totally forgotten there was a D12. Pretty sad.

  • Nat Turner

    Black History Month! Frederick Douglass must be proud.

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