Skyzoo "A Dream Deferred" Tracklist & Cover Art

UPDATE #2: Skyzoo enlists Talib Kweli, Freeway, Jill Scott, Raheem Devaughn and more for his upcoming album.

Skyzoo is currently at work on his upcoming mixtape A Dream Deferred, which he refers to as his “most musical project that I’ve ever done.” During an interview with The Well Versed, Sky explained how it’s a step up from The Salvation and picks up where The Great Debater left off.

A Dream Deferred is definitely the most musical project that I’ve ever done. I can’t go too heavy into it, but even with the writing there are some records on it with so many layers. If you thought The Salvation was layered, forget it,” he said. “I have a record on there called ‘Steel’s Apartment’ that’s just out of control. The title alone is just gonna have people like, ‘What is that?’”

Sky said that A Dream Deferred will be preceded by a mixtape titled Theo vs. J.J.: ‘Dreams vs. Reality, and that it’s inspired by Theo from The Cosby Show and J.J. from Good Times.

“I love touring, I love being on the road but I don’t even want to do it right now. All I want to do right now is just get in the lab and create. I’m actually dropping a mixtape before A Dream Deferred. It picks up where The Great Debater left off, and it sets up the album. It pretty much serves as the middle ground between The Great Debater and A Dream Deferred. No one knows this yet so you guys get the exclusive, the mixtape is called Theo vs. JJ: “Dreams vs. Reality.” Theo from the Cosbys pretty much represents the dream, and JJ from Good Times is the reality of it.”

[February 2]

UPDATE: Skyzoo has revealed that his next album, A Dream Deferred, will release on September 18th, regardless of whether a label is involved. Watch the full interview below, where he also speaks on what fans can expect on the project (via 2DB & TheWellVersed).

[March 19]

UPDATE #2: The cover art and tracklist for Skyzoo's A Dream Deferred have been revealed.


1. Dreams In A Basement featuring Jill Scott (produced by !llmind)
2. Jansport Strings (One Time for Chi-Ali) (produced by 9th Wonder)
3. Pockets Full feat. Freeway (produced by !llmind)
4. Give It Up feat. DJ Prince (produced by !llmind)
5. Glass Ceilings (produced by !llmind)
6. Range Rover Rhythm (produced by Jahlil Beats)
7. The Knowing feat. Jessy Wilson (produced by Eric G)
8. Drew & Derwin feat. Raheem Devaughn (produced by Focus)
9. Realization feat. Jared Evan (produced by DJ Khalil)
10. The Rage of Roemello (produced by DJ Khalil)
11. How to Make it Through Hysteria (produced by Best Kept Secret)
12. Steel's Apartment (produced by Black Milk)
13. Spike Lee Was My Hero feat. Talib Kweli (produced by Tall Black Guy)
14. The Cost of Sleep (produced by Tall Black Guy)

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  • biggest south african skyzoo supporter

    i can't understand these niggaz that are saying skyzoo is wack when he is probably the dopest lyricist since biggie.listening to the dream deferred right now repeating it for the third time i can't get enough,my pockets full, my pockets full."Looking over your shoulder like I'm slowing the ride up First time listeners, they ain't know what a line was"

  • Anonymous

    Skyzoo has haters must be making some noise

  • sdjfklasd

    is this the follow up to the salvation?

  • Anonymous

    Its on my birthday! wat a great news,wouldnt find a better gift, but anyway ,this dude needs to step his game up.Salvation was great,then i think he lost his ability to chose dope beats.


    It's over...I just hope Freeway don't ruin it for me.

  • realtalk82

    Rap is fucked....The game is honestly go downhill fast because the fact that Skyzoo is putting out a gem like this and it's gonna get no media attention at all,make me sick for real!!! The underground hopefully will support when the time is right!!!

    • Anonymous

      Howard Street is a bum

    • Howard Street

      As long as bums like Skyzoo have 'supporters' like you he'll never sell more than 1000 albums. Face it, Sky is stone loser with ZERO charisma or presence; why would anybody listen to that shit when they could listen to Marvin Gaye, Curtis Mayfield or even READ A FUCKING BOOK.

    • Your Opinion Means Nothing...

      Don't worry, my friend. As long as he has supporters like us, he doesn't need the mainstream exposure.

  • you niggs is crazy

    this nigga sounds nothing like Jay-Z, and he could be the best breathing as far as im concerned top 3 in my opinion 1. Jay-Z 2. Lupe Fiasco 3. Skyzoo

    • Anonymous

      you a damn fool son SALVATION had its tongue so far up Jay's ass it was tickling his fucking throat. Skyzoo is a BUM on the mic: zero presence or personality, a stone cold bore live... at his best he doesn't kill an 8 bar feature, that is all.

