Freddie Gibbs Reveals Project With Young Jeezy, Possible Record With Alchemist

Freddie Gibbs says that he has a few collaborative projects in the works.

Freddie Gibbs recently revealed that he's doing full-length projects with Madlib and Ski Beatz, but he's got a few more collaborative LPs in the works. During an interview with WGCI's DJ A-OH (via FSD), Gangsta Gibbs revealed that he and Young Jeezy are working on a collaborative album together, and that a possible record with Alchemist is in the cards.

"I got a lot of albums coming out. I’m working on four different things. Me and Jeezy working on a project together, y’all ain’t ready for that. I’m working on my solo project. I got a whole record that I just did with Madlib, I got a joint that I’m doing with Ski Beatz. I just got off the phone with Alchemist today, we’re probably going to do something. I’m just working, man. For me, it’s just all about staying busy and focusing on what I’ve got to do."

Listen to the full interview below, where he also discusses being signed to Interscope Records at one point, why he chose to sign with Jeezy's CTE Records and his infamous marijuana snafu at an airport.

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  • Peace to brother Gibbs

    Is all about consistancy me as a artist know you just cant give people one song you gotta hit these people with consistant material and videos people attention span is very short in this era

  • gok

    People hating on the Jeezy collab but have you heard Mobbin??? That song is crazy. Dont know why Jeezy put the weaker collabs on his album.

  • a

    Gibbs x Alchemist will be ill, but he shouldn't waste his time puttin out a album with garbage ass jeezy, dude is trash.

  • NJ

    You can't really complain (Yet). A young artist has been offered the chance to work with Madlib, Alc, Ski & Jeezy. He couldn't really turn that down, hopefully they will all be short Mixtapes/EP's and he will also save a couple of those Madlib & Alc beats for his debut. If they come out and they are all watered down & boring then we can complain about him trying to do too much.

  • Anonymous

    thats 5 albums comin up from gibbs! w/ Madlib w/ Ski w/ Alchemist w/ Jeezy LP Baby Face Killa

  • Anonymous

    how about you release 1 album before you talk about the next 10.

  • Wu Tang Forever

    gibbs is the man!

  • mike

    Lol, some people have awful opinions. I've yet to hear a wack Freddie Gibbs verse, let a lone a 'mediocre' Freddie Gibbs project.

    • Mr Flamboyant

      Amen to that, brother... Looking forward to all of them except the Jeezy project. The joints with ALC and Madlib are indeed high priority. I'm interested to see how Ski will soundscape Gibbs. That's going to be the most interesting one really.

  • Anonymous

    Freddie Gibbs > any young rapper in the game

  • Anonymous

    freddie gibbs fans dont buy no fucking records. put out one decent album before you talk about dropping a line of albums. id like to hear the madlb album, but this dude is pretty wack. hes like a softer, less skilled, wanna be version of kool g rap/scarface. needs to stop tyrin so hard with the gangsta gibbs angle too. just rap tough guy, dont get shot tryin too hard.

    • Anonymous

      Dude, you don't know shit about him or where he's from. Plus it sounds to me like you've never listened to an album of his.

  • Anonymous

    LOL @ dude who said "Generation ADD", I kind of agree tho, these new niggas be overkilling their shit, Gibbs is a gangsta rapper you already know all 4 of these albums gonna be about the same shit and thats how you burn people out on your shit

  • Mike

    Except for the fact that Gibbs is known for putting his all into his records. He worked on A Cold Day In Hell for 2 years while working on other projects at the same time. Every artist works different.

  • Mitch3K

    OVERKILL Why is it these modern day artists feel so insecure they have to drop 500 projects at a time to make sure nobody forgets about them?? Here's a thought, just focus all your energy into making one classic record people will always remeber, instead of dropping 4 that will be forgotten by next year They call this Generation "Generation Y" but I call it "Generation ADD"

    • thafranchise24

      It's a new era homie!!2012. Also niggas have to eat. He's a new artist trying to establish himself in the game. I would try to be out there as much as possible. Keep doing your thing Gibbs. The game don't wait for anybody. If you don't stay relevant then your career won't last that long. If this was the 90's or early 2000's i would agree with you because the game was not as flooded back then.

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