DJ Whoo Kid Recalls Big Pun Pulling An Uzi On Him

After getting caught in a beef between Terror Squad and Jay-Z, Whoo Kid found out that Big Pun really was "packin' the Mac in the back of the Ac."

During the height of Hip Hop’s days of selling quasi-legal mixtapes in the streets, DJ Whoo Kid found himself on the wrong side of an industry beef. After a feud between the Terror Squad and Roc-a-fella camps that allegedly began at Club Carbon, a few overt and subliminal diss records were thrown back and forth. As was customary at the time, Whoo Kid put a Sauce Money diss track directed at Big Pun on one of his mixtapes.

“Pun calls me to meet him in Harlem, and here I am thinking I’m talking to the promoter,” Whoo Kid said during an interview with “I get to Harlem to meet in front of the Apollo and get $1,000…I’m waiting and waiting. And I finally see a Benz with a Spanish kid in it.”

The Benz eventually led Whoo Kid to a housing project by tricking him into thinking he’d also meet Funkmaster Flex. But upon reaching the destination, the only bomb dropped was when Whoo Kid was led to a van that had Pun and some friends inside that were all armed. If Whoo Kid hadn’t made the connection between the meeting and the Sauce Money song, Pun was happy to explain.

“Pun said, ‘This record right here has the Latin Kings laughing at me,’” Whoo Kid explained. “That’s why you’re here. It’s not because I want to rip your head off, it’s because you got me looking crazy. And in the streets I’m respected by the Latin Kings.”

The mixtape featuring the diss song broke, and Whoo Kid managed to leave unharmed. But he said he learned a valuable lesson.

“What I’ve learned is that Big Pun was the real gangster out of the whole Terror Squad shit,” Whoo Kid said. “There’s a reason why their name was Terror Squad. Pun really went out there and did the shit…after they met me, Pun ran up in Roc-a-fella’s offices and did his thing.”

Watch the full interview via ThisIs50 below.

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  • deadboy90

    This dude has some good stories to tell

  • Wu Tang Forever

    PUN was a real g! hip hop aint real no more

  • Anonymous

    You've all seen a person like Whoo kid. Haven't you. The guy dickeating everyone that walks in the party. We call them PD. Professional Dickeaters.

  • Nico 3

    Jay Z had one classic. Life And Times Of S. Carter Vol. 3


    R.I.P. to the great Christopher Rios!! You went way to soon brother! T.S. baby!

  • Anonymous

    Whoo kid is only 29 years old, so back in 2000 he was only 17.... Nigga been gettin this rap money...RESPECT.

  • Anonymous

    Big Pun was that nigga.. one of the illest most lyrical rappers and a real ass nigga 2.. not like these pussies now adays talking mad shit

  • Rekots

    Blah blah blah , Your from NY and u didn't even mention Nas or Big L . It's the same shit with u old bitter fucks . I like all that classic shit but cmon , theres sum good music nowadays u just gotta look.

  • Jis36andgrewuphiphop

    True talk my G!

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  • Jis36andgrewuphiphop

    To dave j hasnt set no trends first and formost! Hes a biter thats all! Hes just in a position to seem like hes doing sumthin cause fake hiphop heads, sell outs at radio stations who take money to play records and str8 youngins who never heard original rakim, kool g, or krs1 dont know shit! Where im from niggas dnt ride dick unfortunatly we live in a different time its cool to ride nowadays(sad but true)! Music was raw and from the heart back in the late 80's to mid 90's( death of pac,biggie,n pun changed all that)but now we have hip Pop! We have thos caise we have ignorant dumb muthafuckers who dnt care about the art form and where it came from and more concern wit Dollars! Hip hop is over because dummies that started the game would rather join the masses than stand up for the truth in attempts to stay relivent. Wutang,odb, redman 1st, biggies1st,pacs dear mama, all eyes on me, and makaveli, raekwons purple tape and DMX first album and puns capital punishment are classics thats it! If u say different your propably gay or dumb as hell or u just dnt know much about hiphop. I am 36 I hustled hard on the streets b4 most niggas could leave there porch, i used to go to the Fever, rooftop,the palladium as well as the tunnel worked at the Golden lady strip club the best club in NY all the rappers came threw there in the 90's n from my perspective Hiphop is in a sad spot. Jay is a pussy, wayne is pussy , rick ross was a CO hes pussy nicki manaj is the corniest bitch ever i grew up wit salt peppa mc lyte monie love lauren hill and the baddest bitch ever Queen b lil kim, if u listen to hip pop n feel like its poppin your an idiot n if the person next to you jumped out a window you most likely would follow! Rest in peace good ol days hello confusion and mayhem!

