Uncle Murda Speaks On Ra Diggs's Case, Calls Soulja Boy "Real Hip Hop"

Uncle Murda reacts to the news of Ra Diggs's murder case and says that Soulja Boy is real Hip Hop.

RealHipHopDaily recently caught up with Uncle Murda to talk about his latest upcoming project with DJ Green Lantern. During the interview, Murda spoke on fellow Brooklyn rapper Ra Diggs's recent legal case, in which police arrested him in connection to three murders. Although Murda didn't speak extensively on Diggs's case, he did send his support to the incarcerated rapper.

"That's my boy right there, free my nigga Ra Diggs," he said.

Murda also spoke on his definition of real Hip Hop. He explained that a rapper doesn't have to be a gangsta to rap, saying that an artist like Soulja Boy falls under that definition given that his music represents his experiences and resonates with a fanbase.

"[Real Hip Hop is] muthfuckas that's being real to they self. You ain't gotta be a gangsta to make muthafuckin' Hip Hop but that's just the life I'm into," he explained. "Real Hip Hop to me is just a muthafucka rapping about the experience they go through in life. Soulja Boy - what he's doing is real Hip Hop. He's got muthafuckas buying his records, so he's making real money. I don't think he's getting fake money. Shit, if he's getting real money, it's real Hip Hop and he's got an audience that wants to fuck with this. They support him, he's got his audience so to him and his audience that's real Hip Hop."

Check out the full interview below.

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  • mgruppe.com

    There is no more "real". That shit died in 1991/1992. And dont tell me Wu-Tang brought it back, they invented themselfs new! Souljah Boy took a frootyloop beat and made a hitrecord spitting a motto...Uncle Murda got shot in the head to be a gangster-rapper...they both represent STRUGGLE. What happened to the blues? It was destroyed from the inner circle. After Dre came with that G-Funk YOU made it mainstream, now he can suck a dick? Ra Diggs is just another idiot in the can.

  • iamhiphop

    Anyone who defends Soulja Boy or says he's a good rapper either doesn't know hip-hop, are under the age of 18, or a complete idiot. And don't hit me with that "oh, you just jealous because he got money and you dont" excuse. It's the most over-used and most tiring excuse to defend a nigga. The fact of the matter is, Soulja Boy is a pop star who can't rap to save his life. His career is going nowhere now, I betcha his next album will flop even worse than the last and Interscope drops him. And about those comments of him being real, stop bullshiting. He's as fake as every other rapper and it has nothing to do with being gangster. One of the Anonymous, Based, and gezim are tucking idiots to defend Soulja Boy's bitch ass. Y'all probably bump Crank Dat and Pretty Boy Swag non-stop.

  • Anonymous

    Don't speak on hip hop if you don't know the four elements obviously Uncle Murda murk himself in this interview

  • Anonymous

    You guys should actually listen to his argument. He does have a point. When Soulja Boy came in, he wasn't trying to be like anyone else. He was doing him, even if he was churning out some of the most crass music one has ever heard. Hip Hop is about speaking your mind and being real not just to everyone but yourself. And Soulja Boy is real to himself. He is an idiot but he is real to himself. Now I'm not saying that his music should be appreciated. It's entirely your choice. I personally don't like his music. But I can never deny that he made it this far while staying true to his style.


    'Uncle Murda Speaks On Ra Diggs's Case'. BOGUS.

  • Mr Flamboyant

    When keeping it real not only goes wrong but it terribly shows how much of a fool one is and the need for more contraceptives to be made available in the ghetto. Free to a nigga who admitted to the stratosphere that he "beat a body" and now is caught due to such is... Fuck Uncle Murda. That's real. Stupid ass nigga. Freedom of speech...just watch what you say.

  • Help

    You know what? yeap let free ourself and lockup Uncle stupid Murda with dumb ass Ra Diggs

  • What

    Yo a lot of rapper make me sick talking about Free that nigga Ra Diggs, anybody that is as stupid a Ra Diggs should be lot away for Life for being straight dumb and stupid you know what uncle murda forget freeing that nigga, why dont you joint him for have a stupid name like that and supporting a asshole like that who was just asking be be lot UP for life, to me it will be one more less dumb ass nigga to worry about. it Murdaaaaaaaaaa

  • ummm....

