Kanye West To Present New Womenswear Collection At Paris Fashion Week

Yeezy will follow last year's debut with another line of his fashion shingle.

Kanye West is set to present his new womenswear collection during Paris Fashion Week on March 6th at 9:30 p.m.

According to WWD, a venue is yet to be confirmed for the unveiling. Last year, he debuted his womenswear line Dw by Kanye West at Paris Fashion Week, which brought out celebrities including Anna Wintour, Jared Leto, Terry Richardson and more.

Kanye was greeted with mixed reviews for his designs, with publications like New York Times critiquing his work. "What Mr. West eventually showed was confusing as well," they wrote. "Though designers in Paris are presenting collections for next spring and summer this week, Mr. West’s collection was heavy on leather, fur and coats, some pieces dripping with so much fox you couldn’t tell if they were stoles or backpacks."

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