Andre 3000 Dismisses Outkast Reunion Album Rumors, Hopes To Release Solo LP In 2012

Andre 3000 hopes to release his solo album this year, but promises that more new music is on the way.

Fans have been hoping that Andre 3000 and Big Boi would reunite for an Outkast album over the past few years, but they’ll have to wait a bit longer. During an interview with, Three Stacks dismissed rumors that an Outkast album is in the works but that fans can expect more music from him in the near future.

“There's been a lot of talk on the Internet about an Outkast album and I have to say that as of now, there are no plans for another Outkast album,” he said. “There's a lot of music on the horizon. I've been living off the excitement of new artists. I've been privileged to have these new artists kind of reach out and grab back and say, ‘Hey, Andre, we want you on this song.’ So I've been taking those calls and for the last two years, I've been doing collaborations. So these new artists have kind of been keeping me alive. I've just really been feeding off of that and this year I think I'm planning to do a solo project. I don't know when it will come out, but hopefully it'll come out this year. As far as Outkast, I really don't know if or when that will happen.”

The dismissal of an Outkast reunion album comes as a surprise, considering that the group was reportedly heading to Epic Records to release a new LP. 3K did confirm that a solo album is on the way, and that it will take his sound back to the lively energy of early ‘Kast music.

“The only thing I can really say is I'm going to get back to having fun because that's what it was all about when I started this in high school—with Outkast—those were like high school dreams. I'm 36 now, so I have grown-man dreams. This album will just be me being myself as normal.”

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  • Anonymous

    ETK, I do not see anyone complaining and acting like Outkast owes them anything? I do not see any post like that at all. None. What the fuck are you talking about? People are just respecting what they have done and wished they could do another record. The fuck are you getting that from?

    • Fado

      wgat are you talking about? I do see a few people on here bitching about outkast not dropping an ep.

  • Anonymous

    Big Boi says yes, Andre says no...

  • ETK

    and btw, some of y'all fans need to stop this self-entitlement bullshit. they don't OWE anything to you. Dre's a grown-ass man, he'll do whatever he wants in his life. if he wants to do a solo album, fuckin let him. just cause you bought one CD of his doesn't make him redeemable, except in words.

    • Chino

      do you do anythign other then defend faggot rappers and their bullshit on dx all day loser? why dont you post your opinion once and move on with your day you annoying fuck? you're alwways crying about what somone else thinks stfu already loser.

  • Anonymous

    This is bullshit. During a backstage interview at the X Factor this fall, LA Reid confirmed that Big Boi and Andre were in the studio in Atlanta working on the new album. It was during that live Pepsi backstage show broadcast on the net. I think this is a marketing tactic by Andre. Classic bait and switch. Make the fans sad that it's not gonna come out, and then make everyone go crazy when it drops.

    • ETK

      lol, wake up son. it's not comin out. keep holding your breath, you're still gonna drown they coulda been working on anything, a collabo at most or probably just checkin each other's beats. all we know is they're not on bad terms.

  • Anonymous

    Sad to hear that the reason I ever stated listening and appreciating southern Rappers

  • Mitch 3K

    Ya'll dudes act like you never changed your mind on anything before People grow up and grow apart, its part of life, all of you have a friend or 2 right now you will barely keep in touch with 10 years from now, its the way of the world, 3K is doing him and Big Boi is dong him, it is what it is, quit crying about shit, let things take their course, even if you could force them to go in the lab together do you think it would come out tight if they were being guilt tripped into doing it??...... No it wouldnt, things like that have to be organic or it comes off as fake

  • Josh

    quit being selfish none y'all know their reasons for not doing another Outkast album they're grown ups being responsible for themselves living their life why don't you do the same having a temper like 2 year old is not going to solve anything get out of here lost respect 3 stacks listen to your pathetic comments do have any swagg for yourself why don't go cry on your mommas shoulder and shut up

  • Anonymous

    Sad news for hip hop and southern hip hop in particular. But everyone should get behind Big Boi who as far as I'm aware has never put out any watered down sell out shit. Just funky classics. He should be respected as one of the best MC's of all time and not the guy that used to rap with Andre. Def one of the most underated MC's ever..

