Nicki Minaj Dismisses Grammy Performance Criticism

Nicki Minaj says that it was like writing a movie to conceptualize the performance.

After Nicki Minaj gave an exorcism-inspired rendition of "Roman Holiday" at the 2012 Grammy Awards, the Young Money rapstress faced a maelstrom of criticism for the religious images and quality of performance. Now that the dust has settled, Nicki spoke to the Associated Press last night about the performance, brushing aside the controversy during an appearance last night for Viva Glam MAC cosmetics.

"I don't know what is the big issue?" she said.

The Harajuku Barbie likened the performance, which included levitation, confession and dancing priests, to that of a movie. She said that it's just a piece of the story she's writing, and that fans can expect similarly controversial motifs in the future.

"You know how people write plays and movies? That's what I did," she continued. "I wrote that and I gave the world a tiny little preview of what was to come. And so I have to perform it on the set in which it would be in the movie, right?"

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  • Anthony

    Nicki is strong. The heavy Champ. Why is everyone hating? She has her own style she knows what everyone likes her lyrics are original thats we look for un a hip hop artist. So she knows how to advertise that's smart business/promo if you ask me. Plus he is not a hoe. She don't give up to no one which makes me want her even more. I love Nicki Minaj.

    • Anonymous

      You're a retard. She does not have her own style; she ripped off Lil Kim and Lady Gaga. Her lyrics are not original. And she is a hoe. Hop off her dick.

  • DaddyPlugin

    Of Course this is Ill, but what makes it horrific is there are people acting like this in REAL LIFE. At least Nikki is acting. Certain people are still looking for Jesus way up in the Sky with Feathers because of Micheal Angelo. Tell me I'm wrong. What?

  • jonathan

    she is making a movie?! WTF! !e forgive you Ed Wood!!

  • Anonymous

    But the difference between Gaga doing crazy stuff is that's who she is. It works because people see her at award shows looking, talking and acting crazy. Helps most of her songs are hits. Now NM doing crazy stuff is more a sign of desperation. Sort of the female Eminem trying to shock people. It's hard enough for Tech Nine to pull it off much less a female MC just experiencing a little bit of fame. If Wayne is smart he'll pull her back a little and tell her to forget the Linda Blair antics and focus on making good music, cause if that second album flops, you can wave by bye to any future grammy exorcisms.

    • Anonymous

      thats not who lady gaga is.lady gaga completely bit Madonna's style.lady gaga was singing hippy music in coffee shops until she bit that bitchs today is full blown gay.they got rid of the RNB category at the grammies..nuff said



  • Boards

    She shoulda jus took the loss, cause now this polarizes her image, she has to keep pushin the envelope instead of making decent music, not to say she ever put out decent music, but its all gonna be worse from here on out, this is what happened to lady gaga, and tons more.

  • mal 617

    Somebody please kill this bitch. No one in young money has flow.

  • Huey Newton


    • Anonymous

      Alot of them, the press only reports on the ones that dies broke Not all celebrities throw there money away on ignorant overpriced jewelery and strippers




    You mad because she's rich and you aren't? =)

  • Notorious H.A.T.E.R.

    You're trying to hard Nicki. Trying to get accepted by them white folks. Once they relegate your ass to the dustbin then you'll be back asking us for forgiveness. Reality Check:YOU ARE NOT LADY GAGA!! Be original, stop trying to be something you are not. You are such a clown. When those white folks get tired of you the only ones who are still going to support you is LGBT community.

  • room2roam

    fuk these irrelevant crabs matter what they gone comment on u hate it or love it...

  • GBtha G

    the world's really really stupid.whut tha fuck they expected from dat stupid ho???????????

  • GBtha G

    dis bitch iz a disgrace. a stupid ho.

  • Anonymous

    great music doesn't need gimmicks..


    If she can't see why some people are offended...than she is REALLY lost


    My thing with Nicki it SEEMS as if she does whatever her handlers tell her to do....she is comming off more and more like a puppet.....I could be wrong..because i'm on the outside looking in...but it seems that way.

    • Anonymous

      the thing with that is..its working. its hard to make a living nowadays in music, not many people make it, but shes in pretty damn good shape nowadays , and if she gotta be weird like gaga, shes gonna do it, if not to survive in the game, shes gonna do it for the money.



  • WTF

    Not gonna get that 5 mins of my life back... FUCK! What a dumb hoe

  • illone

    The song was straight trash. That's the main problem here. The visual was just awkward with such a wack song; the mood was just not 'exorcism'. And with such a controversial visual, the mood has to be right for the audience to be in to it. Nikki is just trying to hard if you ask me. But then again, so is lady gaga and she sells billions - so what the hell do i know.

    • truth

      LMAO!!! a gay get away driver! good one

    • Anonymous

      grammys was some kinda sick satanic ritual man. bunch of fucking zombies under mind control. disgusting. humanity is doomed. chris brown the woman beater getting treated like a king, performing multiple times. nikkii minaj doing some kinda satanic demon shit performing a wack ass song to applause. paul mcartney singing a horrible love song to his new gold diggin wife. ll cool j the legend looking like a gay getaway driver licking his lips kissing pop star ass. shit was something else my brothers.

