DMX Does Not Like Drake, Is Not Impressed By Rick Ross

DMX says Jay-Z tried to get rid of him and adds that he doesn't like Drake. He also shares that he is not impressed by Rick Ross.

In a recent interview, DMX was candid about his feelings towards several emcees. The New York rapper shared that he feels Jay-Z tried to "eliminate the competition" during his time as Def Jam President. He also explained that he does not like Drake or "anything about Drake" and that he is not impressed by Rick Ross.

When speaking about Jay-Z, X said that he feels he wasn't treated fairly by Def Jam when Jigga was the head of the label. 

"I see what's really good. You trying to eliminate the competition. At first you retire, then get me off the label and now you're back rapping again," he added as a guest on The Breakfast Club. "That was just some bullshit. You know what it is. That was getting rid of the competition." 

Later, he was open about his feelings towards Rick Ross. X shared that he is not impressed and added that he feels Ross' subject matter is not diverse. 

"I'm just not impressed," he said when a radio personality inquired about Rick Ross' lyrical skills. "He's aight, man. He talks about eating and girlfriends too much. How much can a nigga eat? How much weed can you smoke? Let's talk about something else...I see a whole 'nother side of the coin, son." 

He was then asked if he liked Drake, to which he replied with a simple, "No." He then went further by saying he doesn't like anything about the Young Money emcee. 

"No," he confirmed. "I don't like anything about Drake. I don't like his fucking voice. I don't like what he talks about. I don't like his face. I don't like the way he walks. Nothing." 

An emcee he was complimentary towards was J. Cole, saying "J. Cole is nice." X also confirmed that he's on a new reality show with his ex-wife. He then added that he still drinks and smokes but says that he's not doing "hard" drugs. DMX also shared that he does not know how to use a computer and that he's not a fan of Twitter. For more from the interview, check the clip below. 

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  • Anonymous

    dmx is just a history..

  • nightmare

    mri v laina ku4e :)

  • rap

    Seven Arts Music CEO David Michery stated: "Even prior to its official release, DMX's single 'I Don't Dance' with Bad Boy's Machine Gun Kelly has already jumped to Number 4 in the Top 200 of the Rap Music Charts of Two of the top DJs in the country, DJ Envy (105.1 in New York City) and DJ Flex (97.1 in New York City) said it all: The single is a 'smash' and 'Love the single.'"

  • BigWo0orm45

    FOR EVERYONE ON HERE HATING ON X THIS IS FOR YOU Are you retarded or just ignorant of a talented rapper? To say DMX aint lyrical is like sayin the KKK aint racist. You obviously are one of the dudes who listened to Party Up and just assumed thats all X was about. X has story telling ability (Damien 1, 2, and 3), the nigga is an expert poet(all his prayers), crazily creative (Spellbound) he can get grimey as fuck (Tales From the Darkside, Here Comes the Boom, Shut Em Down), and he can be on some positive type stuff (Slippin, Prayers, just his thoughts in general). Before you go makin a ridiculous accusation as to say X aint more lyrical than Ross please go do your homework on the MC. X's resume is hella impressive in this rap shit. No1 could touch him in dissing (His Tupac/West Coast/ K-Solo diss), poetry, intensity, street credit, all dat. GTFOH you silly excuse for a hip-hop fan. Learn and think before you speak. MATTER OF FACT, GO LISTEN TO MURDERGRAM THEN COME BACK AND TELL ME ROSS IS BETTER, SHYT AFTER HEARIN THAT, TRY N TELL ME DRAKE IS BETTER (i have no beef wit drake and enjoy his music, but his hard talk isnt plausible and he jus not better than X imo

  • jaceshadoe

    DMX is one of the realist rappers. Here me out, even thou a lot of DMX's problems were self-inflicked.....he's been through a lot and his music can relate to way more ppl then most of the music coming out theses same-song-and-dance rappers today. " Ross' subject matter is not diverse'

  • BB

    Drake sounds like he has a clothes pin on his nose at all times. THATS THE TRUTH! Everytime one of his "song" come on, it's ok until the second he opens up his mouth and starts "rhyme singing". What an unbearable voice!'s pathetic and his "fans" wouldn't buy his records if he let himself He won't be making records 3 years from now any damn way. And fuck nicki minaj...uhh!. Bang, my click bang????? BITCH your nickelodean click can't bang pots let alone a gun. Degrassi click

  • Anonymous

    Come on, I mean this is hilarious, I like DMX and I do not like drake so its even funnier "I dont like his face"

  • d

    @No Such Thing As Real Hip Hop, shut up bitch

  • Anonymous

    Dmx don't like drake and your defense is a crack head ok now mysonne don't like drake either and don't do drugs so what about him? A lot of rappers feel the same way and don't have the same problems so what can u say about them? Not a damn thing. And the dude asking about the comnons fans he still got em. The goal of his diss songs weren't aimed at sales and u kids acceptance. They were made to wake up some of these kids let them see what being dope is about. Make em realize a lot of this new shit ain't hip hop. He did his part. Now the game needs more niggas to speak their minds and stop worrying about the backlash. Than maybe these blind fans will see the fucking light one day.

  • KidChyllen

    He's just being real as fuck.


    Yo best interview I've seen in ages. Now while DMX is a trouble brother and has his demons he's also honest something that I really miss about artist. All the fans always scream about people being real but then when a cat is they frown on him?? Reality is not always a pretty thing people. Let's send best wishes to the brother, hope he doesn't follow in the footsteps of ODB and pray he continues to be this honesty on or off drugs.

  • Mac Miller 2.0

    @No Such Thing As Real Hip Hop YEAH!! and they should stop using that "Good music is hard to find" excuse. Theres Lupe,Kendrick,Saigon,Talib Kweli etc jus gotta look in the right places

  • Kendrick Lamar

    @No Such Thing As Real Hip Hop dude you jus spoke the truth

  • Andre

    @No Such Thing As Real Hip Hop COSIGN!!

  • No Such Thing As Real Hip Hop

    LMAO at your DMX dickriders/Drake Haters, saying Drake is "fag" and his music is gay and bla bla bla. But jus watch when DMX drops his new album and only sells 7 000 copies ya`ll gonna be like "Real Hip Hop is dead,kids only wanna hear that pop garbage bla bla bla". Where are all those Common fans now since the beef is over. Everyone claims they listen to that real hip hop and then album sales come out, Oh but wait you "Real Hip Hop" fans think they lower the sales the realer the music. you fools aint no such thing as real hip hop. When HiphopDX post a headline that Reads "DMX NEW ALBUM TOPS CHARTS 250 000 SOLD IN 1ST WEEK" then i`ll believe theres such a thing as real hip hop In fact you "Real Hip Hop" fans are the fakest fans in Hip Hop LOL

    • Anonymous

      faggot DMX has sold 48 million you Drake homo.

    • I agree with you

      I agree with you 100%. The problem with people on this site (or all over the world) is they claim they support real Hip Hop, yet they don't even spend money on albums, merchandise or even go to the shows. They'll spend $200-$500 on Dre Beats but won't even spend $10 on a CD. So in your defense, they're are people that say they're "real" Hip Hop heads, but don't have anything to prove it. But there are real Hip Hop heads out there that aren't talking out of their ass and actually spend money on the good Hip Hop that they want. And I spend money on albums & support my favorite artists, just to make it clear. I'm gonna cop Undisputed the first week it comes out, regardless what anyone says.

  • Hip-Hop DX

    Swizz Beatz Dicusses DMX's Struggles, Jay-Z Beef "At the end of the day, you can't help somebody if they're not willing to help themselves," he added. Swizz also addressed DMX's recent outburst, where he said "Fuck Jay-Z" during a concert in Arizona. "There's no problem with DMX, with Jay. X is gonna address that in a certain way. It's 2010. All that fake beef, and all [those] ignorant tones against each other...I don't get involved in that."

  • Nico 3

    Do you honestly believe a man who is this far into drugs, and in and out of jail is going to suddenly have what it takes to maintain a career and stay focused? Tell him to see his 10 kids, better yet, support them. That's the only comeback X should be planning. First four albums were fire (first two classic to me). But it's been ten years since The Great Depression, and everything since then has been trash. X ain't coming back.

  • ItsTheTruth

    01. 2pac 02. Nas 03. Biggie 04. Eminem 05. Jay-Z 06. DMX 07. Big Pun 08. Big L 09. Andre 3000 10. Jadakiss Recognize a legend when you see one, you new-rapper-listening-to faggots.

    • @Anonymous

      STFU, dumbass. DMX is a legend. Listen to his music.

    • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      DMZ aint no Whitney Houston or Michael Jackson. Those are legends!!! X is just an in and out of jail crackhead!!!

    • ItsTheTruth

      Crack heads arent legends? Drugs and talent do not go good together, but a talented person who does drugs doesn't make them talentless. It just makes them a talented person who does drugs. So drug abusers like Whitney Houston and Michael Jackson aren't legends because they did hardcore drugs? And then you bring up jail? So as soon as someone walks into prison, their talent just disappears? You have the logic of a pre-teen kid. I'm talking bout X's music fam, fuck the drugs and jail, if you haven't heard 'Its Dark and Hell Is Hot' from start to finish then shut the fuck up.

    • Anonymous

      Crack heads aren't legends!!!! He goes to jail more than he goes to church. Jay-Z didn't end his career. Swizz Beats said it best the last time X went to jail. "You can't help people who don't want to help themselves. smh HIS OWN HOMEBOYS EVEN PUT HIM ON BLAST BUT HIS STANS ARE IN DENIAL.

  • Hypestyle

    DMX can be entitled to his opinions. But he really needs to get his personal recklessness in check, stop getting arrested. He's too old to be constantly going into jail for silliness. Stop with the born-again-christian-but-i'll still shoot-you-rob-you-kill you for looking at me the wrong way posing. Stop it! Just come out with a new album with tight production, hard lyrics and hooks. Leave the drama alone.. Only at this point, what record label besides some ultra-indie is going to sign him? Maybe Fontana. Maybe Koch/E1. Probably not Interscope/Universal/Def Jam, Warners, Jive/RCA, he already quit on Epic/Sony, EMI/Capitol just got bought out by Universal.. not much left..

  • Anonymous

    man a dmx and nas collab has been long overdue, every time theyu get on the track its fire! but glad to see the dog is back and putting wack rappers in check.

  • NYC

    AND THEN THERE WAS X (ECSTASY) AND THEN THERE WAS BLOW, CRACK, METH, And then there was a jail house gang rape while DMX screams to Rozay for help!!! smh HAHAHAHAHAHAAHA X IS MAD AT ROZAY BECAUSE THE GUARDS DIDN'T HELP WHEN THEY TOOK HIS BUTT!!! Keeps going back to jail and DON'T LIE, that means he has a boyfriend in there and YOU KNOW IT!!!!

  • daviddanielz

    Im sorry but if you put Jay-Z & Nas in a list with Ross, Wayne, and Drake then I know your young and stupid. I know your not really into hiphop. I know your not apart of the hiphop culture. I know this because there is a fundamental difference between those guys and the Kings og hiphop. If I need to explain that to you then its sad you don't get it. Better yet, do me a favor. Cut & paste Ross, Wayne, or Drakes best lyrices and I'll cut & paste Jay-Z'S or Nas and we'll see the difference, I promise you!!!

