T.I. & Dr. Dre Reportedly Shooting Video For "Popped Off"

Tip and the West Coast veteran are linking to lens a video for a collaboration.

T.I. and Dr. Dre are reportedly shooting a video for their collaboration "Popped Off," included on Tip's latest mixtape release Fuck Da City Up , or a previously unheard duet.

In a series of tweets, entertainment manager Antonio Hewlett announced a casting call for a T.I. and Dre music video. The clip will be shot in Atlanta, Georgia next weekend.

Tip, who previously worked with Dre on a leaked Detox track "Topless," recently spoke on developing the chemistry between him and the West Coast veteran in the studio.

"He got hot beats and I got dope rhymes, so we can always get together and make music," he said. "But for people to feel what we're sayin' and for it to sound like a party comin' through your speakers, you gonna have to create some chemistry. So that's what we spent more time doin' than anything else; developing that chemistry."

Casting for Dr Dre/TI video in Atlanta next weekend looking for beautiful models send photos to antoniomanager2@gmail.com
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  • listener1

    Most of the time when two big artists come together for a song, the song is usually not good. Even the song with T.I and eminem (touch down) not too good. I know people are going to mention the Jay-Z and Eminem song, but eminem wrote his verse with Royce Da 5'9. So don't pull that crap.

    • ETK

      what a laughable example, Touchdown was made during Eminem's hiatus and while he was a fat overdosing druggy. not only that but Tip/Eminem redeemed themselves with That's All She Wrote anyway

  • Jis36ngrewuphiphop

    A snitch and a homo! Thats intresting! Hip hop is dead! Yall niggers( realize im not saying niggaz) r dumb! Thats y crackers dont give a fuck about the inner city! How the fuck niggers act like gangsters wen they know they pussy! T.i man got murdered n he didnt cooperate with police untill he got that gun charge that aint real, thats real bitch shit ya heard. So suck a dick up to ya hicc up u stupid black coon mutherfuckers!

    • Jis36ngrewuphiphop

      Y did i offened you nigger? If your in the street n someone yells out gorilla do you turn around? I must have touChed a nerve wit that huh! Ig niggers yell out faggot i dnt pay it nO mind cause i know it aint me n i dont defend them nither! You responded wit that comment like you had an epiphany wen all yOu did was show that you think of yourself as a coon so you had to defend yourself!hahahahahaha peace cooner

    • Cudder

      guess we know who the nigger is here

  • maleki

    any bets that eminem wrote dres verse??? thats was an eminem flow all day... but im diggin the track

  • Renzo rollin

    Tracks average, so not interested in the video. Song doesn't have that special something that his productions before 2006 almost always had.

  • Manager

    Beautiful girls can also send pics to rhyno_gores_all@yahoo.com

  • Creeper Slim

    Dre is a weak ass nigga nowadays.He barely works on beats anymore,Detox is a sunk ship,and all he do is promote those overpriced headphones.Al the shit I heard outta him on other peoples albums is garbage.Just mediocre beats you could find on you tube.I was bumpin this track 3 years ago without Dre's verse and I'm burnt out on it.He needs to quit bullshittin with his music so much and just put it out.

  • Shittiest day ever.

    My girlfriend broke up with me...

  • big dick daddy

    where the fuck does it say "popped off " video in that tweet ?

    • ETK

      uh, what other track you think Dre and T.I. done together? use your brain there's Topless but Nas is on there.. and Eminem too(on the version I heard). but if they made a video without Nas I would lose faith on whoever brought the video production together

  • Devil & Brokeness Made Me Do It

    Dre hurry up I wanna hear that Detox till I'm alive. Expecting nothing but a masterpiece.

  • Swordz

    tune is weak video not needed

    • LupeX

      U gotta b kiddding me! Popped Off is a helluva single! It's waaay beta than anything Tip's put out for years - when I heard it, I was like, Y is this a mixtape cut? They shudve stashed it and promo'ed it 4 his album release.

