MC Lyte Stars In HIV/AIDS Public Service Announcement

MC Lyte gives back by raising awareness about HIV and AIDS.

Though MC Lyte's place in Hip Hop is unquestioned, she has begun to extend her legacy beyond music by raising HIV/AIDS awareness.

In an interview with, Lyte explained the importance of raising awareness.

"I'm just happy to be a participant with any organization that's going to make people aware of the disease that's killing us [Black people] by the millions," said the Brooklyn emcee, who recently participated in a PSA put together by Greater Than AIDS and the Black AIDS institute. "There are so many sick in our backyards right now. There's not just [Project] RED but many other organizations that I work with that are all about bringing awareness [and] educating the youth about protecting themselves."

Also starring in the PSA are Michael Jai White, Vanessa Williams, Orlando Jones, Samuel L. Jackson, among others. Watch the PSA below:



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