    • daviddanielz

      Mr Exlax: I like your argument but I find it harmful when these kids listen to websites like this and radio & tv djs when they are clearly trying to sway the youth into believing something that isn't true. Yes, someone can like someone and claim they find that artist to be "there" top artist but when you try to throw facts that are simply not true into the argument it bothers me to no end and its harmful to the hiphop culture. I agree everyone should be allowed to make music. Music is self expression and whatever you choose to do, you should be allowed to make, listen, or like who you like. That being said, I have a like Kid Cudi's albums and Scarface is on another level! I didn't appreciate his music until I was older. Nice talk!!!

    • Mr Exlax

      I understand where you're coming from, but you can't tell someone else what hip hop is. It is a culture. It is the music. Because you're old enough to appreciate jay and nas doesn't mean that if someone prefers wayne or ross they don't know hip hop. Maybe cats can't relate to the shit they're saying. Like I'm not a jay z fan. I can't relate to his music. I'll listen to Kid Cudi before I listen to new jay z music. Nigga I'm 30 and I've been in hip hop my whole life. I've made rap songs. I've done shows. Who I put at the top of my list is my opinion. Scarface #1 and #2 lol.

  • Nuff Said

    DMX = real recognize real Rick ross= fake recognize fake Drake= Lame recognize lame think about it......

  • realtalk

    just to show you dmx is hatin. he said ross has no lyrics basically all he does is talk about food n weed? ross feat jayz free mason. ross killed jayz, usual suspect feat nas. ross killed nas. lord knows drake feat ross. ross killed drake. tears of joy not about weed or food. mafia music 2 aint about weed or food. whoever says ross dont have lyrics is hating. dmx jus put out music n stop doing interviews for hype. u havent dropped an album in years n ur not even in position to be talking about nobody. ur only burrying urself

    • iamhiphop

      It's not hate. It's opinions. Besides, Rick Ross and lyrical should never be in the same sentence. Copy and paste Ross' best lyrics if you think he's lyrical. And it better not be some bullshit about drugs, money, materialistic possessions, and bitches.

    • Anonymous

      Rick Ross kill someone in.a song?!?! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Nigga, the only thing Ross kills is a dozen Krispy Kreme doughnuts.

    • Anonymous

      hahahahahahahahahahaha!!! Are you for real!!!?? hahahahahahahaha! You think that for real?! How old are you?

  • Anonymous

    Oh yea and @iamhiphopt vinny paz mixtape was pretty dope better than hnic 3. So that nigga cool Wtf u talking bout

  • Anonymous

    Lol ymcmb and mmg fans upset with x. The man said his opinion get over it. There's a lot more rappers who feel the same way. They just don't have the balls to say it. Yall expect everyone to kiss drakes and Ross's ass and be tight lipped about him. I remeber when mysonne said something about niggas who fuck with lil b lilwayne being suspect # 1. Mys said he can't fuck with niggas who are wack or associated with wack niggas young money again # 1 suspects. X was on drugs so yall can use that against him but what can u say about mysonne with the exception of sales really?

  • Anonymous

    Let drake get you niggas in the mood for love while ross gets you niggas in the mood for grub HAHAH!!!1

  • Gen X Rap Kritic

    Come X try and retain some self dignity, you was one of the most Respected MC's of your time and held as a threat to many rappers, You achieved levels of fame Rappers in you era couldn't fathom, and now that you mismanaged your life to point were it is you wanna blame others lol If 2 men are given the same tools to build a House and 1 builds a better home for himself than the other, how can you harbor resentment for him?

    • Gen X Rap Kritic

      Am I stupid ? Lol guess you didn't read the the part of the interview were he states he was treated unfairly by Jigga Man . Gues just like DMX you only read and see what you want to se lol. Listen lil nigga try and learn to not be so emotionally involved when u post , And I quote the great Nastradamus "Y'all niggas deal with emotions like bitches"

    • DarkManX

      R you fucking stupid when did he blame drake or rick fatfuck ross for anything he still the realest and best mc out there he gave his opionion on those two who cares if he took drugs his music his raw and you cant fuck with him on that level you gonna hate on him cuz he does drugs nigga look at the whole world every muthafucker does drugs

    • Gen X Rap Kritic

      Excuse My Grammar Revised to make sense lol Come on X! try and retain some self dignity, you was one of the most Respected MC's of your time and held as a threat to many rappers, You achieved levels of fame Rappers in you era couldn't fathom, and now that you mismanaged your life to the point were it is, you wanna blame others lol If 2 men are given the same tools to build a House and 1 builds a better home for himself than the other, how can you harbor resentment for that man?

  • Mr Exlax

    I appreciate X for his honesty. I personally cut for Drake. The young guy has talent. Can't take that away. I remember when I was like the only person in Houston that listened to DMX. A lot of cats down here said the exact same things. It's just how a person feels. Not the absolute truth.

  • realtalk

    top 10 dead or alive. jayz,nas,eminem,biggie,tupac,ross,jadakiss, max b,lil wayne,kanye west. dmx is nowhere near any of these artists. dmx did put out good music back in the day but his times up.

    • Anonymous

      Real Talk: You should call yourself Fake Talk: Ross & wayne hasn't made a classic album Doesn't have classic lyrics that people resite If your gonna keep it real then keep it real for real! lol

    • realtalk

      nigga check the soundscans. wayne is one of the highest selling rappers especially of our decade. and personally i dont even like lil wayne n i dont listen to pac much but im not gonna deny there talent or work ethic. hip hop isnt only about lyrics its how u choose ur beats ur flow adlibs features. its more than just lyrics. and my top 10 all of those rappers have those qualities.

    • anon

      im gonna assume u arent being serious with that list.

    • ETK

      being that you put Ross and Wayne in your list, you're in no position to tell when a nigga's time is up

  • 1k

    "DMX also shared that he does not know how to use a computer..." Shouldn't nobody listen to this dude after this comment.

    • Anonymous

      In this case thats actually a good thing. It means hes not a twitter gangster or e-thug like some of your favourite fake rappers.

  • swageezy

    DMX: So who do you think is nice? Lyrically. Radio host: Right now? DMX: Yea, lyrically. Radio host: favorite new guy right now is...I like Jeezy. I like French Montana. I like 2 Chainz. I like Meek Mill First off, Jeezy is NOT a new cat. He's 4 albums in...and then he names FRENCH MONTANA as being one of his favorite LYRICISTS. Not too mention that was beside 2 Chainz and Meek Mill. NONE of those guys are lyricists. That is just pitiful. Now wonder the radio is such a joke in hip-hop.

  • Anonymous

    tht comment bout Rick Ross lmao, DMX is a RIOT!! LMAO, He should b a stand up comedian

  • bboy

    look at all these sorry ass young money dickriders crying and getting mad LOL. wow what a sorry ass fanbase drake has. yall no different than justin bieber fans lmfao. X was simply asked a question and said his honest opinion. damn you kids are embarrassing. this is nothing but just an era of kids jumpin on bandwagons.

  • SuperGucciRap

    OK, I'm here to address DMX here. I heard this nigga became a "Christian" and tried to go against the Illuminati? If so, then why would he still be cursing like a sailor and tried to act like a tough guy? Nobody wears Timber Boats or Baggy Jeans anymore dipshit. Same goes with Skinny Jeans or animal print sweaters that Flake wears. Wouldn't he be dead? Oh wait, he still alive. Face it, guys like DMX, Eminem and Lupe Fiasco portray themselves as heroes but they all are puppets like Drake, Wiz Khagina and that faggot nigga B.o.B. The real rappers are Gucci Mane, Justin Bieber, Hopsin, Vinnie Paz and Lowkey to name a few. Peace out niggaz. It's Gucci Time!

    • iamhiphop

      HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!! I just ROTFL!! You should be a stand-up comedian!! Aside from Hopsin, the "real rappers" you mentioned are jokes!! Justin Bieber?!?! LMMFAO!! LOL!! He's a fucking kid singer who can't even sing and dance!!

  • Anonymous

    AND THEN THERE WAS X (ECSTASY) AND THEN THERE WAS BLOW, CRACK, METH, Keeps going back to them is jail and DON'T LIE, that means he has a boyfriend in there and YOU KNOW IT!!!! And then there was a jail house gang rape while DMX screams to Rozay for help!!! smh HAHAHAHAHAHAAHA X IS MAD AT ROZAY BECAUSE THE GUARDS DIDN'T HELP WHEN THEY TOOK HIS BUTT!!! Keeps going back to jail and DON'T LIE, that means he has a boyfriend in there and YOU KNOW IT!!!!

  • funny

    Damn what X said about Jay-Z was the same thing that happened to Joe Budden. Jigga has trying to get rid of competition...

  • Karma Dynasty

    "He's aight, man. He talks about eating and girlfriends too much. How much can a nigga eat? How much weed can you smoke? BEST RESPONSE EVER FOR OPINION OF RICK ROSS....EPIC

  • X

    Why are dudes acting like Wayne didn't get raped in jail? Also Drake makes RuPaul look like the most heterosexual man in the world.

  • Acesun

    Anytime one of these New School cornballs step outta line gettin at a Pioneer they need to be blackballed and checked, but you kids are so pre-pogrammed and brainwashed that you don't understand. Nobody speaks their mind anymore, everbody scared of the politics (oh I said I hate Drake my album won't sell) type of BS. As soon as you say someone is whack, you cornballs retaliate with album sales, Oh this cornball went platinum, or this cornball got fame etc,etc. Who Gives a FUCK? We all know who buying the albums making these POP artists sell, just cause you move units doesn't mean your official, it just means you have a good machine behind you, promoting,advertising etc. Has nothing to do with Skills.

    • @Anonymous

      HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! Drake talented? LMAO!! You're kidding right? "and rather than call women bitches hoes and how they should get it like the other 5000 people who call themselves rappers, he exploited actual emotion that MEN feel. genius." HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Nigga, please!! He does the same shit that those other 5000 people called rappers. And actual emotion that men feel? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! If you're talking about GAY men, then I believe you!! Genius? Fuck no!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! You should be a stand-up comedian.

    • Anonymous

      ^^fag^^ Drake is a Hip-Pop/R&B singer. He's just another version of Ja Rule.

    • Anonymous

      then how the fuck would they even get there alf you dumb, dumb fuck. The machine? Drake was the #1 unsigned underground artist on myspace when myspace was the spot for internet music. was he put there? im not even a drake fan either... but dude gets the most unjustified, biased hate ive ever seen bc hes different. if you blame anyone, blame the PEOPLE for listening. Drake is the most demanded rapper in the game right now take it or leave it. Most #1 rap singles EVER! ALREADY! in RAP HISTORY. not talent? fuck outta here. His style is UNIQUE.. and rather than call women bitches hoes and how they should get it like the other 5000 people who call themselves rappers, he exploited actual emotion that MEN feel. genius. If you dont like, blame the PEOPLE

    • Alf

      Straight up. The only reason why the un talented, bad messaged demonic type artist sell is because the machine behind them are pushing these artist on us through promotion and just the new generations are flat out brainwashed, bias, manipulated and bad talent evaluaters.

  • Ricky Rozay

    blah blah blah if u sold 45 million records. why cant he sell half of 1 million now?? crackhead x is garbage now. nobody wants to hear that old damien shit about dogs n shit. this is 2012 not 2000 nigga. dont diss for publicity put out music!!!! thats why u dont hear shit from 50 cent anymore and jeezys almost extinct. kreayshawn is unheard of now. anytime somebody goes to beef or talks down on rozay never makes it BAWSE!!!

    • Alf

      DMX held it down in the 90's, was innovative and an original artist with talent. I dont listen to him anymore, but give the man his respect. Hes just speaking his mind, we cant speak our fucking minds no more. This is why the world is fucked up. Too much fucking silence, just like lupe said "i think all the silence is worse then all the violence" He speaking real talk, on a hip hop standard, when evaluating a hip hop artist, drake and ross are straight wack, aint nothing speacial bout them fools. I have the most open mind ever, but these cats is garbage.

