Kurupt Confirms Dr. Dre & Snoop Dogg Working On New Dogg Pound Album

Kurupt explains what Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg are bringing to the table for the new Dogg Pound album and discusses what it's like to work with Dre.

News regarding DPG's forthcoming project Alumni has started to leak since late last year. According to Kurupt, the project will be overseen by Dr. Dre and guided by Snoop Dogg as the longtime collaborators will continue their work together. In an interview with Cam Capone, Kurupt also explained what it's like to work with Dre. 

"Dr. Dre's gonna oversee things to make sure it sounds good and is tight," he explained of Dre's involvement in the project. "Snoop's gonna basically put it together with me and Daz."

When asked what it's like to work with Dre, Kurupt added that he is constantly inspired by the Good Doctor. 

"You know it's gonna be right," he said. "It's exciting all the time. He keeps you inspired and keeps you focused." 
DPG fans will have to wait some time for the album to see the light of day.

"We don't got no time frame," Kurupt explained, saying that he'll be more locked in on the project when his tour ends. 



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  • Anonymous

    Judging from this headline, Detox is being delayed again. FML

  • Anonymous

    We don't care about no DPG nigga, where the HRSMN is @ man?

  • Bass786

    Im a Big DRE fan, at least me and my grand kids gonna be listening to Detox together. "Gandpa i just downlaoded DETOX on my iPad10." Theres no day like DRE Day.

  • Fuck All the youngins

    These kids' comments on here make them sound like some brain dead bustas. Fuckin retards think they know what good music sounds like. Lil Gayne, Drake aka Eyebrows, Tyga, etc all sound the same...none of them got their own style. All of them are so fuckin sell-outs, but these kids be sucking on they dicks. Better to be a gangsta than be a lil scary ass homo who don't know shit about REAL music production. Yaw weak fucks are only relevant in your own little gay ass dick riding circle. If you like YMCMB you also a Lady Gaga, Britney Spears,& Justin Beiber fan. Dumb ass lil faggots. If you slap a smart ass kid today you will be saving his life for him tomorrow...so I say let them be so they can all die in the global depopulation. Fuck your faggot ass skinny jeans, bug eyed stunners, & plucked eyebrows generation.

  • Renzo rollin

    Dre should produce a track to test the waters. People not feeling it, then he should cancel Detox. Hip hop heads feeling it, produce Detox in that sound

  • flash

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PF_y5DRS0AM over 2500 views in 3weeks..SOMETIMES A FIGHT IS NECESSARY

  • Nico 3

    So Dre's working with us, but don't get excited cause the album won't be out for awhile. Why is this even reported?

  • Anonymous

    lmao.. dre been workin on everything BUT detox... ive been holding out hope (i know, im a fool) but this ended it... #ripdetox

  • Anonymous

    this album will drop when dr.dre's bionic heart stops. kurupt and daz will be long gone. dre has no friends, he has to lead his old crew on for conversation that doesn't involve slaving himself to his white master jimmy iovine. dre doesnt give a fuck about music anymore. hes more into protein shakes, anabolic steroids, and ordering gym equipment online. biggest fraud in rap history.

    • Anonymous

      if Dre's a punk for not releasing Detox, but is still making music for rappers............THEN WHAT ARE YOU........you're doing NONE OF THE ABOVE..........

    • Anonymous

      dres a punk. he should drop music cuz he made his name dropping music, not headphones. hes only been hyping it up for over a decade. not like e needs the money, hes scared of flopping like a homo. keep it dre, go lift weights and fade away.

    • Anonymous

      Who can blame him tho, all niggas do now is steal music, if and when Detox drops it'll be a miracle if it goes platinum no matter how good it is Headphone Money >>>>>>> Fans stealing music for free



  • Anonymous

    I got nothing but love for the pound,maybe somebody else does but I dont wanna hear niggas rapping about Shit they rapped about 25 years ago.gangbanging pushing 40 ,no I rather hear that og lit from niggas like this straight game.dont buy albums from niggas who talk about the same Shit movement.its still all love .I got dog food,I got retaliation revenge,I got dog Shit the list goes on with the same topics.

    • FuckYoOpinion

      Like an asshole, everybody got an opinion...bring the gangsta shit back and lets bang on bitches like this busta ass fan.

  • stg

    to all this clowns talkin they should use lex luger beats go listen to ross wack waka or gucci beacuse all them fuckin beats sounds the same so fuck lex luger

  • the gangsta the killa & the dope dealer

    west coast!!

  • war22

    guys...tell ur kids to tell their kids that Detox is coming...

  • dockevoc

    This issssssssss DJ Eazyyyyyy Dick!

  • Anonymous

    who cares. you are old and lame. how old are you 42 years? still rapping that you are a gangbanger or a pimp. Get a life!

  • Alf Capone

    does every rapper that works with dre need to be asked or explain what it is like to work with dre?

  • DutchWeazel

    @ Mack Main ''Why are they using Dre?''.....Cause Dre is Dre ''Dr Dre sounds is outdated and doesn't get any play in the clubs anymore.''.....Fuck the clubs ''Snoop, Daz and Kurupt are dumb as hell.''.....Dumbass nr1 has spoken ''They need to get some hot producers like Lex Luger and the guys that produced on the Carter IV to produce that shit if they want to get people interested in the Dogg Pound again.''.....Ooooh, now I get it, you dumb ignorant troll p.s DPG has a lot of followers (fans) And I'm one of them Sure, I download lots of DPG shit But hey, I also got all they albums (group/solo) original

  • Snoop

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  • Mack Main

    Why are they using Dre? Dr Dre sounds is outdated and doesn't get any play in the clubs anymore. Snoop, Daz and Kurupt are dumb as hell. They need to get some hot producers like Lex Luger and the guys that produced on the Carter IV to produce that shit if they want to get people interested in the Dogg Pound again.

    • ULame

      Lex Luger is wayyyyyyyyyyy overrated. He has no versatility as a producer, but what the fuck you know about that? U just some dummy who think he knows what he's talking about. YMCMB already peaked and on it's way down now...lmao

    • Mack Main is Dumb as hell

      Are u for real? Whos album is the carter iv? lil gayne? i have a picture of him kissing birdman.. young money fags!!

  • DutchWeazel

    Now that's what I call good news

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