Mac Miller Gives His Take On Eminem, Yelawolf & Use Of The N-Word

Mac Miller speaks on Eminem and his Shady Records signee Yelawolf, as well as one of Hip Hop's most oft-used controversial words.

Between V-Nasty, DJ Khaled, and Common, the N-word has been a frequent topic of discussion especially in the past year. 

In a recent interview with, Pittsburgh rapper Mac Miller opened up about fellow white emcees Eminem and Yelawolf, and white emcees' use of the N-word in general.

"...Eminem and Yela have a funny sense of humor together," said Mac. "Yelawolf is super ill. He brings a different perspective. It’s always good to have people that have something to say. He denitely knows who he is, and that’s one thing Em has always also been [good at]: zoning in on who he is."

Miller added that Yelawolf's style appealed to him because he crossed lines between genres, and later co-signed earlier statements made by the Shady Records rapper about white rappers' use of the N-word. " I agree with Yelawolf: I don’t think any white rapper should be using [the N-word]. Whether you’re a rapper or a cashier [that rule applies]. I nd it ridiculous that it’s even up for debate. I wasn’t raised to ever use that word, so I don’t see any circumstance where that would be appropriate."

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  • Jippard

    Nigger is a racist term used by racist white people to describe black people. Nigga is a word used by black people when talking to black people. Both of these words don't mean the same thing. A black person saying nigga to another black man, is the same as a white man calling another white man mate. TUPAC WILL TELL YOU ALL ABOUT IT

  • iMCompleX

    sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me :-)

  • DaGnrl

    Who give's a fuck i'm white grew up in the fucking projects cool wit er one 95% who lived there was black or spanish they all said that shit i never would and not cause i wasn't told too cause i ain't BLACK and after hearing some OG black folk saying they don't like it i knew it wasn't nothin i'd ever say think its funny when spanish people think its ok for them and fucked up when certain black folk are against other races sayin it but can say cracker spic chink or any other racial term like its ok....

  • Whitey

    I agree white ppl shouldnt use the N word but its ok for blacks to say cracker or honkey? I never understood that

    • Common Sense

      Cracker and Honkey are nowhere near the same level as the N word. People weren't being lynched while being called a cracker.

  • s

    This cat sold more weight and dro than all ya'll. I see ya'll splitting a blunt with 5 peeps.

  • Anonymous

    Using the N word only breeds more ignorance and more violence. I'm no fan of Mac Miller, but he summed it up pretty well. Even if someone grew up in an environment where that word was commonplace, they still had the choice not to sound like a complete retard by saying it a thousand times a day.

  • Doubl Negative

    Not feelin' Mac, Yela, MG Kelly etc., but I respect them dudes for honourin' the code that quite rightly bars whites from using the epithet Nigger/Nigga.

  • Hypestyle

    Good luck to this young man. At the same time, I have to wonder how much, if at all, millennial-aged MCs have any frame of reference for Golden Age Hip-Hop records, circa 1979 - 1995.. does he know about big daddy kane? MC Lyte? Slick Rick? Salt N Pepa? Ice T? De La Soul? Tribe? Jungle Brothers? Boogie Down Productions?

    • Teen Who Loves Hip Hop

      I'm 16 & I love all those dudes (especially De La & Tribe), don't act like Mac is stupid. Not only does he know De La personally (and is a fan of all those artists you name) but he's considered Big L a high influence on him. He also knows other legends like Bun B & Raekwon. So yeah he probably does know some millenium aged hip hop acts.

    • Anonymous

      Did you really ask if he knows about De La Soul?

  • azrob

    Sensitive people still dont get it! do you know the difference btw the two versions? so only blacks can say nigga? what sense is that? listen to krs ones take on it...

    • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    I respect this dude as a person, I generally agree with what he says, but I think his music is bad... Just mindless party music with a bad flow and average lyrics...