  • RT

    These two need a mediator.

  • AKA Billy Oshem

    Co-sign. Andre's weirdness mixed with big boi's coolness was classics. Stankonia, aqumeni, ATLiens, and southernplaylisticadillacmusik are tight. That was before the split album. BOB, xplosion, spegetti junction, humble mumble, Snappin and trappin, so fresh and so clean, gasoline dreams, red velvet, Rosa parks, aqumeni, west savanna, atliens, elevators, wheels of steel, jazzy bells, ain't no thang, playas ball, hootie hoo, southernplaylisticadillacmusik, get up and get out and all the other classics before speaker box/ lovebelow split I coundnt name off the top. Not saying they split as a group on that double album but it was early signs of 3stacks and left foot were going in different directons from the glorious outkast albums. So we as outkast fans should celebrate the music they made as a dual force.

  • Anonymous

    they should realize that their egos and personal problems with each other is meaningless compared to the importance and significance of their music together. Realisticly those songs are like babies and they are the parents in a divorce and it's not fair to the music/children and friends/ fans/us that due to those problems those songs don't get the chance to have a strong family that will support them like they should because of selfish parents. make up crybabies the music is bigger than yo ol issues The differences in these 2 dope boys was what brought the music together and made it so different and diverse it was like hearing from 2 worlds at the same time. Those differences and the competition to bring their ideas out best was what made kast the greatest shit. Put your differences aside and then use that energy in the music like you used to damnit. or shut the fuck up and keep putting out solo albums. ITis weird that andre will fucks with these lil puny poser nubies and won't fuck with his fckin patnah he grew up with, aquemini was a classic but now it's meaningless if you think about it-him and i aquemini , batman and robin, that whole great song was full of lies i guess. live by your words or they won't hold up

  • Anonymous

    as much as it sucks not doing an outkast album for the hungry masses to make a quick buck show a hughe ammount of restraint artistry and integrity i myself a fan since southern playalistic could not deny i would love another record from the 2 dope boys but if they are going to do it i would rather it be for the music not the money Comebacks are never appreciated anyway these kids don't know shit Every album with the Kast name is a classic so if they want to leave it at that that's fine with me Big Boi is still rappin for us and Andre is still weird as fuck so just listen to their solo records at the same time if you must oh yeah boo on thise shaving commercials and ads i'd rather u make money on music than advertising commercial products

  • Anonymous

    You all forget 3 stacks was getting that cartoon network money. Had his own show he wrote and produced. Just a different grind.

  • Anonymous

    i love you andre but that was one gay looking photo. haha look forward to you just blazing shit for the love of music and probably nothing else

  • Simple like ABC, 123

    There's been a lot of talk on the Internet about an Outkast album and I have to say that as of now, there are no plans for another Outkast album :(

  • Anonymous

    nice pic, didnt read anything

  • JG3

    This is GREAT news...I'm ready to buy it right now. Another Outkast would be GREAT as well. The sad thing is today's hip hop fans wouldn't appreciate another Outkast album. I had a conversation with a kid (teenager) the other day. He told me that Drake was better than 3Stacks. I did good not cursing him out. I explained to him that 3Stacks was making hits before he was born. But it open my eyes to the fact that today's hip hop fans DO NOT understand or appreciate where it (Hip Hop) comes from. I gave him the benefit of the doubt b/c Drake is his generation. I told him "to know where you're going, you have to know where you've been'...meaning you have to understand history to move forward to the future. I say that to say PLEASE GIVE HIP HOP ANOTHER OUTKAST ALBUM we need to find the lost...LOL

    • Anonymous

      an outkast album will always be bigger than andre or big boi solo. sum greater than its parts. i imagine andre is a real pain in the neck to deal with. been working on this album for like 10 years, how do you not follow up a diamond release? shit is beyond sad. looking like the male lauryn hill, talented, crazy as fuck, and burned up prime years being lazy/crazy.

