Busta Rhymes Calls Google Music Deal "The First Of Its Kind"

Bus-A-Buss explains how his joint deal with Cash Money and Google Music is revolutionary for music.

Busta Rhymes made headlines in November 2011 after announcing a joint deal with Cash Money Records and Google Music, which has provided him a platform to release and promote his music through Google's technology. Speaking with MTV2's Sucker Free, Bus-A-Buss explained how his situation is unique to the game and how the partnership is etched in the history books.

"The label situation is phenomenal. It’s a marriage that I feel is a genuine one, and it’s a deal that’s a first of its kind because we sat at the roundtable and created something that’s a one of one and it’s a first of its kind," he said. "It’s partnering up of Google and Cash Money together and being able to make a marriage and a merge in a support system that is unlike anything that’s ever existed in the history of music."

When asked to explain how Google is making an effort to embrace the music industry, Busta said that it's important to the company to create platforms for musicians and artists, stating that it would be "blasphemous" for them not to try to crack the market.

"The Google thing… I think what makes the Google thing so incredible is that they realize how important it is for them to be a part of music. They realize how important they are, period. It’s almost like, if you can’t be found on Google, you don’t exist in the world, for real. They understand that with that strength and with that power that they have, that it was almost blasphemous for them to not have their hands in music as well."

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  • casper21

    I grow more disappointed with Bus as the years go by. I though the big bang was an incredible album, mostly slept on, but he just doesn't have the patience anymore, he feels he needs to be releasing new records every 18 months like he did in the past. Most of the hate in here isn't unwarranted. Bus has sold out quite a bit since he left Aftermath. Signing to TPain's label was a prime example, released nothing there, went back to the house that helped build him I believe under his own people and put out the BS record, at his age he needs to be able to more critical of his own music, if it's shit it's shit, shelve it and start over. And this move to young money is just lowering the bar. Why does he feel the need to be accepted by the youngest audiences at this age. He has the discography and the hits to tour for as many years as he wants to stay solvent and keep the bills paid, why keep releasing watered down material. The Look At me now feature showed he still has the flow and lightning fire spit, but there was NO content in the verse at all. I don't like where your heading bus, but keep grinding if you feel the need.

    • Anonymous

      Cool story bro, but unless you people have insider information on his two deals you're babbling about something you have no idea of. For all people know he signed a press and distribution deal with Cash Money, you can't judge a book by it's cover. Even moreso, not being rude but the loss of respect because he signed with CM means nothing, Busta will continue to make music, get verse placements and perform shows in places most of you have never been and those people most likely don't even understand the English language.

  • Wu Tang

    The problem is Busta is a wave rider and not a business man. People say shit like "stop hating and hes in a better financial situation than you etc etc" But what people dont understand Is that If he were so concerned with his money, over the quality of music he should be in 50 cent's position. This is why hes being hit with the washed up talk, because every venture hes tried on his own hasnt worked out so well. Jumping from Aftermath to YMCMB is not smart in the long term and I dont see It lasting longer than a couple of years. But by then he will have learnt the hard way. I support dudes that are looking to bring in income but one should never have to compromise the integrity/quality of music.

    • Anonymous

      If he's not a businessman he wouldn't continue to ink recording deals. The people who are behind cutting the checks still give him money. Perhaps people should recognize what's truly going on instead of applying personal feelings into what is happening.


    I applaud Bus for making whatever moves he thinks are right for him because at the end of the day if he loves where he is at in life that is all that really matters.Having said that I question whether he is just trying to attach his name to whatever hot brand is out. When J Records had the run he was there,then he was with Aftermath and now Cash Money. I am wondering why after all of these years and one would assume knowledge from the game didn't he start his own movement and partner with the right marketing, promotions and distribution javascript:void(null)teams?

  • remaste

    this will probably be his best album in a long time

  • thought dog

    In other words...I need money ya dig? This deal gives me money...Its a good deal cause it gives me money.

  • Anonymous

    bunch of hallow and cliche srtatements. After 2 months, no one still knows what the hell this deal is. lol

  • cmon son hnagu o

    lmao hang it up buss even google wont help you hang it up boy

  • Anonymous

    There's nothing wrong with signing to Young Money. Obviously Birdman and Wayne are selling a fantasy where if you come work for them you'll make tons of money and have scores of albums. Alot of Busta's potential success there will depend on him. He's been around long enough to deserve the shot, but you'd also think someone with his longevity would be in a situation where he was running things.