    • Jis36ngrewuphiphop

      All eyes on me CLASSIC i hear niggas knocking sumthin off that album everyday! Im mpt here to argue im just here with real talk! Cube is pussy he used ny to get recognition after he left nwa than dissed the east coast wen the hype started so he doesnt even count homie hes out 4 the dollar. Kim the hottest she wroteost her songs the shit wit mobb deep just 1 that comes to mind m that shit hotter than anything any bitch since has said

    • Anonymous

      All Eyez on me is not a great album and your a Tupac Fan. IT's his best most complete album. It's the greatest double CD ever released in hip hop. Erik Sermon in the top 10. I'm an EPMD and Def Squad fan. But seriously. You have to be kidding.

    • Dave

      Ice Cube was the realest writer to ever put pen to paper. The things he talk about was relevant the albums are classic first 2. He didnt do anything he talked about. Its about rhyming, yall care too much about these people personal lives all I care about is can they spit. I been in the A all my life watch the Klu Klux Klan march in the streets of Atlanta, pimping at 38 you cant scare me with your words or you actions. You put lil kim among your great female MC's why when its clear she doesnt write her own rhymes. Eric Sermon is in my top 10 of the greatest ever to do it my HIP HOP history runs deep. I can give you about 10 maybe 15 classic albums that I have heard in the history of HIP HOP could be more, but A lot of people make dope albums. Yall take this shit to personal like Jay-Z fuck your mother and your sister at the same time. All Eyes On Me is not classic good album but not classic. If you break down the title for Pac's next album Macvelli The Don Killing Illuminate, it was about the cult but about the jewels and the bullshit he did on All Eyes. All Eyes was his money making album but he didnt like the direction he was going in and went back to being a deep brother. HIP HOP is for everybody dont hate because your MC in not winning neither is mine. Tupac is dead and Redman will never be number one and Keith Murry what can I say. I am a Def Squad cat, Ice Cube, Krs-One, Jigga, Lox, K-Dee, E-40, Too Short,P.E., Rakim, Elements of WU. Pimping I listen to it all, I do mean all. Stop Hating an Appreciate. You cant be a HIP HOP head if you included lil kim she dont write her on rhymes the only queen is Latifah.

  • Anonymous

    What does he mean, when he says "after they met me, Pun ran up in Roc-a-fellas offices and did his thing. What thing???

  • Shaeem Jackson

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  • Dave

    Sorry about the typos, sleepy, just had to get it of my chest. My brain moves faster than I type.

  • Dave

    All Nas albums are not dope, not even close if you truly believe that then you dont know HIP HOP. Speaking of selling out Nas went commercial as hell on his second 3rd and 4th albums dude went garbage and start bouncing back with stillmatic of course old beats that 2pac used and recycled them. I respect the hell out of Nas but the truth is the truth. What funny about 10 years after the fact Pete Rock said sold out HIP HOP and went to trackmasters for his next 3 albums them cats wasnt happy. Google it. I dont care who soft who hard I am a straight Black male to me that sound gay, can dude spit and Jigga can spit bottom line. Reasonable Doubt was not classic but had classic songs so was Biggie and Wu first album not classic but classic songs. Big Pun and Keith Murray Nas and Raekwon had classic first albums. K-Dee album was classic also. Google him. I get tired of hearing the same old rehashed as argument like yall rub these dudes asses at night. Who cares in the end can they spit, and yes they can. Jay set trends most rappers set some sort of trend whether its modest or on a grand scale. One trend I know he set for sure was to have bitch niggas talking about his looks. Who cares that dude can spit rhymes. Some of you need to throw on some 70's rap then 80's rap then 90's rap and work you way up. The 90's was better because it was stronger, radio supported the underground. When corporation saw how much money the youth mostly black they change the format. The thug image of radio was born. You can dance and do drugs all day, but Talib,The Roots, Common, PE, and many others could no longer get on the radio. Most of you are chumps who sit here and talk about music you dont know nothing about. Whatever you want to say about Jay dude came out in 96 and just rock Carnegie Hall some of you too slow to even understand what that mean. HIP HOP continue to grow and will always have arguments, my question is could it be about something new. Why is Nikki the only female artist on the radio.

