Prodigy "H.N.I.C. 3" Mixtape Trailer Revealed

UPDATE: The Mobb Deep rapper enlists J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League, Havoc, Sid Roams, Mr. Porter and more on production.

Prodigy has unveiled the tracklist and cover art for his upcoming mixtape H.N.I.C. 3, releasing February 21st.

For the project, P enlists French Montana, Havoc, Lady Luck, Cory Gunz, Waka Flocka Flame and Estelle as guests, while Harry Fraud, Havoc, SC, J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League, Mr. Porter and more contribute production.

Check the official tracklist below (via Complex).

01. Intro (Redemption Songs) produced by Little People
02. Lay Low ft. French Montana produced by Harry Fraud
03. That's Nasty produced by Sid Roams
04. Extreme produced by Havoc
05. I'm From The Trap ft. French Montana produced by Havoc
06. Make A Hole ft. Havoc and Lady Luck produced by Havoc
07. Great Spitters ft. Cory Gunz produced Havoc
08. They Scared ft. Havoc and Waka Flocka Flame produced by Havoc
09. Slaughterhouse produced by SC
10. Getting Closer ft Havoc and Estelle produced by J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League
11. Look In My Life produced by Mr. Porter

[February 14]

UPDATE: Prodigy has released a trailer for his upcoming mixtape H.N.I.C. 3, showing footage of him in the studio and previewing his cut "They Scared" featuring Havoc and Waka Flocka Flame.

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  • Nico 3

    Who makes a trailer for a mixtape?

  • Anonymous

    french montana > prodigy at this point

  • psycho g

    this is beyond garbage ! i cant believe Him and nas just flat out wack now!

  • Mr Flamboyant

    Dear scavengers and lowlifes, When they went to G-Unit, I can say I was disappointed. I didn't think that LP was any good. It wasn't flat out wack, but it wasn't the same legendary music I was accustomed. However, after the many complaints that came out and about...P and Havoc displayed some heat rock fire and the return of the sound cats missed (The Free Agents mixtape). HNIC was a solid piece of work. HNIC 2 is something I steady bump as of this day. Black Cocaine was solid. I guess what I'm saying is this: Man all you sorry ass critics and naysayers claiming that y'all were Mobb Deep from the beginning and all need to just shout that shit with some thought about it. Dude...this nigga is a LEGEND! He birth a LOT of these MCs, rappers, or whatever you want to say. Clearly this HNIC 3 mixtape....MIXTAPE... is something he's doing just to 1. give other niggas a shine 2. salute those that saluted him. 3. Tap into another market of younger cats that very well might not have heard of him, a reintroduction or sorts. Hell I'm not a Waka Flaka fan by no stretch. But I will say his LP or whatever actually tapped into a chamber that was purely missing or misrepresented. I can't sit and listen to dude at all and when I come across his music one way or another, it's a laugh going on. That's besides the point. The point is Waka is doing his thing. He's pretty much independent and has been. P is showing love to him, French Montana, and other cats who have done so. The new youngsters who personally grew up on P...which all of these artists who he has on this mixtape have said multiple times. In fact, what P has done is quite remarkable and humble to tell the truth. On top of this...that song didn't sound bad at all. I can understand your thoughts and all if the shit actually stunk. So come on, man. You dumb niggas still think niggas care about record sales? You think these niggas validated themselves off of units moved? We all know how the game goes. So stop with that lame shit. Plus this mixtape...once again it's a fucking FREE. No charge. Free.99. Damn. Y'all niggas is some bitches out here. Straight up. And as he said on a prior shit: This the mixtape...imagine how the album sound. And that was on Return of the Mac...which was a solid banger of bullshitting around songs that was better than a gang of niggas ALBUMS and had ALC do the whole production...something that niggas once again are now catching on doing and recognizing that ALC is that nigga. After which, we got HNIC 2....which was nothing but one of the hardest records ever that P has done. Come on, man. Y'all niggas just stop this bullshit rhetoric. Sincerely, Management

