CyHi The Prynce Recalls Witnessing Kanye West Record "All Of The Lights"

The G.O.O.D. Music rapper says that it was like watching an orchestra work on a song.

During the creation of Kanye West’s “All of the Lights,” CyHi the Prynce was given the opportunity to kick it in the studio and witness how the majestic tune came together. Speaking with 3 Little Digs, the G.O.O.D. Music rapper recalled how it was like watching an orchestra put a piece together, and that it’s much more layered than listeners suspect.

“’Ye had everything in there, shakers, trumpets, saxophones, fuckin’ vocals alto, soprano and tenor… ‘All of the Lights,’ people don’t know, it’s Elton John, Alicia Keys, Rihanna, Drake… All of them are on there,” he said. “He didn’t ask them to sing their own verse or their own part. He asked them could you sing a melody for a background. Like they signing ‘We Are the World.’”

CyHi bigged up Yeezy for his ability to orchestrate the track and “make it sound right,” especially with the amount of instruments and vocals that made the final cut of the song.

“I’m like, this is history. Swizz Beatz, he’s a super producer, he’s like cut, bounce, boom… You’re seeing real musical people coming together like a real orchestra. People who play the violins to the people who play the drums to the people who play the baritones and the brass. Music is music, so you gotta understand, There are motherfuckers who know how to orchestrate all that shit to make it sound right, and then there are motherfuckers who just play it right. But they can’t make it sound right.”

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  • Baby>>>>Drake/Wayne/Nicki

    Nice. But most importantly, Cyhi, I'm waiting on the album man!!!!! "Heroes" is my joint my dude!!!! And yes, if God did have an iPod, Cyhi would be on his playlist!!!!

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    • Woah

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    • TheGoon

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    • Kimberly

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    • Anonymous

      @go read a book youre trying to sound intellectual and half of the words you use are forced and unnecessary and dont even make sense in the way you use them. stop trying to condescend to people for appreciating the artistry in a great song and a great musician. stop trying to undermine the intellect of a genre based on your own prejudice and bias. that song WAS voted song of the year from multiple sources... your anger and false sense of music intellectualism is amusing. and the fact that you are seriously defending a comment for bashing a song based solely on his own homosexual insecurities is just reflects degree to which you spite certain music based on arbitrary and bias reasoning. get over yourself.

    • Brandon Hamm

      @GoReadABook I wasn't questioning his musical opinion (if it's not what you're into, that's fine; to be honest, All of the Lights was my least favorite song from MBDTF). What Anonymous was being ignorant about was acting as if liking Kanye West's music equated to somebody being a flaming homosexual. Hopefully, you can agree that that's taking it even just a LITTLE too far? It's like saying that listening to Lil Wayne means that you're full-blown mentally retarded. Stupid generalizations people make for no fucking reason.

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    • dockevoc

      Yeah, it was only song of the year in 2010...

    • Brandon Hamm

      What is wrong with you? Honest question, too.

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