Producer 7 Aurelius Says Recording With Ja Rule Felt "Supernatural"

7 Aurelius, the producer behind Ja Rule's "Pain Is Love 2," speaks on "PIL2" and the lack of recognition he receives in music.

Although Ja Rule may currently be incarcerated the Queens rapper still plans on releasing his highly anticipated album Pain Is Love 2 later this month. And among those heavily involved in the creation of Pain Is Love 2 is 7 Aurelius, the man behind the production of the entire project.

Hip Hop-N-More recently caught up with the producer to speak on what the process was like recording Pain Is Love 2. 7 Aurelius explained that due to the fact that Ja Rule had been out of the spotlight for some time and would soon be heading to prison it was at times an emotional and even supernatural process for everyone involved.

“The sessions were a lot of soul searching between artists and there was definitely a sense of redemption in the air,” 7 Aurelius explained. “From Rule’s perspective, the world forgot about him and who he is as an artist. And from my perspective, the industry forgot about me. And in those truths, we found a synergy that felt supernatural at times, real sense of purpose like ‘yo let’s get em’. Anyone that heard the records and were a part of those sessions felt the intense creative energy in the room and knew we were on a mission.”

7 Aurelius also spoke on the lack of attention he receives as a producer despite producing hit songs for Jennifer Lopez, Ja Rule, Ashanti, and other artists.

“I do feel that I never really got on the map the way I was supposed to considering the success I have had. But my time will come,” said 7 Aurelius. “A lot of people don’t realize that I have 11 #1 records in three formats under my belt. That whole Murder Inc. barrage of hits. The three years when you couldn’t turn on the radio without hearing Ja rule or J.Lo or Ashanti. All those hits were mine.”

Pain Is Love 2 will be released on Tuesday, February 28th.

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  • OhShit

    I liked the work he did when he was in RAL but I understand folks need to move on from certain chapters in their lives but he made some really gangsta-ass tracks back then.

  • Anonymous

    People forgot Because the Music is shit. It's not next level, its typical rehashed hip hop with poorly executed sampling.

  • Model Citizen

    Wow, whoever has a vested interest in pretending to care about this album has a lot of time on there hands. Let's be honest, nobody gives a flying fuck about this. I clicked on this for a wtf? moment.

    • dee 700

      look all u hatin pussy go somewhere and let 50cent bust sum nut in yo mouth all yall punks. i said it

    • anon

      Actually, Ja Rule's and 7 Aurelius' fans care about this and about this album! If you don't care then don't read the article or comment!!

  • Hex

    looooooool i guarantee you all the comments below this one praising this nobody and that fucking asshat ja rule and pretending like they can't wait for the album were actually made by 7 aurelius himself

    • anon

      why say something like that? how would you even know that any of the below comments are fake? you should think before you comment!

  • Magni

    Everything's sounding great so far from PIL2. Seven's done an amazing job, the production is on another level. Ja's really bringing the fire here, the album is gonna be a classic. February 28th guys.

  • Anonymous

    pain is love 2 classsic already

  • Anonymous

    seven is a geniuessssss ja rule PIL2 most creative album since Nas's stillmatic

  • 7AureliusFan

    7 the beats you made for murder inc (Ja Rule, Ashanti J. Lo) in the early 2000's were incredible! I love those songs! I think you have made the best beats in hip hop and because of this you are my favourite music producer! My second favourite would be Swizz Beatz

  • Biruk

    Big ups to 700After listening to some of the singles, Id have to say NO one would have done a better job on PIL2 than Sev..Im sure people will recognize you for your part in taking Hip Hop and a rapper to the way they were 7-8 years ago..GREATEST Genre and a LEGEND#In700WeTrust #FreeJaRule #PIL2 #Feb28

  • Dale

    Its great to see +700 is getting a bit of attention that he deserves... hopefully the Pain Is Love album brings both Ja an Sev back into the game in a Major way they deserve it with all the heart an time an effort they have put into it... u can feel it in every track that has been put out!!! Wish Ja an Sev all the best on their climb back to the top!!! 7 Aurelius is such a humble guy an deserves his props same as Ja Rule!!! add Ja Rule an 7 Aurelius on twitter an follow the climb to the Tippy!!! @RuleYork @700HitSeason!!! 7 Al


    nice article sev seems like a real down to earth dude and very talented producer pil2 is gonna be dope rule and sev chemistry is like no other

  • Anonymous

    That's what I'm talking about .. SEVEN and RULE two genious, PIL2 is gonna be a classic, I'm telling you !!

  • Skivonte Turner

    is he wearing makeup? that's all I wanna know

  • Jay-Z

    Yea "Supernatural"... like a ghost just flew in your pee hole and exploded.

  • Albanian

    Most under-rated producer ever...but this is how the industry works these days,u have to be with Young money or the other fake labels to be in the spotlight and that sucks...Nothin but respect for 7,keep doin your thing

  • Anonymous

    He should be feeling anxiety wondering when he's going to get paid for this soon to be drink coaster of an album. And to the dude weeping with joy as he remembers some LL song from 2002. It's 2012. Time to let it go.

  • Murda dem dem

    dat buffalo 7 got sum sexy ass eyes...nobody else notice that? I would let that buffalo pound the shit out my ass. no homo

  • Real Murderer

    Seven is the greatest producer, hes a genius.

  • JRod25

    7 Aurelius Is The Realist dude & one of the Best Producers. The whole PIL2 is gonna be a Classic

  • dre mack

    SEVEN u da man your production is up der with de greats...dr.dre...timbaland...just blaze...your destined for the top

  • Anonymous

    7 did mad hits from 2000-04.One of my favz he did was LL COOL J'S Hush back in 02, now that was a classic and all the Murder Inc records he did were classic. Niggas dont understand Murder Inc ran Hip Hop from 00-03. Ashanti was the most popular rnb singer in that time span along wit Alicia Keys n Mary J and Ja was top 3 along wot Hov and Eminem. I cant lie hes been off the map since 04 but these couple of songs from PIL2 are very hotttt and 7 needs to get some calls from current rap artists so he can bless them easily wit a top 10 smash hit...

  • Yah

    It's because he didn't try and rap hooks or ad-lib all over his shit, that's the only way you stand out. I respect him for being a musician and not a fame hungry beatmaker.

  • XMAN

    i aint gonna front that new Ja shit sounding alright. don't know if people wanna hear it, but is not bad at all

  • gerald

    oh shit, I didnt kno he made all dem hits

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