    Huh....Free a nigga that basically admitted murder over social media? And giving Souljah Boy gets props for getting popped with the pistol? Simply genius.

  • NY

    This is the type of comment that ends your career, I think that Uncle Murda forgets that you actually have to rhyme for it to be considered hip hop. I can never support someone who made "Crank That" or "Kiss Me Thru the Phone" or possibly the worst song ever made "Yahhh!" Are you kidding me thats not hip hop or even close.

  • Based

    Lil B's swag took over the whole rap game, say what you want to but you know its true, and for that WE THANK U BASED GOD

  • Based

    soulja by makes some songs u may not like, but most of you people listen to songs like "racks", "stupid hoe", "Teach me how to Dougie" and other various song that are wack, most of you were dickrider 'superman" "donk" "turn my swag on" "kiss me thru the phone" "pretty boy swag" and now you tryna say hes not a good rapper, or hes wack...your wack for saying hes wack, when your wack ass was in the club dancing to his supposed "garbage"...shame on you

  • Based

    yall can rag on soulja all u want, just know he making more money than your broke ass, fyi soulja boy doesnt do dance songs anymore, since 2008...so you guys can call it how u want it...most of your favorite rappers stole soulja and lil bs swag! i mean where do you think this whole SWAG! era began...your favorite rappers are using material from lil b and soulja these day just to be hip...the repetitive saying of SWAG!...there style...who thought it... wayne being a skater...you guys can all ead!

  • Anonymous

    Soulja Boy isn't real anything.

  • Drake

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  • bvcbv

    I doubt Rah Digg's legal team appreciates Uncle Murder advocating his innocence

    • Anonymous

      Lol exactly what I was thinking. Worst endorsement ever. Maybe C-Murder can publicly send his prayers and support too.

  • Anonymous

    We don't criticise Soulja for making dance songs. We do it because he sucks on the mic.

  • Anonymous

    I don't mind niggas co signing lil niggas but not wack niggas. If any thing he should've said action bronson is real hip hop or kendrick

  • gezim

    Uncle Murdas right, sure Soulja Boy releases garbage, but at least that's what he WANTS to release. At least Soulja Boy may be a wack internet rapper, but at least he isnt a wack internet rapper that thinks he's real hip-hop for listening to Jedi Mind Tricks and rapping over boom bap beats with hardcore lyrics. Also, the first rap record ever officially released was Rappers Delight, and that's a dance song, so ppl that say Soulja Boy and Waka Flocka are fake hip-hop are stupid because they make DANCE songs, so technically they're takin hip-hop back to it's roots. I listen to Immortal Technique, Jedi Mind Tricks, ILL BILL, Canibus, Eminem, Notorious BIG, Big L, etc but I'm still open minded about music and I actually like Lil Wayne. Soulja Boy releases the music he wants to release, even before he was famous he was makin dance songs, so that's still real because he isnt bein someone he isnt. Dance songs are meant to be enjoyable, wtf is up with u ppl, actually HAVE FUN and QUIT CRITICIZING OTHER PPLS TASTES. Listen to what u like, and ignore the shit u don't like.

    • Anonymous

      That fanbase consist of teenage girls. Face it, he's a wack rapper. Stop defending the kid.

    • gezim

      Kendrick Lamar is def real hip-hop, and Soulja Boy may be a shitty rapper but then again he has a fanbase to appeal to, and for his fanbase he doesnt need skills. Yh i kno it's sad that he gets more exposure than rappers that deserve it but thats the industry. In songs like Successful, Soulja Boy spits well tbh. And in another song, i forgot the name but he raps fast on it and i gotta admit, he went hard on the joint

    • Anonymous

      Nobody hate Soulja Boy for doing dance songs; people hate Soulja Boy for being wack on the Mic.

  • I can listen and think objectively

    Can someone please define 'real hip hop' please?

    • Anonymous

      Use your search bar and start with Wild Style, Krush Groove, listen to a couple of BDP, Gang Starr, Eric B & Rakim & Public Enemy albums and end up with Ross. Hip Hop reflected the struggle and showcased the talent of urban Black youth who didn't have the skills to compose music or sing fluently. What most are following these days is MAINSTREAM RAP MUSIC, and not Hip Hop. Truly have an open mind and listen to the music, you will hear and see the difference.