    • ddhir

      bro/sis im so with you im a hard mobb fan HARD mobb fan holy fuck it brings tears to my eyes when p puts out bars talkn bout people think he fell off.....holy fuck man queens rap is insane man the mobb represents a diff kind of dedication to something. and yeah man can not say it enough p is insane hav is crazy lyrically and on beats its insane man dude is a mster song maker i love all the shit holy fuck product of the 80's fuckn trife life, allustrious, i coudl go on forever all songs i woudl bang out til im 80 probably man the shit is like gold and you got some sick insight into the situation its refreshing to read some real shiyt

    • Anonymous

      You and your dickriding ass mentality are the reasons that Hip Hop fell off the way it did. You're so fucking retarded, you put status and name over the actual quality of the music.

    • 187Bandman

      90s mobb is by far the best! and just because niggas showed love or came up off him dont mean he gotta put them on! if niggas not nice they not nice! and it dont matter if shit is free or not always take pride in ya work! alchmist production is not all that and Moob deep needs to get back to hav sound ! the gritty NYC Boombap! you a bitch for even thinking like that and you fucking up New york Hiphop!


    Now that you're no longer on G-Unit Records....lets see who hes gonna blame for his wackness and letting his fans down

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for Infamous and Hell On Earth, but you're beyond terrible now.

    • Blas

      And thanks for Murda Muzik and HNIC. Oh yeah, the free agents mixtape. Anything beyond that just isn't riggidy raw...

  • colione

    Now ya'll can see. I'm tru hip hop. Look at my j.u.s.t.i.c.e. league tatoo's. Look at my j.u.s.t.i.c.e. league chain. Look at my corn rows. Look how I roc Air force one's. Look how I alway's wear a hat and leave the stickers on. I'm a producer!!!! I'm the best producer in the game!!! I'M COLIONE FROM THE J.U.S.T.I.C.E. LEAGUE!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    P, Why is Wacka on this tape? What the hell is going on? Damn, this is gonna suck! His lyrics have gone down the drain. This song sucks hard. Wow. Oh well, I still have the memories of Mobb Deep

  • Anonymous

    this nigga is a wack, insecure trend-hopping bitch.

  • Anonymous

    I think prodigy deserves another beatdown.

  • Anonymous

    He is this not the fake hustler rapper with all his tattoos to cover up his insecureness. lol this fool is done.

  • barry

    Not feeling the new Mobb Deep stuff of late and I'm one of the biggest Mobb Deep fans. Don't like the track feat Wacka Flocka Flame. That ain't the Mobb Deep sound. I'll judge when I hear H.N.I.C 3.

  • Anonymous

    Why is there an owl @12 seconds??? That represents some illuminati type ish!

  • Alegra Cole

    Yo real talk if i was Prodigy i would do the same thing he's doing now. If all his so called fans do is shit on him, then of course hes gonna make records with wack flocka. I didnt think them signin to G Unit was a bad move cuz the blood money album was still bangin and 50 was puttin out street music except for the singles of course like candy shop or whatever. Mobb is still dope, but I wanna hear some hunger in Havoc's beats again.

  • Anonymous

    Nas is wakas favorite rapper he said it in a xxl article. With all the old niggas trying to reach out to the young crowd I wouldnt be surprised if nas did a track with him. These niggas is dumb for that because these youngsters don't give a fuck about them. All they'll do is tell us some retarded shit like"Waka ate p on that shit." give their artist props and still talk down on vets that put them on the song. Ym and mmg fans do it all the time. So if I were these dudes is say fuck these young bastards keep shit raw.

  • poppa large

    all this said below- at least he aint NAS

  • poppa large

    jus when you thought the bing couldnt brainwash a cat like prodigy, he goes and trys too hard to be current by working with some weak rappers. why? cause french is gonna sell 200k on bad boy?? dude above said it best- how could you tarnish the brand????the 50 cent shit was tolerable although bad, but this shit? the sid roams beats better be killin fools.