    • Anonymous

      2nd & 3rd album of NAS wasnt commercial at all

    • ...dont care

      i hate when people try to convince us that because we dont see things the way they do we dont know hip hop...i respect nas as an artist becuz he puts out the best quality music can for the currennt time frame. u can either "hate it or luv it, bite it, bump it, or dumb it"

    • Anonymous

      what drug are u on that got u thinkin anybody gon actually read all of that?

  • 1lovee

    nigga died from being fat how honourable is that..

  • 1love

    nigga died from being fat how honourable is that.

  • tyjd123

    My tribute line to Big Pun's death Poppy Chulo eatin all the doritos, with kilos of taquitos, seizures while the readers read the dietary meters R.I.P. Pun

  • gheah

    I know a lot of people don't like whoo kid and it doesn't help that he's unit but this dude goes way back and talk to your favourite rapper of the past and they have a whoo kid story good or bad the man is hiphop and has lived it too....I remember back in the 90's I got a mix tape from whoo kid called the Notorious was dope as fuk and I could only imagine the shyt that was going down in NY while he put that out....nice Pun story tho may his soul RIP PS look if whoo kidd went on like a badman he'd probably be dead by now but he is respected and at the end of the day this nigga broke a lot of new records for artist back in the day.

  • Anonymous

    he cased jay z around a table and pulled a gun on him too. haha and jay aint never said that it didnt happen.

  • Nah Nigga

    This was back in like 2000 to 2001. Still waiting to hear that diss track

  • Nah my nigga

    I'm a New Yorker. Niggas in Shadyville told me this shit happened when Who Kidd wasn't shit and niggas was saying he was a herb nigga.

  • whocares

    Who cares about whookid bullshit stories! Who do yall keep talking to him and posting these wack ass stories!! Interview a real hip hop dj like DJ Big Stretch! Get at me Illustrious Muzic Entertainment @ hot mail

  • Anonymous

    Illmatic keep static like wool fabric pack a four mattic that will crack your whole cabbage - Nas RIP BIG PUN

  • Andre Cooper is a bitch

    RIP Big Pun!!! Capital Punishment still harder than 85% of the albums released since! And that's real talk


    listening to you internet dorks talk shit like you was there is comedy in itself! FACT: just because it doesnt have a youtube clip doesnt mean its bullshit... FACT: the 90s was all real, there was no other way! no smoke & mirrors no internet to hide behind and fake thug there was no outlet for faggot ass niggas to hide out talkin shit about niggas really bussin heads in the streets had to have a certain level of respect for that kinda ignorance or you would get fucked up, huff & puff online all you want to... back then you couldnt be a herb kickin that street shit no matter what you wanna believe... FACT: the 90s hold more entertainment outside the booth then these so called "real niggas" could ever dream of! And NONE of it is on camera you have to accept word of mouth from the parties who was there...making shit up to feel good about yourself means nothing... FACT: co sign or not, if you was talkin that thorough shit niggas was gonna test you...either tough guy or best MC you was gonna get tested...we called it "pullin ya card"... FACT: the 90s was so real that you young niggas CANT live up to those standards...impossible...thats why yall niggas avoid being an MC or hip hop cause you cant compete with the bar jay nas rakim g rap scarface outkast etc etc etc has set...thats why you so fuckin mad! FACT: you young niggas cant stand the fact that the 90s cant be manipulated or rewritten and we STILL talk about that shit like it was yesterday and theres not a damn thing you can do about it...FACT: Whoo kid was THERE! yeah he was a herb, yeah I personally heard stories of whoo kid gettin robbed but he was there, shut the fuck up and listen you NOBODY! your just a screen name with a big mouth...dont like it? mad about something? keep it fuckin moving!! fact wont hear stories like this everyday, try to shut your fuckin mouth and just listen...ok so it sounds like some lavish movie scene to gets like that chump! too bad you dont know nothing about internet baby lol...FOH!

  • Anonymous

    so he wanted a g cause he had never seen a g.....but was selling mixtapes and getting 20gs im confused

  • Anonymous

    lmao i know the circle in harlem hes talking about

    • Anonymous

      ^^ Word exactly what I was thinking. This shit has been known for time. I've known this for at least a couple years.

  • Anonymous

    this nigga comes out with the biggest bullshit stories

  • dauche

    Yoooooo, dude sat up here and said that Jay set trends -- Like he was the example and influence for Nas and Mobb Deep. Stop the shenanigans! Jigga indeed set a trend but for Nas and Mobb Deep? Naaaaaaaaah.

  • YH

    Didn't Big Pun break a champagne bottle over Jay-Z's head?

