French Montana "Excuse My French" Release Date Revealed

French Montana eyes a summer release for his debut album.

Rick Ross has revealed the release date for French Montana’s Bad Boy Records debut, Excuse My French. The Teflon Don took to Twitter last night to announce that French’s first studio LP will arrive on July 17th.

French previously revealed that Maybach Music Group was his first choice after Bad Boy Records for a record deal, which is why he is making Ricky Rozay executive producer of the LP.

“I love MMG. If I wasn't going with Bad Boy, I definitely would have gone with MMG," said French. "That's why I had to make Ross executive producer on my album. Me and him got the same vibe. He's definitely been involved with everything I've been doing, giving me some good advice, and helping me out. You always need a mentor." 

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  • a5thegreat

    french montana's style is new and urban. you gotta fuck with the coke boys movement. being signed to diddy only means he will get good publicity. rick ross made mmg with the hottest rappers now. and producing his album will bring different crowds. just like asap; hes trill ass fuck but not everybody is 2 chainz,drake,or lamar. btw french brought out one of the hottest producers in the game right now [harry fraud].we cant compare 50 cent to him now since his era is gone now. get with the new stuff and stop listening to garbage. keep a look out for curren$y and his jet life crew too.

  • funkyfre$h

    Havent heard one hot song from this clown.. and he was dissin 50 about album sales like his album is gnna do big numbers lol

  • Figgy Smalls

    Stop The Hateing , Badboy is Back !!! French is The Real Deal.......Puerto Rican Power Bitches !!!!!!!!!

  • skyz_the_limit

    Says a lot about YOU then huh? Self conscious dickrider who only cares about who gets played on the radio. Shut your young ass up! You aint ever heard of the Cocaine City DVDs? You aint ever heard Max B and French Montana's catalogue of great music you are really missing out bro. Most consistent artist with great beats the last 3 years. So many classic mixtapes. So you should shut the fuck up with your ignorant dumb ass. Me and my boys (white, black, spanish mid twenties) from Brooklyn listen to French Montana. Its been a movement from day 1. You got up and coming artist you RIDE WITH THEM. Don't bail out and dickride like this bitch ass OP. FRENCH BEEN WAVY

  • Ricky Rozay

    Look all these hatin ass niggas. French hotter out there than any of yall favorite rappers. Most of ur favorite rappers are either bankrupt or cant get an album out. Wit the Bawse backin this shit, this album gon be fire. Bawse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Tony Draper

      Uh No, He is definately not hotter than even the wackest rapper out there. I think even SouljaBoy and Lil B got more money than Bitch Montana. Secondly,He will be either selling drugs,or robbing niggaz for a living after his album flops.He'll go sand...(1,000 copies at a local bodega...or mom and pops shop) Maybe go dust (250-500 copies on itunes) of his new album. He aint fire....He is damp rotten wood.....Wont Burn.

  • Anonymous

    It took him 10 years to secure a record deal. If that's considered success, I'd hate to read your definition of failure.

    • Anonymous

      Oh yeah? More successful than YOU or your friends bitch ass. Getting signed now a days doesn't mean shit anyway when albums arent ever gonna sell again. And the labels are too broke for marketing.

    • Anonymous

      well get the real niggaz out first then well start to use the wack niggaz now that the real niggaz got they opportunity. Hence French Montana,Red Cafe,Uncle Murda are tryin to come to the forefront now.

  • Anonymous

    I fuck wit French but that fat cop nigga Ross is a clown ...


    Yall gonna love my nigga French Montana's Excuse My French, reppin for C.O. Records

  • fernandop

    I like french, but his mentors a rat. i cant believe the streets lettin niggas get away with this shit nowadays?

    • Anonymous

      You gotta remember that in todays day and age.Bitch Ass Nigganess and Being Fake is accepted now ,so that will explain it

  • Anonymous

    Honestly,I dont know anyone who listens to Bitch Montana or Dead Cafe.Them nigga dontget played as much as ASAP Rocky,Lloyd Banks,and Fred The Godson

  • Mr Exlax

    Hate all you want, but he's had more success than any of have so he's doing something right. The thing that gets me is who's this guys audience? I don't know a single person that listens to him. I asked some of my peoples 2 weeks ago as a matter of fact lol.

  • Anonymous

    Worst NY Rapper since Tony Yayo

  • French Montana

    Nice!! p.s. Are you targeting Japanese market? I Officially did promotions for Ace Hood and DJ Infamous "We The Best" Japan Tour. I have more than 20,000 Japanese followers. If you are producer, artiste, DJ, dancer, or records/production company and need my promotions, contact me! The details are in the link in my profile!

  • Chavo

    This nigga will never leave Diddy's bench,Hence the name Bench Montana. I wish you luck on all your ghostwriting and criminal endeavors

  • Anonymous

    Enjoy your first and last album Stench Montana.

  • Anonymous

    I assume he's saving the title "Pardon My French" for his inevitable post-prison stay album.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • BXellent

    LOL,this nigga looks and sounds like a real life Mr Potato Head,lol. This nigga is wack as fuck just like Red Cafe. Diddy is gonna keep slaving these nigga til theyre used up then throw them away like he does all the rest.He will be luck to actually release an album and if he really does, it'll go dirt or maybe rust (5,000-10,000) first week them wont sell anymore.LOL@ the nigga who called him Bitch Montana,LOL. Thats pretty much what he is.

  • Bitch Montana

    Bitch Montana "Excuse My Bitchin" Release Date Revealed

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