  • Talchild

    Fuck all this "do shit for the fans" bull. The reason any of us love OutKast is because they didn't give a damn what ANYONE (YOU included) wanted and did their own shit. That's real creativity, and they are one of the few artists in, not just hip-hop, but the whole music industry, who do what they feel and are passionate about, instead of committing themselves to something they aren't really interested in simply because it is what other people want. I'm upset that a new OutKast album isn't on the horizon, but if Dre or Big aren't feeling that, then there is nothing I can do. It would be worse if they did come together despite not wanting to, and made an album they didn't really want to make, and come out with a wack album that tarnishes OutKast's solid gold track record. Let Andre do his thing. If it is what he really wants to do, and is passionate about, then it will be great. Big Boi was in the same mindset as Andre a few years ago, totally focused on his solo debut. After that came out, THEN he started talking about wanting to get back with Andre. Andre's in that same place. He wants to do his own thing, so shut up and let him. Maybe, after he gets this off his chest, after he finishes this goal and can start looking for another one, maybe then he will decide that what he is really feeling at that moment is a new OutKast album, and then he and Big Boi will go into it with both of them being fully committed to it, and it will turn out great.

    • ETK

      by which yeah I did mean anon

    • ETK

      what's funny is I bet Big Boi is catchin' less feelings than these sand-up-their-vagina niggas

    • TheMule

      Wise words my friend

    • Anonymous

      STFU you dickriding homo andre hasnt done shit in a decade. unless you consider being a terrible actor in forgettable movies as doing shit. that drake deuces mix was hot right? fuck outta here man big boi dropped the solo cuz he cant get gay ass andre in the studio. andre is looking like a real bitch, reminding me dr.dre, running from their legend like cowards.

  • Anonymous

    stop BULLSHITING....we want OUTKAST back

  • Truth

    Yeah as much as I hate to admit it...i'm starting to think Andre 3000 thinks he is to BIG for outkast. But sometimes you just have to do something for your FANS...

  • wow

    andre 3000 is a washed up faggt that quit rap to make shitty movies. horrible actor, wack singer, flaming homo, utter sell out. big boi kept it real. this guy didn't. his solo album been coming for the past 10 years, not happening. outkast went diamond and then andre quit and left big boi out to dry. no respect. hell work with drake and other sellouts if the moneys right, but no outkast. fuck this nigga. pretty much everything he dropped after love below has been wack, and it was his idea to make that shitty movie and shitty soundtrack idlewild while big boi dropped the bangin sir luscious left foot album. its time niggas show big boi the respect he deserves, for being a masster emcee that never does any hoe shit and keeps it funky.

    • Anonymous

      LOL horrible john singleton movie with marky mark the dryest superstar actor to ever get big. andre was still the weakest link anyway. andre 3000 is a HORRIBLE actor, failed in every movie hes been in. not funny in the will ferrel basketball flick, not funny in the horrible travolta flick. ironically it seems his acting offers have slowed way down. so now hes crawling back to music. deserves a good smack over the head. dont forget the genius of idlewild. what a failure that was. love andre of old, hasnt done shit in a decade.

    • Anonymous

      You sir, never watched Four Brothers.

  • OC

    That's disappointing, but oh well. I'll still be looking out for their solo albums. Luscious Leftfoot was incredible, and Andre still has it. But nothing beats an Outkast album

  • Anonymous

    Do your research both artist admitted to not working in the same studio since aquemini.dre said that and big boi

  • The Trav

    Big Boi should fuck with Andre no more. He's been shitting on duke for years. Yo Andre, I look up to you fam, but get off your own shit. We the fans is the only reason you have an option to make or not make music. Yow OWE us something man! You feeling yourself way too much

  • ETK

    this is a big disappointment.. but honestly I just want them to collab together, at least once. Or have a rapper get the bright idea of getting both of them on a track. something to make us remember, and in the meantime I wish Dre well in his solo album progress. I actually hope it comes out.