    • Acesun

      It's becuz it's a different generation now. You kids don't mind that Rick Ross is a studio gangster, it doesn't bother you at all that he doesn't do half the shit he rhymes about, you just care about the beat and the hook and how it sounds, which is fine but at the end of the day I can't relate with frauds.

    • Cudder

      you posted that already, go eat a Big Mac

  • Anonymous

    DMX is a real ass nigga... did you bitch niggas expected him to lie about shit? AHAHA GTFO

  • YMCMBlood

    i like rick ross, i like young money.... but DMX is a real nigga and hes right on point.

  • ashley

    Too keep it hot I don't like Drake myself,but when I heard that DMX was goin in on Jay-Z too;ridiculous.You can't blame Jay-Z for mistakes you made 10 years ago. The record label probably started treating X differently simply because they had found out he was getting into trouble with the law.


    Hahahaha! DMX needs his own show. Ditto to his Drake sentiments. I can't stand that dude. Herb ass nigga.

  • Anonymous

    Ruff Ryders Anthem > Drake's career

  • DiceTRAKZ

    Lol, all u cats vouchin for drake, i already kno what type of nigga u are, its kinda funny. Whats funnier is that is you same "type" niggas who always quick to call someone a hater jus bcuz they dont like what you like. smh... X is a real nigga, and he gave a real opinion thats all. If u cant comprehend that, i feel sorry for u.....

  • Anonymous

    finally a man speakin the truth dont be scared killuminati this jbird bitch google it


    THANK YOU DMX, Common may have took the high road and stopped beefing with Drake, and yes Common is lyrically better than both Drake and DMX, but DMX can beat Drake in every way. Pre-Thank Me Later I would've said Drake can out-rap DMX cos he had nicer lyrics back then, now he just has a basic rhyme scheme and no heavy hitting punches while DMX has a basic rhyme scheme and heavy hitting punches. So not only can DMX beat Drake in a rap battle but he can literally whup his ass too haha. Common probably could but I doubt Common would ever use fists in a Hip Hop battle. DMX>Drake easily.

  • ronnie burton

    man who give a fuck what this crackhead ass nigga think. He straight hatin on that nigga Drake. dats hater talk. this irrelevant jailbird ass nigga need to be in rehab. I aint no big drake fan but i know good music when i hear it, Drake got hits, Ross music fire, DMX old shit is nice but he is a has been, end of story ....

    • ETK

      wow, this is rich, okay. hater talk? what the fuck was your post then? and DMX was ASKED his thoughts on Drake/Ross, which nullifies your hater accusation bullshit. guess who's left as the hater here

    • Anonymous

      how many times have u said nigga n i hope u r one yes not the n word a nigga and who gives a fu$# what u think x is a legend u punk A$$ negro n yes drake n rick ross r good to but regardless of what dmx is on or was on he is n always will b and icon oh by the way what kinda of drugs r u on get at me dog

  • Stop It X

    DMX on the radio? NO DMX in the club? NO DMX in the highest played list on HHDX? NO DMX selling records? NO DMX fucking around with a rookie MC? Yep, MGK.

    • Anonymous

      ummm he's coming out with an album soon? he hasnt dropped a single yet? so fuck u expect dmx > drake in every way

  • Rap is Music

    Drake ain't on crack. Drake likes women. Drake makes successful music for his fans. Drake doesn't claim to be a gangster. Drake conducts himself respectfully. Drake doesn't spend half his life in and out of jail. Drake respects the pioneers like Common which he was man enough to work it out with. Drake NEVER, NEVER, NEVER said a bad word about DMX. Drake has done anything to any of you cats on here going ape shit over nothing but fucking music. Only 2 years ago it was Drakesanity, now that he's made it, it's the typical crabs in the bucket coming at him.

    • jervine1

      You've summed it up nicely.

    • BrownJack

      ...and even if you want to play the sales game, DMX went platinum on two different albums in the same year. 'Pac was the only other one to do that.

    • ETK

      bonus: DMX doesn't rap about the same inane money/bitches shit like Drake does.

    • ETK

      DMX likes women too, better than that he's TAKING CARE OF HIS FAMILY. DMX makes successful music for his fans too. DMX NEVER NEVER EVER deliberately called Drake out, he was asked his thoughts on Drake. Bringing me to my next point. DMX is an honest guy who won't sugarcoat shit for the media. DMX respects other lyricists out there like J.Cole. DMX hasn't done anything to you Drake-lovers but get your fever up 105 degrees. DMX is a gangster. And his fanbase is fucking proud of it. now go wash your ass

    • mommas4boyz

      i also luv me some drake but guess what else him being down with young money hum u know what they say u r what ur friends r how much shit does lil wayne take syrup pills n god knows what else so we all hear n most of those in their camp let's b real n if dmx feels in some way i bet u this much he wont back down from lil wayne like my dude jigga is doing but they all r my favorite rappers ,artist n i useta watch drake when he was on the degrassi but what else is killing me is everyone is talking wreckless about thesecelebrities with$$$$$$ n how they use drugs they r this n they r that knowing u r probley doing the same shi% n just mad because ur too broke to live it to the fulliest because u dont have the money to r there any sober ones out there or have there been any sober one's out there let me know how many any of u can come up with now how's that 1 im just saying

    • Anonymous

      great summary

  • Anonymous

    Nobody is waiting for a DMX album. Espesically you morons in here. Yawl just creaming over a comment that supports your hate for Drake and Ross. Vanilla Ice could of said it and yawl would be on his nuts too.

  • Anonymous

    So what are you going to do about it DMX? You going to make a better record than Drake? LOL! Ok big dawg whatever. You just made that wack ass shit with MGK. Lying ass publicity stuntin' nigga.

  • GBtha G

    Say whut X dont know how to use a computer? dats pretty shockin..... but fuck bitchiz n snitchiz.

  • Anonymous

    But Yung Berg gets a pass???? DMX is a fake ass hypocrite!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Young Money dick riders deserve to be annihilated from the planet for being some dumb fuckers. Even X is cool with Lil Wayne but doesn't dick ride his whole crew. Dumb soulless ass young money fans that have no value in themselves so they worship money to cover up how fucking worthless they are inside, pieces of shit. X the truth hate it or love it fake niggas!



  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    But that's the thing. I don't think people hate Drake as much as they say they do. Not saying he's totally accepted in Hip Hop (yet), but alot of what you read is for publicity and not versed in reality.

  • Anonymous

    AND THEN THERE WAS BLOW AND THEN THERE WAS X (ECSTASY) AND THEN THERE WAS CRACK AND THEN THERE WAS METH And then there was jail house gang rape while DMX screams to Rozay for help!!! smh HAHAHAHAHAHAAHA

  • ETK

    okay, if someone asked any nigga on this site his thoughts about Drake. NOT EVEN DRAKE. any popular rapper in the game period. you think any of us would say "no comment"? or "oh he's ight" why should DMX? because he's famous and in the music industry? fuck outta here, you self-righetous goofs

  • Anonymous

    the rap game right now is not very masculine, its soft and feminine, and artists like Drake and BOB are proof of that, and Ross is a studio gangster, thats what DMX hates, the soft nature of everything in mainstream today

  • Anonymous

    lmao, damn, but seriously, who is impressed by Rick Ross?

  • FUTURE is the best rapper alive

    The rap game is depending on FUTURE like a bungee cord. Since FUTURE put hip hop on his back the radio is no longer dominated by barking repetitive crack heads (dmx)

    • Anonymous


    • "ruff ridez" gayest rap group name ever

      i was at a DMX show in NY some time back....He has herpes on the back of his neck

    • Mickey Mouse Club House

      Yo when it comes to crack heads DMX is a hall of famer. U need 2 show more respect for a legend

  • tonytoca

    dmx dont like drake and is not impressed by rick ross, that makes 2 of us

  • Anonymous

    no more 'Hard' drugs hahahah

  • Anonymous

    X is a Legend. This interview is the best I've seen in a while. There were like 2 main quotes that made me laugh: . How much can a nigga eat? . I dont like his face. I don't like the way he walks. Nothing.

  • j

    "I don't like anything about Drake. I don't like his fucking voice. I don't like what he talks about. I don't like his face. I don't like the way he walks. Nothing." HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  • AP

    Wow all you gotta do nowadays to create a buzz is to say you dont like Drake. Works everytime.

    • AP

      Your right he has his own opinion. Whether if he was asked or not, this was posted yesterday and is now over 600 comments. My point is people get in their feelings too much over this dude. Whether if its love or hate.

    • Anonymous

      He was asked what he thought about Drake and he answered with his honest opinion. Nobody has to like Drake.

  • Anonymous

    I'll say this about X. Back when he came up, you had to earn success the hard way. Today, all you need is a rich boss, a popular label and success is certain. Drake's success must bother X, and that's fine, but to talk smack about somebody you've never worked with, let alone met, comes off like a jealous old man who's been hitting the pipe for too long, and who can't see the bridges he's burning. Ross extends a hand to sign this bum and he talks smack about him too? Not smart.

    • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    45 million? In your dreams. X had a line off Great Depression where he said he's sold 15 million. He had one more album that did platinum, so I could believe 25, 30 million, but no way this barking crack head has sold 45 million.

  • King Oduduwa

    Finally. Someone besides 50 cent that sees through the fat boy rozay. MMG is a fad!! Most people don't know b/c they got tunnel vision and believe in rumors like 50 fell off. Crazy?? 50 got dope mixtapes, dope rimes, and nice beats. MMG is COMMERCIAL all day!! Wale should have made up his own independent label and Meek Mill secretly wants to be with G-Unit. Fat boy Rozay AINT saying nothing. All he does is recycle his rimes like Drake. DMX is a real nigga with issues but one thing he doesnt have a problem with, is selling his soul to sell units. And his music will always be remembered.

    • AP

      @bizzalls....record sales does not equivelate to classic. And why you attacking Ross like I give a damn. (I thought I posted that earlier)....50 lacks skills and longevitity proves it. He used gimmicks to get to the top (going at every mc possible) and when people got tired of it his music couldnt back him up...50 is done, get over it.

    • Bizzalls

      hey AP, you're a fuckin idiot man. 50 has only one classic?? GTFOH man...On all of his albums, production is always superb and so is everything else. You're stupid. Rick Ross hasn't even sold a fuckin 100th of what 50 has sold. The rap game is so garbage nowadays that people actually think Rick Ross is good. Man of the year?? FUckin faggot writers for magazines who wrote that bullshit.

    • AP

      Umm dude I dont listen to MMG and I can care less about them. The fact is no one cares about 50 anymore. He is irrelevant in both markets, mainstream and underground. He has 1 classic that's it bro.

    • MOE

      King Oduduwa...50 fell off...and you're an idiot...

    • King Oduduwa

      @ AP You stoopid or something?? With 50's real rap, riming style that are pretty much biographies, WILL NEVER fall off. He can always write/rap something 'new' versus something recycled and boring like Drake, Rozay. I like Weezy though and Tyga. Rozay was too scared to battle 50 so Rozay took the high road. Lloyd Banks alone is dope too. You must be out of your mind and fan of MMG to think that 50 fell off. Have you heard street king, big ten, war angel, forever king, self destruction and "they burned me"...... I dont think so. Otherwise you wouldnt say no dum shyte like that. Stop jocking MMG. They suxx....except for Wale.