  • maybach

    the performance was whack, respect the church

  • Anonymous

    Fuck this wack little satanic devil bitch. Desperate to be the black lady gaga, desperate for white approval. Hollow hoodrat willing to anything for attention. Annoying voice, plastic ass, you hoes need to find some real role models. I'd rather bang a bitch with some stretch marks on her fat ass, with a good heart.This chick is wack.

  • Yeah

    i didn't find it controversial, i found it very fucking stupid. Seriously, she shouldn't be applauding herself for writing that disaster. It was seriously a "what the fuck, this is retarded" with each thing that she was doing in the performance.

  • The F

    Teh Fuck was this???... bitch better stick to kitchen work...

  • Mr Flamboyant

    She'll be doing porn in a short while. Just be patient, my niggas. There will be a sex tape with this off the deep end fool ass broad. Best believe that. She'd do anything for attention and a gatdamn buzz. There's never anything artistic or making a complete ass of yourself in the name of wackness. Seriously.

  • CAtfish

    That was worst performance of all time. She has just given Lil Kim more Ammunition to use against her

  • Anonymous

    Yah, the whole idea of doing the Mock "Excorcism" would have been a classic coming from somebody like Tech N9ne, but Nicki just didnt have the song to back it, she's got this extravagant Thheatrical set up to support just another corny Rap song If your gonna do shit like this you have to have the material Like back in the day when Snoop Dogg brought out the Church Choir and climbed out of a coffin to do "Murder Was The Case"

  • dgvxdfvf

    an exorcism theme probably sounded pretty cool on paper, but it wasn't done very well

  • Hater - aide

    I thought the performance was dope. It was creative and lyrically she was on point. She's a female artist that is associated in pop culture. What do you expect fom her ? This how she makes a living and all you people want to do is to hate on her. Every mainstream A list pop artist has a gimmick and hers is definitely on another level. Yeah she does have an influence from other great hip hop artists such as lil Kim, ol dirty bastard and Eminem, but at this point in the game who Doesn't take an influence from past greats. I think She's mastered her craft ..... You all need to stop complaining. There is different types of hip hop to cater your taste, and if your not feeling this than there is no need for you to be here.

    • jesterxxl

      I liked the performance layout very creative but as for the song I know you know it's fucking lame every track which is ment to be on Roman Reloaded sounds bollocks!

  • the entire world

    seriously, he/she/it needs to fuck off. i got through about 3 minutes of that video before wanting to cave my own skull in. this is why the terrorists hate us. you're not artistic, nicki, you're just talentless.

    • fsdfsffdsf

      My friend just met a black man on Mixedmingle.COMits where for men and women looking for interracial'ship for a fabulous lifestyle Its a nice place for black white sing'les, to interact with each otherno bounds or extremes in front of true love.

  • Anonymous

    Nicki is wack, but anybody who can piss off bible thumpers and religous sheep gets at lest a golf clap from me *Golf Claps for Nicki Minaj* *Tries to listen to her music again* *Realizes she still sucks*

  • Fossie

    This bullshit is so wack !!!!She is a good rapper like thousands of others!Nothing else!!!Thats all for the money!!!FUCK THAT!!!

  • Matthew Rosario

    Bitch is crazy, 'nuff said.

  • ummmmmmmmm

    how is this a concept that you wrote? how many movies are there where the possessed girl jumps into the corner of the roof while a priest tries to perform a exorcism?

  • mojojo

    when is remy ma comin home

  • Ramon

    Bitch, you performed a fucking exorcism on stage in front of all those white folks AND THEN turned around and did a satanic ritual to "Oh Come, All Ye Faithful." I wouldn't piss on you if you were on fire!!!

  • Anonymous

    damn i just miss music with out the gimmicks...can we just have some good music? that's why you didn't win anything at the Grammy's, unlike a no-gimmick ALL talented Adele. Learn

  • war22

    where is that retard @YESSIR ...where u at boy?? let me see u suck YM dick after seeing this...u call them artists ...i call them garbage on every level

  • really????

    i cant believe she saw nothing wrong with that performance lol the devil is working hard on her....but on another note that song was terrible

  • kevin smith

    ah hellllo u wack u crash test dumb ass bitch face it most over rated rapper in rap history my dick wants to laugh

  • Anonymous

    I beg to differ ...I used to be a Nicki fan still am once she stops with the gimmicks and get BACK! to lyricism ..Missey Elliot was CREATIVE and NICE on the mic ...these days all Nicki focuses on is the image and selling a brand not trying to make decent music so far all the songs from Roman II sounds awful and her Grammy performance was a testament to that

  • DaStreet

    The fact that her comment is that she does not know what the big deal is, shows that she is very ignorant. Even if she does not agree that the preformance should have caused that big of an issue, she should have enough sense to realize why people are offended.

  • Anonymous

    cunt, foolish, asshole, bitch !!!!

  • lol

    nah bitch you just suck lol

  • hiphopfan

    that performance was really lame. So over the top that I couldn't even concentrate on the music itself and missed the whole song, which couldn't have been that great by the way. This bitch needs to stop playing around with alternate personalities and this satanic shit

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