  • andre 4 stacks


  • Anonymous

    I love outkast ,but honestly I never expected a album from them after the split solo album they haven't recorded in the same studio since aquemini Damn .these niggas is seeing the money from other ventures not rap album money yeah but when records arent selling that fucks with money and its a business

  • Anonymous

    I knew them niggas wasn't as tight as they used to be.if that isn't the case why dont ball and g have a problem,why don't juicy and Paul have a problem with makin a album cause they get along enuff to do a album.these niggas haven't did a studio album in 10 fuckin years.I love outkast god dam it I love em but I'm see the reality is niggas ain't seeing eye to eye and that's clear.I'm sure there still cool outside of music that's not the point.if.the chemistry is there and it felt right they would of came the Fuck out wit something.let's be real haven't recorded in the same studio since aqeumini that's crazy Nigga.I'm not nieve I'm not green these boys is just growing up and time separates people when they let it or not.senergy motherfuckers


      man BIG BOI stay s/o 3K on twitter its no beef

    • Correction

      Nah. They worked on Stankonia, Love Below/Speakerboxx, the Idlewild soundtrack and I believe Andre produced one of of the songs on Sir Luscious Leftfoot. Maybe you just stopped listening after Aquemini

  • damn

    disappointed.. was really hoping for a new outkast album.. hopefully theyll reconsider. hiphop NEEDS another outkast album.

  • Anonymous

    Andre's solo stuff is not good, Big Boi's solo stuff is more in line with Outkast of old. If that means Outkast needs to be channeled through Big Boi, then so be it. But when the two are together, shit is magical...:(. Besides Janelle Monae's last album was fantastic, and guess who was executive producer on that? Big Boi, so we are still in good hands, even without Andre.

    • ETK

      there ain't no "we all know" nothin'. it's a pretty close battle, Big Boi isn't bad at all

    • Correction

      His solo stuff isn't good? Oh I wasn't aware he ever came out with a completely solo album before. The Love Below portion wasn't bad at all, it was just different. We all know 3stacks is the better rapper so don't even go down that route

  • asdf


  • dazeone

    People love his style he is Aight but they both complement each other love Outkast as a group not a big fan of either solo..they just have good chemistry like EPMD, Pete Rock and CL Smooth...Tribe... they are all ok solo but together they are special but as wack as the landscape is his mediocre effort will make a half hearted effort a classic

  • shuttaman



    damn this is dissapointing.....the "new" outkast album is officially on Detox status.....might never get it

  • Its Um

    so that's what he been doing.

  • j

    This is THE WORST news I have heard today. FUCK

  • Anonymous

    If this is true and I pray it is not all I can say is I'm hurt by this man smh these kats were like my heroes man and now I may never hear them rap together or have the excitement waiting on the new Kast album man smh its sucks real talk

  • lllmmm

    SCREW you HHDX with this misleading title

  • Anonymous

    who cares. big boi has proven himself capable. the love below was just a mimmick of cee-lo greens perfect imperfections album anyway.

    • flithyfresh

      Really dug both of those albums but u are a bit off the mark saying The Love Below was mimicking Cee Lo's joint. The Prince influence was FAR more present in 3 Stack's album than in Cee Lo's.


    yall trippin 3k still got it waiting on his and big boi solo albums

  • Anonymous

    Andre looks like a freakin weirdo!!

  • mario


    • Anonymous

      Andre don't care about your respect shorty, he's a grown man living his life. That's the REAL problem, fans like YOU think because you bought so & so's album that you have the right to tell them what to do and how to do it.

  • So Icy Boi!

    who carez? we need a new Like Father Like Son album..... Birdman & Lil Wayne r da best dad/son hip hop dou of all time. #LIMPBIZKIT #YMCMB swag

  • Anonymous

    "I've just really been feeding off of that and this year I think I'm planning to do a solo project." "I think I'm planning" That's not a definite.

  • Anonymous

    aw shucks lol

  • Sav

    Oh, okay. 3k is coming out with a solo album this year. They may as well plan to package it jointly with Detox. #notgonnahappen

  • Kast Fan 4 Life

    Thanks for shitting on my day DX

  • Andre 3000

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