Chuck D To Speak At University, Flavor Flav Hugs Coach Tom Coughlin After Super Bowl Win

Both members of Public Enemy make headlines for different reasons. While Chuck D schedules an upcoming speaking engagement, Flavor Flav makes folks wonder how he got on the field after the Super Bowl.

With new music, television commercials and more events coming up, Chuck D and Flavor Flav continue to make their presence felt. Forever linked by their Public Enemy connection, both artists have been making headlines of late for different reasons. This week, Chuck D is scheduled to speak at a University while Flavor Flav has already made headlines for his Super Bowl celebration with New York Giants head coach Tom Coughlin. 

This Tuesday, Chuck D is scheduled to speak at California State University Monterey Bay. As part of the university's goal to honor Black History Month, this speaking engagement is scheduled to be centered around race, reality and Rap. The event will also touch on digital music, according to the Californian. Tickets for this event are $5. 

In other news, fellow Public Enemy star Flavor Flav made some news on Sunday, after going on the field to give a celebratory hug to New York Giants head coach Tom Coughlin. The hug came right after Coughlin and the Giants secured a win in Super Bowl XLVI. No one has reported any specifics as to how Flav was on the field or whether he and Coughlin have a friendship but some have speculated that the two do not know each other and that the embrace was one of joy after a win for both the coach and Flav, who is a Giants fan and native New Yorker. 

The video of the hug can be seen on

Also, as we reported earlier in the year, PE has two new albums for fans. Both new albums will be released this year. 

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  • Anonymous

    The pathetic thing is if the Pats had won Flav would have hugged Belicheck. So many "bandwagon jumpers".

    • Anonymous

      The pathetic part is you not only skimming past the part where it says Flav's a Giant fan, you missing the pictures and video all over the 'net and TV showing Flav in GIANTS gear. If you knew so much of what was going to happen during an "IF" moment, which NEVER occurred, you should have had the final score down and bet some money.

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