The Hip Hop Week In Review: Lil Wayne Disses Jay-Z, Nicki Minaj Falters & Lil' Kim Attacks

Lil Wayne fired shots at Jay-Z during a pre-Grammy party, while Nicki Minaj dropped the ball at the 2012 Grammy Awards. Lil' Kim took the opportunity to attack the Harajuku Barbie.

This week, Lil Wayne reignited his beef with Jay-Z during the Cash Money pre-Grammy party, gracing the mic to attack his frienemy with some bars. Meanwhile, Nicki Minaj didn't fare so well at the 2012 Grammy Awards, performing her new single "Roman Holiday" but facing criticism for its sacrilegious content and wacky concept. She later defended her actions, stating that she didn't know "what the big issue" was. Lil' Kim took the opportunity to release her new single "If You Love Me," appearing on a Bravo talk show to take down the Harajuku Barbie.

Lil Wayne Reignites Beef With Jay-Z At Pre-Grammy Awards Party

Before the Grammy Awards, Lil Wayne appeared at the Cash Money pre-party, hopping on the mic to spit a few new bars for the crowd. During his freestyle, he decided to reignite his feud with Jay-Z, addressing his “Baby money” line from “H.A.M.” “I met a bad red bone, I took the bitch home / I asked her what she want to watch, she said surely not The Throne,” he rapped, referring to Hov’s project with Kanye West. Jay is yet to respond, but the sweetest revenge? Winning the Grammy for Best Rap Performance for “Otis,” and not even being in attendance to accept the award.

Nicki Minaj Faces Criticism For 2012 Grammy Awards Performance, Responds To Haters

During the 2012 Grammy Awards, Nicki Minaj channeled her alter ego Roman Zolanski for her debut performance of “Roman Holiday,” packed with religious imagery of exorcism, priests and confessional. Responding to the criticism, which included attacks from the Catholic League, the Young Money rapstress dismissed the hate, stating that she wanted her character to “be sort of exorcised” and that it was her “creative craziness.” She later addressed the critiques more directly, stating, “I don’t know what is the big issue?” and explaining that the performance was a small part of a movie she’s creating.

Lil' Kim Drops New Single, Disses Nicki Minaj

In contrast to her foe Nicki Minaj, Lil’ Kim had a relatively solid week, releasing her new song “If You Love Me” in honor of Valentine’s Day. To promote the single, Kimmy Blanco appeared on Bravo’s “Watch What Happens,” using the press opportunity to attack the rap Hannah Montana with some shady insults. During the chat, she referred to Nicki as “Fire Marshall Bill,” a “Stupid Hoe” and overrated. Nicki is yet to respond to the verbal barbs, but with her performance at the Grammys drawing such criticism, it probably isn’t the best time.

Other items of note:

- J. Cole Addresses Being Left Off MTV's Hottest MCs List

- Whitney Houston Found Underwater In Her Hotel Room Bathtub

- Kanye West, Jay-Z & Chris Brown Win At The 2012 Grammy Awards

- Producer Scott Storch Arrested For Cocaine Possession In Las Vegas, Nevada

- Brooklyn Rapper Ra Diggs Charged, Indicted For Three Murders, Could Face Death Penalty


  • Anonymous

    numbers dont lie...nicki and wayne making money

  • MrSoulshock44

    PLEASE! kim didn't go there to take nicki down, the host kept asking nasty questions about nicki and kim tried to avoid them the best she could. did the person who wrote this article even took the time to watch the interview? smh nicki is the one who keep dissing kim: roman in moscow, stupid hoe and now roman in holiday, but when kim opens her mouth she's wrong

  • Anonymous

    WOW they pressured her in to saying that. She didn't COME THERE to take her down she came for the interview and obviously tried to skip the questions about that fucking drag queen. But they INSISTED she say it and what was she supposed to do? She's a human being. Chill out

  • jr88

    wayne raps like a 5th grader and niki just uses waynes left over ghost writers material...smh...she better go back and give drake head cause her new shit is lacking....

  • sam

    first off kim go home. U should not want 2 have anything 2 do with minaj. not that i thought u were great or anything but minaj is a disaster just horrible n people r starting to finally realize it. I hope lil wayne gets smashed and goes home 2

  • Cheese

    Ripped off her style? Kim ain't been Sh*t for about 10 years.

  • Cali G

    This batch on Bravo dissing somebody that's headling the Grammyz. Bigger fail than her face.

  • Cali G

    This batch on Bravo dissing somebody that's headling the Grammys. Bigger fail than her face.

  • Rocc

    This bytch on Bravo dissing somebody that's headling the Grammys. Bigger fail than her face.