  • DMX Prison Buddy

    DMX was saying all that shit when he was locked up. Papi was eating my ass crack while singing some Drake tunes for me. Niggas even taste some of my shit i forgot to clean out that same day.

  • Samba Mapangala

    I used to have mad respect for Dmx but after hearing about his alleged sextape with Swizz and Jada, using a ruff ryder, Biggie was ready to die.

  • LOL

    It's kind of funny how this is a 20 minute interview full of interesting stuff and the headline that gets pulled out is 'dmx does not like drake is not impressed by rick ross'. WTF

  • K.S.

    I respect DMX for always being real and honest but it's kinda interesting that he doesn't like Drake but he used his instrumental from "the last hope". He must of listened to the mixtape or at least the song to wanna use that beat no!!!? Drake is pretty dope minus all the singing he does but I do agree with DMX when he said Rick Ross is over rated and talks about the same sh*t over and over. DMX you got another chance to get your Life and Career back on track so I wish you all the best. Give us another "Get at me Dog" classic please. And I know there's a lot of gorgeous Women out there but if you got around 10 kids X its time to be a bit more careful with these Chicks. Good luck with the new Album DMX do ya thang.

  • cheeba

    fuck what X talking about, he got a song out with machine gun kelly

  • Anonymous

    DMX better be smooth. I think "them niggas" about ready to whack him so they can get some pay offs from his catalogs...stay tuned. Dont want to see the dog put to sleep. Just get back to what u do my dude.

    • dont be scared

      YOU betta be smooth nigga u aint bout dat beef!! u n dem niggas can cum down here for X cuz u fuk wit X u gtta go thru us philly niggas first!!! real shit n hidin ya name shows u a pussy im d rock south philly cum in da south n lets get it nigga...##SPG

    • Losta299

      You ain't never lied bro....and I like you you through the quotations around "them niggas"

  • Tupacs Daughter

    Dmx suck a mean dick, trust me I know. One day we got so high, had a threesome with my uncle. His ass wasn't good, but D's tight little asshole was juicy. He had some shit dripping on his thighs but we wiped it off and had fun. If he happens to read this comment, he'll remember. Coz I remember that good dick I gave him then came on his forehead. Who wanna suck my dick? Its hard as a brick i don't want no chick Finger fuck you with a stick Now your Anus is bloody Sympathy from me, naah hardly That was the freestyle he did for me before leaving. Haven't seen him since but GOOD times

  • Anonymous

    DMX is the man period.... One best of the late 90's

  • MorrowRosanna

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  • sickntired

    never like drake either! his music does nada for me!

  • Anonymous


  • Optimus Rhyme

    X is speaking the absolute truth right here. Whether he's relevant or not right now is not the point. Plus anyone relevant is just gonna kiss Drake and Ross' ass anyway. Drake's voice is annoying and Ross is overrated and one dimensional. Salute X! We need more telling it how it really is.

  • Qtype

    Did that dude just say rickk ross was dope lyrically??????


    DMX telling it like it is

  • I Love Drizzy's Dick In My Mouth

    Drake is gonna ether this crackhead.

  • Anonymous


  • Xalia Tomas

    X just summed up what I've said about Ross for years,"He's aight, man. He talks about eating and girlfriends too much. How much can a nigga eat? How much weed can you smoke? Let's talk about something else.." Most people think he was talking about Ross eatting as food.He meat eattin as in getting money. Thats all Ross really talks about. He doesnt ever change from that. Im Ross fan but X is right on that. I wished he would add a lil more variety to his music.

  • Anonymous

    the jay-z shit is old news and its deeper than rap but the ross and drake shit WOW!!!!1

  • Rhymes and Reasons

    If y'all like DMX, I think that you may enjoy my blog, Rhymes and Reasons. Its a series of interviews with hip-hop heads who discuss their lives in the context of a few songs that matter to them. Pretty powerful stuff. Please take a look.


    MY NIGGA...THANK YOU DMX... It Couldn't Have Been Said Any Better Cause I'm 100% SURE That There Are A Bunch Of Other Artist In The Game That Feel The Same Way X Does About RICK ROSS & DRAKE... They Just Don't Have The Balls To Say It.. REAL TALK!!! show more show less

    • Poochie

      Rap game is FRAUD! The game needs regulation....all this whack ass rappers....come on. In the 90's and early 200os i was buying CDS 5 at a time and still couldnt keep up....Last CD I purchased was what they tell ya. These rappers now are like women!

  • Anonymous

    that chick is shook of dude..look at her body language lmaooo

  • Moogie

    Im young but you new era fans of hop hop need to pack it up..... All X said was he dosent like anything about Drake, but ummmm who said he had too? You dummies are so caught up behind hype and not real music... And in this clip the real diss was to Jay-Z.... Hope of the penis real quick and start listening and stop hearing

  • Anonymous

    But I bet he expects people to be impressed with a rapper who does crack and keeps getting locked up for it. smh THIS NIGGA HAS KIDS AT HOME LIKE "WHERE IS DADDY??? STILL SMOKING CRACK LIKE HE ENJOYS THE JAILHOUSE GANG RAPE!!!" DMZ LIKES THE WAY MEN SMELL. FACT!!!!

  • Money man

    Everyone talking that rozay so successful. I keep seeing dude everywhere on tv and on billroads yet when i checked his numbers. they suck.. last time i check number don't lie

  • Anonymous

    glass dick in the booty hole nigga!!

  • realtalk

    blah blah blah if u sold 45 million records. why cant he sell half of 1 million now?? crackhead x is garbage now. nobody wants to hear that old damien shit about dogs n shit. this is 2012 not 2000 nigga. dont diss for publicity put out music!!!! thats why u dont hear shit from 50 cent anymore and jeezys almost extinct. kreayshawn is unheard of now. anytime somebody goes to beef or talks down on rozay never makes it

    • bizzalls

      Listen Real talk you fuckin homo, he was ASKED questions by someone, he didn't go in there talking about the shit, you stupid fuck!! How the fuck do you know if he can sell or not now? He hasn't put anything out! I guarantee when he puts a new album out it will sell! STUPID FUCK!

    • c

      Rick Ross never gone platinum! All Jeezy albums gone platinum! His last one went gold already...Ross takes a year to go gold! what a joke!

    • Musix

      you give oral while Ross makes it rain in KOD fuck up


    Charlemagne needs a baseball bat to the teeth, always trying to stir and start up shit. I mean damn, the nigga just came home from jail...


    DMX back in the rap game ready to bang on gay ass Young Money and Taylor Gang, lets get hip hop back my nigga...

  • Edd

    I might be wrong but didn't DMX say he wouldn't mind signing to MMG when he was in prison? I agree with a lot of what he said but this is a pathetic attempt at gaining some buzz, nobodys checking for him anymore and rightly so.

    • Anonymous

      if u listen to X he probably wouldnt mind signin to MMG , (he didnt even kno who they were to they broke it down) but knowing its an artist label like ross that raps about everythin DMXs has hated for time the flashy lifestyle etc he wouldnt sign with them for that image.

    • Anonymous

      u may be right bro

    • Anonymous

      Probably some rumor mmg set up to make themselves look good. You know how It is with officer ricky!

  • Fish

    Co-sign to every word!! On the Rick Ross issue, his lack of diversity comes down to his complete fakeness. His lyrics and personna are not his reality and he therefore has to spend his whole energy focussin on keepin the facade up. For people speaking the truth (like DMX) its effortless so they can focus on branchin out. fuck officer ricky!!

  • raffael77

    I ain't a fan of DMX and never was but i agree with him. Jay-Z is a bitch and only got big words when their is no competition. After Biggy died he said he was king of NY. Drake is nothing but a ridiculous wack rapper ans singer lol. I don't like hyped rappers like J. Cole to or Kendric Lamar. Try to be yourself and what someone else want you to be. Nuff Said

  • Anonymous

    love DMX and await the first comment below me that says 'who cares what DMX thinks etc' - cause those people are the kind of people who'd eat turdcake if it was manufactured at a big enough scale

  • Drake

    Yo my name is Drake and i gotta admit DMX is right. I'm a faggot and make poprap and i love Lil Wack Wayne

  • 818

    fInAllY a REAL MAINSTREAM HIP-HOP artist speaks up!!!!! RUFF-RYDERS are wuts really good lil HOMIE

  • G-Bee

    DMX speaks the truth and some of you can't handle it hahah.

  • Anonymous

    lol @ X eye fucking shorty on the ball chair

  • Anonymous

    glass dick sucking jailhouse fag bait!!!!

  • yoo


  • whatever

    Everybody on here talking about dmx being a crackhead and not having a hot song since whenever is stupid. That isn't what this is about. This is about Drake being shitted on...on live radio and video...for being a softcore rapper who talks shit by a respected, fearless, tough as nails, veteran of the same industry who talk shit with the best of 'em. Drake don't want NO PARTS of this shit here. All of ya'll trying to come Drake's aid...that's cool. Talk what you want about D. Everybody know Drake ain't gonna do it. Ha.

  • Kevin

    Love X man, hope he comes back strong with this next album. We need artist, not puppets.

  • Anonymous

    Why this nigga aint sittin down??? LOL

  • Jakesta

    Who the hell looks up to crackheads. Legend my azz as soon as this fucking moron sucked on the devils dick it was over for him. Get your black azz outta here with that hating and try making a decent song for the first time in 10 years.

    • Anonymous

      Facts DMX has sold 45 million.

    • Anonymous

      @ FACTS: Tim Dog started the dogshit and not X

    • FACTS


    • FACTS


    • FACTS


    • FACTS


  • Rook

    Who the hell looks up to crackheads. Legend my ass as soon as this fucking moron sucked on the devils dick it was over. Get your black ass outta here with that hating and try making a decent song for the first time in 10 years.

  • CarverCrisis

    DMX is the fucking man. Drake is the worst rapper in the game, aside from Soulja Boy who has done nothing with himself. I would take Lil B over Drake, because at least I can think that Lil B is joking.

  • war22

    if Drake doesnt say nothing after Ludacris and Common dissed his ass and now DMX...he's a str8 bitch...i doubt he's gonna open his mouth cuz we know Drake is a bitch as for Ross...i dont think he wants it with the dog...WRRRRR

    • T7

      only real hip hop artists respond when stepped to. we know drake aint real hip hop--he saw that with how he let common sort him out lol talked about his family down to his heritage & drake released a "statement" as a reply. Drake should just do R&B/pop & leave hip hop alone...he aint about it.

    • Killyoself

      Whatever faggot, this cat is washed nobody hears his songs cats only look at these ignant ass videos to see if he do something stupid. Why would they respond? His diss is as meaningless as yours to them.

  • Rellik

    Haha I love it, finally an emcee who's not afraid to talk shit about rappers who deserve it out of fear of alienating some of their girl fans.

  • squid

    DMX is the fuckin man calling it how he sees it, fuck your feelings hoe ass nikka have a cry into your pillow and write about it in your dream journal if you disagree.

    • ETK

      LMAO no comment. okay, if someone asked any nigga on this site his thoughts about Drake. NOT EVEN DRAKE. any popular rapper in the game period. you think any of us would say no comment? why should DMX? because he's famous and in the music industry? fuck outta here, you self-righetous goof

    • squid

      No comment is for the weak, DMX obviously doesn't care what sort of backlash his comments will or could create. Which makes him a real man to me, who the fuck cares if he is on crack its his life an he got the cash for it none of my business. Fuck most of the most influential songs of the last century were written by someone who was high off something whether you want to believe it or not drugs are a part of the culture of hip hop, you or no one on a internet forum preaching is gonna change it.

