Kendrick Lamar Affiliate Alori Joh Dead At 25

The TDE affiliate, who has been on several of the label's albums, passed away.

Kendrick Lamar/TDE affiliate Alori Jah passed away some time between last night (Feb. 7th) and today (Feb. 8th). She was 25 years old.

Though details are scarce surrounding her death, several TDE artists and associates have expressed their grief on Twitter, including Jay Rock and SchoolBoy Q.

Alori is best known for her contributions to Kendrick Lamar’s Section.80 and Overly Dedicated, as well as SchoolBoy Q’s “Phenomenon” from Setbacks and Ab-Soul’s last few projects. Last year, she released her street LP Love Religion.

HipHopDX sends its condolences to her family and friends during this difficult time.

Woke up too some bad news r.i.p Alori Joh still can't believe this.....
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smoking one for alori JoH............. peace Homie
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  • Huey Newton

    Man.... she was beautiful and very talented! R.I.P

  • Nick

    This is actually sad. Section 80 is one of the few albums released this year that I haven't gotten sick of. Keep grindin Kendrick. You are the future of this rap shit.

  • firealarm

    This is sad, she was so young and talented. RIP

  • Anonymous

    R.I.P. Kinda sad that so many Americans are doing stuff like this lately. Kids need to spend their last two years of high school in the jungles of South America or a village in Africa to see what struggling is really like.

    • GoReadABook

      @ Anonymous Yet here you are on your high horse, being the 'too cool for America' blogger that every internet page in existence has. Come to a hood. See what's up. Then tell me that you still wanna compare who has it hardest, after you see an 8 year old boy catch a stray bullet in the face while walking to a fuckin ice cream truck. Idiot. You are worse than anyone of the people that you are speaking on above. iLLz has a far better grasp on this than you do.

    • Anonymous

      Thats your problem...Youre overcomplexing everything. There are basic needs that every human has no matter their race. When humans forget those basic needs and start to add wants to those needs problems happen. A lot of Americans are unable to grow up with a good knowledge of what a want is and what a need is. Which is why every American kid should be sent to live in a third world country for at least two years. Most American children have no actual knowledge of the world outside their own city.

    • iLLz

      once again that is your opinion and completely subjective, i could say that someone dying over shoes is exactly the same as someone dying of hunger because death is death no matter the cause, but like I said it's completely unmeasurable so your opinion is just as valid as mine. There is no right answer since neither one is provable, there is no universal scale to measure pain and suffering.

    • Anonymous

      Also, a kid getting shot over his shoes or an argument is completely different from dying of hunger or civil war. Americans are beyond stupid so they seem to find ways to kill/harm each other for no reason.

    • Anonymous

      Its easy to compare...People in America complain all the time about how hard their lives are and stupid shit like that. Send their whiney asses to a village with no water, no stores, no electricity, no fridges, no microwaves, no tv, no video games, no internet etc...and let them understand just how bad they DO NOT have it in America.

    • iLLz

      empathy? I think you mean perspective, plus pain and suffering isn't quantifiable so how can you truly compare California and South America? Shit's subjective

    • Anonymous

      A kid got shot in Cali makes it harder than the rest of America. Kids get shot in every state every day. They're all hard. But I think kids should spend some time in South America or African villages. Learn some empathy. Learn that some people got it REAL bad. Maybe even worse than sunny Cali?

    • alex

      People do not need to go to south africa to see what its really like, because they will never know what that life is life therefore it doesnt matter. People have hard lives walking outside its a jungle out here. Especially in Cali. A kid just got shot yesterday hard trials they face.

  • ItsTheTruth

    Shit was all good just a week ago... R.I.P.

  • White Hippy

    What a tragedy, R.I.P. Its crazy how twitter controls the pace in media nowadays to the extent that an outlet like this uses it to broadcast news before a story develops. For instance, what was the cause of death?

    • Anonymous

      No one wants to confirm it aloud, but apparently she committed suicide: (See comments below the story).

  • Anonymous

    R.I.P My thoughts & prayers go out to family, friends & luv1....

  • Beats & Ball - Gridiron, Hoops, & Hip-Hop

    Wasn't she the girl singing on HiiiPower?

  • wow

    Wow thats crazy,R.I.P gone far to soon.

  • Anonymous

    What ?! i was just listening to her on kendrick lamar ep 2 mins ago damn , RIP

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