Rihanna & Coldplay Perform At The 2012 Grammy Awards

Ri joined forces with the British band during a collaborative performance.

Rihanna and Coldplay joined forces to perform during the 2012 Grammy Awards.

The Bajan songstress opened the performance with her smash "We Found Love," joining up with Coldplay for their collaborative cut "Princess of China" before the British band took over with "Paradise."

Watch the performance below (via Yardie).

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  • Anonymous

    this shit aint hip-hop

  • JPipe

    Is it me or is Rihanna looking crackheadish? She looks nothing like her former self from thickness to face.

  • Izzy

    Rihanna sang like shit. Whats up with that

  • 1love

    god damn if rihanna keeps bleaching her skin she gonna get skin cancer i don't know what media's obsession with light skin is.

  • R.I.P Whitney Houston

    Nice performance!! p.s. I have more than 19,000 Japanese-followers. If you need my promotions, check this out. http://bit.ly/zXEFnw

  • bmoc

    Disapointed how skinny Rihanna was. damn

  • john doe

    No big winners in hip hop at grammy's this year. Rap is over. Just like the rise and fall of hair metal/rock in the 80's, (poison,warrant). We are seeing rap die. That's because it's trend music. A fad music that really should have died 10 years ago. Pack up your samplers, laptops, and sequencers, real musicians are coming back.... And if you don't know now ya know nigga......

    • Anonymous

      hip hop is more culturally prominent than its ever been. you wishing that it dies and begging people to pack up their equipment like a bitch wont change your reality unfortunately :(

    • Anonymous

      ^ why did you respond to this nigga with 2 paragraphs. the first response said everything that needed to be said. this guy is begging people to stop making rap music. just sounds bitter and desperate.

    • Anonymous

      I Agree but disagree. Hip hop is dying, or at least a generation of it. But that is also a good thing. People are gonna be exposed to only the nonsensical rambling of Lil Wayne, the non memorable lines of Drake, the annoying voice of nikky, etc. (it might seem like i'm picking on young money, but they're the only one's on the radio pretty much. i mean who else is hip hop and on the radio? Rick Ross, Ace Hood, T Pain; they're all affiliated anyways) but my point is this. Once this new generation of hip hop takes over, people will get tired of it, maybe not annoyed, but when they hear something classic or different, then the return of the era will come back. You see it now, we hear a lot of autotuned crap called Pop, Rihanna, Nicky Minaj, Brittany Spears, Katy Parry, etc. and when a good singer (still uses autotune but not as noticeable) comes along such as Adele, or even great singers who RETURNED, such as Sade and Mary j Blige, people go back to liking it and they try to mimic THEM instead of the other pop artists.

    • Anonymous

      Fuck off, troll!

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