    • Duke

      So the words no comment aren't in his vocabulary. You fucking idiot? Wake up fuck boy. You must be on crack too.

    • ETK

      quit speaking on other niggas, shut the fuck up. he was asked a question. he's not gonna play it cool and say "oh yeah that nigga I totally hate is a cool guy" fuck is that? you wanna hold hands in elementary school too? no he calls it like he sees it, it's his opinion and he's not gonna sugarcoat it.

    • squid

      Why would DMX take anyone's advice that posts a comment on this site he doesn't know how to use a computer and he has more money than anyone that posts on here anyway

    • Duke

      Maybe Dmx should take your dumb ass advice. And quit speaking on other niggas.

  • Future is the best rapper alive

    DMX is a hatin ass crack head

  • Anonymous

    wtf who cares if he duz crack. that shit is normal smh.........

  • Glock

    This fool must not realize he has been a fukking joke for the past 10 years. Hating on Drake and Ross but making songs with white boy Machine gun kelly wack ass makes him more of a joke.

  • Dale

    Okay...imma Drake fan and I think Rozay makes good music (not necesarily a good rapper) but DMX is funny as hell tho

  • kennyken

    i sweat dmx, bring your album. let fans judge it. i just heard a song featuring machine gun kelly and it was pop as hell. so come on dmx. you're a politician. that's what the fuck your are

  • Dunny

    He may not like Drake but we know he like CRACK! Nuff said.

  • Anonymous

    See My Response to ALL the Reaching Rappers Out There

  • Steve

    drake - selling records and got the respect of lil wayne dmx - hasnt dropped a hit song since 2006 #truth

    • Duh

      Let's not forget Lil Wayne is the same artist that needed 10 years to finally get his first number one album. 10 years.... But you guys keep pretending like Wayne is some hip hop god. I wonder how many of you are still listening to Tha Block is Hot, Lights Out or 500 Degreez?

    • Duh

      Ummm....the only artist in history to have his first five studio albums debut at number one is DMX. That's a lot more impressive than having the "respect" of Lil Wayne. And DMX at least stayed true to his roots. He didn't have to pretend to act like he could sing on some of his records. He didn't try to market himself to women and children between the ages of 12-16....unlike those 2 rappers you named.

    • cjackson581

      ^^ Get em!

    • KillaKill

      Lil Wayne is a lot more than this cracked out ass nigger is gonna ever be again.

    • bballslim42

      "got the respect of lil wayne". Who the fuck is lil wayne? He signed drake, tyga, mack mane, nikki minaj, gudda gudda. faggot ass

    • Anonymous

      Don't compare a legendary 90s rapper with that clown Butt fuck rap bitch ass punk that everyone dick rides. Having the respect of lil wayne means nothing he's terrible too. You are brainwashed by the mainstream

    • Cool

      2006? Don't you mean 1999?

  • AJS

    Doesn't like Drake, but likes Cole. X has good taste. He may not be relevant now, but he is a rap legend. Nuff said.

    • Anonymous

      Bowing down to people of relevance. That's the world we live in now. Sucking on the hottest cock, then moving onto the next one. No integrity, no principles.

    • Chap

      Yeah and legends shouldn't be heard from especially hating ones. So he should try shutting the fuck up and try bowing down to niggas that's relevent not the butts of crack jokes.

  • Killa

    Who else can give an interview like this that keeps it real. DMX always keeps it real but he never hate on anyone he just gives his opinion.

  • Powerphi

    Having bashed this man in the past, I actually feel some compassion toward him with consideration to his issues. Looking in his eyes, you can see that he has his demons. I hope that he can keep things as clean as possible for an extended period. I'll say this, he's one funny dude.

  • bitchslap

    Hey bitches check this dmx rap slaughter of jay z.

  • Anonymous

    THe kids are mad!! LOL I'm glad DMX was brave enough to speak against the bullshit the industry passes off as "fresh"... them new jacks got it waaaaaaay too easy, and they acting like they're untouchable, ok, keep believing that young dudes, just don't complain when that day comes.

  • Shaggz

    None of them Young Money fags even right there own songs..Look at the credits in there albums.Its like 10 niggas writing one song.u lil new age dickriders have been tricked by a C.O and a couple childhood millionares with showbiz connects 2 blow up(wayne and Drake).props 2 DMX for not falling 4 that bullshit



  • Anonymous

    ross and drake are not on x's level and never will be whats my name woof woof woof

  • CaqNudg

    Respect the man's opinion...but as much as someone might hate on Drake...Drake will always be nicer than MGK....


      MGK may not be as "nice" as Drake in your opinion, but X likes dude and even says hes a real standup guy. X gives it straight. No sugar coating. He is and always will be a legend in my eyes and the eyes of alot of hip-hop fans. I personally cannot stand Ross. He is a fake, untalented punk. literally a PUNK. Lying to his fans then trying to cover it up by saying he needed to do whatever to keep his family eating and it was for the interest of his dealing. Apparently hes not hustling everyday.

  • dave

    "DMX also shared that he does not know how to use a computer..."


    Dont hate DMX for speaking his mind!!!!!!!!!!! It isnt like he went on a rant about these dudes at his own discretion, he was asked his opinion and he kept it real with his self. Besides, is niggas really defending rick ross? Anybody that lies about their background aint shit. Theres no integrity in him so i dont respect him as a man, so i cant respect him as an artist. So DMX is right. I dont know about the drake part, tho.


    I agree with DMX . damn x is too real thats why i always like his swagger rick ross doesnt impress me either

  • HATERS suck

    These people get hated on SO MUCH: Jay Z Drake Wayne Ross Kobe Bryant LeBron James Michael vick Kanye West Michael Jackson (when he was alive) P Diddy Yawl hate these niggas don't you? LOL! I know you do. You can't knock the hustle or the talent. Be MAD, Be MAD, be MAD, be MAD you lame ass nerds.

  • Wow stupid

    If yawl really want to hear that grimy 90's sound then listen to Lloyd Banks. He does it well. But you're so OBSESSED with hating on Drake and Ross you don't even notice other artist.

    • fuck u up

      Since when did Lloyd Banks start makin music dat people can even digest???? dat mafaka made buy his 1st album hoping it was gud, boy was I wrong, dat album sucked donkey balls, I culdnt even listen to the whole album from biggining to end...fuck lloyd banks he was never a good rapper from the biggining...

  • Wow stupid

    Drake, Ross and Wayne will continue to make music for their fans. DMX can keep bitching along with the rest of you, don't NOBODY care. The 90's is over X, pull ya pants up old man.

    • ruff

      we care u bitch made nigga...we the real heads of hiphop care if there's anyone left out there that can speak his mind and keep it real like back in the day

  • Shhhh

    OK HOLD UP. ROSS DON'T GOT TO PROVE SHIT TO YOU NIGGAS. YOU NIGGAS ARE FUCKING CORNY ASS FUCK ON THIS SITE. DMX you're a goddamn liar nigga, look at your catalog. Thug shit, money shit, pussy shit, some introspective shit. Pull me over on some cop shit, I'll bust your fucking crack head open. Rappers make some money and think they can't get touched. Nigga you got a problem with Drake? Get up in the niggas grill and speak on it then. You up on the radio bangin on the young boy like it's serious, where they do that? YMCMB and Jay Z bout they money and you about a pipe. Recording with MGK? Fo real? I listened to that joint, it was ass my nigga. Fuck outta' here X.

    • ETK

      MMG groupie mad as fuck. why the hell would he get up in Drake's grill? He was asked about his thoughts on those guys, you buffoon

  • Mitch 3K

    I agree with him 100% about Drake, I dont like nothing about him either, not one song, one verse, one interview, I just dont like son at all

  • Ricky Rozay

    X need to stay in his lane before Ross bodies his career. Where 5.0 at? Where Jeezy at? thats right none of them niggas on the hottest list. This nigga needs to release a hot joint before he can talk about someone elses song. If I remember correctly this nigga was the same guy who made a song with Sisqo. FOH. Bawse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • YOOO

    I hope atleast one person reads this, but i know ppl do this shit all the time but im this aint bullshit, check my homie out nobody can spit ike this, NOT 1 CURSE and rhymes OVER 100 syllabels in just 16 BARS.

  • kennyken

    it dont matter. drake is bad. drake has talent. i don't give a fuck what anybody says. drake can go with the best of them. but i like dmx too. so whatever jew.

  • R2die

    I always liked X as an artist but i never knew he was such a funny dude lol I was crackin up a lot watching this interview!

  • jr88

    its ok to say someones wack...stop cosigning these wack dudes...idk why these dudes have to cosign wackness

  • Anonymous

    Really Ross's last album was all about money? What album was X listening to? This nigga gone real stupid.

    • SouthSide Bronx

      When X said eatting.He meant Getting money. Thats what us nigga up north call eattin. He saying that Ross talks about gettin money and girlfriends. He is right.All Ross's albums talk about the same thing. He needs to show us a lil more personal dept. He needs to talk about other thing then just this is all X was saying. He was just voicing his honest opinion about Ross. Why are y'all getting so upset.

  • jr88

    that sums up ros...he cant spit about his life so he raps these fairy tales....and i like drakes rnb but his rapping is corney....dmx is a real dude...its his opinion so calm down people

  • Shayla Stylez

    This sums up everything about Rick Ross' lyrical skills. "He's aight, man. He talks about eating and girlfriends too much. How much can a nigga eat? How much weed can you smoke?"...ROFL. Best the X has ever said,LMAO!!!!


    Rick Ross airs DMX out!!!

  • Real Talk

    Is it me or is everyone really tripping these days, how the fuck is everyone going to hate on Drake? Why is everyone obsessed with him, like really y'all are the ones who keep Drake alive in every article, there cud be an article that says "kendrick Lamar talks about his new cd"{22 post} or "Common talks about his upcoming movie"{50 posts} but hey "DMX says DRAKE is Wack"{455 posts} lol man they hate does not stop coming, I guess thats how you know your doing something right, why is no one talking about how DMX, wasted his god giving talent by doing drugs, and blowing all his money away, nigga don't need no Record deal homie needs an intervention and go to Rehab to get help, its sad just to watch this video, if u ever want to know a mans life look at his eyes{no Homo} but look at DMX eyes he just looks sad and depressed, niggas Jaw cant stay still, his body movements are just pure crackish, he said Ross don't impress him, but yet Ross is living the high life, yea he was a CO, yea he used the real Rick Ross name, but y isn't anyone dissing nas for calling himself Escobar(a real Gangster) huh because Nas aint in the limelight no more, face it y'all hate because these artist are winning, you guys say Drake makes songs for bitches, what part of that sentence is gay, "HE MAKES SONGS FOR BITCHES" why would u get worked up over it, like I said look at how many posts there is every time Ross, DRake, and LIl Wayne are mentioned in the article.

  • Sam

    I like DMX and I agree with him about Drake. I remember back in the day dmx was good but never a lyrical giant. His music was good though and today I look back at him better than I did back in his day because the competition is weaker now

  • ItsTheTruth

    Here's my problem with this. First of all, nothing but respect for DMX's opinion, because I agree with him. But people will look at DMX as a "hater" and then resort to his past fuck-ups as an excuse to say, "who is DMX to voice his opinion about other rappers?" This is how a change in the direction of hip-hop gets started. It starts with CALLING OUT the bullshit in hip-hop. Drake and Ross are doing their thing, but Drake is so r&b these days and Officer Ross is a former CO. Back when DMX came out, and Em came out, then 50 came out (1998-2003) this would never have been acceptable (A drake or a ross coming into the rap game). We as fans allowed it and accepted it. X... Respect

    • Boss nigga

      @Real Talk, what the fuck you spouting dawg? Pshhh, Run DMC would be considered wack today?! Really, I don't quite believe you homie. Drake ius far more corny than them. Get that dick out of your ear!!

