Vado Talks Origins Of "Slime Flu 2," Planning Music Videos

Vado chops it up with KarmaloopTV about his latest mixtape "Slime Flu 2."

KarmaloopTV recently caught up with Cam'ron's latest protege Vado as a part of their video interview series. During the interview, the Harlem up-and-comer explained the origins of his latest project Slime Flu 2 and his immediate plans for his career.

Vado explained that the majority of the songs on Slime Flu 2 were potential singles he pitched to his label Interscope that were ultimately rejected. Not having a project on which to use the tracks, he says that he decided to turn the passed-over singles into a mixtape. He also added that fans can expect at least four music videos to come from the tracks featured on the tape.

"Well, Slime Flu 2 was mostly based on a lot songs that I was doing that [I] handed to the label, which is Interscope, you know, trying to make that single record," he explained. "Slime Flu 2 was [comprised of] the songs that I guess they wasn't feeling was hitting, so I put it all together and put that mix tape out. But I've got special songs on there that I'm doing videos for, like 'OK Y'all,' 'Louis V Bags,' 'No More Drama,' 'Frankie Lymon' - don't get it twisted; they're definitely good songs, but they just weren't hitting."

Check out the full interview below.

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    He think he can give us throw aways and we suppose to eat that sshit?? Why would we when freddie gibbs gave us a classic for free!


    Internet rappers cannot afford to take hiatuses unless the next very thing they drop is a studio album...if not expect a fall off and fans moving on to the next thing not caring when you do hear me jay electronicahannukahyamakaramadanwatahallahthruyamonita???


    How old is this shit? Why now? Instead of trying to keep your name out there by releasing interviews on old boring mixtapes he needs to be releasing hot new music.Vado needs better management...

  • c4 double plat

    i was actually just listening to slime flu 2 last night, and its a solid tape. if the songs were just mastered, vado could have had a respectable album on his hands.

  • PR for JPN

    Interesting!! p.s Are you targeting the Japanese market? I have more than 18,000 Japanese followers on my Twitter. If you are producer, artiste, DJ, dancer, or records/producton company and need my help, check this out.

  • london

    this guy took a big l with that slime flu 2. I agree with interscope that none of the tracks of were single records. Vado lost once he released the first slime flu and went a on a brief hiatus and never gave the fans any music when he was buzzing in the streets. Vado should go back to what he was good at, spitting like he was on boss of all bosses 1 and 2..

  • dentaldamboy

    Who wants to see pics of Fat Joe fucking Trina?

  • lrexhaj

    Can we please get a remastered copy of slime flu 2, the sound is incredibly off on a lot of the tracks, like okay yall

  • thafranchise

    The major labels don't decide what's hot!! The fans do!!! For example Ace Hood's "Hustle Hard" started out on a mixtape and the streets spoke. Gone!!

    • Anonymous

      and apparently artists are chicken shit to know if their albums are hot, so they release them as mixtapes because they're scared of stepping up...I'm looking at you dipset, fabolous and every mixtape addicted junkie artist that doesn't back their shit up 100%. And if that aint the truth, then why do artists like Tech 9, E40, jay z etc etc just straight up go for broke? rappers be tripping these days...

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