Too Short Discusses Retirement Possibility

Too Short talks about potentially hanging up the mic after album number 20.

As bay area legend Too Short gears up to release his 19th studio album, No Trespassing, he finds himself mulling retirement.

"Hip Hop is very addictive," explained Short Dog in an interview with DJ Skee on Hip Hop Nation's "World Famous Weekends," when pressed about the subject of retirement. "The last time I said [that I would retire], I was at ten albums, and I was thirty years old. I feel twenty's a good number. But who knows, twenty-five might be [when I retire.] Twenty-two's my lucky number."

Too Short revealed that if album number 20 really is his last, he might deliver a project significantly different from the ones fans have come to expect. "I've always wanted to make an album that had nothing to do with sexual content, zero curse words. Really revisit that kind of song I was making when I made 'The Ghetto' and 'Life is Too Short,' and just speak my mind on the days and times we live in, and just basically the rules would be no cursing and no sex."

"I'm looking around and there's a lot of...I'm getting a lot of motivation to do something like that," he added.

Watch the interview below:

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  • Anonymous

    No Trespassing is gonna flop, so maybe retiring is the right thing. He can always produce other people's stuff, or try and get in a few movies. Beating the same topics to death over and over is one reason why rappers from the Bay will never be respected.

  • OC

    I remember when "Gettin It" was supposed to be his last album. That shit came out 16 years ago

  • Anonymous

    Yes retire dumbass. Being 50 years old and talking about that you are a pimp is very childish. Get a life. This dude has totally no substance in his lyrics.

  • realrory

    Don't retire $hort. U a legend. All U gotta do is bring back the funk sound you gave us in "Shorty The Pimp" & "Get In Where You Fit In".U need Ant Banks sound...

  • Anonymous

    too short is one of the best ever 2 do it 19 albums jay z hasent even did that


    he can afford to retire, he had his best years. suprising enough, he got a new audience with that "blow the whistle"-stuff. his 1. comeback with "cant stay away" was brilliant but as a fan, I would love to see him get back together with members of the dangerous crew, that "oakland"-funk was genuine original shit!

  • Anonymous

    Ah. Legend. The first retarded rapper. I bet Waka is a huge fan. Without short bus there would be no lane for him.


      Retarded? Waka? Man you are a bitch! $hort started by writing rhymes on request as a teen, then sold his tapes out of the trunk, he did shows from east to west, north to south - he created his own buzz and is internationally known for "The Ghetto" and "I want to break free" before the internet existed. He is also in the Book of World Records for having the most albums as a solo-rap-artist and he gets wayyyy more pussy than you, playahater.

  • DutchWeazel

    Too $hort is (IMO) a rap legend, thanks to his old material. I did not like his Hyphy shit for one bit. I remember a time ago he was in Holland (West Coast festifal), shit was great. that was the Short Dog I liked

  • Old School Short fan

    He should make that album regardless of whether he retires or not. It's a dope concept. Respect The Pimpin was surprisingly dope, but all the tracks he's leaked from No Tresspassing have had commercial bullshit beats and hooks. The hyphy shit's dead anyway may as well stick to making real music like he did with Respect The Pimpin.. Get some musical beats and get real singers like Otis & Shug or Levitti,Kokane..


    Too $hort really should retire with all those albums behind him..

  • WestKovina

    then do it then nigga i was just bumpin short doggs old shit today too i want to be free and no love from oakland bay area klassics

  • T-Dubb AKA Royal T

    gotta respect a legend.

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