  • rydersix10

    big pun pistol whipped his own baby-mother and chewed on rocks as a this doesn't surprise me at all..

  • Anonymous

    Dj Whoo Kidd is on his Charlie Murphy!!Funny as hell!!!

  • m

    B.U.L.L.S.H.I.T none of these rap niggas doing shit if they got a deal. i never heard of a platinum selling artist pulling guns on a nigga cuz of rap beef. smh

    • m

      and how was rap in the 90's all streets? you see dudes like big, nwa, pac, snoop, making platinum albums cause niggas in the suburbs buys them. 90% of niggers bying puns shit was in the suburbs.

    • m

      well, i still dont believe it. if your album goes platinum are you gonna stay in the hood? maybe, but yor not gonna go around pointing uzis at djs. thats just retarded.

    • Robbin Tanks 4 ammo

      the hip hop fans these days see so much colourfull rainbow fantasy camp aka Ricky Rozey/YMCMB. They just strated believin in Disney World.

    • Anonymous

      Dude you cant be serious....a lot of these dudes are really from the street....especially back in those days. I mean slim dunkin just got killed so lets get off that because they got a deal crap. Hell Tupac shot two off-duty police officer so yea rappers with a deal shot pistols....get out of fantasy land

    • Anonymous

      What are you even talking about man, doesn't mean he is jay-z / kanye rich just because he had one hit album, money comes and goes when you are in that lifestyle. Back in the 90s it was a lot different. It's more entertainment now than it was then, biggie and tupac still lived those kind of lifestyles while they were selling platinum albums.

    • Anonymous

      back in the 90s nigga rap was about the streets. If the street niggas didn't respect you, you weren't going anywhere. That's why Big Pun was tight. The Latin Kings were losing respect for him so he had to do what he had to do. But nowadays everyone is fake and niggas don;t give a fuck.

    • m

      how is pun still hungry when his album go platinum? dumb dumby rap is all entertainment

    • season

      oh this dude acting like certain niggas don't live what they speak about, i bet you one of the new kids thinking rap "is just entertainment" dummy. Yea Dudes are hungry dog, and not all of us follow the rules, if you were raised in the hood, you'd understand that! rest In PEACE Pun!!

    • pard

      you just did dumbass

  • Anonymous

    all i see is bunch of nerds who only seen guns in call of duty game, comment here about whoo kid being soft while their mama pays the internet bill for them

    • Anonymous

      i would say nas pays your bills but hes too broke to pay his own so... at least get the spelling course lol...

    • Anonymous


  • Mr Flamboyant

    Yeah I don't feel he's catching L's. He's just stating the shit that's beyond the fame and industry ish so to speak. I find this hilarious and shows you which niggas are what they rap and vice versa. Jay-Z was known as a herb nigga really. A dude who would pop off hella shit and then either apologize or seek you out like everything was all cool. He was indeed industry. Even after the apparent grabs for attention which was "Takeover" and stooping low to seek out Nas' baby moms... dude was actually "cool" so to speak with Nas. Always seeking him out to sit and chop it out on some old shit like it never happened with what he said. This is known and accounted. No one likes Jigga so to speak...but they do business with him to get that cash (see Nasir joining Def Jam, see Ghost messing with him from time to time). Niggas couldn't stand dude cause he's a herb ass nigga. Still can't. But hey....he "controls" the money so to speak. All off of the strength of Nas', Rae's, and Ghost's styles with the help of Big...Sad thing is...Big was grimey and hip hop to the tee. Jigga did nothing but rape hip hop. And yeah...the Pun and Joe stories are all true. I forgot the one who actually got them to squash the beef so to speak. But both niggas are official, Pun was the enforcer...Joe the shot caller.

    • LOL

      There you got this little, miserable piece of shit ''Mr. Flamboyant'' still hatin' on Jay. What's wrong with you, you fucking loser? You're more obsessed with Jay than his biggest fans. Try to talk him down all the way, the facts do still remain.

    • ahhhok

      Jay-Z shot his own brother, even hardcore street dudes would never do that. He also stabbed some dude in public who leaked his album? Jay-Z is a little crazy man.

    • Anonymous

      so to speak.... so to speak

    • O-M-Jizzle

      somebody cut this guys mic! WTF are you talkin about? your not from marcy? if so name your building? what school you go to? right... Nothing you said is accurate whatsoever!! walk through jay's hood talkin that "he was a known herb" bullshit...and film it lol!! you internet niggas with your punk ass google youtube and shit, actin like you matter! not 1 of jays enemy's EVER said jay was frontin so what the fuck YOU talkin bout? his rep is what it is in the streets already, sorry! ever heard "a million and one questions"? alot of shit is addressed in that song along with stories to back up what he talkin about...all that pullin jayz's card died in 96 when he was still a new artist herb! LOL wtf are you 15? man kick rocks...