    Wacka Flocka Flame my nigga? how can you tarnish the brand like this? Ah well, its still worth the listen with Havoc's production..

  • Anonymous

    for those who are talking shit about this mix tape...shut the fuck up..the shit aint even drop yet and yall already hating..yah define the meening of cock suckas...p is one of the illest pretty sure this shit is gonna be dope..and if it aint dope i will be the first to admit it...but i need to hear it before i truly judge it

  • Anonymous

    Like I said he pulled this shit on hnic 1. But b.g. was actually decent. I dont Waka or French could make a song as dope as ybe. What the fuck happened to bars and hooks?

  • hex

    p.s. prodigy has fallen the fuck off. you're letting your fans down, p.

  • hex

    frenchy montana is a cornball fuck who can't rap. somebody should really assassinate his ass. and while you're at it, let's do away with nicki minaj and machine gun kelly too



  • Ben

    Not exactly an all-star list of collabos.

  • the fuck...

    i kno prodigy didn't just get with flocka for this tape...

  • SSR

    Looks like Prodigy is doing whatever he can to sell out and win the streets back after Black Cocaine flopped like a dry fish. He'll be shocked at the results. He's gonna sell even LESS next time, fans have had enough of this niggas BS. Everybody loves Prodigy in some form he's an all time great but he's been moving like a spineless wannabe since he got out of prison. Writing the Superhead style gossip book, acting like a clown on twitter. Even peep how the nigga dresses now, riding the hipster train. French Montana? Wacka Flocka? What the fuck happened to MOBB DEEP. The Prodigy I like would diss bums like French without even thinking about it. They were trendsetters, now they chase trends in hope of a payday not realizing they piss off the only ppl that still care about them. Havoc is completely washed up, looks like he's out of the picture altogether when it comes to rapping. Always sad to see legends stick around too long and embarrass themselves at the end. P, you're lookin desperate. I hope you feel the backlash it might shock your delusional ass back to life.

    • Anonymous

      ^^^^ The Infamous was NOT in the same style as Illmatic, are you crazy? Illmatic did not have Nas murdering people in every song. Illmatic was a lyrical album from street poet Nas, The Infamous was a trife life grimey murder album. Hell on Earth was not in the same style as Wu Tang, I don't even see why you said that, just because Wu members were featured on it? Well there were Wu members featured on The Infamous as well. Nas would hit you the with poetics, Wu would hit you would the knowledge, & the Mobb would straight hit you with gat. Thats the styles

    • unknown

      I don't think mobb deep have ever been trend setters. Infamous was in the style of Nas' illmatic, which was popular at the time. Hell on earth was in the style of wu tang, who were popular at the time. It also featured wu-tang members. Murda muzik was probably the only album where they weren't following trends, but they were criticised for it, being called behind the times. Infamy was in the style of music coming from murda inc, ja rule etc etc. Mobb deep always move with the times and make music which reflects current trends. They have never led the industry. But, the most important thing is that mobb deep always do what is current, best.

    • poppa large

      well said, P is done with the hard life and knows he needs to just embrace the new scum bag french

    • NEGRO



    give me the first H.N.I.C he can keep that other shit

  • Anonymous

    prodigy used to be know for his lyricism, now hes working with clowns that have no lyrics

  • DReal_Chico

    People let's just wait until the Mix CD and album are out before we start the criticism. Also I've feel Prodigy has left the real best for last.

  • Anonymous

    That's a shame too no alchemist beats definitely not looking foward to it.

    • unknown

      There is a mobb deep and alchemist project being released produced solely by alc. So my guess is all alc songs they have done are being kept aside for that project.


    NO ALCHEMIST on production???

    • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Nigga I've heard French montana since he was rolling with uncle murda. The nigga garbage. And prodigys doing the same he did on hnic 1. Putting a not so good nigga on the album and still make a good song with them. But it won't work this time for the simple fact b.g. was decent at least. French and Waka are horrible. And he only had one song with a not so good mc not 3. So I was looking foward to this not anymore.

  • JC

    Waka too damn wack Lost respect for Mobb Deep for this effort.

  • Anonymous

    And I meant to say roc marciano

  • Anonymous

    If he wants to work with new talent.

  • Anonymous

    First of all mega, noyd all the 99-00 shit you talking was what made hnic real dope not wack niggas. I mean cory is cool cause he got bars but French montana, Waka flocka c'mon son just like dude said don't tarnish the hnic name. If he's looking to work with talent at least get some dope niggas. Damn action from queens put him on the album or fox marciano

  • jesterxxl

    P did fall off which is sad to admit Plus if he works with peoples from his time he's bein called out for not givin new peoples shine or if he works with the latest hes called out for not givin his peoples props

  • skyz_the_limit

    I love it how ignorant motherfuckers talk about French Montana when they only heard 2 of his songs. He aint your dumb ass simpleton rapper. He got that real aggressive shit. Open your ears and cop his music first. Max B 4 ever

  • IOB

    Nigga fell off like nobody before him.

  • Anonymous

    If Prodigy collabs with G-Unit,you so called fans are mad,if he collabs with new blood like Gunz,Wake,French you so called fans get mad, when he does collab with Ross,you so called fans are gonna get mad. There's no winning with yall for P! It's a new day, Cormega,Noyd,etc that's all 99-00 shit. It's 2012 now,get over it!

    • thafranchise24

      I agree fans are hard to please these days, especially with free music. I wish they would ban mixtapes so you niggas would not be so spoiled. The funny thing is you fucks are still going to download it when it drops. Why would he give you songs with Alchemist beats for free?You know he has so much shit in the can with Alchemist. Mobb Deep fan for life here no matter who he does songs with. The cd has not even dropped yet and they complaining.

    • Anonymous

      I dont care if 100 BC, those features are lame

  • Nico 3

    Cormega sucks dipshit.

    • Anonymous

      Cormega's verse on HNIC shits on your existence, you fucking loser.

    • KingChandler

      You should be bitchslapped with a hand full of baby powder for that statement. lol. Mega is one of the nicest to touch the mic, dude is a lyrical beast and for you to say that he sucks just goes to show the lack of support that artists with true lyrical talent get. Go listen to The Realness album and then come back and say sorry for that comment. What you should have said was "I THINK Cormega sucks". Stating it as a fact just makes you look like a moron.

  • Anonymous

    On a Positive note, this should be Nice!

  • Anonymous

    why he gotta fuck with these lames? where big noyd? how about some cormega

  • Jpvigliotti

  • anonymous

    sad...waka and french montana? two trash ass rappers on a mobb deep joint? come on son...P look up Neme$1$, you need him for a classic

  • Anonymous

    french and waka were the two guys i was really hoping were not going to be on this he should have called this something else, don't tarnish the h.n.i.c. name

  • 1love

    I hope this is more like return of the mac then hnic series.

  • emmet

    frenchy on two songs now that cant be good. hope this shit is good though. hnic 1 was ok but 2 was straight fire. waka shouldnt be anywhere near this shit.

    • skyz_the_limit

      What do you know? you only listen to the radio. Big Sean/Soulja Boy lovin lame ass. You don't know him and Max B laid the pavement on this wavy shit for a lot of you mothefuckers. If you actually heard French's catalog then you'd know he's capable of makin real good music. And has been doin HIS OWN MOVEMENT for years. Cocaine City been around longer than your lame ass even been listenin to hip hop.

  • Anonymous

    LOL @ Prodigy, he went indy and seperated from the big bad corprate machine just so he could make the same jigaboo-boo music the majors are droppin Fuck outta here with that feature list, these kids out here now aint gonna buy your record anyway P, just quit reachin

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