Wiz Khalifa Says "Rolling Papers" "Creatively Wasn't My Best Work"

The Taylor Gang leader promises not to cater to mainstream tastes with his upcoming mixtape and sophomore album.

In anticipation of his upcoming sophomore album O.N.I.F.C., Wiz Khalifa took to his Tumblr page to reflect on his debut Rolling Papers, admitting that it wasn't his best creative work and that he feels much more confident about its follow up. In the post, he recalls how Kush & Orange Juice took his sound to new heights, but that he abandoned that for his major label debut.

"I haven’t been this excited about any of my projects ever. I remember when i made kush and orange juice, I listened to it and knew I had created a new genre that wld change music," he wrote. "The mistake i made on Rolling Papers was thinking it was time to move on from that genre not knowing that it had impacted people so much. The album did great numbers, but creatively wasn’t my best work. No regrets though. We live and we learn."

Wiz assures that his upcoming mixtape Taylor Allderdice and sophomore album O.N.I.F.C. will reel back in his sound. He asserts that he's not trying to crack the charts or cater to mainstream tastes, but rather for "people who live like us and can relate."

"So for my fans sake and own personal enjoyment,  Ive gone further into the world we’ve created and elaborated on our genre with the mixtape Taylor Allderdice and of course my sophomore album ONIFC. Im so confident in the artistry and creativity of these projects because so much living went along with them. These aren’t songs aimed to be hits or widely accepted or even understood. Iss for people who live like us and can relate. And informative to those who can’t. Either way we’re inviting mu fuggas deep into our world and I can’t wait. I got new visuals, a new clothing line, and the new show is gonna be amazing. This is for us. Taylor Gang Or Die."

Read the full post here.

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  • Wiz Khalifa

    YOU know WE out here GRINDIN you know I always roll up that A-GRADE PINE you know what it is, TATTED and shit, IM UP NEXT, watch out all you smokers and stoners, you aint ready. BOW BOW BOW.

  • dj nemesis

    WHAT PEOPLE DONT REALIZE: once you've made classic shit your here forever,once youve built a core fanbase your here forever, Ja rule still does shows, nas "sold out" and hes still at the top,so did jay's,so did eminem...i still listen to Eminems "infinite" album,nas illmatic an it was written etc...wiz did show and prove,prince of the city 1 an 2,b.a.r,how fly,star power,and kush and oj..HES HERE FOREVER no matter what bullshit he shits on a track,unless hes beatin women an turning into a racist terrorist that hates on every race includin his own,HES HERE FOREVER AN PEOPLE WILL CONTINUE TO LISTEN TO HIM...ESPECIALLY PEOPLE WHO'VE SEEN WIZ LIVE IN CONCERT..



  • Wiz been Trash

    This is like when EM said Relapse was fucking garbage worst album ever... And his fans were like...... "Yeah we agree, it was trash - I only brought 3 because I'm white....bla bla"

  • HipHopHead

    IMO this is the difference between a real fan & a bandwagon Real Fan: His last album was alright but it wasn't all that, he could do better. I still fuck with him. Bandwagon Fan: His album was garbage, worst shit ever, i'm not buying anything from this dude ever again. I'm not a fan any more

    • dj nemesis

      agreed,an to the guy on top of me^^ wiz khalifa show an prove album> most debut albums from most rappers to come out and im a real hip-hop head

    • I totally agree with you.... (Irony)

      A Real Wiz FAN: .....boboooohoowhoowhooo A Real HipHopHead: Wiz has always been garbage! See the difference?

  • Anonymous

    Lil fame if he's lying he knows its over because all of his original fans will abandon him. I hope not its about time a mainstream nigga decides to say fuck all the bullshit and take it back their roots.


    Bro, Rolling Papers wouldn't been my 5 year old's "best work" or anyone with vocab beyond basic elementary english. This guy is joke - I wish Snoop wwould stop co-signing this fag!!

  • Larry

    All he has to do its take the Curren$y approach. Curren$y has a huge fan base, delivers constant quality music to his fans, and sells enough to live comfortably without having to bow down to a major label.

  • Anonymous

    Wiz made a smart decision cater to the audience that's been checking for you since day one. Not these muthafucking kids who only started Fucking with you after they heard black and yellow. All these youngsters gonna do is find the next nigga and leave you hanging.

  • RTJ00

    Thats whats up, I dont really listen to Wiz like that, I like some of his underground shit and some of his mainstream tracks but its good to see him focusing on creativity, thats whats up, fuck all the haters and doubters, do ya thing boi!

  • jr88

    rollingpapers was so commercial it was disgusting...dont get me wrong there is alot of commercial hip hop like jay z kanye but wizzez was just aweful....i hate how he raps now if he cant find a word that rhymes he finds a word but trys to make it sound like the other word...lol

  • Simple like ABC, 123

    Rolling Papers [Domo Genesis] >>>>> Rolling Papers [Wiz Khalifa]

  • Anonymous

    This is always the dilemma an artist faces, in order to gain more exposure and to get more people to appreciate your music many artists will change the sound or 'water it down' to get a wider recognition, it is a business after all and thats what these companies want, which is their advance back from all the promotion, video, and studio fees. I'm glad Wiz has been honest with his fans and this shows his maturity but also a very subtle market strategy to retain a core fan base. Nevertheless I hope his forthcoming projects bode better than his former.

    • dj nemesis

      wiz can throw a show better then alot of legends,so stfu wit the no talent shit,wiz got more flows then all the rappers in the game right now

    • Swordz

      Some overcome the "dilemma" with "talent".... The ones without true talent are the ones who have to sell-out. ....Wiz falls in the latter category.

