Ja Rule Calls Prison "Amazing," Speaks On Making Friends Behind Bars

Jeffrey Atkins says that he's made a few top level acquaintances in the clink.

Ja Rule is currently serving a two-year bid for gun possession, but time behind bars isn't so bad for the former Murder Inc. rapper. In an interview with New York Daily News, Ja, whose real name is Jeffrey Atkins, said that he's befriended former state controller Alan Hevesi and former Tyco CEO Dennis Kozlowski and that prison is "amazing" for hosting these types of individuals.

“Outside, you don’t meet guys like this every day. This place is amazing,” he said. “Koz just got out on work release. Not to say I wish he was still here... But they’re both great, smart guys.

“It’s funny,” he added. “We’re from totally different walks of life. But when you’re here, you’re here.”

Listen to the full interview below.

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  • dtp229

    It's Called Propaganda

  • dtp229

    I Have A Feeling After Ja Drops This Album He Will Be Back On Top Of The Charts Again Definitely

  • anon

    This article needs to be corrected/updated. 'Ja Rule says jail is not cool and didnt want to imply otherwise in interview' http://www.nydailynews.com/entertainment/music-arts/ja-rule-jail-cool-didn-t-imply-interview-article-1.1016663

  • Anonymous

    ja rule a haters worst nightmare pil2 is coming batches

  • Magni

    Mad how people take this the wrong way. Ja's saying he's taken steps to better himself whilst behind bars that perhaps he wouldn't have taken in the outside world. He's appreciating the personal development and life experience that this mostly dire situation has afforded him. Prison time is supposed to rehabilitate people and mould them into better people, Ja's living proof that this is working. On a side note, the new album sounds awesome so far. Buy Pain Is Love 2 on February 28th.

  • Anonymous

    50 killed this faggot ja. 50 the reason this niggah is all shoook and has to resort to being locked up to avoid being bruised up by fif.

    • Dale

      Are u for fucking real??? 50 lives in conneticut... is suicidal, has restraining orders on everyone from the murder inc crew (STILL) has been informed by the police that he PAYS for protection (yes he pays the police for protection look it up gangsta) has been informed DONT go to the hood cause they will kill u!!! Dude got shot outside his grandmas.. People dont respect u if they come to YOUR crip an shoot u outside... That means u a bitch!!! 50 lies out those big ass false teeth... I got my ear to the street an Ja gonna have a hard time in Jail???? Really??? Wats streets Conneticut??? Ja seems fine to me!!! 50cent is a fucking Joke... he done!!!

    • Magni

      You kidding? Listen to My Fofo by Fat Joe, that should shatter your schoolboy illusion that Fifty's a big scary gangster strolling through the 'hood. Get real.

    • Anonymous

      fuck up nigga.. 50 dont need a body guard, he strap on the teflon and walks out the door knowing he can take anything the city throws at him... ja on the other hand shook cuz he never knows when 50 might come round the corner.

    • og

      get off 50 dick this year will be 20 years since I been out the pen and I feel this nigga I bet a 50 dick rider like you would bitch up real quick behind bars pussy

  • Anonymous

    he meant it's amazing how you can either stay positive in jail and make the best out of it by getting your g.e.d. stay out of trouble and keep your nose clean but at the same time it's amazing the people you run into in there. Those dudes made lots of money business men now he met up with them from two different worlds. I think it's crazy too fuck ya hating PAIN IS LOVE 2 IS GONNA BE CLASSIC I GARANTEEEEEE

  • My 2Cents

    The sad part is that you dumb asses on this web site cant read between the lines to know that the writer is purposely choosing headline titles that will have the viewer with a pre determined decision even before they read the article or watch the video. The sad part is that even if some the viewers attempted to the article it wouldnt do any good because half of them cant finish a coloring or puzzle book for an eight year old. IDOIOTS!!!

  • 50 Sucks

    Wow theses haters be major closet poofters!!! fuck this im leaving Hip Hop Dx too many fucking Homos an lil kids on here making me fucking sick... Yall Fucked Up Hip Hop thanks alot!!! An like Pac said Media Full Of Dirty Tricks... you have to be a fucking idiot not to figure out that the Amazing quote is taking out of context!!! This dude made some of the best hits ever... dont argue that point 40mill sold (numbers dont lie) an yall continue to kick a dude when the chips are down... Fuck Yall... #WhereIsTheLove

  • Anonymous


  • Mr. Trollenstein

    Yo and correctional officers are good, friendly dudes. There ain't no reason being mad about CO's. Shout out to all good CO's around the world and especially to Ricky Rozay.

  • Mr. Trollenstein

    Life in a good prison > being free and dead broke. "Freedom" is such a illusion you ain't really free when you are broke. I rather being in good prison with tasty food, water, TV, gym, etc than being homeless #RealTalk

  • Big Sam (Ja Rule Prison Inmate))

    This little pussy sucked my dick anytime i asked him too. Fucking phaggott too, nigga was crying like a little pussy too when he told me about what went down with the Beef between 50 and him. Nigga sang me some Jodeci too

  • kid chyllen

    this homo thug ass nigga -.- making friends behind bars ... aka taking it in the ass behind bars.