    • Real Talk

      look at your post and read it carefully again, your name dropping to artist Drake and Rick Ross, these two rappers do not make up the Rap and Hip HOp scene right now, this is just 2 rappers, their are thousands of rappers, y'all just hate cuz their successful, DMX said he didn't like Drakes hair LMFAO really, the one thing to poke fun of Drake is his hair? For reals tho, if you don't like Drake then don't listen to his music simple as that, u act like sum one has a gun to your head and says "hey listen to this Drake song" truth is no one forces u to listen to no one, be your own man, Hip Hop in the 70's was not the same in the 80's, hip hop in the 90's was not the same in the 00's and hip hop as of right now will not be the same later on in life, Run DMC would be considered whack today, so would DJ Cool Herc, and me typing those lines hurt trust me cuz it feels disrespectful, but the truth is Rap will never go backwards it will just move forward, like I said no one is forcing you to listen to these new rappers, shit bump the old classics,

  • KOA-96

    There is absolutely no doubt now Drake sucks

  • claybron

    Wow whoever is hating on DMX does not know the impact of his music in hip-hop and has no respect for the plight of this man. What if he died of drug overdose and not Whitney? Why do we wait until our artists die to appreciate them? Ridiculous! And to the people who said DMX should hop on a track with rappers he just does not like, yall are FAKE AND HAVE LOW INTEGRITY. Yall are the people that would fuck with people you don't like just for money or fame? THE WORST! no heart or respect for honesty. I'm not a Drake basher, Ross is def FAKE! DMX is just calling it the way he sees it.

  • zach has what dmx says about lil wayne

  • Ill JuJu

    f what u think, X is the truth. Living Legend.

  • Kyle

    I found his comments pretty realistic and honest. Of course he's barely relevant anymore but everyone knows hes a true legend. The guy may be out of touch (can't use a computer? what?) but him biting at Ross and Drake and Jay shows he's not trying to suck up to the industry.. who knows he may find a niche in the rap game again.

  • Real Talk

    Man real talk DMX is washed up now, look through the whole interview nigga cant sit down, he still hitting that pipe, look at his ways, cant stop fidgeting, Don't get me wrong he had a lot of classics, but he's lost it now, and to the nigga who said he go platinum haha yea right, what song since he came out has been hot and had memorable punch lines in it? Y'all hopped on the band wagon cuz he's dissing Drake and Rick Ross(not really dissing but y'all know what I mean) DMX should have collab with them to make himself relevant again, cuz Real Talk everyone forgot about X, and its only a matter of time before he gets locked back up, this nigga had the world by the balls, and blew everything on Crack, Of course no label is going to invest in a crack head, He thinks he's cool cuz he could fly fucking toy helicopters on a set while the company paying Jet Li to be there, that just goes to show what kind of business man he is, that aint boss shit, thats a crack head move right there, should have handle his business better instead of blaming Jay Z, Look at Jay he's a smart business man

    • Anonymous

      its not a white mans world anymore lil boy. that mentality holds us back. quit making excuses for your failures. dmx sturggled with drugs from the jump and was always honest about it. thats cuz hes a real person. not a contrived manufactured fake built for purchase like a drake or rick ross. dmx doesnt like them, his opinion is worth more than ours cuz hes climbed that mountain. men that listen to drake and rick ross and defend him online share one common characteristic, they're not very bright.

    • Anonymous

      Well we can see you love sucking both Drake and ross's dick mad cause X has no repect for your favorite artist, yeah we can see that.

    • ^

      Dawg he's still hitting that pipe, I know crack heads and his behavior is very crackish, nigga u in a radio interview sit yo ass down, look how Angela and Envy and every looking at him, its an uncomfortable situation, and like I said don't get me wrong DMX was a legend, he did rule for the time that he was on top and Im a fan of his music, but look what I wrote, I said now "NOW" he is washed up, only a few can come back and remain on top, Like Jay Z for example, and stop with the whole Drake and Rick ross not being talented, Dawg this aint WWF, its music You either like it or you don't, your making rap into wrestling match, how stupid would it look if AL Green and Marvin Gaye were beefing, or the Temptations and the Jackson 5, thats the problem with u kids today, your always trying to bring the next man down, for you to constantly stay on Drake and Rick Rosses nuts always dissing them show what kind of man u are, u should be congratulating them for making it in this white mans world, instead of trying to destroy them, who side are u on?

    • Anonymous

      you're a clown. DMX is same as he ever was. he was always a bug out. could never stand still. always spoke his mind. give him a major label push, marketing dollars, and watch him blow these no talent fag niggas like drake and rick ross out the water. politics and bullshit. still go more talent in one of his scrapped books than either of those frauds on their best day. DMX. fuckin legend.

  • 50 Cent

    My response about these guys in the article on Jeezy. What happened with this young man is the shift in what's popular. If you recall my battle back in 07 with Kayne west. He had the more pop/gay swag and crowd on his side; while I came with the shoot em up beat em up style that niggas need to be men in today's society. But as the media would have it they played me off as the bad guy. But more on Jeezy he's suffering this with guys like Wayne, Rozzay, Drake, all of them are much softer than him and many would say they sold out but not really; this is who they really are and feel comfortable being in side(gay swag and pop) I never got into wearing the rainbow color clothes or very tight jeans, or tried to act like I was a jean designer but these guys did that's why you question who are they trying to target, certainly not the hardcore listeners. So if Jeezy wants his throne back he's going to have to do trap 2012 not trap from 2007. You need catchy beats and catchy hooks. Stop making depression like songs, make something crackheads/pill poppers can smoke to when they're at home with no life.

  • DMX Attorney

    Dude, pay your child support.

  • The B

    Still to this day nobody can rap better than KOOL G. RAP!!

  • Anonymous

    "There will be blood in the water and the sharks will come" Everyone knows now that Drake is fake. Before you know it, everyone will take jabs!

  • Rex

    drake - selling records and got the respect of lil wayne dmx - hasnt dropped a hit song since 2006

    • Anonymous

      Rex- Loves sucking drake's dick

    • Anonymous

      ^well said drake = fake faggot toy with major marketing dollars behind him for being a safe butter soft house nigga making simp love jams that suk dmx = wild card every major is scared of for being a wild street nigga with too much heart and pride to bow down to some dick suck dmx changed the game from shiney suits to timbs and hoodies again and drake changed the game by proving a gay can have success making rap and r and b love jams

    • Anonymous

      Drake: makes pussy ass RnB music DMX: hip-hop legend, buff said

  • Welcome Back Darkman

    Yall call my man X a crackhead. This man hasn't done shit in years, but can still sell out shows. If this man puts out an album next week, no doubt in my mind he will go platinum. Now if Drake goes away for 5yrs and decided to come back,he will get treated like Lil Zhane. Yall can talk about Drake hits, but how many classics he have under his belt. X is a rebel he has always did his own thing, thats why Jay was able to progress over Jay. I'm not suprised X said this about Drake, but I bet you Drake won't threaten to body X.

  • Marx1684

    He is right about Ross & all rappers like him. One sided. The greatest MC's had various topics that they spoke on. There is more to life than just trappin. If they would like to only rap about one thing then I will say the same thing I always have. HIP HOP NEEDS GENRES. Then DMX wouldn't be as angry at Drake b/c it would be classified in a different category.

  • plz

    DMX hasnt been good in soooooo long. Come on, even Drake and Ross haters gotta know...DMX is washed up, he has to do this to stay relevant.

    • ETK

      that album was upon the better ones of that year. It went 4x platinum, people were bumping that shit on the streets, it's not just the songs nigga. even if you don't consider it classic, he was a hip-hop heavyweight in the 90s along with Biggie, Snoop, Jay etc

    • plz

      he has no classic album! he has albums with classic SONGS, and hit records. classics gotta be start to finish, every song sick as hell...timeless music, thats a classic. the source? benzino and those boys were taking money for good ratings, look it up.. and even then, 4 outta 5 isnt classic...5 outta 5 is! the source also gave De La Soul-Art Official Intelligence a damn 3 outta 5, that shit was a 4.5-or classic (5 outta 5) in my eyes.

    • Ricky Rozay

      You niggas throw out the word classic way too much. None of Xs album been classics. Flesh and It's Dark were very good but aint on no classic level. Bawse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      Its Dark and Hell is Hot The Source = 4/5 All Music = 4/5 Just that album alone is a classic, not to mention some of the others, so you can go and fuck of yourself.

    • a

      "It's Dark and Hell Is Hot" was a classic.

    • plz

      DMX is not a legend. Based on what? I dont think any of his albums were even classic. Hes a bum, if you think crack and in and out of jail and not paying child support is cool, good for you.

    • Anonymous

      Stay relevant for who? You? Your a fucking joke while dude has achieved hip hop legend status. Dude can retire at any time and his rep will be intact, unlike mr xl burger king and canada dry.

  • Roxanne

    Charlamagne the God had me rolling with his reaction when he heard X say "He aight,man.Just all talks about is eatting,And And uh uh girlfriend too much.Im like Damn,How much can a nigga Eat".......Funny Ass Shit but he is soo right though

  • Roger Rabbit

    Rappers Who ain't gon mean Shit in the future-Lil Wayne, Drake, Tyga, Nicki Minaj, Soulja Boy, Nelly, Chingy, Wale, Vanilla Ice, MC Hammer, Rappers who have acheived Legendary Status, who's Legacies will last forever and has classic albums-Nas, 2Pac, Biggie, Big L, Common, Rakim, KRS-One, Jay-Z, LL Cool J, Slick Rick, DMX, Chuck D, Black Thought, ATCQ, OutKast, Gang Starr, Ice Cube, Eminem, Run-DMC, Mobb Deep, Scarface, Talib Kweli, Wu-Tang Clan.

    • RAW

      Did you forget Method Man, Redman, Snoop Dogg, Kanye West, Eazy E, Fat Joe, N.O.R.E., Jadakiss & Of course Ja Rule

    • Anonymous

      Drake wayne a d ross are all basic ass abc type rappers..aint got shiit on X. Cant wait to catch u next month. Sadly wakka flakkas sharing rhe stage..thats gona suuck but oh well ill still be right at the stage waitin.

    • Anonymous

      Wayne is not a legend, he needs a classic album before he can be a legend. Plus he's not lyrical at all.

    • Anonymous


    • Radi

      man that guy who replied to you sayin lil waynes been in the game for 20 years and said southern rap got this far is a stupid motherfucker wayne was a little kid bitch 20 years back he made his first appearence in like 1999, geto boys outkast and others were never signed to no limit records which was owned by master p, nothing to do with cash money. geto boys, UGK these people built the dirty south style that other guy dont know shit

    • Jet

      @Roger Rabbit: Agreed. @Anon: Are you fucking high? Southern hip hop was built of the back of no limit, old cash money (not ym),Geto Boys, Outkast, Little Brother etc. Wayne was a detriment to southern hip hop. If in gotten this far you mean single handedly destroyed hip hop/rap's credibility, then yeah your fucking clued up son. /s

    • Anonymous

      Are you high. Weezy is far from the legend that you say help further southern hip hop. I think Scarface,UGK, and OutKast did that.

    • Anonymous

      are you high ? Wayne is a legend, this dude been on the seen for almost 20 years and is part of the reason why southern hip hop has gotten this far.