  • 24ees

    jimmy will be there, escorting dre to and from the video shoot. he keeps his steroid monkey on a tight leash. dr. dre will have plenty of security, he lives in fear of being punched/shot ever since he got clubbed at the vibe awards. dre busy selling headphones, racking weights, scheduling botox/face lifts in various spots around hollywood. real fruity boy, that andre. anyone that ever came in close contact with dre, not getting paid by dre, will tell you. dre is a down low faggot. stay safe andre, i'm sure he'll request a green screen shoot for saftey purposes.

  • jr88

    and if he doesnt work with west coast artist atleast bring them that west coast sound not that timbo sound he did with jay z

  • jr88

    @ cudder, i could agree that an artist has to move on and evolve but he has done that and it hasnt worked....did you here the track with jay z? shit was aweful....he needs to stop with the "look kids im cool, im standing next to rick ross and im working with wayne" shit and work with artist from the west...who cares if it doesntsell he made 600 mill with his headphones

    • Anonymous

      his slavemaster Jimmy Iovine made the $600 mil, not Dre!

    • Cudder

      I did say he tried.. but even there, the guy ain't been as relevant as he was 10 years ago? can you blame him? what else he gonna do? look at Nas, collaborating with dudes like Tyga and shit. everyone's bigging their past albums and careers and shit, but no one's actually givin em attention.. it's all about hating YMCMB and spouting more illuminati bullshit about Jay-Z. dunno about you, but if I was Dre I would've probably tried to mesh with today's hip hop too. of course, I'd go at it differently than with what Dre tried on his leaked Detox material

  • Anonymous

    This is Wale's joint!

  • Anonymous

    This song is hot shooting this video is a great move right here..................... CHECK OUT THE MUSIC http://soundcloud.com/inevitable-success/sets/taste-of-success/

  • jr88

    dre needs to go back in the lab and do an album like 2001 man...that album is a classic...who gives a fuck, do it for the west coast...stop trying to be timbo and be yourself....you make an album every 10 years so people will give you a pass for doing the same album just make it better....smh

    • Cudder

      oh, albums always need to be like [insert classic name here]. why can't you niggas move on? 2001 was a good banger for its time, Dre tried meshing with today's current sound. do it for the west coast? the west coast, any coast is fickle as fuck, they'll ride his nuts as soon as he gains back success(if ever)

  • So Icy Boi!

    T.I. & Dr. Gay? dese niggas aint hot...... eh Betta producas: 40 > Dr. Dre Boi-1da > Dr. Dre T-Minus > Dr. Dre Leg Luger > Dr. Dre DJ Khaled > Dr. Dre Betta rappas: Lil Wayne > T.I. Drake > T.I. Nicki Minaj > T.I. Tyga > T.I. Birdman > T.I. swag

    • YESSIR


    • ETK

      I know some of y'all will feel compelled to, but don't bother replying to this belligerent troll I know I just did, but it's better to have a disclaimer sayin it than a line of niggas falling to his hook again

  • Jay-Z

    Big up Dre!! p.s. I have more than 18,500 Japanese-followers. If you need my promotions, check this out. http://bit.ly/zXEFnw

  • BlazeDatIshUp

    Fuck this nonsense, just give us the Detox we want. If Detox ends up being wack I'm gonna use the cd as a coaster. It better be a classic......

    • ETK

      lol, look at this guy. you're pleading for Detox and right after you're threatening Dre you'll use it as a coaster if it sucks. why should Dre even listen to you? Detox is never gonna come out with shit like that

  • thafranchise

    This song is old but its a hit record. Sometimes people need to see the visual to get the full affect of the song. This shit is a banger!!!



  • Anonymous

    so dre has time to work with this FBI snitch but not for detox

  • AOK123

    aint nobody worried about this old @$$ song

  • Anonymous


  • dockevoc

    Song sucks. Would love to see the Topless video w/ Nas, though...that shit is the only memorable song from all the 'detox' sessions

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