J. Cole Speaks On Grammy Nomination, Says He Had Once Lost Hope In Being Nominated

J. Cole shares his thoughts on being nominated for a Grammy, reveals that at one point he didn't see himself being nominated.

As a first time Grammy Awards nominee one would expect rapper J. Cole to be brimming with excitement, but during an interview with the Associated Press J. Cole explained that while he is grateful to be nominated he’s more concerned with continuing on to the next move.

The rapper will join the likes of Bon Iver, The Band Perry, Nicki Minaj, and Skrillex as a nominee for Best New Artist at the Grammy’s.

“I feel blessed of course, first and foremost, but I’m already back to work. I’m already on to the next one. I’m grateful for everything that happened, but I’m not satisfied,” Cole explained. “There’s still accomplishments that keep happening from the work that I put in last year and the last two, three years. The single goes platinum, the album goes gold, Grammy nomination but those are just reminders of the work that I did. But that’s in the past. I’m already on to what’s the next move. That’s my mind state.”

Cole went on to explain that he was quite intent on releasing his album, Cole World: The Sideline Story, before the Grammy deadline.

“Around the time of ‘Work Out’ or whatever when I was like ‘Yo, this is the single. Come on. Let’s go, we gotta move,’” said Cole. “And everybody at the label knew we had to move just like I knew but I was like ‘This is the one. Let’s go.’ It was because I was telling my management and telling the label ‘I have to beat the Grammy deadline. I gotta do it.’ Like if I don’t put my album out before the Grammy deadline which I knew, if you look at the date my album came out like two days before the Grammy deadline, and that’s cause I knew I got a shot.”

Despite the rush to release his album before the Grammy deadline, J.Cole revealed that come nomination time he wasn’t very confident about the possibility of his project receiving any nominations.

“I thought my album was that good. But then the crazy thing is even though I thought that when it was time for the Grammy’s announcement for the nominations to come out I really, truly had already given up,” the rapper revealed. “I was like ‘Ah nah.’ It didn’t feel right. I didn’t think they saw, I didn’t think anybody really noticed or whatever but they did.”  

Other Hip Hop artists to be nominated for a Grammy Award this year include Kanye West, Nicki Minaj, Jay-Z, and Lupe Fiasco.



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  • Anonymous

    Why do the haters always come with success? Yall faggots were on his dick when he wasn't known like that.

    • Anonymous

      I understand all of the hate for Drake b/c that nigga is really fucking annoying but J cole is not as bad as some of these people are making him seem. I honestly think it is his first single that was disappointing, to me at least but I am pretty sure there was a method to the madness.

  • marie

    if j. cole is simba REDMIC is nala, cuz she got next go download her song on itunes ist strait hip hop...she killed an eminem, nicki, mobb deep, and nicki instrumental..check her reverb pg

  • Not a Hater

    After reading all these negative comments I have finally come to the conclusion why we as black people will never move forward. We hate on our on kind. LOL!

    • Anonymous

      ^ that was a great response. not a hater stop letting other races play on your vanity. you have nothing to prove to them. you can like or dislike whomever you please...stop trying to appease other races by being overly judgmental towards your own.

    • Anonymous

      Speak for yourself. This has nothing to do with race. If the music isn't good it isn't good. I am a critic not a self-hating black man. J. Cole's album was sub par and that is that. It is what it is. By the way, he isn't black, he is a mulatto. Stop letting the white man define you, that is power because labels come with connotations, good and bad and allows someone to have an opinion of you before they even meet you meet and effects how you view yourself. I'm out. Tired of sonning you fools. Peace

    • thelowendtheory

      thats basically what the song "Why I Love You" by Kanye and Jay is about

  • per

    His mixtapes was ranging between good and great with The Warm Up being the peak.. But his album was underwhelming. I hope he doesn't end up like Lupe has now, on his first album, but I think he'll be able to do better. Looking forward to hearing what he got in store.