  • daviddanielz

    When I read this article I said to myself, I know what all the rebuttals will be and I was right. Look, for you young guys, it's no surprise X feels that way towards Jay. They both have history and they both are very competitive. Weather it's true or not is another story but thats how he feels and he could be right or wrong. I love Jay and everyone knows Jay is all business all the time. That being said, lets get to Ross and Drake. This doesn't surprize me either. X comes from a age where you have to have skillz in order to be respected and clearly Ross has major flaws in his character and lyrices. Drake on the other hand is way to soft, to corny, and not a freestyler. It's not what a real MC is all about. X with all his flaws, knows hiphop. So you have to respect his view point. He's not selling an album so you can't say he's looking to sell records. He's already famous and it doesn't matter if he has albums out now or later. Bottom line, you just heard a real MC speak from the heart... Reposted

  • TheMusicWorldSucks2day

    I don't mind Drake, but DMX sure knows that the guy is overly-commercialized and does what old men tell him to. Like the man said: "The industry don't give a fuck about u, but couldn't make a dime without u." and "I'm not an industry artist, I'm an artist in the industry."

  • Anonymous

    relief for me that someone has come to their senses in the game

  • TylertheDestroyer

    Real dude... poor guy cant even sit down cause he's so twitchy

  • Drake

    Lol i ain frontin on DMX but you haters make no sense! Sayin my career is almost over LMFAO!!! Let me hit ya`ll with some stats. 2 plat albums 12 #1 hits gold selling EP Grammy Nominated MIXTAPE and I did that shit in 3 years!!!! So how you gon tell me my 15 mins are up, NIGGA I`M JUS GETTIN STARTED So what ya`ll gon say Im Gay huh or Im a fag huh, man i get pussy 4 times a week, you hear that 4 TIMES(go listen to marvins room) I run this game, YMCMB Run this game!!! Stupid Mortherfuckers Haters make me rich!!! DRIZZY OVO........... BITCHES!!!

    • Anonymous

      Mate look at DMX stats and then talk shit. He has more than that. At one point he had 3 albums in the charts, but half you little kids was in dippers then.

    • Romeo

      no matter how much pussy u get or how many albums u sell .. You still gay!!!! go back to ... degrassi the next generation.... X IS A LEGEND. With love from Mexico...

    • daviddanielz

      50 Cent outsold you in week sells and overall sells but couldn't stay relevant. singles are singles, but lets talk that. Diddy had 10 number 1 singles and he's not relevant. All the sells and money in the world couldn't change the fact that your the new Ja Rule. Guys like you, Ra Rule, and Nelly should sell a lot of ablums. Kids, women, and gay people buy your albums. Not the real hiphop culture. So relax your time is almost up "Sweet"

    • anon

      where's the grammy bitch?

    • BlackIce

      That is pretty impressive... but have you ever drop TWO platinum albums in ONE year? Til this day, how many artists done that? #justsayin

  • Anonymous

    I am hip hop - A certified crack head you mean... Seriously. Bro. Are you really gonna sit here and hype up yo man X like he's the same person from Its Dark? Yes, a man is entitled to his opinion, but when your opinion consists of trashing other people who you've never even worked with, it comes off like the ramblings of a drug addicted moron. AKA The Tom Sizemore of Hip Hop.

  • Roger Rabbit

    THANK YOU DMX I don't like neither one of them FUCK Young Money a bunch of annoying POP Rappers singing all over the record I hate Hip Hop now days YMCMB killed it Shoutout to Common for dissin drake so bad he's Canada Dry Lol I'm always gonna take the legends side over these stupid new school rappers HIP HOP IS DEAD.

  • Really

    What the fuck are they watching in the background? Who the hell works out in a radio studio?

  • jg

    DMXs opinion would mean more if he came out with some hot shit like a new album or mixtape. but coming from a washed-up rapper that hasnt released quality material in years its kind of meaningless of him to get at the 2 hottest rappers in the game right now

    • Anonymous

      If he hadan album bout to drop everyone would say these comments were to hype it up. X is real. He says what the fuck he thinks thats that.

    • RossIsAFatBoss

      The rappers he got at are popular but they were talking about pushing the boundaries lyrically and we all know Ross and Drake ain't doing shit for the genre (especially the former). Drake has talent, sometimes it's corny though. I agree that to add credibility to what he's saying he should put out something dope. Which he hasn't...

  • T

    Finally someone that isn't dickriding these faggot ass rappers, fuck drake & i've been saying for a while Ross lacks subject matter. If you dont respect X you dont know about hip hop FACT

  • Ricky Rozay

    X is lame as fuck and so are all you niggas who claim to be real heads and come on here and bash Drake and Ross and talkin like X was some hip hop god. x was good in his day but come on, this niggas time has passed and now he tryin to get pub by going at two of hte hottest rappers out there right now. BTW this nigga has an album and a show coming soon so he is looking for the publicity. And when did hip hop become about personal lives rather than the music. yeah Ross was a CO, I don't give a fuck about that as long as he's releasing hot shit, I'll separate the music from the person. Too many of yall niggas on here catchin feelins like Ross or Drake stole money from yaall. FOH to all those lame ass niggas who repeat the same shit "Drake's a fag who sings" "Ross a CO" Who gives a fuck! At the end of the day its about the music bitches. Bawse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Radi

      you really think this is a publicity stunt the man said him self he doesnt care about twitter, he doesnt want people looking in to his life. and what is twitter used for? hes just being honest. x jus one of those guys that lets it out and aint scared of what the fans gonna react with.

    • is

      It seems like he was just giving his honest opinion when they asked him a question..what did you expect him to do? Is he supposed to lie? The man is entitled to his opinion. I am a Pac fan and if someone asked if he liked Pac and he said no I can't get mad at him. Then if they ask why I have to expect anything to come out of his mouth. I will say X is a legend and has established himself enough in the game to say whatever the hell he wants especially when they ask him for an honest answer. When your truthful that makes you a man not lame.

    • DMX

      You dumb, foreal. How did he go at him? He was asked about them, he didn't even mention. You be dik riding and it's always the same story, "ahh he's going at the "hottest rappers" to get attention." Fugk outta here. to some, it's actually about music and not attention. Why you think he don't even mess with twitter

    • Anonymous

      How much can you really eat,

    • X

      stupid n1gga, foreal. How did he go at him? He was asked about them, he didn't even mention. You be dick riding and it's always the same story, "ahh he's going at the "hottest rappers" to get attention." Fugk outta here. to some, it's actually about music and not attention. Why you think he don't even mess with twitter

    • X

      you stupid nigga, foreal. How did he go at him? He was asked about them, he didn't even mention. You be dick riding and it's always the same story, "ahh he's going at the "hottest rappers" to get attention." Fuck outta here. to some, it's actually about music and not attention. Why you think he don't even fuck with twitter

  • Anonymous

    Dmx suck a mean dick, trust me I know. One day we got so high, had a threesome with his mama. Pussy wasn't good, now I know where X came from, but D's tight little asshole was juicy. He had some shit dripping on his thighs but we wiped it off and had fun. If he happens to read this comment, he'll remember. Coz I remember that good dick I gave him then came on his forehead. Who wanna suck my dick? Its hard as a brick i don't want no chick Finger fuck you with a stick Now your Anus is bloody Sympathy from me, naah hardly That was the freestyle he did for me before leaving. Haven't seen him since but GOOD times

  • RC

    Good for DMX, finally a dude that ain't afraid to express his true opinions and not dick-ride whoever's hot at the time.

  • Anonymous

    lol I love them both but who honestly expected DMX to be riding with Drake.

  • J.t

    So he does not like Drake or Ross but he will do a song with MGK? No offense but that sounds pretty hypocritical if you ask me.

    • Welcome back Darkman

      How is he a hypocrite?He said he fucks with MGK cause he loves his energy, he likes his style. Hypocrite would be if he said that he didn't like them cause they overated but fuck with MGK cause to boost up record sales

  • fuck you

    crack head.... does anything else need to be said?

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    HAHA, how hood is this dude? he doesnt know how to use a computer hahah thats mad funny, that and what he said about drake. I dont like his face. haha. Shame what happened to dog man though

  • Anonymous

    Thank you Mister X for speaking the truth. And we all know that Jay-Z is a bitch. He aint the mc he once was he just a poprapper now.

  • Hurricane Game

    Who fuckin with my favorite rappers: GAME NAS EMINEM MYSONNE YELAWOLF DMX Lupe Who fuckin with them??? none of your ****** ass Mainstream rappers, Hip Hop is dead, and they are the only real ones left! None of these rappers today's music makes sense, all the same recycled garbage, teach me something, tell me a story, have a song that actually sticks to a concept, forget trying to have all your verses end with a punchline, teach me something, thats hip hop, not Young Money, not Gunit, not MMG!

    • Hurricane Game

      Lmaooo, do some reasearch ya punk bitch, 50 wrote 4 hooks: Church for thugs, Special,How we do, and hate it or love it 4 hooks, and on how we do, Game did 50's verse and 50 edited it and made it his so if thats somehow "1/2" of Games album, then sure, 50 wrote the album,lmaooo get your facts straight cocksucker, 4 hooks doesnt make an album

    • TheMusicWorldSucks2day

      U forgot to mention Eve.

    • Anonymous

      lmaoo Game was a soon to be aftermath flunkie til 50 molded him n wrote 1/2 his album...FOH!!!

    • Kinny

      Whose fucking with them? Hopefully their wives and not you faggot. Apart from Dmx whose had plenty of sex with wardens in jail. I wonder if Rozzay ever fucked someone in the showers.

  • Anonymous

    He had me dying at "All the nigga talks about is eat,like DAMN how much can you really eat" lol He is right about Ross

  • Anonymous

    Tell em X. Finally a rapper who has the guts to critize these gay rappers like ross, jigga and drake.

  • Welcome Back Darkman

    Drake fans going to be hurt by this lol. They can call X all kinds of crackheads whatever, but what he aint wack and he ain't fake. All these hip hop veterans are pissing me off hopping on these new artists dick to stay relevant. X fucks with whoever he wants cause he like they style not because of their album sales. It needed to be said and brother X stood up literally and said it. Thanks Darkman

  • Who got the strongest team??

    YMCMB - Lil Wayne, Birdman, Drake, Busta Rhymes ,Nicki Minaj, Mystikal, Bow Wow MMG - Rick Ross, Meek Mill, Wale, Triple Cs Slaughterhouse - Royce Da 5'9, Crooked I, Joe Budden, Joell Ortiz GOOD Music - Kanye West, Pusha T, Cyhi Da Prynce, Big Sean ROC Nation - Jay-Z, J. Cole, Jay Electronica Aftermath - Dr Dre, Eminem, 50 Cent, Slim Da Mobster Wu-Tang. Bad Boy - Diddy, Machine Gun Kelly, French Montana, Red Cafe The HRSMN - Ras Kass, Canibus, Kurupt, Killah Priest M.A.R.S - Cormega, Saigon, Roc Marciano, Action Bronson 'The Standard' - Nas, Q-Tip, Common, AZ (to balance things out) LOX - Jadakiss, Styles P, Sheek Louch Dipset - Cam'ron, Jim Jones, Juelz Santana, Vado


    Guess it's safe to say DMX is back to normal and back in the game and ready to smash on these fake ass niggas in hip hop that have polluted it, Double R :)...

