K'Naan Announces "Country, God Or The Girl" Album, Nas, Bono Featured

K'Naan's second retail outing of 2012 will feature his Distant Relatives homie Nas, as well as icons from U2 and The Rolling Stones.

Rapper/singer K'Naan will release his next full-length album, Country, God Or The Girl on May 1. The A&M Records star will collaborate with emcees Nas and will.i.am on the release, along with U2's lead singer Bono, Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards and Nelly Furtado.

In January, K'Naan released a five-song EP, More Beautiful Than Silence. The EP featured Nas and Nelly Furtado, and appeared on the Top 200 of the charts the following week.

Country, God Or The Girl follows up 2009's full-length Troubadour.

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  • Joshua

    Available to download here: http://www.dtpt.net/showthread.php?t=2143

  • Anonymous

    It pains me to say this but there is a 80% chance that this will be some commercial BS.

  • nuc

    Throw yo fist up homie if you know what's up All my comrades puttin in soldier work We rollin dirty wit it Fully dedicated So real that the radio will never play it But that's cool, the enemy's supposed to hate it Freedom ain't gonna come till we regulate it Dead Prez - Radio Freq TROLL ME, YOU ANONYOMOUS PUKES.

  • b haze

    Sen that is one of the stupidest comments i have ever read. Knaan is a great artist, creating music worth listening to unlike all the garbage on the radio these days. And if your a fan of music at all you would respect the mixing of genres. Bono a legend, nas legend, keith richards legend, and nelly, also a great artist. Album will be great. Have fun listening to your pop/rap/stripper music with a bunch of people talking about a bunch of shit they didn't do or do not have.

    • nuc

      What's on the radio? Propaganda, mind control And turnin it on is like puttin on a blind fold Cause when you bringin it real you don't get rotation Unless you take over the station And yeah I know it's part of they plans To make us think it's all about party and dance And yo it might sound good when yo spittin you rap But in reality don't nobody live like that DEAD PREZ - RADIO FREQ TROLL IT, BITCHES.

    • Anonymous

      go listen to some real music you fuckin pipsqueak. knann is trash. nas is a sellout. bonos a douche. nelly is a clown. pop strip club trash? HAHA. go listen to a peter tosh album and STFU. knann is a talentless goof and i'll smash his guitar over his face.

  • sen

    knann is one of the wackest artists ever. he gets these weenies to listen to his shit cuz they feel bad for him. "oh look that poor starving kid singing gay political songs that change nothing with a guitar seems really nice, he's dope" nas is a piece of shit, he sees a grammy over the guys head, so he sees $ signs. nas is in it for the cash, and nothing else. been the case since i am. his brothers are anybody that can help make enough money to pay his ex wife off. bono? biggest douche ever. check his "non profit" orgs, look at his fucking wallet. originator in that respect, musician fighting for world peace, after he lines his pockets first. disgusting. knann is a chump and im swingin on em if i see him, guitars getting smashed over his head ECW style.

  • Burmy

    I thought Nas' Distant Relatives homie was Damian Marley?

  • Born in 86

    Yes he is a fugee so he goes all Nas on em // well ... cant go Pras on Em

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