    • Mohammed

      His Discography so dar The Warm Up>Cole World>Friday Night Lights>The Come Up The Warm Up is definetley his best work so far I agree with you that but I feel people are underrating his album. Just because it had a few commercial songs on there doesn't make the album average or underwhelming. The album was well balanced. It had a little bit of everything. One of the best Hip Hop albums of 2011.

  • Notorious H.A.T.E.R.

    Was a big fan of his mixtapes but his album was underwhelming. These kids today do not know what classic material is because J. Cole's album didn't even scratch the surface. I am getting tired of this hype surrounding him when his album was trash. The beats sounded like he downloaded them off of soundclick. The album was a complete disappointment. He did not live up to the hype. You don't deserve a damn Grammy with that wack shit you dropped.

    • Anonymous

      @Mohammed It's all good man. By the way, his album wasn't trash, that bit was just theatrics. It was a C album and J. Cole is an A+ rapper so I just expected way better from him. J. Cole had high expectations and I just felt like the quality of the album was sub par. You got Jay-Z behind you, you should have had some of the best producers on your album. I understand that he is a producer also but in my opinion he isn't an elite producer, he can produce a track here and there but not a full album. His album wasn't garbage though, let me clarify that, however, it was a disappointment.

    • Mohammed

      You know what you're right man. I shouldn't be shooting down someone else opinion even if I don't agree with them. I apologize for that. But I don't understand how someone could think that Cole's album was trash. Maybe it didn't lived to the hype and wasn't a classic but it was a very solid album IMO.

    • Anonymous

      @Mohammed you're wack. Everyone has their opinion, don't try to shoot down someone's opinion because it doesn't coincide with yours by accusing them of hating because J. Cole is successful. I applaud J. Cole for his success, he is a good rapper, however, his album was borderline BOOTY!

    • thelowendtheory

      i thought the album was just ok too. adn i aint hatin cuz he got famous, just for real, friday night lights and the warm up were better overall. those songs Mohammed mentioned were great but the rest was just eh. especially since lights please adn in the morning were so old and work out was getting played out. idt hell go the lupe route, hell get better with albums

    • Mohammed

      SMH The production on his album>>The production on his mixtapes. The production had live instrumentation and refined production overall from Cole than his past work Please don't tell me your saying his album was garbage all of the sudden just cuz he's getting popular and more recognition in the mainstream. I can understand you not liking his album more than his mixtapes but man to say it's trash you're insane to think that. So you're gonna tell me that songs like Rise and Shine, Lost Ones, Sideline Story, Never Told, Breakdown, God's Gift and Dollar & Dream 3 were all trash. Get the hell outta here. I hate when some people hate on an artist work all of the sudden since they get more popular. Hypocrisy right there

  • Anonymous

    i think the grammy's are gonna suprise alotta people,. Nicki is the obvious commercial choice,. but J.Cole is the real , rap/producer. he has real shot.

  • jesterxxl

    Cole don't get caught up in the Grammy hype they fell the fuck off since taking out categories & only giving radio hype bastards.

  • YO!

    I dont think that people are giving Cole a true chance. He is literally a diamond in the rough. He is coming out in an era of watered down hip hop and I feel like people are already trying to shove him in the category of Drake and Tyga without truly listening to his music. I agree that that dumb ass song that he put out on the radio is complete BS and I hope he doesn't make that mistake for his second single. But I think he is way better then Drake, Big Sean, Wiz K, Tyga and every other new rapper out there .

  • Anonymous

    I'll be the first to say that I fucking hate radio hip hop and when I heard this dude J Cole's first single on the radio, I thought the boy had NO skill. Then after the whole Common and Drake beef I heard Common saying in an interview that if he had to work with any of the new mainstream artist out there, one of them would be J Cole....I respect Common so much as an artist and literally thought that he was FUCKIN cray for co-signing J cole!! Then I decided to really listen to dude and I checked out a few of his songs on Youtube. BOI GOT SKILL. Reminds me a bit of NAS. He is as close as this generation is gonna get to real hip hop so I will fuck wit him for now.

