Bangladesh, J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League Offer A&R Advice Through BlazeTrak Relaunch

The virtual A&R service founders say, "We will own digital music A&R by summer, and shortly after, move into other verticals with the same model.", a website that allows you to seek opportunities and advice directly from industry experts and celebrities launched its new 3.0 version this week is nearing its 3.0 launch. Blazetrak started out as mainly a platform for aspiring musicians to hear guaranteed feedback from professionals of their choice but since the website launched in 2009, it has expanded to include industries such as fashion, sports and business.

Co-Founder Corey Stanford told HipHopDX of the new changes to that users will experience. “Blazetrak 3.0 will include a new site design, module upgrades, viewable videos on mobile devices, and the ability for consumers to interact with each other through our newly developed video chat community. This is also the first time we will open up the platform to allow sharing of video responses via social media networks. For an enhanced user experience, we will be offering annual premium memberships. Premium members will receive an extensive list of upgrades and features. One feature includes the ability to receive first class support through a video chat session with a Blazetrak representative. On the professional side, we have tremendously increased the speed of our video recording process. Professionals will also have the ability to view/listen to a submission while they are recording their video response. This will allow the user to see the first initial reaction of a professional when they open their submission."

While some users may have been skeptical in the past by fee-based services that offer contact with professionals, the difference in what offers is the wide array of various professionals to choose from along with the guaranteed feedback that the user will receive from a professional of their choice. Co-founder, Nate Casey, told DX on some of the goals that had for 2012: “Music will be our focus in the beginning of 2012. We will own digital music A&R by summer, and shortly after, move into other verticals with the same model. For Blazetrak, the clearest metric for achievement lies in the successful connections we help facilitate. The fruits of our labor are most apparent when careers are started and stars are born."

Some of the experts that users have a choice to send material too are producers such as Bangladesh, J.U.S.T.I.C.E League, Mike WiLL among many others. A user will also reportedly receive a video autograph from Amber Rose herself.


  • Corey Stanford

    Everyone, thanks for reading the article. You should really check us out before discrediting us. We truly offer an extraordinary service and value to those without any resources to interact directly with industry experts. Thanks for your comments. Corey Stanford Co-Founder Blazetrak

  • Anom

    Feedback? This is all this site gives? Feedback? I don't need to pay for shit to hear feedback from a "professional" to know that my shit is dope. They will hate on you by finding some unorthodox reason on how to make your beats better. If they can't even do that, then they will jack your shit. Simple as that. Don't fall into this site's hands like that.

  • Anonymous

    bangladesh is a delusional wack producer. i wouldnt take any advice from him. unless you wanna know how to produce a smash hit single and not get paid. fucking jim jones look a like, musty wack nigga. fucking bum, make another beat with no rhythm or bounce and praise yourself a genius you bum.

  • Anonymous

    how to not get paid for your beats 101 with bangladesh

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