  • Rocc

    This bitch on Bravo dissing somebody that's headling the Grammys. Bigger fail than her face.

  • Lil wayne

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  • daviddanielz

    F-ck yall mad at me for? You dont even know what Ive been through I play chicken with a Mack truck Yall muthaf-ckers woulda been moved I swam waters with great whites Yall muthaf-ckers woulda been chewed I hustle with vultures late nights Yall muthaf-ckers woulda been food F-ck wrong with these dudes Try to walk around in these shoes See the shit I saw growing up And maybe you can take a peek at Beys boobs N-ggas fantasize about the shit that I do daily like These rappers rap about all the shit that I do really Im like really half a billi n-gga Really you got baby money Keep it real with n-ggas N-ggas aint got my lady money Watch the Throne dont step on our road Bad enough we let you step on our globe When my nephew died, daddy dead N-ggas took the price on my uncles head Nobody called the cops as my uncle bled So I feel like Im collecting on my uncles bread Bow down, you spose to pay homage dont spill hate all on my garments Commes Des Garcon, f-ck your fresh head shots n-gga f-ck your vests F-ck the pig, no pork on my fork Peace God cause you know a n-gga just went Ham - Jay-Z

  • murderhead II

    I met a bad red bone, I took the bitch home / I asked her what she want to watch, she said surely not The Throne, Wait, what? Is this what a good hip hop diss is in 2012? No joke, this sounds like it was written by an 8 year old.Someone tell Wayne to listen to Ether and sit the fuck down. Yeah sure Wayne, right now you are top of the rap game (in terms of sales) but that doesn't put you in Jay's bracket (financially or critically). Make 2/3 bonafide classic hip hop albums, THEN try to diss Jay. And oh yeah, I have nothing against Wayne, I personally don't fuck with his music, but I don't hate that he's successful, it's just these ignorant ass moments that piss me off.

  • Anonymous

    I so serious lil kim has a few speed bump through her street like a bucket upside down in a rain


    Not a bad track, Kim always had the best ghost writers of any female artist. Now while I can't stand that wack ass Nikki chick..Kim needs to leave it alone, really let babydoll do her thing and speaking of babydolls..Kim really fucked her face up..You can't better stop following these crackers into insanity. SMH

    • Repo Man

      Lemme suck your dick dada! I slurp it all up. You aint gotta mess your keyboard, you got my tongue long dick nigga

    • NONO

      Lil Kim only had Biggie as a ghost writer for her first album. She has 4 albums and the 3rd and 4th were way better than the ghostwritten one with big. Get off the ghost writing rumors, KIM is a great rapper

    • NONO

      Lil Kim only had Biggie as a ghost writer for her first album. She has 4 albums and the 3rd and 4th were way better than the ghostwritten one with big. Get off the ghost writing rumors, KIM is a great rapper.

  • jg

    lmaaoo i wanna support Kimmy, but that track is auto-tuned to the max with lyrics that sound like they were written by a 12 yr old. HOw did she ok that as her single? Theres no way she can go at Nicki coming with music that sounds like it was recorded on one of Dr Dre's HP laptops

    • Repo Man

      Kimmy? Really, nuthead. Is that what them white boyz were callin you while bustin a nut in yo ass. Fuck outta here.

  • calibeatbox420

    So this means Jay or Wayne have a new album coming out...And I always got love for Kim I mean how could you not resist making fun of that poor Hip hop gaga shit... I WANNA SEE THIS......FEMALE CYPHER LIKE THE BET AWARDS...PRIMO SPINNING U.N.I.T.Y.INSTRUMENTAL WITH LYTE, QUEEN L, RAH, KIM, RAGE...AND THIS DUMB BITH CALLED MINAJ.... SHES WHAT FEAMLE RAPPERS STRIVE NOT TO BE LIKE,,,,,FUCK YOUNG MONEY FOR REAL



  • anonymous

    When is this site going to change his name to If hiphop is dead, then we are now milking the cow.

  • PSA

    If any of you are IC refugees, The illcommunity is back up fyi

  • And the Grammy goes to...

    Someone actually creative...

  • Anonymous

    lil kim starting look better....human at least. Hov > Lil Wayne nuff said. Nicki - step up ya bars. Ur music and "art" is trash.

  • Jakwon

    This talentless Michael Jackson looking whore tries to diss Nicki? At least Nicki writes all her rhymes and never lip syncs on the other hand you have Kim who has more ghostwriters than pregnancy tests(ALOT).

    • Anonymous

      never lip syncs, really? are you retarded? at one point during her grammy shit her mouth was shut and the lyrics kept going for about 3 seconds. what u call that?