    • 02 spitter

      You need listen to Kendrick Lamar, big krit, and jay electronica also, those dudes are the "nas's of today" not that they'll ever be another nas... Shit nas ain't even coming like he used too nas

    • Anonymous

      Co-Sign. Dude is dope, Lupe played the credit he had.

  • No.1 PR for JP

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  • Anonymous

    every single rapper/track nominated sucks. only faggot rappers worry about grammy awards. how many grammys does rakim have again? oh yeah. j-cole is possibly the blandest rapper of all time. well rounded, good at nothing, sucks at evvrything. hes the geek rapper that geeks look to for confidence.

    • Anonymous

      How about naming some of your favorite rappers? I've seen you hating on nearly everybody. Maybe Rap just isn't for you.

  • thought dog

    Didnt he talk about this about 5 or 6 times already? We get it J Cole.

  • Peroni Girl Steph

    J Cole is great!!! and here is another young up and comer...keep your eye on him!! http://soundcloud.com/tylerpeal-125/tyler-peal-ft-koncept-fv

  • So Icy Boi!

    I dreamin bout Nicki. shes so beatiful. shes da mos special girl in da world. I wanna get u girl!!!! #NOWPLAYIN Pink Firday...... swag

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    cole is garbage with his corny lines i'm the shit, you the fart nigga lol

  • So Icy Boi!

    fuck Jay Cole! go kiss yo evil master Jay-Z & suck yo old brotha Jay Electronicaz dick. u Jay Nation rappas are a joke. swag we r wiz ya Nicki! we love u big girl! u will win dis shit! I love U mo den I love anything..... I wrote u letter, I called u..... call me back!!!!! I LOVE YOU GIRL! swag

  • Anonymous


    • 02 spitter

      What's up with all this hate on j Cole, I swear this site gets worse and worse every day, if you think somethings wrong with commercial music then somethings wrong with you, nobody was hating on biggie with his more money more problems shit, or PAC with his shit, or snoop for making commercial radio songs in their era, or big pun with his I'm not a playa no more in his era, or eminem with his I'm the real slim shady, or outkast with their, b.o.b., or sorry ms. Jackson, thing is, going mainstream ain't bad, it's selling out that's the problem, nobody wants to stay unknown forever, if you think Cole can't spit then you obviously ain't heard his first two mixtapes, the come up or the warm up, i'd be the first to tell you i was disappointed with his album only cuz I know he's got sooo much more to give, so just hop of the dick, go listen to the warm up, and realize how good mr. Cole really is

    • Anonymous

      jay-z knows j-cole is a nothing. why u think he put him on the backburner after j-cole stunk up bp3 with his forgettable 16? he waited and waited for the kid to show him something and finally gave up and threw it out there. lucky for jay he has a lot of blind followers that bought all his side trash (r kelly joint, young gunz, memphis bleek, etc.)j cole will be selling verses on twitter for 150 bucks a pop in under 3 years.

    • Anonymous

      Jay with half is talent is enough to outclass most of the dudes out there.

    • Mu

      Everyone's entitled to their opinions, but c'mon son.. J. Cole "subpar". Subpar means below average, and if you think he's a below average rapper, you don't know rap. And he is talented, but he only seems overhyped now because his debut album didn't quite live up to expectations.



    • Anonymous

      Also, your boy, Drake, was nominated for Best New Artist last year and didn't win.

    • Anonymous

      Nope. Nicki doesn't have a chance. The most popular artist never wins the Grammy for Best New Artist. Remember last year when Justin Bieber was nominated for BNA and didn't win? The same will happen to Nicki. BTW J Cole's album is much better than Nicki Minaj's pop/R&B album called "Pink Friday" and I don't know about Bon Iver since I haven't heard his album.

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