    • Anonymous

      The fuck are you lot even arguing about? If you don't know these dudes personally, how the fuck can you speak on them. The music is what it is - it's the only thing I really care about. They're artists - they provide music. Shut the fuck up like you know so something that someone else doesn't. You don't.

    • Anonymous

      Nas only has one classic? Jay-Z has no classics. His first album wasnt a 5 mic album originally... Payola and pop fame got him that. All of Nas albums are dope, Jay is a pop star.

    • east coast bias

      If you think Jay Z set trends, check 94 Fast rap Jigga..HOw about 97 Shiny Suit Jigga...or 2001 Bandanna Jigga...or 04 Nerd Alert Glasses Jigga.. notice a trend here?

    • Anonymous

      jay always set trends, nas, mobb deep and others followed them, thats why they are where they are today... they did everything to sell but failed miserably, and then returned to be ''real''... and sellout is so dumb word for jay, he rapped about money since rd, so i dont see the difference, u only listen to beats or just skim through music

    • Edubb

      Mr. Flamboyant is dead on it with his comments. Some of you really need to get a reality check and realize that jigga is not the man that he claims to be. Jigga piggy backed off everything that was popular to get where he is at. A sellout of the worse kind. Hate all you want to protect your precious lil jigga but the TRUTH IS THE TRUTH.

    • Anonymous

      It's very rare to hear realness on these blogs.

    • NuckFiggers

      "Jigga raped hip hop". What fresh bullshit is this? Hes like the highest selling rap artist of all time. Its not like he forced people to buy it, people buy his albums cause hes good. No other rap artist is as consistent as him. Nas has 1 classic and thats it.

    • Anonymous

      you know all of this niggas personally and youre cool with them so you know all this stuff lol...

  • row

    lol why are u saying he took L's this is from experiences early in his career before he made it.. if your actually husting your gonna run into shitty situations. its just funny shit to hear

  • Jason

    I hope you all realize that Whoo Kid was just a kid at the time. According to Wikipedia, he is only 29 years old now. So 12 or 13 years ago when this happened he was probably 16 or 17 years old.

    • Anonymous

      So what if he was around 18, doesn't mean he wasn't there or lying. Stop comparing what YOU were allowed to do at that age verses him.

  • Sensaye252

    Every week this dude got a story about some rapper punkin' him. DJs are always punk ass niggas.

  • Anonymous

    WHOO kid is a bitch.. why throw YOURSELF under the bus.. SMH

    • liar liar

      You have the slightest idea of what street life is, reality or what a real nigga MEANS...THIS is called keepin it 100! THIS is what happens when you play your position in the streets...cause if you dont REAL NIGGAS come and see you! period. say whatever it is that makes you feel good. you think if whoo kid started lying to make himself seem tough you dont think that niggas wont come see him? FOH! besides all that whoo kid is a KNOWN chump in the streets!! If 50 wouldnt have scooped him he woulda been MIA!! Cutmaster C fucked that nigga up back in the day too lol! its out there! sorry no youtube clip you troll...wait till you hear about a 10+ yr old story realer than anything your favorite rapper could ever lie about...FACT!

  • nickrazor2000

    poor ole DJ Whoo kid. probably the most unlucky DJ in hip hops history. keep ya head up homie

  • LBC

    New York got soft every since Snoop came thru and crush tha building...

  • d

    LMAO whoo kid stayed catching L's

  • Anonymous

    And they smashed a bottle over jay's head in a club. Most people know about that. Thats why him and fat joe have never got along. Real street beef.

    • TRUTH

      Take that cartoon bullshit back to site is for real niggaz...with real opinions

    • Alf Capone

      Me and my Alf Gang niggas be caving niggas heads in with bottles at the club every other weekend my nigga. real talk. last week this one bitch nigga talkin bout i aint got no money to pay my tab so i ordered him a bottle and walked over and smashed that shit right across his brow Alf Gang or get ur face caved in with some crystal

  • Nico 3

    Man slapped... UZI's in the face... What's next week's shocking claim, Da Brat raped him then charged him five bucks?

  • Anonymous


  • ItsTheTruth

    Why different news stories from the same interview keep coming weeks at a time? Or am I trippin?

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