A$AP Rocky Calls Homophobia In Hip Hop "Retarded"

A$AP Rocky explains his views on homophobia in Hip Hop culture.

A$AP Rocky recently spoke with AOL’s Spinner, venting about homophobia in Hip Hop and actively rallying against it. During the interview, the Harlem, New York native said that he doesn’t care what your sexual preference is as long as you’re a good person, and that he chooses friends based on personality over sexuality.

“I don't give a f--- about your business," he said. "Man, if you're gay we can be friends. If you're straight, we can be friends. I'm not gay, I don't plan on being gay, I don't condone it and I'm not sayin' I'm against it. I really don't give a f--- and I don't think anyone should care about what another man's preference is... unless he's interested, if you know what I'm sayin'."

The “Peso” rapper, who is currently dating Iggy Azalea, asserted that he is interested in women but that he won’t judge anyone else based on his or her preferences.

"Who gives a f---?" he says. "I like women. I love women. I'm not going to not be your friend because you like men. As long as you're a great person and, aside from that, y'know, you don't bother me and make me uncomfortable, then let's be friends, dude… It doesn't matter. You don't see people for being gay. People need to leave gay people the f--- alone. Like, who cares? If you still care about s--- like that you need to just hang yourself like the rest of them KKK motherf---ers. For real. Who gives a f---?"

He compares Hip Hop to Pop, citing Lady Gaga as an artist who does not discriminate against those who enjoy her music. “[Hate a person] because they're a thief or a bad person," he says. "Don't hate 'em for what they choose to do, because they make decisions on their own time what they choose to do. I don't care and it's like f---ed up that hip-hop is so retarded. They don't want to accept nothing."

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  • richryne

    well, love in hip hop never comes around, sum1 says something positive against sumthing ridicusly conceieved as negitive, theres no love in hip hop, the mans gotta voice now, n he deicided to just talk about gays.

  • Anonymous

    I've never seen so many ignorant comments in my life. Saying the "Gay lifestyle" is being forced down your throat is bullshit. Bravo is a channel that is gay friendly, just like BET is a channel centered around African American culture, just like fox news is centered around conservatives, and so on and so forth. I'm not conservative, so I don't watch fox news. No one's forcing anything around anybody. You don't have to like gay ppl. But lets not forget that the man responsible for introducing us to Biggie Smalls was caught in his car getting dome from a transexual. Homosexuality is everywhere, in every culture, in every part of the world. No one's forcing you to listen to gay artists or to be open minded, so don't pretend that anything is being shoved down anyone's throat.

    • Anonymous

      fuck you and your bullshit political correctness, and fuck your gay "culture" i don't want that shit in my face, it's not cool, i'm not comfortable with it, and i'm not comfortable with my kids being influenced by it no amount of pussy ass liberal bullshit from you is gonna make me change my mind fuck you, eat a dick

    • Anonymous

      damn near every show on tv has references to gay culture nowadays.... it just anit bravo homeboy

  • Anonymous

    oh so now its alright to be gay cause this muthafuka says so! get tha fuck outta here asap rocky, and take your lil asap minions away with you, you jumped up piece of shit!!!

  • Logical_Choice

    Wow...theres a lot of people on this site who are very insecure lol

  • Sheri Van Ald

    calling homophobia "retarded" is just gay.

  • Doubl Negative

    I've got no problem with gays, I just take umbrage with them infiltrating and commandeering our once spectacular scene. Since Eminem's popularity and success, rappers have had to tone-down and dumb-down their music to appease the the type of record buyer that Em appeals to - white girls and gays. This has had a detrimental effect on hip-hop's core indigenous audience, who quite rightly detest watered-down bullshit like Drake, Nicki, Wayne etc., and no longer bein' catered for. If I was interested in gay-friendly hobby like fashion, Glee, ballet I wouldn't force my heterosexual views upon them and expect them change in order to accommodate my way of thinkin'. Hip-hop's a malleable, mercurial art form, but if gays wanna fuck with it they should appreciate it in its raw, thugged-out, street-nigga steez.

    • tgk

      I wouldn't say eminem brought the gays, he made it OK not to be gangster rapper to have mainstream appeal. People took that and ran with it. If you look there are still a lot of rappers that go hard, they are just more underground. Em still kills it on the mic.

