B.o.B. Dismisses Short-Lived Feud With Odd Future's Tyler, the Creator

In a GQ interview, B.o.B sidesteps 2011's skirmish with Tyler, the Creator saying, their mutual beef was "kinda lame" and "pointless."

Odd Future’s Tyler, the Creator fired the initial shot in a short-lived beef with B.o.B., when he called B.o.B. a “faggot nigga” on “Yonkers.” Bobby Ray, being none too pleased, fired back with “No Future,” where he called the Odd Future collective “beginners,” “pussies” and “clown ass niggas” among other things.

On the heels of the Odd Future’s The OF Tape Volume 2 and B.o.B’s upcoming sophomore effort, Strange Clouds, it appears both parties have zero interest in rehashing a beef that essentially served as a small blip on Hip Hop’s radar.

“He just heard me on the radio rapping about whatever the fuck I was rapping about and was like, ‘Who the fuck is this guy?’” B.o.B explained in the March issue of GQ. “And it ended up in his lyrics. I didn’t think it was gonna escalate. The whole beef thing is kinda lame. It’s like ‘Fuck this, fuck that!’ I’m not gonna walk around the earth mad at some random person. It’s pointless.”

The full interview, dubbed as “The One-Minute Q+A with B.o.B,” is available in both the print and digital editions of GQ—on newsstands and in smartphone App Stores now.

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  • Mr Exlax

    Tyler really didn't wanna go there. I know he wasn't expecting a response from BOB. I liked it though. BOB shut him up real quick. Like nigga this aint what you want. All you heard was crickets after No Future. Tyler still take shots a Bruno Mars though. WEAK!!!!!!

  • Kenny

    youre all a bunch of faggets or even arguing back and forth about this. It is, and always will be, a matter of opinion. Theyr both good at what they do specifically and thats that. They are two totally different human beings

  • Anonymous

    BOB represents intellectual feel good hiphop! Tyler is a Satanic devil worshipping, bisexual, fluke! No Comparison

  • Anonymous

    Oh and Tyler is a great producer as well, leagues ahead of Bobby. Tyler also handles an entire group and helps them create their own sound, but hurrr Bobby so good, he hasn't done shit good in years, go away Pop Princesses.

    • Cudder

      go away, uneducated fool. Bobby's mixtapes show versatility & rhymes, he doesn't just do pop shit. and oooh, helps a whole group create their sound, ooooh. maybe that's why Tyler & Frank Ocean are like the only, two niggas in OFWGKTA people give a fuck about? get outta here with that shit

  • Anonymous

    Too bad Tyler the Creator has more creativity than Bobby currently has, it is a shame too, he had so much potential. Remember Who The Fuck is Bob? Good shit...sigh

  • Anonymous

    im not dickriding, but tyler aint got shit on B.o.B http://www.youtube.com/user/afterninemuzik/featured

  • Anonymous

    B.o.b writes his on music unlike Tyler a wanna be Brotha Lynch Hung but Tyler is lame, b.o.b killed him

  • Anonymous

    B.o.b is a better spitter than Tyler case close , some of u people need your ears check

  • MorrowRosanna

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  • Rhymes and Reasons

    If y'all like B.o.B., I think that you may enjoy my blog, Rhymes and Reasons. Its a series of interviews with hip-hop heads who discuss their lives in the context of a few songs that matter to them. Pretty powerful stuff. Please take a look. http://thisisrhymesandreasons.wordpress.com/

  • Deuces

    Tyler has originality. Haters just hate. Hollywood undead a bunch of faggots tryin To steal Odd Futures swag claiming the Opposite. Tyler get them suckas.

    • Come on

      Tyler doesn't have originality, he just writes offensive shit and deceives people like you into thinking its art and hollywood undead are shit, but they were around a longtime before tyler and he DID steal concepts of them, do your research

  • Mr. Mike (Mike's dad)

    Heya fellas, just writing to apologise for my boy. As you may have already seen, he is a tremendous faggot. You can imagine how many times I've walked in on him squatting on an inverted cross while moaning "swag". Please don't blame him though, the wife and I took him to the doctors and they said that he has a medical condition known as "Lack of Any Taste At All". Please ignore him and his terrible opinions and pray for my family in this difficult situation of having a complete dumbass for a son. Yours sincerely, Rev. Michael "Super White" Mike (HipHopDX commentator Mike's (aka every single Tyler stan) dad)

  • Anonymous

    Tyler is straight pussy as an MC, he goes after Bruno Mars & B.O.B cause he thinks there "Safe Targets" (even tho this hippy andre 3K knockoff sonned him on that no future shit) But when he gets dissed by Hopsin or Diabolic he tries to act like he's too big a star to respond, even tho his piece of shit album only sold 100K copies and isnt very much more then either of them He studied the Eminem "How to be an attention whore and appeal to insecure teenage boys by picking on harmless pop stars and running away from real competition" manuel and learned it verbatim

    • d

      I've actually been a fan of Hopsin since 09.. Hes 5x the MC tyler is, I'll say that.