  • Anonymous

    I meant to say he had a point till the Soulja boy part

  • Anonymous

    Murda had a point. To me an mc has to have some type of lyrical skill regardless of what they talking about to be considerd hip hop. Depnding on dances and other gimmicks aren't. Wtf, did somebody lace this niggas weed? Cause this nigga on some other shit. Soulja boy, lil b, brick squad, Ross and ymcmb not hip hop. Step us bars up.

  • Brannn

    I am shocked to see people actually talk more about Uncle calling Souljah Boy Hip Hop than Uncle making a complete Nigger statement. "free Ra Diggs"? The fuck is wrong with you... He's not proven guilty yet, but someone who supposedly killed a few men shouln'd be "free". Something is fucking wrong with you. A True nigger moment.


    Looking for a quick way to sellout by cosigning an artist that is the complete opposite of hip hop..

  • IROC

    ITS OFFICAL Uncle Murder is 100% dumb azz soulja boy is Not a rapper he makes up dances and trys to rap them rented cars and wack azz jewlery got ol unk murder fooled all that shine aint gold dude

  • Anonymous

    This goes to show you why Unlcle Murda has no career, he talks like Soulja Boy sells alot of records, lol, Soulja Boy been floppin with every record since the first one, he defines the term "One Hit Wonder" but Uncle Murda is fuckin stupid and probabloy assumes "Yo, Soulja Boy on TV man he makin hits" when in all actuality Interscope just be paying for airplay and he still cant sell his wack shit because nobody likes it

    • Based

      souljas first record didnt flop, and anyway your the reason why hes rich now for downloading his ringtones lol, your a joke, you critisize soulja, why, because you cant go out and make a hit..niggas would be glad to get at least one, its hard work, you go make a record and see if it sells

  • Anonymous

    "[Real Hip Hop is] muthfuckas that's being real to they self." Truest shit I've ever read on this site.

  • Anonymous

    i can't believe i used to look up to rappers when i was a child

  • Duke

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  • Anonymous

    This dude is as dumb as wood. If Soulja boy is real hip hop then mc hammer is rakim's successor. Smh at faggot rappers that do interviews under the influence of coke.

  • Uncle Murda

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  • Anonymous

    thats why you never had a career. "if hes getting real money its real hip hop" thats exactly the fucking OPPOSITE of real fucking hip hop.

  • ETK

    I have to say, he talkin out his ass... it's not EVEN the fact that soulja boy sucks, it's the fact that Soulja Boy hasn't sold jack shit since Crank Dat. WHAT fanbase!? his last albums haven't gone anywhere near gold. is uncle murda stuck in 2007 or what

  • iamhiphop

    I get what he's trying to say about hip-hop, but why use Soulja Boy as an example? Why use one of the worst rappers as an example of "real hip-hop?" He could've used Eminem, Tech N9ne, Lupe Fiasco, J Cole, Kendrick Lamar, etc. instead. Those guys are real hip-hop, not Soulja Boy. That muthafucker represents pop music for kids and retards. What type of shit was Murda smoking before that interview?

    • Aninymous is an ignorant ass nigga

      WTF are you talking about? You cant even compare Rappers Delight to Soulja Boy's whole catalog. At least Rappers Delight wasn't repeating the same dumb shit over and over again, like Crank Dat.

    • Anonymous

      Rapper's Delight. Nuff said

  • thought dog

    He started off good and murdered his whole point half way thru.

  • chillin

    Did anyone really expect a guy named Uncle Murda who kicks it with a guy named Soulja Boy to say something intelligent?

  • Anonymous

    well we know this dudes a dumb ass. im pretty sure Rick Ross isnt getting monopoly money

  • ItsTheTruth

    I miss the old days, when hip-hop was real, and raw. 1998-2003, DMX came in and changed the game, Em soon after came and changed the game, followed by 50 who changed the game with his debut too. Big Pun became the first latino to go platinum with Capital Punishment (Raw CD). Back when rappers still wore XXXL shirts and there wasn't any auto-tune. Nowadays skinny jeans and mohawks is considered "swag" and R&B and hip-hop are damn near the same thing. Back when DMX, Em, 50, and Pun were just coming out, look how that compares to Drake, Nicki Minaj, Big Sean, Wale, etc. Hip-Hop will probably never die but will always move forward in either a worse direction, or better one. Nowadays it's just not looking too good.


