Bruno Mars Performs At The 2012 Grammy Awards

The singer-songwriter hit up the Grammys stage, dedicating his performance to Whitney Houston.

Bruno Mars hit up the Grammy Awards stage earlier this evening, performing with a backing band and two singers.

The bouffant-sporting singer-songwriter channeled James Brown during the set, encouraging everyone in Staples Center to get into the spirit. "Get off your rich asses and have some fun!" he said.

Watch the performance below (via Yardie).

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    This is not hip hop. I wanna kill this dude. fucking hate him. Not jealous, just hate his voice.

  • Anonymous

    why is all this faggot grammy shit cluttering up my old favorite hiphop website?

  • ___________

    why is this on a HIP HOP site? bruno mars looks like a hermaphrodite. looks like a tanned elen degeneres. horrible music. eminem worked with this homo, that's hilarious. eminem is a faggot. grammys always suck saw 5 minutes of it and it was ll cool j introducing chris brown with lil wayne rapping the wackest bars i ever heard leading into deftones and dubstep. hip hop is dead. shit is disgusting

  • Anonymous

    No big winners in hip hop at grammy's this year. Rap is over. Just like the rise and fall of hair metal/rock in the 80's, (poison,warrant). We are seeing rap die. That's because it's trend music. A fad music that really should have died 10 years ago. Pack up your samplers, laptops, and sequencers, real musicians are coming back.... And if you don't know now ya know nigga......

  • 30 Chainz

    so far the only really good performance I saw. but on another note the grammys are wack

    • Kaz

      Yea but the dude can actually sing live and he's a pretty good pop songwriter. It still saddens me to see him have a headline on a hip hop site, that's the problem, everything is mixed into pop

    • Anonymous

      you thought this was a good performance? really? congratulations, you are the androgynous male. bruno mars is a disgrace to life and music, any man capable of watching him perform without disgust is queer.

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