  • Stylze

    All I gotta say now is Ja Rule's P.I.L. 2 Drops Feb. 28, 2012

  • Anonymous


  • r0a

    i happen to think machine gun kelly is wack as fuck but i like how x judges for himself and doesn't follow trends. the guy is unbreakable. most niggas would be dead having gone through what x has, and hes still the same old x. this was a real interview, dmx has more heart than just about anyone making music. the talent is still there, but the major label system stopped investing in him. let x get the same push fat fuck rick ross is getting, watch x blow the game up again. drake is a fraud, jay-z will ride drakes dick to stay hot, x does him. x has a crazy spirit, and the rap game is real soulless and fake right now. lotta plastic pimps and phonies running the game. x fan for life, through good and the bad.

  • AP

    This shit has to stop people, "I listen to DMX so I must be hard" or "I listen to Drake so I get girls" or "I listen to Lupe so Im smart"....The people you listen to dont make who you are!!! That's the definition of the word tool.

  • Anonymous

    loL, shout to the nigg* Schwarz...that fake Jay sh*tting headline was a premonition to this...3 hundred comments of people mad because DMX is not following the latest "like" protocol...loL...step out of the matrix my people...

  • chillin

    Regarding his comments about Drake and Ross...everyone's entitled to their own opinion. Kind of like how I find it hilarious that DMX recorded a song Machine Gun Kelly.

  • Almar

    X Is Just Speaking The Truth Whether You like it or not, "It's Dark and Hell Is Hot" is One Of The Best Rap Albums Ever Made, Much Respect to X, Even If He ain't been right for some years.

  • Anonymous

    I always said on here that Ross lacks subject matter, but still his music is better than most mainstream artists with the backing!

  • Anonymous

    I never fought I would see the day were DMX would talk shit about Jay-Z but hold his tongue for Wayne. Jay and X go way back. Wayne was just a little snotty nose kid back then.

  • BigWo0orm45

    FOR EVERYONE ON HERE HATING ON X THIS IS FOR YOU Are you retarded or just ignorant of a talented rapper? To say DMX aint lyrical is like sayin the KKK aint racist. You obviously are one of the dudes who listened to Party Up and just assumed thats all X was about. X has story telling ability (Damien 1, 2, and 3), the nigga is an expert poet(all his prayers), crazily creative (Spellbound) he can get grimey as fuck (Tales From the Darkside, Here Comes the Boom, Shut Em Down), and he can be on some positive type stuff (Slippin, Prayers, just his thoughts in general). Before you go makin a ridiculous accusation as to say X aint more lyrical than Ross please go do your homework on the MC. X's resume is hella impressive in this rap shit. No1 could touch him in dissing (His Tupac/West Coast/ K-Solo diss), poetry, intensity, street credit, all dat. GTFOH you silly excuse for a hip-hop fan. Learn and think before you speak. MATTER OF FACT, GO LISTEN TO MURDERGRAM THEN COME BACK AND TELL ME ROSS IS BETTER, SHYT AFTER HEARIN THAT, TRY N TELL ME DRAKE IS BETTER (i have no beef wit drake and enjoy his music, but his hard talk isnt plausible and he jus not better than X imo)

  • Real Talk 100

    Im thinkin of that scene in Walk Hard where dudes like "And I just want everyone out there to know I'm no longer mainlining acid or smoking PCP"

  • The Real Franchise

    D M X Bringing back real hip-hop

  • hek718

    any of yall niggas saying X aint real hip hop are either young or stupid. Tell me if you remember X, Canibus and NORE going in for like a 45 minute cypher on the funk flex show. that shit was hip hop. its a whole different art form than what the millennials are getting, I feel sorry for yall.

  • Anonymous

    I'm sure Drake isn't impressed with a 40 yr old crack head, who wears a dog collar, and barks on records. And didn't Ross extend a hand to X not to long ago? Burning bridges won't speed up the comeback, if there even is one.

    • iamhiphop

      And I'm sure DMX, a certified hip-hop legend, isn't impressed by a former C.O. who thinks he's a big-time drug mobster and a closet homosexual who sings more than he raps. He's sober now and he doesn't need Ross or Drake to help his career.

  • Anonymous

    Look man yall can call this hating but all it really is, is just a matter of opinion. Some people are gunna like Drake some people wont. I think its important to have this in hip-hop right now. We need more of a balance. Drake can represent the love hip-hop shit and guys like X can represent that street shit.

  • bizzalls

    Finally...The last real rapper there is, man. Not the only one, but at least he is real and doesn't beat around the bush. How is he hating? THEY asked HIM questions and he answered them. Ross is a complete fraud and Drake DEFINITELY DOES try and change his voice when he raps. He talks nothing like he raps. The sound of him when he talks is completely different than the sound of his voice when he raps. He's fake as fuck!

  • JPipe

    I agree with X about Jay 100%.. Why? Well remember when Jay first was president of Def Jam all the artist was complaining. LL was even trying to battle him. Budden cd never came out.. X fell off.. Nas was signed then his career took a nose dive. Etc..

    • Anonymous

      All old artists who were no longer moving units. Business is business and some of these dudes caught feelings. If X was still moving units like Jay, he would still be on Def Jam

  • AP

    First off, I respect DMX (first album I ever bought was And Then There Was X)and his opinion, but I have to disagree with him and his thoughts on Drake. It's just comes off as one of the 'old hip hop' heads that cannot remotely accept something different from their era. Drake's content isnt that far off from Q-Tips', but never hear about any disses about him and what he raps about (BTW Im a big Q-Tip fan, cant wait for the next album, loved the Renaissance). Ive got nothing to say on Ross because he's right about him, he lacks subject matter big time.

    • mt

      "It's just comes off as one of the 'old hip hop' heads that cannot remotely accept something different from their era." --But DMX stated that he likes J. Coles music, how the hell is J. Cole not from this era!??

    • Anonymous

      You have your opinions and I have mine. I think Drake's nothing special and is over-hyped and you probably differ. Let's leave it at that. And I'm not kidding about Drake having no replay value.

    • AP

      dude, no rapper stays on top forever but he does sustaining power, and no replay value??? Your kidding right??

    • Anonymous

      Dude, give up. Drake is just another hot-at-the-moment rapper/singer. His shit has no replay value. In about 5-10 years, he won't be as popular as he is now. His 15 minutes are about to fade soon.

    • AP

      @anonymous...Of course Drake hasnt had the career that Q-Tip has, though I honestly think the perception of Drake is off. Just because he popular that doesnt mean that automatically qualifies him with the Nelly's etc...His content is actually profound and relative. It's gets blinded by all the Drake dickriders, being with ymcmb, and record sales.

    • Anonymous

      Don't compare Drake to Q-Tip. He's nowhere near that level. He's more like a mix of Nelly, Ja Rule, and Lil Wayne.


      Bitch STFU, you're a fuckin idiot...

  • Anonymous


    • BigWo0orm45

      ok? he had a better verse on Money, Cash, Hoes. DMX had a betr verse on Murdergram. AND X BEAT JAY IN THAT BATTLE THEY HAD!!!!!

    • ????????????


    • da real

      exactly Jay used DMX's flow and did better than him.

    • iamhiphop

      HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Drake?!?! ROTFL!! He bitched out when Common called him out. X on his worst day is 100x better than Drake on his best day. BTW, X had a better verse on Money, Cash, Hoes than Jay.

  • Anonymous

    i knew i liked dmx.. his thoughts on ross and drake are spot on how i feel...

  • Anonymous

    "No," he confirmed. "I don't like anything about Drake. I don't like his fucking voice. I don't like what he talks about. I don't like his face. I don't like the way he walks. Nothing." -DMX lol that's awesome

  • Anonymous

    i dont care what x does from here on out nigga has a heart of gold and is a lion in the jungle. drake is a pussy cat faggot with pussy cat fans. ross is a fat fraud that makes wack rap music. he summed it up nicely about drake. i don't like his voice, his music, his face, nothing. closet gay making love raps, pass. x would still body jay-z on a track today, all about getting the right beats and getting that push. x took jay out every joint they did, sonned him live on tour every night, and called his hoe card at def jam. such a legend. hope he can drop a decent album after all these years of trouble, man is a genuine talent with a bisons will.

  • Anonymous

    i cosign his Ross comment, thats the reason why i don't like Ross, when he 1st came out, ALLLL HE EVER TALKED ABOUT WAS SELLING DRUGS & BEING A DRUG DEALER, then he got exposed yada-yada, now all he ever talks about is being rich, Ross is good & makes some good somes, but there's no real diversity in what he does

  • JJ

    Here's another one . . . love the homie dmx but the whole everybody hating on young money is getting old. Young money is for the next generation there is nothing that can be done to change that. The more all these old rappers talk about young money the more albums they sell. Count how many times young money/cashmoney/drake/lil wayne/nicki minaj is mentioned in comments online everyday and then you wonder why they stay in the news and keep selling, you haters are keeping young money relevant lol Everytime you mention them they make more money YMCMB

    • mt

      Co-sign second anonymous 100%

    • Anonymous

      He's not hating, he's stating his opinion you blabbering baffoon.

    • Anonymous

      The funny thing that all you drake fans and lil wayne fans dot even understand is that yall are being forced to like these guys. The industry is saying buy into these certain rappers and all of yall are just playing simon says. I know that yall wont take heed when i tell you this but when you grow up and understand business youll realize. I got a friend that works in the industry and believe me, its just a game of smoke and mirrors all aimed at you to buy into these rappers and put money into the CEO's who dont give a fuck about you or hip-hop's pockets.

    • IllMakeYouFamous

      Cube said it best: "They'll be a new n*gga next year" I am assuming you are young based on what you wrote so maybe you don't know about how the industry treats it pop hoes: easy come easy go. Hot means contract re-negotiations - more points on record sales; less money for the record company. Ever wonder why only a few artists have long careers - they end up being financial burdens for the failing record biz. They are worth more dead than alive. Do you understand what I am saying? You can juggle balls all you want; figuratively or in real life but you cannot get around the truth. Ice-T said it best in his book: (paraphrasing) A fool on the street might kill you over a couple hundred bucks. What do think will happen when hundreds of millions of dollars are at stake? Anybody is expendable.

    • Anonymous

      ^^its called "ass-kissing." Every rapper's doing that because they're afraid of being called a hater by the kids.

    • Anonymous

      ^^^ respect ? thats why every where Wayne and Birdman go they get saluted by the "real hip hop" rappers YOU look up to ??? LMAO.

    • Anonymous

      Damn JJ tight his favorite group aint getting no love... you sound like a groupie homey. money only gets you se far in this game theres another thing that all yall young bucks need to learn called respect. at the end of the day respect is more valuable than that green piece of paper.

    • Anonymous

      you wonder why so many peeps speak on how young money is wack?? you might wanna consider the fact that they are wack son... ex drake... wayne is aight, minaj can be aight, but shes wack most of the time.. drake is just strait trash..

    • Anonymous

      They're still wack, regardless of their popularity or their bank account.

    • Anonymous

      YESSIR, is that you?

  • Rabies

    Sure D, coz Jay was running scared of you. Competition for Jay, really? Fuck Outta here. Go back to jail nigga, get baked then raped then taped. Fuck everyones Mama posting here. Including mine, muthafuckas. Suck dick, west life is how we do it. 8 inch dicks nigga, we fuckin bitches tight aaight? Nigga fuck Dmx, that nigga a faggot, he tried to Swizz to suck him off one night. Fuck yo condom ass ruff ryder, I bet they didn't use while rapin yo tight ass. Dickface is who you be. Fuck everyone that aint gettin that good pussy, not hood rats and shit.

    • HAHA

      I guarantee you'd never say what you just said to DMX's face, you fruity little faggot.

    • jesterxxl

      whos afraid of the dark? responsible for the murders in the park when i bark, they hear the boom but you see the