Young Jeezy's "TM103: Hustlerz Ambition" Certified Gold

The Snowman earns gold certification for his fourth studio album.

A little over a month after releasing his fourth album Thug Motivation 103: Hustlerz Ambition, Young Jeezy has earned gold certification for the project.

Breaking the news on Twitter, the Snowman wrote, "Half a MILLI #TM103 Certified GOLD thanks to yall. Half way there! Men and Women lie #'s don't. #ITSTHATWORLD Coming Soon. Stay Tuned!"

The LP, released on December 20th, debuted at No. 3 on the Billboard 200, moving 233,000 copies in its first week.

Half a MILLI #TM103 Certified GOLD thanks to yall. Half way there! Men and Women lie #'s don't. #ITSTHAWORLD Coming Soon. Stay Tuned!
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  • Anonymous

    he will go platinum

  • Rozay

    he still ain't officially gold Deeper Than Rap sold more than this Smh..


    Jeezy has the type of fans that will all buy another copy of his album to make him platinum,, thats real right there

  • Anonymous

    ssles only matters when it is Ross and Jeezy, how about Drake and common? Or wayne and jay z,s last album sales numbers? Ross might not have a plat plaque but he is building something for himself, lets have this same conversation in say 3 years.

    • metal50

      dude Ross sucksass.!!!he's a fake ass wanna be coke dealer who stole an identity and lied about it in his music. Fake = wack.. Jeezy is as realasit get's!!! PERIOD

  • SnowMan

    Jeezy > YMCMB!! fag i mean swag(So GAY BOi!)

  • Anonymous

    That's still iffy cause after a month, stores are going to decrease shipments. It's just not true, so why pretend it is?

  • Darius

    Why are yall still doing that damn Ross and Jeezy debate? They're both killing shit. Jeezy went gold in a month and a half. It took Ross a half a year just to do that. Sure Ross had the streets on lock BUT the streets aren't paying for your records. Get yall facts straight before yall hop on here saying stupid shit. Ross has 3 gold plaques...Jeezy has 3 platinum plaques. This one will likely go platinum too. It just takes time. In this day and age going gold is pretty much the new platinum. Quit hating and start stating facts ppl.

  • So Icy Boi!

    just gold.......? no platinum? lmaooooooooo ......... Rozay ended hiz career. swag

  • Anonymous

    no fuckin way....smh

  • Yo! its Joe

    move records *still* (idk where on here came from)

  • Yo! its Joe

    I'm a fan of music from both jeezy and ross so i dont really like to play into their whole beef but ross really doesnt have anything he can say on jeezy now. ross's whole attack on jeezy was that it wasnt clear that jeezy could move records on here but now jeezy is certified gold just like ross's last lp in a similar time table so ross doesnt really have any ammunition against jeezy. jeezy has sold more albums, proved he still can sell albums, and his background isnt in question like ross's is. just puttin in my 2 cents from a neutral perspective.

    • iamhiphop

      Yo! It's Joe is correct. Ross may have more radio play and hype, but Jeezy is a better rapper lyrically, has more quality music, and is more successful sales-wise. @yessir your comment is a fail. Gucci ain't killed Jeezy. Jeezy is still doing well, while Gucci is no longer relevant.

    • YESSIR


  • Anonymous

    took Ross a lot longer.

  • Anonymous

    So he's sitting just under 400,000 yet suddenly he's gold? Even if he was gold, that's like somebody hitting .280 and saying that's the new .300.

  • stoley eisenhower

    500k records sold but more than 1 million have the album in their hands thats for sure. So many people dl the leak and the album online so the 500k number doesnt mean much.

    • ETK

      but it goes the same for all albums anyway so it's a relative moot point it's maybe even proportional, some album like Carter 4 who gone two-plat could probably have 5-6 million that copped it

  • thafranchise

    I thought the album could have been better, especially after 3 years of waiting. I'm still a fan. I appreciate the free music he gave us with the mixtapes. Thats why i supported him by buying a copy of TM103. Congradulations!! Hater free!

  • Anonymous

    This really isn't a feat anymore, but guess you got to take what you can get, especially when your next album probably won't come out for years.

    • Anonymous


    • Cudder

      T.I. as well.. well, until No Mercy

    • stringer

      Stfu damn troll, its a huge accomplishment

    • Chuck D

      Do you even follow music? Going gold is huge. Only people doing bigger numbers than that are Wayne, Eminem, Jay, and probably Kanye. Look at how many artists put out a record and do 8K, or 16K. 500K looks pretty fucking good compared to that.

    • Deftly Beats

      actually it is more than it has ever been because of all the illegal downloading, it probably is over platinum just most downloads are illegal now so they don't count

  • Anonymous

    DICK ROSS fans are crying and hiding now, DICK FLOP GFID gon flop bad, CTE 4life

    • Anonymous

      all of jeezys albums have gone platinum n none of rawses have...

    • Anonymous

      no ross deeper then rap only sold 400k teflon don 600k and port of Miami 700k and so did trilla

    • Ricky Rozay

      Real funny and original nigga. Dick Ross? Really, you jeezy dickriders lame as fuck. As a fan of hip hop first, its cool jeezy doin numbers cuz that means labels will support hip hop, though I seen the figures that nigga jeezy hasnt touched 400k yet. anyway god forgives i dont gonna be a classic. better than this wack ass shit. Bawse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


      I fucks with Ross and Jeezy. Ross never sold under 500k(gold). Thats a fact!


    TM103 is hot album first jeezy i got on since 101 if he sales the label brought them if they flop you niggaz get a hard on then yall say sales dont mean shit? check your twitter pages lames all you see is jeezy lyrics

  • j.u.s.t.i.c.e. League

    Big nose Coli/Big nose Coli, Why u got that big nose homey, Why u got those corn rows dummy, Erabody knows u aint got no muafukin money.

  • yodaddy

    Def Jam sure bought back alot of albums.

  • tylr66

    the sales listed on this site yesterday weren't this high, i just checked it said 398k

  • Slick

    Yea Boy knew you gonna keep doing it. Give me some Hustlers ambition. I don't nee no " Taking care of" I can take care of my damn self

    • SLICK

      WOw its obvious that jeezy killin rick ross. Cuz rick ross fans are like jeezy only went gold so far that means he suck and when rick ross go gold there like yo this nigga went gold that means he is doing good for hip hop...F the Police

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