Brother Ali Releases Free Stream Of "The Bite Marked Heart" EP

UPDATE: Atmosphere's Ant and Jake One supply the seven tracks for Ali's free treat.

Minneapolis, Minnesota emcee Brother Ali will release a seven-song free EP, The Bite Marked Heart on Monday, February 13. The veteran Rhymesayers Entertainment artist's latest project features longtime producer Ant (of Atmosphere) and Jake One.

The project is compromised of all new material. Later this year, Ali is slated to release his fifth album, Mourning In America And Dreaming In Color on Rhymesayers.

[February 10]

UPDATE: Brother Ali has released the full stream of his latest EP The Bite Marked Heart. Check the tracklist and listen to the EP below (via HHNM).

1. Shine On (feat Nikki Jean)
2. Electric Energy
3. I Can’t Wait
4. I’ll Be Around (feat Phonte and Stokley Williams)
5. Years
6. Haunted House (fest Aby Wolf)
7. The Bite Marked Heart

Tracks 1,2,3,6,7 Produced by Jake One
Tracks 3,4 Produced by Ant

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  • JC

    Brother Ali is super dope One of the few rappers to come out in the last decade who I rate. I grew up listening to real hip-hop so I'm entitled to say that 99% of the new rappers are absolute garbage. Fags like Lil Gayne, Rozay, French FAg Montana, Wacka Flame etc...pure corny imitators. Word up to Brother Ali. Consistently representing real hip-hop with dope lyrics, and a great, modest, level headed persona. A great thing to see.

  • jburnz

    And who produced track 5? this is perfect.

  • bronxy555

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  • bronxy555

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  • Justin

    How can it be that a white muslim is a shame to humanity? Have you actually read the qur'an, or were your eyes just scrolling the text? The jihad is the struggle to teach everyone to be as one, to destroy the thoughts that kill unity, not to kill those that are ignorant. What would it matter the color of skin, thoughts and perspectives are not in skin color, they are in frequency. For instance, if MLK or Malcolm were white would the intent of there words be any less meaningful. I guess maybe to you. Unfortunately the stupidity of our predecessors, the insecurities of our forefathers, has made so many more racists that scream foul play... "Gimme my rights Cracker! You racist bastard!"... I love Brother Ali's music because it is just that, good music. Go listen to the W, or old Tribe, or KRS. There are so many fundamentally similar qualities. This is music that makes a difference, makes people think and discuss our sick sad world. Our opinions on what sounds good may be different, but heres truth. when we die we are all exactly the same substance. Accept the joy of the diversity you get to experience here on earth and you may find yourself a much happier individual, then what you leave her on earth might actually make a difference. Right now all I hear from haters is the same stupidity that skewed all of our views on race in the first place...

    • Anonymous

      ask brother ali that. why did he feel the need to come out as a black albino muslim when he's not black? he had to correct the story as he got more and more popular. he's a fraud, and a liar. he makes great music, but he's a shame to humanity. he tries really hard to appease the same community he once offended. i'll listen to his music, but i will never support it. the black albino angle garnered him a lot of attention, that he didn't get through his talent. very sick.

  • chav killa

    This going to be crazyy

  • SP0

    i remember when brother ali first came out saying he was a black albino muslim. then he got a lot of attention, his music bubbled, and he switched the story to "i'm a white albino muslim raised by blacks". talented rapper but a complete bozo that fronts like he's a deep thinker when he's actually a super talented fraud. white muslims are a shame to humanity.

    • Allahs boy

      You've never put your foot in your mouth like he did? You just did in your ignorant post. He's a leader in quality hip-hop, he's very talented, and a good role-model who respects women and people of all walks unlike your ignorant self who says dumb shit like your last sentence. Go find a bridge and jump off it, it's ok, allah's cool with it.

  • JAY-Z

    This is great news!! p.s. I have more than 18,500 Japanese-followers. If you need my promotions, check this out.

  • R2die

    Gotta love Ali i cant wait for this EP and the Full length album.. and go check out that new "Shine On" track if u havent seen it yet.. its dope

  • ETK

    Brother Ali is sick, I love pedigree and Take me home mostly and writer's block released recently was solid too

  • Anonymous

    Brother Ali is a breath of fresh air in hip hop these days...kills it everytime without acting like a fuckin idiot or gangster

  • PalBuddyGuy

    It's gonna be the 2nd good project in 2012. This and Q's H&C. So far in 2012 hip hop sucks. There's a lot of expected albums doe.

  • AliBombaye

    This is the best news I have heard in a while!!! Already know its gonna be fire!!!

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