  • Taliban23

    so icy boi stupid ass nigga // im from puerto rico and nobody knows whos mac miller except me cuz i see this stupid news // better then em// u smokin cracker lol

  • PhillyPhanatic19134

    That's because he wasn't raised in the hood. If you raised without parents and half your friends are black and you from the hood you're gonna catch yourself using that word regardless of color cuz it aint a color thing anymore it's a gutta thing. You aint gotta be black to be gutta. In East Philly we all poor black, white, Rican, and we all use the N word not even purposely just cuz it's 2nd nature. We dun even think about it just comes out. If you my nigga, you my nigga regardless of color.

  • Anonymous

    Who is mac miller?! He fucking sucks.

    • ^^

      Ah, but Yela's album stands at 360k and Mac Miller's at 310k.

    • Anonymous

      yelawolf gets respect though, mac miller only gets love from old dudes looking to leach off his buzz and high school kids with no taste

    • Anonymous

      He is one of the illest MC's in the game... also he has a Billboard #1 Album under his belt... He's sold more records in 1 week than Yelawolf has in his entire career... so I ask you... who the fuck are you????

  • I'm white

    I'm white, NIGGER!

  • So Icy Boi!

    I call Miller a nigga cuz hes a black inside. he betta den Yellawolf & Feminem combinied. he need to sign to YMCMB da best label alive. swag

    • Arne Duncan

      mac miller is trash. em=only respectable white rapper

    • East1

      @PhillyPhanatic19134 haha lol at the "i bet you do too" part, that was jokes, that so icy guy needs to realise mac miller is ill, he dont make fake songs

    • PhillyPhanatic19134

      First of Mac got No Women No Cry tatted across his chect and you're calling Em-Feminem? You're a joke and Wayne wears Jeggins and kisses men on their lips. I bet you do too.

  • MorrowRosanna

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  • k-dub

    fuck this nigga, he sucks, this isn't even news.

    • PhillyPhanatic19134

      See that's what I mean, dudes call white boys nigga's all the time whats the difference when they use it? NONE!

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  • Anonymous

    Wait... didn't this nigga say "nigga" on "Donald Trump?" *goes to listen*

  • Mac Miller

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  • that kid

    aint tryna be a jerk but I knew mac growing up, and I aint tryna lie but it was nigga this nigga that, sure he had black friends, but wtf he felt he add the right then? now that he's famous he's gonna lie and be like my fam never raised me to say that. Dude I used to watch you say it, "my nigga"

    • PhillyPhanatic19134

      Cuz Mac Millers soft and don't need the controversy. I'm white and rap and use nigga ery now n den cuz it just comes out. If people got a problem wit I'll just grab a 100 black dudes with bald heads and beards to back me. It is what it is.

  • Anonymous

    fully agree with him - white people can never use the n-word. I certainly dont ever use it. But how come latinos get a pass???? Fat Joe, Joell Ortiz etc etc etc - they aren't black so surely they shudnt be sayin it either.

    • Taliban23

      oh yeah i forgot// NIGGA!!!!

    • Taliban23

      yo f racism... but we latinos can say that cuz we didnt hate on black people // cuz if u look at this way we where in the same struggle and till this day racism shit still exist // so dont give me that bs on everybody brothers and shit, u just a wanna be...

    • trooth

      latino's have black in them...duh

    • PhillyPhanatic19134

      Man ya'll need to get over that oppressed shit. Slavery was never legal in the North anyway and it was fellow white people who put their lives on the line to get black people free too. Yeah the South is mad racist but I'm from Philly and don't like the south, and I'm white and hate rich white people. And if you from Philly we all in the same struggle, we brothers regardless of color. Yall need to stop putting up them barriers cuz our generation of white people especially city kids aint racists! So aint nobody saying nigga to degrade a black dude. Stop being so sensitive.

    • Anonymous

      because white folks invited that word. duh :)

    • because nigga

      latinos never opressed black people for hundreds of years

    • Anonymous

      ortiz is half black i always thought joe was afro cuban cause he has a wide nose but obviously not

  • Anonymous

    Yela one line >>>> Mac faggot

  • Anonymous

    you guys have good grammar



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