Chris Brown Performs "Turn Up The Music," "Beautiful People" At The 2012 Grammy Awards

Breezy gave a choreographed performance during the award ceremony.

Chris Brown performed his new single "Turn Up the Music" and "Beautiful People" during his 2012 Grammy Awards.

Breezy, clad in a varsity jacket sporting a "B," joined several backup dancers on a tiered set as he ripped through his newest single, flipping it to his Benny Benassi-assisted "Beautiful People" at the end of the performance.

Watch the performance below (via Yardie).

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  • Jis36ngrewuphiphop

    Congrats to chris! Way to come back after that slutty big head freak tried to ruin his career! That bitch looks like a black lindsay lohan right now! So congratulations to him for doin what he had to do!

  • Anonymous

    chris brown is a faggot dancing around on stage with a bunch of hacks. lil tunechi is a fucking homo. david gueta is a no talent homo. this shit is all very embarrassing, how did music rot away. techno trance shit and corny dance steps, lots of undeserving praise, bitches in blue wigs hanging off the wall. humanity is fucked. give the faggot an award, and put a bullet in his head. all these ppl suck and LL looked like a gay pool shark the whole night. what the fuck.

  • Anonymous

    Though I prefer "Beautiful People" as a song, I got to admit Chris Brown just kills it foremost with his performance of "Turn Up the Music". MJ at his best time could not make better moves. He would have been proud seeing this.

    • Anonymous

      lol youre a homo michael jackson on profopol and every consumer drug on the market at 87 pounds has a billion times more charisma and star power than chris brown. chris brown is studying old MJ tapes sucking dick bleachign his hair singing on techno.

  • R.I.P Whitney Houston

    Pretty cool!! p.s. I have more than 19,000 Japanese-followers. If you need my promotions, check this out.


    well said @Up North:

  • ASEE

    should have performed Whoop That Trick

  • Anonymous

    No big winners in hip hop at grammy's this year. Rap is over. Just like the rise and fall of hair metal/rock in the 80's, (poison,warrant). We are seeing rap die. That's because it's trend music. A fad music that really should have died 10 years ago. Pack up your samplers, laptops, and sequencers, real musicians are coming back.... And if you don't know now ya know nigga......

    • Anonymous

      Kanye won 4 grammys this time around. He now has more than any rapper ever.


      "I never let a statue tell me how nice I am" - Phife Dawg, Award Tour well said @Up North

    • Up North

      "I never let a statue tell me how nice I am" - Phife Dawg, Award Tour Take your rant to Jay and Kanye after their wildly successful WTT Tour. Should have died 10 tears back? Is that why Hip Hop has grossed more than any other genre during that span? I could go on and on about why Hip Hop will never die but it will fall on deaf ears. I sense bitterness

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