Beyonce Issues Statement Regarding Whitney Houston

Beyonce explains what losing Whitney Houston means to her.

Countless people, ranging from fans to celebrities, have expressed their grief over the passing of diva Whitney Houston.

Among the scores of individuals influenced by Houston was Beyonce, who issued the following statement via her website:

"The loss of Whitney Houston is painful. I remember meeting Whitney for the first time when I was 15. She was the ultimate legend. The ultimate woman. Not only was she confident, poised, stunningly beautiful and intelligent, but she was sincere and kind. She took the time to make everyone feel like they were very important to her. I, like every singer, always wanted to be just like her. Her voice was perfect. Strong but soothing. Soulful and classic. Her vibrato, her cadence, her control. So many of my life's memories are attached to a Whitney Houston song. She is our queen and she opened doors and provided a blueprint for all of us. 

God bless her.

- Beyoncé"

Whitney Houston passed away on Saturday (February 11) at the age of 48. The latest reports indicated that Houston was found in the bathtub of her room in a Beverly Hills hotel with her face underwater.

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  • Anonymous

    Sincere and kind? She was a raging drug addict who turned a deaf ear when her daughter started doing drugs. She married industry loser/leech Bobby Brown, and did enough drugs to put the cartels out of business. Beyonce didn't know the real Houston. She's merely playing along, and paying respects cause that's what entertainers do. They say how great someone is, then forget about them a week later.

  • Jis36ngrewuphiphop

    Bianca is open miss houston is dead! She cant wait to try and fill her shoes! U know gay z is in her ear like finally u can do it big know babe, just like i did once pac, biggie, n pun died! Yessssssd! Wooohooooa

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  • DR_Jam

    What she said! Well, except for the drugs, the crazy mad hubby, the bi-polar and awkward moments, the fact that she lacked some kind of self-esteem for falling for the aforementioned things, Ray J--ok not really. I love Whitney but somehow I didn't feel said like I did when it happened to Aaliyah, ODB, or even Amy Whinehouse. Maybe it's because Amy was so much younger and I still had hope shed get it together. Drugs are bad! Hmm'ok!?

  • Anonymous

    Whitney had the talent and success only God could bless someone with. I just wonder what god is going to say to her on judgement day. 48 years of life with about 30 plus years of fame and fortune, But eternity in Hell. You really think anyone can live as they choose. Nope..No one...We all die..But we all have a choice...Better start choosing now cause after that drink with a few xanax you may pass out in the tub and die.

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      please do not speak on behalf of good. and please do not speak as if you know whitney the human being beyond what you read on tabloids and the internet headlines. typical reckless judgmental religious nut making assumptions on who people are based on incomplete and misguided information. i dont know whitney houston persnally therefore i dont her heart. i know she had a battle with personal demons, but everybody i know has their own demons. the medias job is to focus on the grabby stuff. i also know she had a gift that she used for good and she touched alot of people with it. which is what we are born to do. it would be a disservice to god for me to condemn whitney houston as a blogger on my laptop. thats all i am, but i will say rest in peace and thank you for the goodness of your music and energy. funny, im more christian than you and im not even christian. you need to reevaluate your life.

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