Chris Brown Ordered To Remain On Supervised Probation

Despite his good behavior, Breezy will have to report to a Virginian probation officer.

Following his probation sentencing for beating his former girlfriend Rihanna in 2009, Chris Brown is to remain on supervised probation, according to a judge’s new ruling.

According to Associated Press, Breezy will remain under the watch of a probation officer as he completes the terms of his sentence. He did not appear in court for a brief hearing that asked to end his supervised probation on account of good behavior.

Superior Court Judge George Lomeli said that despite his good behavior, he should continue to report to a Virginian probation officer.

Brown, who was originally ordered to serve five years on probation, is scheduled to perform at this Sunday’s Grammy Awards, where Rihanna is also slated to hit the stage with Coldplay

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  • GBtha G

    whut the fuck dis fuckin story has to do with Hip Hop I'm askin????? who really givz a shit if 2 r&b muthafuckaz argue n fight??????? goddamn.

    • Anonymous

      why do people always say this. The artists are connected. R&B is linked with hip hop. Hell, Chris Brown is nominated for a hip hop Grammy.

  • Anonymous

    he is living its just that they wanna make sure nothing happens

  • Alf Capone

    let this nigga live. how fuckin long he sposed to pay for that shit? at Alf Gang we condone pushin a bitches head into the wall until u hear that crackin sound. one time dis bitch droped my slice of sbarros pizza on the ground at the mall. i jumped up and slap the shit out that bitch. a good samaritan had to run over and save that hoe. otherwise i woulda beatin that hoe to death. real talk

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