Dom Kennedy Says "Yellow Album" Will Be A More "Mature, Forward Thinking" Album

Dom Kennedy speaks in-depth on his upcoming project "Yellow Album," says it's forced him to challenge himself musically.

Los Angeles rapper Dom Kennedy had a lot to share about his upcoming project Yellow Album during an exclusive interview with

When asked how Yellow Album would compare to past projects he’s released Dom revealed that it’s much more of a mature and even forward thinking album.

“I feel like a lot of my past projects were rooted in, like, things I was influenced in,” Dom Kennedy explained. “It was kind of like me making my own music based upon the things that I had, that I loved, and that I liked growing up. And I feel like Yellow Album I wanted it to be more forward thinking, you know what I’m sayin? Like a Dom Kennedy project that was rooted more in the future, if I can say that, so that’s kind of like the sound and the feeling that I’m going for.”

On top of being a forward thinking album Dom says that Yellow Album has already forced him to step outside of his comfort zone a bit.

“Mew music is just always fun to put out and especially a project like this because it’s kind of like a challenge for me,” said the rapper. “And it’s kind of like stepping outside of, not really my comfort zone because its music at the end of the day, but I kind of wanted to challenge myself and do something I haven’t really done before and just, you know, be interesting. So those is like two big landmarks in my career right there I feel like.”

During his interview with, Dom also touched on discovering his soul in Los Angeles’ Leimert Park, preparing for the “This Is Dom Kennedy” tour, and fashion’s influence on his music.

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  • Playas Punch

    Im hella curious about this project, he just seems to keep gettin better and better with each project. You can feel the progression with each project he comes out with its like he creates the same vibes and content with each compilation but he always introduces a new aspect of it at the same time. Somethin is always upgraded whether it be his flow or the production it all falls under his consistency. One of my favorite artist, cats need to wake up dude is a major deal.

    • GoReadABook

      From Westside with Love 2 sucked. Up until then all he could do was make dope fucking music, but that shit was wack. I've been listening to him for years now and if that's the direction he's gonna take he might as well sign to MMG

  • Taylor

    No matter what dom comes on he kills! excited to hear some new shit out of my guy...OpM

  • Alf Capone

    aye niggas go get dat Alf Gang Records presents Alf Gang Sean: The Tan Album Alf Gang or smell lil waynes pussy

  • Anonymous

    dom kennedy making music for cats now? try reading what you write dude

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