      Stop defending Soulja Boy. Face it, he's wack. He's not hip-hop; he's bubble-gum pop-rap. And Lil B is killing hip-hop, not resurrecting it. That nigga can't rap to save his life. Besides, Soulja Boy raps about the same bullshit that every rapper raps about; money, swag, guns, hoes, jewelry, cars, some retarded-ass dance, bullshit. Hip-Hop is more than just what you see/hear on the radio and TV. It's a culture and a mentality/state of mind, and Soulja doesn't represent those; he represents pop music.

    • Hip-Hop

      Hip-Hop didn't start in the 90s it just got better but in the early 80s there were people with crazy styles (tight jeans/flannels etc.) and (as we would describe today) wack ass lyrics. So really Soulja Boy is hip-hop. People get so stuck in the 90s (great time) and forget about the dawn of hip-hop. When hip-hop first started it was a postive movement in the hood then niggas in the hood start acting fucking crazy but it was still accepted as hip-hop when the craziness was rapped about because it was life. Same thing Soulja doing rapping about his life. Besides You never seen DMX fucking doing grafitti/dance battling and shit that hip-hop originally came from. So that "real hip-hop" term is played. People don't like the dance tracks but they love when niggas kill niggas and dealers on wax. Accept both. O Yea Lil B the Based God resurrected the rap game So now its going to be more money for artists out there

    • war22

      i said shit before but niggas said i'm trippin...we have like 5-15 artits mainstream that are keeping themself loyal to hiphop,the rest are underground,them underground dudes should make a common front and take their shit and make another culture based on lyrics,realness etc...and leave them with their wackness and gayness ...ohhh and btw i blame this on Jay,Nas,Em,Rakim,KRS etc cuz they let them gay ass fucktards fuckin up the game

    • non-optimistic

      90's into the early 2000's.. something very wrong happened to hip-hop after 03

    • Anonymous

      98? bro you missed the best rap ever 91-96...

  • KendrickLamarishiphop

    You gotta be fuckin kiddin me with this shit. I've never been the one to comment in dx articles but this shit is insane. I bet soulja felt good after reading this shit. So as long as you rap about you're experiences and people buy it, it's constituted as real hip hop huh? Thats exactly the problem with hip hop now. Most of these young punks have the exact same mindset and feel as though they fit the mold. This guy has ZERO credibility when it comes to determining what is and what isn't real hip hop. Im appalled.

  • big walt

    some of yall young so called hiphop experts kill me just because soulja boy dont rap using big words or trying to be an uneducated negro rapping bout educated topics dont make him hiphop but an old skool rapper like rapping duke da ha da ha song was real hiphop... I remember the 80s when hiphop was originated and there were alot of MCs making wack nonsense music that everybody danced to that yall call hiphop but now if a rapper aint underground or a backpacker he aint hiphop how stupid some of yall really are

    • ETK

      I agree, however we see soulja boy is subjective, to what "real hip-hop" is. but what the fuck audience is Uncle Murda talkin about? no one fucks with soulja boy anymore. he's the biggest example of a one-hit wonder I could imagine. the ONLY single which really sold after crank day was kiss me thru the phone and how long ago was that... foolishness

    • Anonymous

      Soulja boy sounds retarded tho, lol Real Hip Hop or not he's annoying either way, color it any way you want

  • Anonymous

    damn this nigga on the take. sell out

  • Anonymous

    Uncle Murda is an idiot, first of all I'll skip the obvious points about Soulja Boy's music being garbage, cause that should be obvious...... But Soulja Boys doesnt sell any records either, dude has flopped every album since the first one, he aint selling many more records then Uncle Murda himself




    Uncle Murda calling Soulja Boy hip hop explains why he'll be forever a flop. No album, no single, no buzz. Can't believe a NY nigga is calling Soulja Boy real hip hop. Someone needs to slap this nigga for being such a clown. Lost all respect for this joke . Watch YESSIR and So Icy Fag come to his defense and cosign him, go ahead clown ass niggas, start saying Uncle Murda is the future...


      8 Ball and MJG Scarface Ludacris Outkast UGK Juvenile Southern artists that you probably never heard of in your life that are 100000x more hip hop then Uncle Murda and Soulja Fag so don't bring that regional bullshit and equate with sales like where you're from matters, MY POINT WAS, how can someone who is from a place that practically birthed the culture cosign someone who isn't even considered hip hop.



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