DMX Accused Of Owing More Than $1 Million In Back Child Support

DMX is not convinced that he's the father of his accuser's children.

DMX has been accused of owing more than $1 million in unpaid child support.

According to TMZ, Dark Man X’s ex Patricia Trejo filed the motion in L.A. Superior Court this past Thursday (Feb. 16th), though the rapper is not entirely convinced that he’s the father of her baby.

X was trying to get clearance from the court for permission to perform in Europe. Since Trejo filed the motion for payment, he may no longer be able to obtain the proper credentials to travel overseas.

The gravel-voiced emcee explained that he’s willing to fork over the money, but only if DNA tests prove that he’s the father.

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  • X is the man

    keep your head up, x

  • Anonymous

    X gon give it to ya.... This man is a legend. Fuck that gold digging bitch. She can die and get tossed in a ditch for all I care

  • RTJ00

    Illuminati Leave this man alone!!!!!!

  • chrismorale

    what these bishes really want from a nigga?! somebody let me know!!!!

  • Anonymous

    There are hundreds of artists/actors who don't get proper residual income. That has to be stipulated in the contract when it's signed. The Bleeding was a quick, cheapie STV flick for which X probably got paid peanuts. I could see a little extra for album sales, but point being, he doesn't have a regular cash flow coming in, hence paying one million for a kid he probably never will see or have anything to do with, isn't an option in his mind.

  • Anonymous

    I don't care what they anyne says, EVERY woman abuse child support. What mother needs a 2011/2012 model car to drive their kids to soccer practice?

  • rushhour3

    i hope he doesn't die out of nowhere

  • Grande

    Damn X what happened to you. This guy was on top of the game and now look where he at. Young cats need to take note of what not to do when you're successful.

  • Chuck




  • Anonymous

    Why is this even up for debate when he hasnt had a DNA test yet, like this dumb bitch really thinks he's gonna drop a cent on her without knowing for sure???....... GTFOH, I wouldnt give her cab fare till I knew for sure

  • justme

    black baby mamas are the worst gold diggers ever.what baby needs a million dollars to raise?..give this black man a break.done with black women.

  • DMX

    Sounds fair to me. p.s Are you targeting Japanese market? I Officially did promotions for Ace Hood and DJ Infamous "We The Best" Japan Tour. I have more than 19,500 Japanese followers. If you are producer, artiste, DJ, dancer, or records/production company and need my promotions, check this out. (*Copy & Paste this link, and delete the unnecessary 2 spaces) ht tp://bi Or contact me The details are in the link in my profile!

  • Anonymous

    In hip hop DX: If there are good news for DMX or updates for his new album suddenly many news pop up and it is hidden and if there are news about him arrested again or owing money its on the top of the page for 1-2 days at least. True story.

  • Dmos Sadistic

    A million dollars? Did he have a hundred kids with the bitch?

  • Anonymous

    He's been doing drugs for years, and hasn't done a movie or released in album in who knows how long, so I doubt shelling out a million is high on his to do list. It looks like X will never get it together.

    • anonymous

      his last album "Year of The Dog ... Again" came out august 21, 2006 his last major movie was "Never Die Alone" in 2004 his last movie in general "The Bleeding" 2009 ... still a fan of the dog but even if not i do know of a lil something called residual income the reason why so many (obviously not all) washed up artists that wasted their money on bad investments still have money to live off of to begin with ... i do agree with your statement of "I doubt shelling out a million is high on his to do list" as i'm pretty sure it's not on anyone's especially when you're not sure if you're the father now if he is then he needs to pay it but the fact that he hasn't yet doesn't by any means show that he's not starting to get his life back together

  • Huey Newton

    This system is catered to women that's in the system already. It's all a trap at the end of the day to lock up a brother or to make him seem like he's a dead beat. It's all PROPAGANDA!!!!

  • asdfasdf

    this is stupid. you dont need a million in child support. my parents pull in a fraction of that and still support me and my brothers fine so this girl needs to stop tryna take this niggas money. he has other things to worry about like getting his life back on track than to have to worry about this bullshit

  • Roc987

    It's sad to see that so many people who were icons of the 90's and 00's are now facing money issues. X, Nas, and even Allen Iverson. He should have been more careful going raw in chicks and he should def do his duty if it's his child but it doesn't make it any less of a sad situation for all involved. People call people sellouts when they don't help out the ones close to them when they get on but nobody is willing to give back when that person falls off. I bet X couldn't borrow 25 cents from some people looked out for when he was on top. Same ones critizing are the sames ones who had their hands out. Poor people (Black, White, Latino, Asian, Whoever) can never stop the cycle because there are too many snakes around.

  • Anonymous

    only time i hear from DMX now is when he's getting locked up or owing money. Such a waste of talent, he burned up so many years not being able to steer clear of the bullshit. i gave up, and i'm a huge fan. 2006 was his last album release. since then it's been jail time, court case, jail time, court case, cpl loose tracks here and there that don't do it. i'm exhausted with the whole thing. you'd think he'd be able to straighten out at some point, but unfortunately i don't see it. he's pushing 40, he burned up the clock. he's become a punchline. saw him working with machine gun kelly, so he clearly is in need of money. his acting career dried up, no albums. just bullshit. i'm done. get right x.

  • jesterxxl

    I don't believe X is broke you seen his home in Arizona & L.A. plus he had money invested in the Double R clothing when it was on top, also the bikes & it's not like he's just been doin music!

  • Up North

    Sounds fair to me. Get the DNA test first. I never heard anything about X being broke. I know $1 mil ain't change but I think he can cover that. It ain't like that money Nas owe Uncle Sam.



  • Anonymous

    Does he even have that kind of money now tho, I mean between Crack and legal bills he might not have the million to spare, if thats the case they should let him travel and get paid, otherwise nobody is gonna win anyway

    • JimBag

      True but i think they figure that he still can book shows in the states, which he can and still do. But of course the money here might not be as long as the possible money overseas.

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