Juvenile Issues Statement Over Arrest Warrant, Dismisses Allegations

UPDATE: Juvenile says that allegations of defaulting on child support payments are false.

An arrest warrant has been issued for Juvenile in Louisiana over $160,000 in unpaid child support to his baby's mother Dionne Williams.

According to TMZ, Juvie has failed to fork over child support for their 13-year-old son since December 2006. The former Cash Money rapper faces up to 90 days in prison for his unwillingness to pay.

While Louisiana law can be strict for deadbeat dads, Juvenile could delay time in prison if he pays $50,000 immediately.

[January 24]

UPDATE: Juvenile has released a statement dismissing allegations that he has not paid child support to the tune of $160,000:

"With reference to recent allegations made against me, I would like my fans to know that such accusations are completely false and my legal team is currently at work to prove so.  In the meantime, I stay positive. I will continue to focus on my work and I look forward to the release of my upcoming album."

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  • crossdresser_blk_601

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  • So Icy Boi!

    YMCMB We Da Bizne$$! Stunna dropped Juve off YMCMB cuz diz nigga old az fuck! swag Young Money Cash Money Billionaires We Run Dis Shit! what a roster......... damn! Weezy da King of Hip Hop/Rap Nicki da Queen Limp Bizkit da Rock legendz Drake da Shakespeare of Hip Hop Birdman da Suge Knight of da new millenium Tyga da club dude Mystikal & Busta Rhymes da veteranz Bow Wow & Lil Chuckee da kidz Lil Twist da MC Donz mess wit YMCMB broh! YMCMB WE DA BEST LABEL!

    • G code

      Juvie left Cash money over money issues Baby ol child molester azz was stealing everything thats why B.G Turk left and the beat maker Mannie fresh Left the new team is just a fruit loop troop with baby buying lil wayne shit its call investment 50 exposed that, along with some industry insiders so while you jumping on the homo band wagon with men kissing each other and wearing women clothes and rocking santanic lyrics and Disrespecting GOD think twice before you brag on these puppets !

    • Anonymous

      no your not Juve has sold more than Wayne and anyway Wanye will neva go 4x platinum.

    • Anonymous

      Limp Bizkit ant no rock legend! He fell off in rock you dumb ass!

  • da1

    If you spray up you gotta pay up. PAY UP NIGGA!!!

  • now

    Ms Hill said it best, all these men coming in club fronting like baller need to stop and go take care of their children.

  • what

    Nothing new here or no new news here, it just aint Juvie alone,can not and will not paid child suppose, 90% of these niggas out here can not do it either so stop trying to blow Juvie spot up man, niggas need to stop having kids knowing they cant take care of them



  • Acesun

    You gotta pay irregardless of what the mother do with the money, atleast you know that your doing your part. She will have to answer why her childs needs something when she gets full support.

  • Anonymous

    The sad thing is these fools probably have some money, but would rather focus on their own selfish needs than care for their kids. Sell some of your jewelry to make up the difference of that 50 grand.

  • Anonymous

    somebody at rap a lot is a snitch. first scarface, now juve?

  • Anonymous

    THey steadily trying to get all the real people out of Hip Hop, first they go at DMX with the bullshit child support carp, now Juvi?

    • Anonymous

      I'm with Burmy. I'm all for child support, but it should be for the kids. What does a child need to survive? 100-200 a week? Not the thousands well-off dads need to give these women.

    • Anonymous

      ^ i agree with that. but you shouldnt impregnate scandalous bitches in the first place cause shit like this happens

    • Burmy

      You do know these kinda babymamas spend the money they get on everything BUT the kid, right? Maybe the dads just got fed up... ...seriously, there should be a law where if a mom is constantly found not using her child support $ to the child's benefit, she should lose the privilege of collecting.

    • Anonymous

      here's a crazy idea how about these guys just support their children or just stop reproducing. fuck that conspiracy talk its the children that are to lose. do your fucking part. you niggas need stop blaming the man for your own fuck ups.

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