    • ETK

      lol why the hell would Eminem be one of the gateway rappers to gays? you don't remember him dissing the shit out of gays in his Slim Shady era? takin it to Elton John and shit(before they became friends)? hell I betchu lil wayne had more of a job bringing in gays than Eminem

    • Anonymous

      I'm not quite sure what you mean by gay's "infiltrating" "our" scene. First, do you feel that gay's get together and work towards underminig hiphop. And it also applies that somehow gay people haven't been involved with hip hop from the beginning, as if only know gay's exist. And second, what do you mean "our." How is it yours more than someone who loves hip hop who happens to be gay? Second, I'm pretty sure that gay people are not Eminem's hardcore fan base, and if so they are only at most 10% of the countries population, not very high. I agree with you though that rap has gone down-hill, but not because of some "gay" force. Surely you wanted argue that film went down in America after the 70's because of some "gay" infiltration as well. There are peaks and valleys to musical artforms. Also, I don't even know what a "heterosexual" view means other than the fact that you are attracted to the opposite sex. Lastly, if hip-hop is malleable why would you say it should stay within the small confines of a "thugged-out" artform but rather not have the freedom to be expressive in many ways?

  • stephan

    Look at lil wayne's boots. Damn sure that man is gay

  • JohnnyACE GRAND MASTER SEN$Ei {{-_-}}

    Let mainstream white media be as gay as it likes. Leave homosexuality OUT of hip-hop. {{-_-}}

  • GrimGenius

    I would love to see yall reaction if raekwon, nas, eminem or lupe were to come out of the closet.

  • Hip Hop

    Many of these comments show the problems with homosexuals being accepted in the hip hop community. Look at all the ignorance here (one dude said in order to accept gays, you have to be one yourself. nigga, what the fuck is wrong with you?). Rocky is right, you should not be defined by your sexual preference but by who you are as a person. I'd rather be friends with a gay person than a homophobe. I'm straight myself, but that really shouldn't make a difference.

  • Anonymous

    LOL @ Homophobia, it barely exists now Take a look at mainstream culture and American Society, The biggest Pop Stars of the Era are Lady Gaga, Lil Wayne, Katy Perry, Nicki Minaj, all of whom are either gay or Bi Sexual These days you have a harder time in society if your against it then if your a part of it, the minute you say "I aint wit that gay shit" people look at you like the devil. You cant be fired from a job for being gay anymore...... You CAN be fired from your job, and arrested, for being Homophobic

    • Anonymous

      These days you have a harder time in society if your against it then if your a part of it, the minute you say "I aint wit that black shit" people look at you like the devil. You cant be fired from a job for being black anymore...... You CAN be fired from your job, and arrested, for being Racist. -See what i did there

    • Anonymous

      Lil Wayne isn't gay be real nigg.he's gettin married to this bad puerto rican model lookin chick.

    • rel

      nigga you been on here hollerin' about gays for like two days now. you say I'm in denial but your mind is consumed with thoughts of homosexuality. I'm not gay if I was there would be no need for denial. I am not a christian so I'm not crippled by superstition. with all seriousness, I think you need to seek the help of a mental health professional because you along with few others in this comments section are suppressing your sexuality. Dude you're gay

    • Rel

      how do you lil wayne is gay unless you fucked him

    • ETK

      that just means people are combating it, you moron. it's still a huge problem in society, hell on this site alone! fuck are you kidding

  • @Deknowz

    Do you know what's gay? I mean REALLY gay...worrying about other mans genitals. SMH

  • Anonymous

    these is a new canadian show by the creators of degrassi called the L.A. Complex and one of the characters is a thugged out homosekual rapper who is afraid to come out of the closet because hes a gangsta rapper and that shit wouldnt be accepted and then he got caught kissing a young boy so he beat him up

  • HipHopExpose

    Nigga wants faggots to buy his records lol

    • obviously

      Damn skippy lolol. Not bad idea neither. Hes vegetarian, now he's not against gays. So he already has the Gay people and Peta ready to support that album lol

  • Anonymous

    I never really heard of this dude but yeah you have a choice who you wanna deal with talk too whatever.most of these niggas is closet faggs cause any body to concerned about the next man is a Ho aSs nigga.I can respect anybody that's true to there self gay or whatever but the niggas that's really gay but don't wanna come out and say it.I dont think being a homosexual is right or safe,but god is the judge.but we all know life is hard enuff on folks with out having some stranger sitting around talkin Shit on you.people need to start lookin at there own sin now that's the real faggots the ones who can't judge the one in the mirror,but judge the next motherfucker.

