Rihanna & Chris Brown To Reportedly Reunite On "Birthday Cake" Remix

Rihanna and Chris Brown have supposedly recorded a remix to her album cut.

Rihanna and Chris Brown are reportedly set to reunite on the remix to the full version of her album cut “Birthday Cake.”

The song’s co-producers Da Internz recently told MTV News that “the feature on [the remix] is gonna shock the world,” fueling speculation that Breezy would grace the new version. According to MissInfo.tv, Brown recorded two verses for the remix, including a sung and a rap verse, though Da Internz took to Twitter to deny that he would appear on the song.

The news comes three years after Brown was convicted of assaulting Rihanna in their highly publicized domestic abuse scandal. They have apparently reconciled, with Brown attending Ri’s birthday celebration this past weekend.

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  • Anonymous

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  • DutchWeazel

    Next Rihanna remix: ''Hit Me Baby One More Time''

  • crack joey

    chris didn't do anything i believe it was bs all lies all planned, but maybe they still like each other

  • yuuuup

    Face it men, this is the secret "feminism" hides. Deep down women love getting choked, fucked hard, beaten, abused and bruised. Pain is an amazing feeling for them. Rihanna seems like a sweet girl, just living in a crazy fantasy love lalala land.

  • GBtha G

    First of all fuck dis article its got nuthin 2 do with Hip Hop so I don't give a fuck. second of all fuck diz 2 clowns dat were fighting it wuz pure theatre.lastly fuck any muthafucka dat disagrees with Me.

  • Mr Flamboyant

    Really. Is anyone surprised? The broad is looney as hell. Do I advocate domestic violence? Nope. But at the time this happened, I said it's clearly some ish that was deep down and who knows what she did and had been doing behind closed doors. From what I can tell with her attention craving, over the top, annoying ass...it probably was a build up and she disrespected him on epic levels. Especially even more so if this so called herpes transmission thing is true. Heck any STD she might have passed to him would have sparked something. All the people who tried to blackball dude (um um...jigga man faggot ass) and had the nuts to come down on cat needs to apologize. She soaked all that pub up and STILL was seeing this nigga hawking him down. If I'm him, I leave the bitch alone and treat her like the skeezo she is. She'll mess around and get him locked up and raped in jail. Straight up.

  • Anonymous

    She knew she deserved it , so whatever, its all gravy

  • Anonymous

    They're both disturbed and crave violence.

  • Anonymous

    Rihanna should toughen up some. Even Tina didn't give a shit about Ike, once she got rid of him.

  • Douche it

    Breezy rep hand up hand down. This bitch is just wanting to get slapped down again. I've seen this shit, guys who are physically abusive are always gonna be abusive cuz its ingrained in their heads. Women in love stupid as fuck.

  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    this the kinds song you dick a nigga down to.i got that thick dick.young cats that want to get feminine get at me xhamster.com/user/mrproh

  • Anonymous

    They are very young (in their 20's)and things happen. Not at all making excuse for the violence, but they seemed to be happy together besides the incident that occured. It definelty got our of hand (age and fame has alot to do with it). Maybe the time apart has helped them both grow and realize their mistakes and if they decide to get back together, then that is on them. I don't judge because love is a wild thing. Those who have been in love know the ride is an interesting one. If they do get back together they need to discuss what can be done so that violence doesn't escalate. We all hear about what to do after domestic violence occurs but not enough info is out there to help avoid it. Maybe counseling together for them is the best route if they plan to get back together. God bless them both.

  • Anonymous

    HIPHOPDX can you tell me what this has to do with HIHOP????? The name of this site should been: RNBDX!


    he honestly shoulda killed the bitch. then shes dead and hes locked up off my fucking tv screen and phone. devil children. 2 satanic pieces of shit. utter filth. rihanna needs to overdose and go away and chris brown needs a pair of broken legs. thatll put an end to his dancing. cant stand these pukes.

    • teddy

      so funny how niggas still want michael vick dead for killing fight dogs. savage pit bulls that scrap til the death. nigga did prison time and ppl still wanna see him dead for a bunch of dead pitbulls. meanwhile rihanna is spreading demonic energy fooling little girls into being demonic sluts getting her ass whooped by pop stars only to take them back. chris brown deserves to be dead for being a woman beating faggot that dyes his hair blonde like sisqo. rihanna deserves to be dead for crying about getting smacked only to use it as a press tool to increase her profile, eventually taking lil chris brown back after the dust settles. id like to see her get her enormous forehead caved in for good. wack bitch.

    • georgel's mom

      georgel you silly cunt, what did micheal vick do to you? hhghghghghghghg is obviously noir troll

    • georgel

      someone needs a therapist. seriously what kind of disturbed person makes comments like that. now if u made a comment like that about michael vick then id understand or even if it was just about chris brown but what did rihanna do? get some help, your the one who needs to leave society

  • Anonymous

    Riri gave chris breezy herpies

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