Alicia Keys & Bonnie Raitt Perform Etta James Tribute At 2012 Grammy Awards

Leesha and the country veteran joined forces during the event.

Alicia Keys and Bonnie Raitt teamed up for an Etta James tribute during the 2012 Grammy Awards.

With A. Keys on the B3 organ, the duo performed James' "A Sunday Kind of Love" in tribute to the fallen singer, though they took a moment to remember Whitney Houston during the set.

Watch the performance below (via Yardie).

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  • Anonymous

    this shit aint hip-hop!!!!

  • Jis36ngrewuphiphop

    Alicia fleas is a HOE lets not 4get she was fuckin a married man all the while she was singing songs about uplifting black girls in the hood! Fronting like a positive role model while she sucked the taste of mishonda pussy of swiss dick! Hahhahahahaha

  • R.I.P Whitney Houston

    It was pretty good!!! p.s. I have more than 19,000 Japanese-followers. If you need my promotions, check this out.

  • Anonymous

    No big winners in hip hop at grammy's this year. Rap is over. Just like the rise and fall of hair metal/rock in the 80's, (poison,warrant). We are seeing rap die. That's because it's trend music. A fad music that really should have died 10 years ago. Pack up your samplers, laptops, and sequencers, real musicians are coming back.... And if you don't know now ya know nigga......

    • LoonyTunez

      Wow,, either you Jus try'n to get attention or your sevearly miss informed. How can you NOT understand how the Industry has Always kept a cover over most of the Truest Rap music out there... Also, you Just related Rap to : 1. A Trend 2. Poison and Warrent no wonder your 'anonymous' Go visit the site Im sure they miss your misinformed energy

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