  • Blasthoro!

    P.S. I would choose death over being a homo!

  • Blasthoro!

    Fuck that! A homo can do what they want, I just don't wanna be around that. Especially the flamboyant homos. They the worst, actually thinking they better than heteros because they like to take flesh suppositories and suck on kielbasa. Nasty muhfuckahs. They even try to make they plight on par with the struggles black folks still dealing with. Bullshit! I'm not saying go gay bashing, but there ain't nothing to discuss if you on that. Our wavelengths is different.

  • Anonymous

    Lot of paranoia around gay people...If you really believe not only that gay people are wrong for some reason, but also that they run the world somehow, then you probably love cock. It might not be very hip-hop, but it's the truth. The belief that any gay person near you is going to come onto you is borne out of your own insecurities. Be gay. It's fine. Whatever you're doing, black, white, straight, gay, we're all people.

  • Pinkshirt

    He knows that the gays are in power in hip hop, just like Fat Joe talked about the "GAY MAFIA" that exists in hip hop. He trying to network and make his "SCRILLAS" he is on tour with Drake.......JUS SAYIN!

  • wolfman

    Kids are growing up and being preached to differently. That's all it is. None of you came out of the womb decidely for punishing gay people for being gay. Your parents and your friends taught you what to think. Imagine if racism wasn't exposed and there were still colored bathrooms... A whole generation lived that way, and I think most of you can't open your eyes to how things are changing are just stuck in the past. I could care less. You love dicks, go get one.

  • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      wow.just shut up nigga.A$AP is FUCKING & DATING Iggy Azaelia's fine ass.so u sayin that he "HE CARRIES THEIR TENDENCIES" just makes you look gay for knowing what "gay tendencies" are & even considering that what this STRAIGHT man does is gay.

    • Anonymous

      for you to even have a gaydar makes you even more of a fag!

    • Rogelio

      *Pause* You just put yourself out there by admitting that your checking dude out. The gaydar makes you suspect. Like alot of people commenting here, it seems they are fighting hard to stay in the closet. "Let it go Gohan".

  • Anonymous

    He must be a fag then.....no BS.

    • kato3000

      So you're saying if you dont hate gay people then you must be gay. That's the most retarded thing i've ever heard. Some people never mature I guess, I just hope you are a teenage and an adult with childish views.

    • Anonymous


    • James P.

      yea man, no real dude would ever say that. Gay dudes bring a negative vibe, they will never understand that though, and that's cool, we can't be friends though, totally different lifestyles, no hate, i ain't scared of them so it wouldn't be a phobia, but it's not right, most these cats know that, just in denial. Homosexuality is anti-creation, meaning a man and a man cannot conceive a child, it's scientifically and spiritually backwards. They can live they're lives, but it contradicts my livelihood, but whatever makes them happy, it's whatever.

  • Anonymous

    Everyone talking about how the media "shoves it down their throat" is fucking stupid. It's like dumb fucks that are like "Why isn't there a White Entertainment Television???" ALMOST EVERYTHING IS WHITE ENTERTAINMENT TELEVISION YOU RACIST FUCK. The same holds for a media dominated by coverage and support for straights over gays.


    In this day & age, you have to be really careful about what you say as far as being pro-gay or anti-gay (especially on a hip hop blog site like HHDX) so I'm going to keep it simple for you guys... What ASAP's saying is that he isn't biased against others because of their preference in lovers, but instead by character. That should be a good example for kids to follow instead of calling gay people "faggots" and shit like that. Now I'm perfectly straight, and I can understand how the media (or Bravo if you wanna be specific) is forcing the gay society down our throats. But that is still no excuse to attack others for their characteristics. Black people where being name-called,killed and weren't allowed to vote because of their skin and gays are name-called, killed and weren't allowed to serve our country because of their preference in love. See a pattern?