    • Anonymous

      TROLOLOLOL @ replies

    • Guillaume_SHM

      You're right CHASE. Hopsin fame is only because he tried to diss Tyler. But Tyler doesn't have to respond to this fake ass.

    • CHASE

      Tyler admitted that he only dissed B.o.B to get some recognition, because he was a nobody at the time. On Hopsin, he said that he's not gonna do what b.o.b did and give a name some irrelevant faggot. Really, how many of you heard of Hopsin before he dissed Tyler?

    • augustevryday

      1.) he never started beefs with anyone. He was just speaking his mind about music he disliked. The fake that he didn't care about their music is why he didn't reply 2. Hopsin is not a real MC

  • Anonymous

    When will people realize that Tyler and Odd future are merely trolls who's opinion is worth as much as a donkey dropping a duce? just look at their fans.

  • Hip Hop

    Bastard is a better piece of work than anything that mainstream puppet bob will ever put out. Tyler might not be a good model, but who the fuck cares? His music has depth and originality (Bastard was a groundbreaking mixtape, "Yonkers" was a huge moment as well), like him or not, and meanwhile bob sings about shit that is written for him by some clueless white guy in a suit. So fuck him, and every "rapper" like him who cares more about being rich than the integrity of their music.

  • Anonymous

    Tyler is a 2nd rate Eminem knockoff, he disses Pop Stars and acts like he doesnt hear it when real MCs eat his lunch

    • Kenny

      Except for the fact that Em never backed down from anyone dissing him. Tyler is nowhere close to Ems league and trust me, im no Em stan

    • ETK

      where does "god" even come from, you fucknugget? I hate niggas like you who exaggerate the little things. never said B.o.B is the GOAT of anything, I just said he can spit, and that's what more or less defines a "real" MC. He got flow, delivery, sometimes makes his own beats, and doesn't sound like those YMCMB/MMG wacks. to me he's as real as Tyler is. you can have your radio-phobic opinion all you want, but don't make me some across as some eager stan who's defending my territory. there's a line of dudes I'll listen before him

    • HAHA

      So in other words he sells out on all his albums (which cost money you know) in order to please his label? I realize its about money, but any rapper that has to go mainstream in order to sell albums doesn't get my respect, but hey its merely my opinion right? Just as you are entitled to you own. We will agree to disagree. B.O.B is wack to me. He is god to you. End of story.

    • ETK

      B.o.B can spit, ya moron. his mixtapes speak more than his albums, he just wants to sell charts too Tyler's ight but now he'll have to do more than roll his eyes in the back of his head & rage on stage all bipolar

    • Dumb niggas these days

      B.O.B is a "real" MC??? LMFAO you bubble gum lovin nigga

  • Tyler

    I wanna suck B.O.B's dick.

  • Anonymous

    bc ODD FUTURE is a fucking joke and needs to give up

  • GoReadABook

    The comments about this beef are the only thing more hilariously entertaining than the beef itself. You guys should make diss records about eachother haha

  • wack beef

    both these niggas are faggots, who cares if they beefing


    Odd Future >>>>>>> Wu-Tang Clan

  • Swag

    Tyler is the best MC of all time. Period.

  • Yeah

    Remember Tyler doesn't beef with rap niggas, he only beefs with R&B singers. Disses B.O.B., B.O.B. responds with No Future, Tyler says that he liked the song, B.O.B apparently sends subliminals on the record with Tech N9ne and Hopsin, Tyler doesn't respond. Hopsin disses Tyler, Tyler doesn't respond. Tyler disses Bruno Mars, Bruno Mars doesn't respond, Tyler disses Bruno Mars again on that Game record, and still talks about how much he hates him.

    • uh....

      So that rule of thought is a bunch of bullshit, it's easier just to say that Tyler is a pussy. There really aren't any rappers that follow that rule, even Jay, he still responds to people, they're all usually subliminal, but they're still responses.

    • Cealix

      Rule of thought: Never respond to someone lower than you in the music business unless you want that person to be on the same level as you. That's like a high school kid dissing Kobe Bryant and Kobe responding back with an infomercial about the guy.

  • Jay

    Tyler destroyed this faggot's career with one line. #GolfWang

    • dd

      B.o.b roasted that ass twice... Tyler can start shit but can't back nothing up, because he don't have the flow, delivery, or even relevant rhymes for that beef shit.

    • Cudder

      blah blah industry rant blah, get off your shit, it's old. at least Bobby Ray has flow & delivery, Tyler can't even fuckin keep with the beat sometimes. they both got rhymes, it ain't over till one of em cries on their stupid twitter.


      B.O.B. bodied his self when he made that pop piece of trash airplanes. Long before I knew who he was I had heard that horrendous song and thought to my self "so, this is what hip hop has been reduced to on the radio and in the mainstream, complete pop trash" Tyler heard the same thing so he spit a line about it and faggot B.O.B. gets all butt hurt and feels the need to defend his honor. But he already sold his honor to become an industry pop music toolie... TYLER WINS

    • Anonymous

      he didnt destroy his career lmao shut up dummy

    • Adam

      yeah that faggot Tyler REALLY destroyed B.o.B's career (the guy whos song is #2 on iTunes...)

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