  • Real Talk

    Real talk, Busta is one of em down low brothers. Saw this nigga at one some club jockin a bunch of pasty ass brothers. I like Busta's music but this nigga a down low bro that needs to come out.

  • dentaldamboy

    Alf gang or lick Megan Fox's clit.

  • Anonymous

    busta is like the old drunk uncle you invite to your house for gatherings and you regret it everytime. niggas talking too much, stank breath, bugging the shit out of everyone, everyone talking shit about him in the kitchen. you invite him again and again cuz hes family, but you know hes a bum. busta rhymes signing to young money as a middle aged man is one of the saddest displays of selling out ever. this nigga was around in the 80;s an hes been dropping trash LP's since the 90s. go away you washed up fuck, its over. back on my bullhit was a piece of fucking shit, one of te worst albums ever released.

  • Anonymous

    I'm disappointed in busta. As a matter of fact I'm disappointed in any dope mc Fuckin with ym. Let the wack work with the wack. I wouldn't be so upset with the situation if someone like c bo signed to em cause he wack more of lil waynes speed. But busta damn. Hopefully due to being surrounded by sorry niggas he won't let his bars slip too.

  • Anonymous

    You can type any rapper's name into Google. Big deal. He knows his time on Cash Money is limited, and if the next album flops, he's done.



  • So Icy Boi!

    Busta iz a legend, hez on YMCMB hataz. swag

    • huh

      swag was invented for people who dont have soul.

    • GoReadABook

      oh so nowww y'all are recognizing legends eh? If Common signed would y'all start sucking his dick too??? Fuckin douche, you ain't icy, you'd get robbed like 40 Glocc did Wayne bitch

  • Money First

    Its funny how niggas on here talk shit and ain't done shit with their lives!! Probably don't have shit in the bank or in a fuckin' shoe box and deep in debt..Fuckin Losers!! Busta's discography is longer than your fuckin' arm and anybody dissin' originators in this game are more than fucked up and the reason why the game itself has allowed so many LAME ass niggas to exist in it!!!! GTFOH!

    • Anonymous

      id rather see him throw on his shiny suit and dance around like old times than see him on young money

    • t

      your right but not if the legend lowers himself to the lames in the game then and only then can u hate a legend

    • Big Dan

      Yes lots of yapping and hating, but there is some legitimacy to some of the yapping. Do you know that in November, with the announcement of the Google deal, Bussa Buss released a single? Where is that single? Have you heard it more than twice? If the single is any indication, the album has big problems.

  • JAY-Z

    Wow! Great! Respect Busta!! p.s. I have more than 18,500 Japanese-followers. If you need my promotions, check this out. http://bit.ly/zXEFnw

  • ASEE

    little kids get off on talking shit on the internet. you can't even read an article on here without the comment section being full of hate. pathetic.

  • this guy

    busta rhymes is the biggest sell out/hanger on in all of music. guy is nearing his 50's and he's giddy over signing to young money. this guy hasn't dropped a good album in over a decade, and he's still here catching headlines. can't let go. burned every old fan he evr had, now he's trying to capture the hearts of people who think weezy and chriss breezy are the truth. not happening grandpa, go sit down in your chair and rock your self to sleep nigga.

    • huh

      hip hop is the only music where fans are dumb enuff to say that......your a crab in a barrel....with elder issues

    • Alf Capone

      i still fuck with busta lil nigga. u young niggas dont know shit. busta wrote shit like this for you.................... You know I plaster, the little bastard And mastered the real way you slap the bitches niggaz backwards

  • jhgfdsafj

    Now when I Google 'Shitty rappers who rap fast but have no lyrical content' Busta will come up first! NICE!

  • nibs

    too bad you're a bum or this might matter

    • huh

      is this machine gun kelly

    • V Dub

      Busta Bust. The nigga is lame as fuck. What kind of a merger and merriage can't be explained in detail. What is it worth. Poorly written story and worst expected crticism. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWWWWNN!!

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