  • Money First

    I have a problem with people doing what they feel as long as they don't hurt others but what I do have a problem with is the mainstream media and general TV programming shoving that kind of lifestyle down our throats...I have a kid and when he watches TV the last thing I want is 4 him to see two men kissing! They day you can prove to me 2 women or 2 men can have a child with one impregnating the other then we can talk!!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      this is the issue i have a problem with, i ain't preaching to them about how to live their life, but it seems the gay community is always preaching how to live mine, accept them blazay blah. I don't accept it, but i will respect it, now please, respect me (which honestly, most the gays came across me disrespectful)and I won't have to come off angry. These gays dudes are seriously TRIPPING nowadays, throwing tantrums and just straight up rachet, nah, i'm good, just don't cross that line

  • Anonymous

    the only ones that are pro gay are the media and the poo pirates themselves. we get really gay programming shoved down our throats and our kids. You dont need to go roll a gay when you see him but to you gays dont force that shit on me!!!!! ASAP must be one of those "gay rappers" along with gayme that are always being discussed...

    • Anonymous

      Nobody forces you to watch gay programming. Youre the one holding the remote. Sounds to me like you kinda like watching those shows.

    • Anonymous

      What exactly does 'pro gay' mean?? Supportive of basic equal human rights?? Someone sounds very insecure with their sexuality. It's sad that morons like you still exist in 2012. An education has clearly eluded you.

  • Anonymous

    i just hate faggots.... doesnt mean im homophobic

  • Anonymous

    gay people don't fit in hip hop culture just like black people didn't fit in US culture, right?

  • Anonymous

    my nigga ASAP is retarded

  • Anonymous

    Fuck ah' GAY nigga' and ah' GAY Bitch. God didn't put you on Earth to like the same Sex. You don't see Animals doing that shit only fucked up in the brain human-beings. It's a Trend that I will NEVER join.

    • Anonymous

      No cure for stupid.

    • Rogelio

      Read a book with your ignorant ass. Wiki(animals who have sex with the same sex) "No species has been found in which homosexual behaviour has not been shown to exist, with the exception of species that never have sex at all, such as sea urchins and aphis. Moreover, a part of the animal kingdom is hermaphroditic, truly bisexual. For them, homosexuality is not an issue.[23]".

    • Check yoru facts


    • Anonymous

      actually many animals partake in homosexual activities. mainly fish, insects, and reptiles

  • Anonymous

    American Society today is the gayest culture since Pagan Rome, this dude shouldnt be talking bout homophobia, Gayness has already been widely embraced by society, these days you get looked at like an alien if you come out in public and say you disagree with it

  • Anonymous

    in 50 years everyones gon be gay and then humanities gonna die out and the lizards are gonna take over

  • Anonymous

    Why does this dude talk about gay people in every interview? He seems very protective of them....

    • Anonymous

      Just looking at the amount of stupid and ignorance on this msg board alone should tell you that this issue needs to be addressed. Especially since a lot of the people posting on this board seem to forget they would've faced the same discrimination had they been born a few generations earlier. Time to grow up, it's 2012 Ignrance is bliss... till it effects YOU!

  • Tyrannical T

    Nice....so he calls homophobia in hip hop retarded. Bashes hurtful words by using another. The disabled people shaking their heads

  • Idiots

    Reading the comments on here is disappointing. One, if you're getting worked up about him just saying "I don't give a fuck if you're gay or not" then you have some issues. That's not even a strong statement and you're still getting worked up about it? Come on now. If you're scared of gay people, hate gay rights, or love calling people faggots I can promise you one thing, you're probably not doing shit with your life. Go out, learn how to read, get a fucking job or go to school and quit wasting your time smoking blunts on your couch while you hate on gay people while you stare at your boy's asshole. Chances are you're going to be working for someone who is either gay, supports gay rights, or hates people that are as ignorant as you.

    • Anonymous

      People need to stop bitching about being criticized for an opinion that is clearly wrong. If somebody said segregation was ok would you defend them cuz its their "opinion."

    • Idiots

      Soapbox son? That shit is logic. Also, that's the perfect way to avoid approaching the argument, "dismiss it as preachy and I don't have to deal with it,' as opposed to spending a minute to come up with a reasonable response. If someone were to come on here and espouse an entirely racist agenda you wouldn't call it preachy to shut them down, so what's the difference here?

    • IDGAF

      It's all opinion man, don't get so worked up.