  • Chicago Rilla

    damn, finally the day is upon us lol, can't wait to here this in it's entirety

  • The G.O.D.

    PEACE Listening to The Salvation as we speak-I had forgotten how nice money is-for all the Jay sound alike criticisms-so what, Son got lyrics. PEACE

  • Anonymous

    Not deferred long enough for anyone to give a shit. If dude really went to college and graduated, he ought to think of a real career, because show business ain't for everyone, especially Skyzoo.

  • Anonymous

    although everything sky drops is pure quality, should drop a dj premier banger!

  • Mike

    This is gonna be amazing, I like the art work on this cover really shows what dreams are about.

  • Troof

    These BS comment sections prove how fucked up the game is. It's a shame no one cares about an artist that's actually dope. Enjoy that 2 Chainz album...

  • Rick Ross Won

    Irrelevant backpack rapper. Was it really worth a news?

  • RC

    I'll buy no doubt but I was really hoping for more 9th Wonder tracks on this album and less !llmind stuff.

  • Anonymous

    Most boring Duck Down rapper ever-- though is he even on Duck Down? Dude's afraid to spit without thinking what motherfucking Sean Carter would do and regardless of the fact that he writes OK... it's called goddamn MUSIC and as a musician, Skyzoo is a BORE. Nobody who's seen him live will say otherwise either.

    • Anonymous

      Honestly he is boring to me but he has some dope beats. He is far from the wackest but still not in my top 20.

  • Anonymous

    this shit looks dope

  • Anonymous

    wtf is this damn skyzoo album?

  • Chris Cash

    For those of ya'll that are saying Skyzoo is wack, don't know what he's talking about in his songs. Which also means ya'll are currently on the 5-year plan(all the real Skyzoo fans know what I'm talking about). I can't wait for this to drop. One of the best in the game today(top 10). The man is lyrically and musical in a world of his own. Much respect to real hip hop #salute.

  • Anonymous

    No charisa no mic presence Jay-Z biter bumass who's the most boring Duck Down rapper ever...

  • scout

    9th wonders best work is with sky's more early material, so alot of credit desvered. Not a big fan of The salvation, but he's got an insane catalogue and I hope people can the other stuff and differences aside and pay attention to one of the realist mc's to come into the game for a very long period of time

  • Up North

    The Great Debater has not stopped spinning since it's release and it's damn near impossible to explain how dope it is. Corner Store Classic and Live From The Tape Deck are also hot projects. One of these days Sky will get his, and he won't have to be ashamed of how he got it.

    • chris

      Struck The Lotto and Rap Like Me are two of the dopest songs i ever heard. and Dear Whoever is my favorite song of all time

  • illone

    vvvvvv - mad wack beats?!?! Are you deaf or just crazy. The tracks he gets are seriously some of the best in rap these days. He does go metaphor crazy at-times, and cryptic for no reason, but whatever, he is the best mc in the game today, easy.

  • live g

    he picks mad wack beats just another mixtape rapper ,Bring back the Boombap ny bring back the boombap for god sake not no statik slector or 9th wonder more like buck wild or large pro!!!

  • rugged fam

    duck down is mad wack now smh ny period is mad wack

  • Real G

    he has got to be the most boring mc i have ever heard especially out of ny

  • ShadowPrecinct

    Was just listening to The Salvation yesterday after I forgot about how awesome it was. I don't know why more Northeast cats don't rally around Skyzoo. He's really dope.

  • Anonymous

    only 9 comments hiphop must be dead

  • Anonymous

    This nigga is so ill lyrically, NY's hope.

  • DaRealist

    MOST UNDERRSTED NEVER APPRECIATED...please give this guy his black and yellow.he deserves asap rocky get 3mil?

  • The Ice Cold Phenom

    There aren't too many people who can touch this kid on the mic. He would excel with more live instruments and jazz-type productions. BTW The Great Debater album is awesome.

  • Anonymous

    Can't wait, he stepped it the fuck up, Great Debater is by far his best project.

  • Hex

    so a dream deferred is just a mixtape now? i hope not... i don't think so either cause why would he precede a mixtape with another mixtape? also, the way he described it, with the concept and musicality and "layers," it sounds more like an album. here's hoping it was a typo. can't wait anyway. the salvation was one of the best hip hop albums in years.

  • RichFromBX

    I kinda get where he's going with Theo vs. JJ: Dreams vs. Reality. but why does Theo have to be a "dream" to me that's too negative...I mean, if you about to battle a cat and you find out that he has a bangin' studio, people making custom beats for him, all the free time in the world to practice are you going to say "fuck it, I can't compete with that...he's musically had it better than me...I ain't never going to get there"?

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