Mac Miller Announces "Of The Soul" Remix With Raekown And Posdnous

Mac Miller reveals that he's enlisted Raekwon and De La Soul's Posdnous for a remix of his songs "Of the Soul."

Between scoring a gold record with "Donald Trump" and a number one selling debut LP, Pittsburgh rapper Mac Miller had a major year in 2011. Now, still riding the high off Blue Slide Park's release, Mac announces that he's got a star-studded remix ready to drop.

According a recent interview with SkeeTV, Mac Miller announced that he's preparing to release a remix to his song "Of the Soul" featuring Raekwon and Posdnous of De La Soul. Miller explained that the remix is actually inspired by De La Soul, being a translation of the Long Island group's name. He added that it was actually Mick Boogie who gave him the idea to reach out to Posdnous for the remix.

"I'm doing a remix [of 'Of the Soul'] - a real ill remix with two crazy people," he announced. "I just want to announce it just so people get ready and get hyped, but it's me, Posdnous of De La Soul and Raekwon. I'm just waiting on Raekwon to send me his verse, and it's gonna be nuts. But just Posdnous, he was the inspiration for the record - it's 'Of the Soul,' that's the translation of De La Soul - and so I hit him and said, 'You gotta rap on this with me, man.' It was actually Mick Boogie's idea, he hit me and said, 'You should get De La on the song.'"

Check out the full interview below.

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  • def

    it's getting lightweight embarrassing to see all these dope artists ie: posdonous, raekwon, cam'ron, etc etc all pretending to be on this mac miller hype just because he is insanely popular right now. the shit is so transparent it's embarrassing. everyone wants to ride that gravy train...

  • Anonymous

    raekown? what up with the typos?

  • 6o

    raekwon looking real thirsty. how many more legends will demean themselves by working with this wack ass kid? shit is backwards. sad thing they think it's a good look. rae thought bieber was a good look, then shaolin vs wu tang dropped, was an absolute banger, and flopped. keep shitting on your fans OG's, we're the only ones buying your shit and that will stop in a heart beat if you can't figure this out. mac miller fans don't give a fuck about raekown. you only feed mac millers ego, everyone on this kids dick scared to mention the 1000 pound elephant in the room. DUDE IS WACK. NOT SKILLED. WACK. Rza looking smarter and smarter by the day, expand your hustle, keep your integrity. but i'm sure this will get rae a ton of new fans. get real OG's, know your audience, stop tryin so hard.

  • Anonymous

    How is it that the Clan member who has historically gone on the most rants about the rest of the game selling out and not keeping it real, is the one who collabs with Justin Bieber and Mac Miller? We all know your motives Rae. Legend status revoked.

    • Anonymous

      super sell out. raekwon is 40 and dying for bucks. shit is sad. this nigga was hating on RZA for doing movies and shit. fuckin clown. RZA dignity in tact. love chef but this nigga does not give a fuck.

  • Anonymous

    Wow these comments r some good ones so far i agree this dude is a fucking mistake Notice to any 12 year olds who think mac and lilb r cool just to let u know don't worry you will grow up and see your mistakes

  • Anonymous

    cmon raekwon don't do it these lame ass college white kids don't know what they r hearing

  • Anonymous

    raekwon is officially no longer a wu tang clan member because of this

  • Daniel Beaulieu

    "Miller explained that the is actually inspired by De La Soul," Miller explained that the _______ is actually inspired by De La Soul. The "Song"? Ever since the plagiarism article when I found out that Hip Hop DX actually ASPIRES to be a credible source of journalism, I've felt compelled to point out all the fuck ups... It's even funnier now that I know you guys are trying. A lot of community colleges have writing courses...

  • Whitney Houston

    Mac is wack, just like Crack

  • dockevoc

    De la Soul translates to "Of the Soul???" Thanks Mac!

    • datdudefromnyc

      actually he makes sense. "De La" is latin when you translate to english its "Of The". i cant front though i was confused at first until i realized what he was doing.

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