  • Anonymous

    Everyone knows YMCMB is weak and if someone ends their careers than they will move over to the next best thing.

  • your mama

    never saw a diss nicki was stupid hip hop is in the morgue

  • Grrrrrg

    I just wish kim would link up with buckwild, premier or mad lib and just make from beginning to end a classic all lyrical throw your technics out of the window type of album that will show us who is the real lyricist is, stop competeing with nicki kim, she isnt even in the same game.

    • MrSoulshock44

      Prodigy (rapper, Mobb Deep): Quiet Storm was originally for my solo record. It got a lot of airplay before we commercially released it. We changed the plan and made it a Mobb Deep record. We needed a female element, and we got Kim. She wrote her verse right there in the studio. She did it quick. I didnt touch it. Duncan-Mao: She was talking about Charli Baltimore on the song Someone close to Jay-Z told me that Jay really wanted to step in and help Kim and try to write for her after Big was gone. She rebuffed him. She was insistent that she would do it all herself. and it's a known fact that kim even wrote for other people, she wrote diddy's verse on no time for example and she wrote another song on his album.

    • Corey

      @Liesss lmao but I bet Lil' Kim can rap circles around yo hatin' ass. And yes Kim wrote MANY of her own singles as well as had ghostwriters for some. Im tired of people acting like every rapper wrote every lyric they ever spit by themselves. RIDICULOUS. Hate her all you want, but she can still rap circles around alot of this new generation of "rappers". And lets not bring ghostwriters into this. Ask Gillie Da Kid about his ghostwriting past for Lil Tuna fish aka Wayne. Or how about when drake got exposed for tweeting his ghostwriter like an idiot, the list goes on and on. So yes please sit the fuck down lol

    • murderhead II


    • Liesss

      That's a lie you can tell when she uses a ghostwriter or not, it's called ghostwriter for a reason. She is lying she can't write a rhyme to save her life stop riding her dick your god damn pathetic for liking an artist who doesn't even write. I mean it's embarrassing to call yourself a rapper when your career was built on lies.

    • Duece

      Actually Kim wrote MANY songs by herself, and EVERYBODY in Brooklyn who grew up in the Pac/Biggie Era knows she used to spit, that's why The Notorious Big took interest to her in the first place. You would know that if you were a real hip hop fan. Kim wrote all of the following verses: Playa's Anthem, Get Money, No Time, Crush On You, All About The Benjamins Remix, Money Talks, Quiet Storm Remix, Shook Hands, Aunt Dot, How Many Licks, Magic Stick, The Jump Off, & Lighters Up. Kim already said that Big wrote most of "Queen Bitch" and showed her how to rap it. But to say Kim ain't write NONE of her singles and aint a real MC proves you don't know what the fuck you're talking about. SO YOU CAN SIT THE FUCK DOWN!!

    • Anonymous

      Kim is well known to have used ghostwriters B, why you talking like she's MC Lyte BIG wrote for her on "Hardcore" and Maino wrote a bunch of shit for her down the line as well Kim aint no "Real MC" or "Real Hip Hop" or any of that other bullshit, she was the Nicki Minaj of yesterday, she only got on because of sex appeal In all actuality she's worse then Nicki, at least Nicki writes her own garbage, Kim couldnt even do that Sit the fuck down

  • DrebinSlevin

    It's funny how Lil Kim can keep a beef going better than Common.

    • MrSoulshock44

      kim is the one who keep the beef going? when was the last time you even heard kim talk about nicki in interviews or in her music??? nicki's last 4 singles were all about kim: Y U Mad, roman in moscow, stupid hoe & roman holiday but the minute kim say something about the b*tch, people get mad smh

    • Swordz

      Nah it's coz Nicki is a bad lil kim clone. And Roman is trying clone Gaga... WACK JUICE!! Kim has/does use writers - but acting like she never wrote anything is crazy. Respect your elders, do your homework. She has one, maybe 2 classics. Nicki has one okay mixtape...

    • Alf

      thats cause Common is a lyrical legend that slayed drakes ass and there was no more need to be said, people who are fans of drake now saying common is wack dont even know wtf hip hop is, Common is in every rappers top 5, he is your favorite rappers favorite rapper

    • ETK

      that's because it's an easier battle too.. you can't fight Young Money.. but you can fight Nicki if you another broad

  • Anonymous

    I want Young Money to continue to be on top for the next 10 years just to piss off you nerdy ass bloggers. go listen to your underground bullshit and 90's tapes GTFO the internet lol.

    • yeah

      while i agree with what Alf said, he is still wrong when it comes to Lil Wayne having talent...