    • Anonymous

      Get off the soap box lil buddy I love how people assume that because you think or feel a certain way they can describe your life

  • Anonymous

    One day people will laugh at this generations hip hop, the same way we laugh at 80's new wave pop music People will be like "You probably use to wear tight pants and and A Mohawk back in high school you faggot" and people will be to ashamed to admit it

  • Anonymous

    What kind of heterosexual worries about how homosexuality is perceived in music? specifically rap music? this guy is itching to come out of the closet. shit is disgusting. elton john would tell this faggot to shut up and come out the closet already. fag rap is very popular in 2012, pretty niggas? SMH crazy, i wanna punch a hole in his head.

  • jr88

    doesnt it seem like asap has been talking about gay issues for a minute now?....hmmmmmm....something tells me he is pandering to the gay audience just to sell records

  • jr88

    personaly i dont give a damn if a person is gay, but it doesnt belong in hip hop!!!! hip hop is supposed to be rugged and tough...trust me the new gimmick in hip hop will be "im gay too"or"im bi"...smh...kanye didnt do shit it was wayne...just because you wear bight colors doesnt make you gay...kissing men and wearing girl cloths does

    • Anonymous

      How can another mans sexual preference make YOU sick. Unless you the one hes fuckin.

    • Anonymous

      WOW, gotta love people who are actually proud of their ignorance... (Your insecurities are showing)

    • ETK

      cool, now step bak and realize you're the real faggot up in here

    • Anonymous

      etk are u a gay bro? STFU u faggot as long as i live im gonna combat this pro gay, raise your kids gay and embrace their gayness BS the media has pumped straight ppl who cry about gays make me sick

    • ETK

      don't give me that "hip-hop ain't supposed to be" BS. people were rapping about rainbows, being a good citizen and loving your mama since the 90s. today, more and more people are embracing gays and hip-hop isn't gonna be an exception to that no matter how you view it

  • A.S.A.P Homo

    Prettymotherfucker!!!!!Homo is what Im reppin

  • Anonymous

    Who cares what this kid thinks, another wack ass New York Rapper on the South's Dick

  • The B

    He's Just sayin that cause he know alot of faggots spend money on albums and downloads. He's tryin to sell records. Hiphop is a anti-faggot culture.

  • Trevor W

    Well said. It's nobody's business, just do what you have to do. It doesn't make you any more or less of a artist. The A$AP Mob are some interesting characters, you can read about them: http://wp.me/p1XLgJ-br

  • room2roam

    see first comment from Texas. ignorance is bliss and n1ggas love this. shout to a$ap and everyone n1gga willing to call out the ignorance that infests the hip hop community and just everywhere in general. if you start with the man in the mirror guaranteed u wont have time to worry about other ppls choices, morals, sexuality, etc...

  • Anonymous

    lol, hip hop in general is gay now All about Swag, Fashion and being Emo as fuck lol, vast majority of todays MC's look like they walked out of a 1984 Boy George Music Video, with all that flamboyant faggotry

  • Rel

    I can't believe niggas is still on that gay shit. Why are worried what another man or woman is doing in their bedroom. your sexual e has nothing to do with our culture fuck immortal technique or anyone else who says someone can't be apart of culture born from the marginalization of minorities, because of their lifestyle. Only niggas worried about who is gay is niggas who wanna fuck them

  • Anonymous

    This dude is either gay or bisexual..... He's always defending gays in interviews without even being asked about it.... And everytime he does it he says "I love pussy!" or something..... Trying to save face. He wears nail polish, he talks about french braids and fashion in his rhymes.... Him and his squad wear nail polish and purses.... lol He's obviously gay. He makes good music tho

    • Anonymous

      nigga is a fruit. straight men dont go around worrying about how homosexuality in rap music is percieved. thtas gay talk. asap cockplease.

  • Anonymous

    I am so sick of so called rappers and hip hop fans complainin about homphobia in hip hop. If homophobia is making u catch certain feelings, there's plenty of other genres that u can listen to or take part in. Hip hop represents a certain culture and ideology and homos dont fit the mold. LEAVE OUR CULTURE THE FUCK ALONE!! ps - ASAP Rocky is a nobody in the rap game who knows mentionin homophobia will get him some publicity. Fuck that faggot.

