Freddie Gibbs Breaks Down "Thuggin'" & Speaks On Working With Madlib

Freddie Gibbs explains a few lines from his collaborative cut with Madlib.

Freddie Gibbs recently released his track "Thuggin'" produced by Madlib, a taste of what to expect on their forthcoming LP. Speaking with Jay-Z's Life + Times, Gangsta Gibbs broke down a few lines from the project, explaining how he mined from personal experiences for the cut.

"The song is ‘Thuggin.’ First line, I say, ‘We’re not against rap, but we’re against those thugs.’ Speaking about how society wasn’t against rap music but against the thug element of it. I felt like that’s what I represent," he said. "What I’m rapping is what I’m living. I’m using rap as a vehicle to get me away from that type of living.

"You may get to that level, selling drugs and engaging in certain activities in the street," he continued. You might end up selling drugs to one of your family members, hell, you might end up shooting one of your family members. The drug and the crime shit really deteriorated our community - my community, at least. And then I say something about my uncle was addicted to drugs in the verse. That’s real shit. That’s a true example of a king to a fiend, someone who was a prominent and hard-working guy in the community that went from not having work and being addicted to crack cocaine."

He also spoke on working with Madlib for their joint project, noting that there aren't too many rappers who could hold their own against an album's worth of instrumentals from the Beat Konducta.

"Everything that I’ve been doing with Madlib has definitely been a challenge. I don’t know too many other emcees who could go about doing this project that I’m doing with him. The sample, whatever he used in it, it just rung a bell to me and just gave me a feel of something that I came up listening to. I just wanted to just tear that motherfucker apart as soon as I heard it."

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  • Anonymous

    Madlib = one of my all time fav producers Gangsta Gibbs = maybe the hottest rapper out now this could be big

  • Azhar

    Thuggin is dat shit. Gibbs destroyed dat beat. Project w/ Madlib gonna be a monsta!

  • Mr Flamboyant

    Dick in the booty ass niggas that troll ain't whoa. Bitch ass nigga. What did Gibbs do to you? Fuck your bitch...twice?


    Quit hatin on Gibbs! Cant wait for the project with Madlib

  • Anonymous

    freddie gibbs is wack. he seems decent in comparison to a lot of these clowns today. he's decent when you got wiggas like drake mac miller and yelawolf running around. but real shit, guy sucks. he tries so hard to be a g, nigga, if you so g, put the mic down. you're not at all g, you're a house nigga that started rapping to get famous. i'll check this for the madlib beats, madlib is a real talent. freddie gibbs is a wannabe kool g rap minus the genius and humble approach. none of these rappers can fight. gangstas dont rap for a living. gangsta gibbs? put your lil music out bitch nigga, you're a zero.

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