  • BooG

    make his mixtape a hit and Atlantic will be interested to see if it flys on his studio album. I bet all in all they expected more from the boy. and the more you hate the more I love him suck my cock

  • slimjimdaprf3t

    @ least he admitted that he pulled a "Lasers" and "I am not human being" when he dropped "Rolling papers" album was wack compared to Kush and OJ.....dnt suck mainstream dick Wiz....make music that represents u, ur ppl, and ur rep...All i gotta say

  • notyouraveragecommenter

    all these motherfuckers sittin here talkin 2 wiz about what he just fuckin said in the title of the article!!! noone gives a fuck what you have to say. dumbass bitches.



    • dj nemesis

      wiz is boring and gonna dissappear with his next release? really? thats why he has over 10 releases and a huge core fan base? bro once youve made classics,youll never dissappear, i still listen to eminems Infinite album,an i still listen to nas first two albums, once youve made raw shit,your here forever,wiz released show an prove,prince of the city 1 an 2,B.A.R,and kush an oj...ALL SOLID WORK

  • jason

    Shit i hope it wasnt your best!!! this youngin is still an amateur!!! Redman now thats a smoker with creative flow!!!

  • Anonymous

    yesss we need more Kush and OJ & Cabin Fever Wiz.

  • Anonymous

    Wiz, after Cabin Fever, i stopped listening to your music. I cant remember your last radio single. I didnt even like Black & Yellow. I always listen to Prince of the City 2, Star Power, How Fly, Flight School, ETC. Please make music like you did when you made those tapes. Please dont come out with more songs featuring Amber Rose, its not a coincidence shes making music now that shes with you. Kanye was smart, He kept her and his music ties SEPARATED. Do the same. Please come out with more smoking classics. Make a tape with Juliano for christs sake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    label had to much control

  • Jody02JoSo

    Thanx 4 being honest Wiz cuz after hearing Kush & OJ and Cabin Fever i was expecting rolling papers 2 be a mainstream pothead classic like sum of Snoops albums..but instead it was very pop and watered down..if he gon take it back to da Kush & OJ dayz then im fuckin wit him again..

  • Y

    Hope its all real, Kush & OJ was a smokers classic.

  • Anonymous

    YEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSS...some new vintage wiz

  • timmm

    good. I feel like he could have potential but Rolling Papers was garbage IMO. Elementary lyrics, as literal as lyrics can get, only about smokin weed and stackin chips, with shitty pop choruses. Think he can be good if he tried.

  • ark

    haha no shit i doubt he'll change. mac & devin was on some commercial bullshit too.

  • d-boy

    Im not a big fan of Wiz but I can respect him for saying, He's not gonna cater to the mainstream. Idk if he's telling the truth or jus tryna keep his fans but too many artists 2day are told by labels to make certain songs dat take away from who they are as artists...Yea, the $ may be better if u "sellout" but than u lose wat brought u here in da first place. If ur music is great, the masses will follow. Dnt create hip-pop songs jus to do it unless dats truly ur own style

  • byiaw

    if anybody else is noticing this correlation please reply. wiz is being yoko-ono'ed by miss balding rose. like john lennon, ( not comparing musical ability just the decline in talent and skill) once wiz started dating this succubus, his skill and heart for the game dropped. even more ironic is that Wiz himself raps on a song called Yoko. Yoko ono used Lennon to start her own path in music, just like amber rose. Fuck the hoes that ruin the heart of musicians.

  • jg

    we all knew this, but its good that Wiz is humble enough to admit it. He;s one of the realest niggas in the game, he just makes good, fun music. I loved High School.

  • Anonymous

    wow am i the only person who liked rolling papers?

  • dj nemesis

    wiz just do what you do, you know you liked rollin papers stop listenin to haters...when you did rollin papers you encouraged everyone to go to a show to see your vision,i went and i seen your vision...the music was made for concerts, and i left the show sayin "i understand"...dont do anythin for anyone else,do what you feel is right,kush an oj was sick but rollin papers wasnt thaaat bad,star of the show and the race are one of my favorite songs you ever released...your talented,fuck these bloggers

  • @Sourheadband420

    At Least Wiz can finally admit that Rolling Papers would have been better served as toilet papers. That was on my list of biggest flops of 2011. Anyways lets hope this lil Jimmy Hendrix wanna be can get that Kush & Oj flow back. Taylor Gang or Marry Amber Rose

  • Anonymous

    his new album is gonna be all about being in love with a stripper and how kanyes dick tastes

  • Anonymous

    Sold out Wtf you talking about. Kush and oj aint taking it back far enough to me. He needs to go back to spitting like he was when he did when he killed mobb deeps "the illest" beat.

  • Anonymous

    the nigga admitting he fucked up and you niggas still hate no matter what lol. you guys are such gossiping fags.

  • Fuck Wiz

    Fuck WIz Khalifa lol Stop falling for this sell out's music

  • Anonymous

    basically hes saying he sold out

    • Anonymous

      its an excuse, and shows how weak he is. what if he just made bad music and its a cover up, what if he only has one subject to talk about?

  • DiceTRAKZ

    "he recalls how Kush & Orange Juice took his sound to new heights, but that he abandoned that for his major label debut." Damn, thank u wiz! Thas what im talkin bout! Go back to that kush and oj sound and stop with that pop bullshit. Rollin pappers was garbo. I still bang that kush and oj til this day! If he keep his word on this upcoming album im coppin it!

  • Anonymous

    I bet that ONIFC will be pushed back and delayed, similar to how Lupe's LASERS got pushed back. I don't think Atlantic is gonna let creativity fly, especially when they made so much money off of mainstream-catered rap.

  • Luke

    considering the cd you made with Snoop sucked bad and rolling papers was ok, if you bomb this album, you're done.

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