    • humor

      hahah thats whats up.. fuck asap rocky. trying to act like he made it.. ask immortal technique about homophobia, he'll give you an educated straight forward answer

  • Anonymous

    Fuck ASAP. Dude straight up called out lil b for putting out his mix tape " I'm gay". [Asap] Dont get it twisted: I dont **** with Lil B or that Im Gay s***, A$AP told Complex. He wears my grandmothers earrings. [Laughs.] Im just being serious. Its not going down. I mean, I cant talk but this n**** be wilding. The n**** said, Im Gay and [in parenthesis put], Im happy. Come on, Brandon. What are you doing? Thats all I can say. Hypocrite straight up and down. I hate rappers.

  • Anonymous

    Word is him and his crew are on sum bi-sexual shit...

    • Riley From The Boondocks

      That is true,lol Long Live A.S.A.P with A.S.A.P standing for Always Sucking African Penis....This niggaz whole crew on HOMIE OVER HOES type shit,LMAO. DO THE HOMIE,DO THE HOMIE, DO THE HOMIE,DO THE HOMIE,ROFL!!!!

  • Truth

    He's wrong to use the word "retarded," but right to bash hip hop's homophobia, would be hilarious if it wasn't sad. I like that so many rap fans are homophobic, though. It shows that black people can be just as terrible as white people, when it comes to irrational prejudice.

  • Anonymous

    ASAP is gay....who is he trying to fool...He is using Iggyas a front.......He'llbe signing to YMCMB with the rest of the fags next....SMH..This is what the people nowadays want...Hip Hop aint ready for no more homo rappers.We got enough with YMCMB

  • Anonymous

    Could care less what other people do with their time so long as I dont have to pay for it Be Gay Climb Mountains Smoke Crack Dont wait for me to stop you, I'm not getting involved, I got my own problems

  • brianatlive

    ...This is a fucking rapper talking speaking out against homophobia and people are STILL managing to find negatives from it? Who cares that he said retarded, he was using it in a colloquial sense, not to demean or try to offend those with disabilities. Get off your high horses man, fuck. Getting so caught up in pedantic political correctness you completely miss the point and it's significance.

  • MuddyDonut

    Hip hop listeners are largely made up of idiots. News at 11.

  • jsunfun

    He also thinks degrading those with mental handicaps is "wicked gay." Hard to get a read on this guy.

  • Marian

    don't get me wrong i love a$ap but the fact that they are talking about homophobia and he only talks about gay men kinda shows that he's not as observant as hes trying to say he is. there's a huge stereotype that girls can be lesbian as long as there is a guy there or she lets him watch. and not taking a stance just makes it socially acceptable for others to be homophobic. also the word retarded just makes me mad. your telling people its fucked up to not love all people by discriminating other group of people... if anything this article just made me loose respect for him

  • Burmy

    Swing and a miss...he's against homophobia, but is OK with discrimination against those with disabilities?

  • Dirk

    So he gonna use words like retarded but aint nothing wrong with men sucking on dicks? Get the fuck out of here nigga. Limp wrist motherfucker.

  • Dirtmcgehrk

    I respect A$AP for saying this but I wish Hiphopdx would have chosen another headline for the story. "A$AP Rocky Calls Homophobia In Hip Hop "Retarded"" makes him sound like some dumbass middle school kid.



    • Son

      Aren't you the nigga who loves Lil Wayne? The same nigga who wears women leggings and kissed Birdman on the lips twice??

  • Shizzle

    Faggot ass dick suckin ass nigga.

  • RYAN

    so he was supposed to say he hates gays so you guys like him?

  • Swag

    We need more gay rappers in the rap game.

  • Anonymous

    this nigga name dropped lady gaga. def. a faggot.

  • Anonymous

    ASAP rocks purses and girl pants. he's retarded. kanye gave all these gays the confidence to be rap stars. shit is out of control. rap was something masculine niggas did to get bitches and stay outta trouble. these niggas got the game fucked up. there's enough pro-homo movements out there, yall killing hip hop with your pro-gay bullshit. got lil wayne rocking leggings like its all good. niggas in the hood wearing lipstick and eyeliner like broads talking tough. so not only does asap rocky completely suck as a rapper, hes a pro homo piece of shit.

  • Anonymous

    One step closer to openly gay rappers...The music has almost been completely destroyed.



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