    • PM2126

      what a Muppet Baby must have his hands in your ass telling you what to do and say Co-sign alf

    • NinjaNick

      Stop acting like Kim is better than Nicki, at least Nicki came up after being an underground artist for three years. She was in so much demand as an underground artist it was unusual and that's when she got signed.

    • Yep

      HAHAA!!! I so glad 'yall blasted a mainstream fagg who referred to "Underground" as a Bad thing .... ? Dude musta forgot who paves the way for theze punk ass mainstream mules for the white man Eat A DicK Anonymous,, and step yo mutha'fuckn Game Up

    • Alf

      the only nerd mothafuckas is the young money fans who listen to them cross dressing elite owned illuminati puppets. If its nerdy to listen to some intellectual smart shit, then theres something seriously wrong with this world. Young Money aint got no fucking talent outside Wayne. The underground rappers came from the streets and hard lives and dont got all that money to live the life young money does, they aint no nerds, shit young money even dress like "nerds" as a fashion, stupidity aint cool kid. Intellectual ability is. They got the shit all backwards and only the dumb blind fools like you buy into that dumb shit. People gotta grow the fuck up.

    • Anonymous

      Your favorite label's three biggest stars are: A Faggot A Schizophrenic Dyke & An Emo Crybaby Who were the nerds again??

    • Woah

      you mean you're not one of us? I guess I'll keep listening to "underground" stuff while you keep listening to a dude who probably got raped 4 times over in prison. It only explains the reason why he wears moon boots/ugg boots.

  • daviddanielz

    The downfall of Young Money! I love it!

    • ETK

      all teenagers? teens are part of their main fanbase.

    • Anonymous

      Im 14 and i a white i fucking hate YMCMB i think they are the worst thing to come out of hip-hop I mean a faggot A demonic bitch who is excommunicated from the every Christian church A rich crybaby who thinks he's gang affiliated and hood i know more about the hood than him and im fucking white 14 year old. All teenagers dont like YMCMG.

    • ETK

      Alf.. I'm actually on your side, you fucking moron. you don't think I know all that shit? and because of everything you said, you can't fight em. I don't like those fruity fuckers either, but I'm sayin the battle is gonna be fairly redundant. as in the result's gonna be the same every time. how bout you wake up with that mentality if you wanna talk about the hip-hop culture's thoughts in regard to them, they're not thinking about wayne or drake any differently than they used to. sure they got dissed, but fuck..

    • Alf

      @ Etk, the only reason groups like young money stay strong is cause females buy albums and young white rich kids, and thats straight up its a simple fact. There fans are young kids and slutty girls. The reason they are on top is because the music industry wants it that way, you have a demonic girl in Nikki who is denouncing god, and making girls sluts, and the rest of the rappers rap about corupting and poluting minds of the youth, its a real simple concept the elite of this world are playing on, and people like you are just to fucking dumb and blind to see the damn shit. The music that is most famous is the demonic, slutty, go party your lfie away, be violent type music, and the music that is intellectual, smart, addressing real problems, adressing political issues, is not known. You dont see a problem with that picture, are epople that fucking stupid? The world leaders want that music to be big to keep you dumb fucks in the dark. Humanity is pathetic straight up, people better wake up and take the blinders off there fucking eyes and learn to see shit for what it is and stop getting wrapped up in there "stan" like personalities to defend these worthless low life celebs that are making money to pollute your mind.

    • daviddanielz

      ETK: You clearly don't understand hiphop buddy. It's okay, go back into hiphop history and look at some of the best battles. Most of them were people outshining other artist that were "making money". Young Money is on a downward cycles. You may not see it but the public is experiencing their distaste for the label and it's artist. Not because of the amount of money or exposure they have but because of there disingenuous nature in which they represent the hiphop culture.

    • ETK

      nobody ain't gonna put anybody to rest. no matter how many times they get dissed YMCMB will keep sellin strong. this is just a setback if anything. you can't fight young money. unless you're on their level(not in terms of talent, but sales)

    • hAHA

      Thank you!!!! Bout Time!!!! I hope Jay, Common, Kim, & Luda put these clowns to rest.

  • yeah

    so this was basically a shitty week for Young Money. Hopefully many more to come.

    • Jaylin

      I second that. All of young money is weak. Im sorry. But Im ready for the real MC's to come back out. Even this new generation sometimes be like "what the fuck is this crap??" Now you KNOW that means mainstream Hip Hop is full of Garbage rappers. SMH I miss the 90's :'(

  • Lil Wayne

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    • man

      shut up, every article, every fucking day, you type this shit in, and it gets deleted. Nobody gives a fuck about your twitter followers. Fuck off.

  • sam uk

    all the Minaj hate.. i don't like her music personally, but i'd tap that all night!! fit.

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