Ghostface Killah Weighs In On New York Jets QB Mark Sanchez

Toney Starks weighs in on the New York Jets QB, saying that Sanchez doesn't have the arm to keep up in the NFL.

Super Bowl XLVI may be over a week old now, but that isn't keeping the legendary Ghostface Killah from talking about this past football season. In a recent interview with The Score, the Wu-Tang Clan emcee weighed in on his favorite team the New York Jets and their rough 2011 season. Ghostdeini said that a lot of the problems the Jets experienced were a result of quarterback Mark Sanchez, who Ghost says simply doesn't have the arm to keep up with the elite QBs in the league.

"I love sports," Ghost explained. "Any real man is gonna love some type of sport…[I'm a fan of] the Jets...what I'm thinking [is that Mark Sanchez isn't the right QB]. I'm thinking that he's still young and I'm thinking that his arm is really not that strong like that. I don't see no missiles really like - he's got a couple of really nice touchdowns, but it's not really like [he's] the elite. You got [Drew] Brees [of the New Orleans Saints], you got Aaron [Rogers of the Green Bay Packers], I miss Peyton [Manning], but you've got guys like that that's just gunning it, and it's like …I don't know, [Sanchez] just kinda folds at the last minute."

Ghost also spoke on the sports he watched growing up. Although Pretty Toney did says that he was a fan of Tom Landry's Dallas Cowboys, his real sports passion was professional boxing. He recalled that it was the bouts between Muhammad Ali and the late Joe Fraizer that really made him love the sport.

"When I was young, as far as sports, [my] football [team was] the Dallas Cowboys with Danny White and them. I loved that [White used to punt], and I loved the coach [Tom] Landry," he recalled. "I loved that old man. He just had something about him that just, you always just wanted to look at him. Those memories, and you've got the boxing memories. I'm a boxing fan, too. Rest in peace to Joe Fraizer. He was a part of Muhammad Ali's legacy, too, because those fights right there was just the fights of the century. They were just going in and he helped make Muhammad Ali what Muhammad Ali is, too."

The full interview can be seen below.

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  • Nico 3

    RAT YDS TD 78.2 3,474 26 Those are decent stats considering he was sacked alot.

  • Nico 3

    What has GK accomplished exactly? Two seasons ago, Sanchez was in the playoff's. Everybody loved him then. It's his thug teammates who talk shit about him when they lose to deflect the fact they didn't do their jobs either. Sanchez is alot like Romo. A slightly above average QB, who is simply playing on the wrong team. Expectations in the NY media would kill anybody. Wait till E. Manning doesn't win the SB next year. He'll be crucified by the media. That's why GK's opinion is shit. All he's going on is a bad season. Let's revisit this five years from now and see where Sanchez is.

  • murdock

    sanchez will never have a arm like namath..had to bring it to some legend shit

    • seis

      ill take testaverde and pennington over sanchez all fucking day. noodle arm chad had a heart at least. sanchez is a quitter and his team hates him. i enjoy watching the jets fans rally behind a loser, its entertaining.

  • Kanye

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  • Kanye

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  • ark

    All these Jets fans think that Sanchez is still their savior hahahhahahahha Sanchez fucking sucks. He has no accuracy down the field and chokes under pressure. Patriots and Dolphins will have better records next year without a doubt. If Bills resign Stevie, then it'll be the Jets & Bills fighting for last.

  • cloi

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  • BiLL$

    Ghost is a classic nigga

  • Anonymous

    Ghostface is right Sanchez flat out fuckin sucks!!! I will also add that the Jets were not runnin the ball as good as they have before that didnt help Sanchez either.

  • Anonymous

    the Jets need to pick up Peyton Manning and let him teach Mark a few things before he calls it a career.

  • Jis36ngrewuphiphop

    Slavery by another name; the story of blacks in the 19th century being arrested after the civil war on and charged an convicted on spurios charges, then leased or sold as laborers to various entities a practice that lasted well into the 20th century! Sounds like what happens when u catch a felony! Amerikkka is so beautiful! Now free niggers are arguing over musicians and mc's Malcom, Fredrick, Martin, Huey, h Rap, Marcus would be so proud! Read your 13 ammendment

  • east coast bias

    Ghostface: great rapper, moron with his opinion of Sanchez. And for the Sanchez haters, compare his 3rd year stats with Eli Manning's 3rd year stats. Almost identical. Offensive line was progressively worse plus a receiving core with Burress who, although he scored TDs, couldn't run routes and Holmes, a good not great receiver. New Yorkers, especially Jet fans, set unrealistic expectations for their teams. SMH. I know, I know, this is a hip hop site.

    • Anonymous

      So the Bills didn't think they had a chance when they went FOUR YEARS IN A ROW and started off good this year? Dolphins had one of the greatest QB's EVER, they never trash talked ONCE when they were the "beasts of the east"? New England was GOBBAGE before BILL PARCELLS came and left the team to little Bill. Jets FINALLY get a team together and make a run, and here comes the salt. And YES, Mark is MEH.

    • Anonymous

      except bills and dolphins fans dont act like they're winning a ring every year. sanchez sucks, deal with it.

    • Anonymous

      Jets haven't won in a while, neither have the Lions. Bills never won. Dolphins? Bengals? Browns? Chargers? Doug Williams and the Redskins was a while ago. Seahawks? Vikings won in 77. Eagles? Cardinals? Calm down son, many teams are thirsty for a ring, Jets ain't the only ones.

    • Anonymous

      difference, eli is clutch, sanchez is not. jets fans are such losers. remind me, when did yall last win a superbowl? fucking joe namath was fresh faced. sanchez is a bum, deal with it.

    • Anonymous

      if he's a moron for his opinion then what are you for yours?

  • Really?

    This 40 something year old dude sounds fucking retarded. "I don't see no missiles really like - he's got a couple of really nice touchdowns, but it's not really like [he's] the elite." - Some GREAT fucking analysis. This clown needs to stick to rapping and making albums that a few thousand people appreciate. And yes I'm a hater. A hater of unintelligent pawns.

    • Anonymous

      You need to get your punk ass whooped by a 40 year old. Still it is an opinion talk shit like stick to rapping he aint going anywere else

    • IHateStupidUneducated Niggas LikeThisMonkey

      You sir are the unintelligent pawn!!! What he said was that Sanchez cant throw a missile like the elite qb's. Also what the fuck does his age have to do with anything. IF you like sports you like sports you could 8 or 88. You a stupid muthafucka!!!

    • HHH

      It's an opinion. Personally American football is fucking garbage... Your the only country that plays that weeak shit. Learn how to play soccer like the rest of the world.

  • Martin

    Can't front on Ghost, he makes for interesting interviews. Just wish he was more knowledgeable on topics outside of Hip-Hop. "Luxury Fit For A King"

  • Anonymous

    Sanchez doesn't care what some bum rapper thinks. He's got a nice contract, and will continue to be the starter next season simnply because the Jets are only a few tweaks away from being good again. You don't judge a QB by how far he flings the ball. That's insane. If that's the case, Tim Tebow might as well retire now.

    • Anonymous

      bum rapper , whos your favorite rapper then clown? this guy accomplished more than you calling him bum stupid

    • Anonymous

      ghostface >>> sanchez one of the worst starting QB's in the L and another USC flop check down pass, blank stare check down pass, blank stare pick 6 to DL, blank stare jets going nowhere with that kid how many years he gonna get to prove it to you? weak arm, no guts, his teammates dont like him, and hes regressed every year. sounds like a winner. you mad?

    • YouSerious?

      But Sanchez sucks though. One of those "tweaks" they needa make is at Quarterback.

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