  • TheTruth

    Ok, I dont ever post comments, but as a black male I was dumb-founded and border line offended to read that this so called "brotha", whom some of you may refute is in a position of influence due to him being a fairly popular entertainer, glorifying his experience in prison as "amazing".....current statistics show that 1 in 3 black males spend time behind bars at some point in their life, which is a clear example that black males are being targeted, and instead of Ja Rule saying that prison is no place for a black man, he proclaims that prison was an amazing place to network......50 did him a favor a few years ago, he should just stay out of the media and sit down somewhere

    • Dale

      Have u ever considered that the media is full of dirty tricks??? Ja Rule is quite an intelligent dude... come on son!!!! that shit was taken way out of context an thrown around the internet!!! Have u considered that they dont want Real Hip Hop back??? they dont want Ja an Murder Inc back... we have easily controllable Drakes an Lil waynes correctional officers running the game... Yall fucked up Hip Hop!!! DMX got targeted, Ja Rule targeted, Irv Gotti, J Prince list goes on... Why is it that Ja has had to go to 6 different prisons since June last yr??? if that not mind fucking someone what is... an now this bullshit Ja calling prison amazing... Open ur eyes idiot!!!

    • SooWoo

      Shut the fuck up hoe. Niggas was in prison before Ja Rule and niggas gonna be in prison after Ja Rule. You sound like a old ass lady. Take your dentures out and go suck a dick.

    • The Real Truth

      Shut the fuck up. Niggas was in prison before Ja Rule and niggas gonna be in prison after Ja Rule. You sound like a old ass lady. Take your dentures out and go suck a dick.

  • stew j bitch

    this dude is a FAGGOT, "making friends behind bars" we all know that means takin it in the ass all day

  • IrvFin3

    some of you ppl on here are dumbasses ja rule doesnt enjoy prison he says the prison he's in is amazing or holding two guys incarcerated there thats how u can tell ppl just read the lines just to comment and dont watch the video smh and the writers trying to lie cuz they know dumbasses gonna not watch the video and jump to conclusions

  • Albo

    http://www.worldstarhiphop.com/videos/video.php?v=wshh8P3rxV50OrL32rgj Real Life Fantasy (Video) Pain Is Love 2 "28 Feb." Bring Back JA

  • tha don

    that new track he got real life fantasy is dope as hell.. lookn 4ward 2 PIL2

  • Marx1684

    Glass have full is one thing. He's buggin. This guy is gonna end up like Miguel A. Nez, Jr. in the movie Life.

    • My 2Cents

      #13 The sad part is that these dumb ass on this web site cant read between the lines to know that the writer is purposely choosing headline titles that will have the viewer with a pre determined decision even before they read the article or watch the video. The sad part is that even if some the viewers attempted to the article it wouldnt do any good because half of them cant finish a coloring or puzzle book for an eight year old. IDOIOTS!!!

    • Marx1684

      Thank u good people. It was a simple mistake. I'm no dummy. I'm glad he got it out of his system.

    • ETK

      grammar nazis are on a similar level to menopause women

    • Anonymous

      ^ that was easily the biggest over reaction of the century. nigga you need a hug. when youre typing it pretty common to mispell a word with a similar sounding word. it doesnt reflect anything about his level of education... get over yourself fam it not that serious.

    • mrea

      You mean half full right? Jesus Christ why don't you further your education? Seriously you couldn't accidentally type have full. You're probably one of those dolts who thinks your is the same as you are.

  • Anonymous

    well nigga, you can stay there since you like it so much

  • VAL

    If you're into gay sex I guess that would be a great place to be.

  • #1

    I ACTUALLY LMFAO when i see all these Eminem white boys commenting cos they think eminems a gangsta and ride his dick cos that's all they got to hold onto lolllllzzz

  • lol

    I can't be the only one who started laughing upon seeing this title, so fucking random

  • Anonymous

    lol he was friends with 2 of the biggest scam artist in america

  • Anonymous

    Ja is homo.....??? lol he fuck more bitches then all of ya faggots.

  • Anonymous

    cant wait for pain is love 2 album is gonna blow ja got a crazy buzz for this album!!!

  • Anonymous

    Amazing indeed. They were probably asking him for protection, but were having a hard time getting wire transfers to the prison.

  • Red Letter

    I'm not a ja fan, but steven j. horowitz is sensationlistic dick head. When I read the title... i was expecting it to be ja rule literally saying "prison is amazing....im glad im here, and i dont want to leave". but really what he was saying is "this prison is amazing for hosting these 2 individuals". 3 years ago you would never see this type of fuckery on hip hop dx. now you have incompetent writers fucking up stories desperate for views, and trolls fucking up the traffic ruining what used to be moderately stimulating conversation. thanks steven j horowitz and sean ryon for running this site into the ground.

  • RealTalk

    Haters gonna hate! STFU!


    Ja Rule enjoying prison? No surprise there

  • wack

    HHDX - wack title - change that. out of context and glamorizing something that should be not be glamorized. are yall becoming sohh.com? damn.

  • JJ

    lol. its amazing because he loves to have his ass separated.

  • the rikers rapist

    Of course he thinks its amazing hes in a soft protective custody part of the jail no ones gonna bother his little ass. Send him to the general population in Greenhaven that guy would shit on the floor and rub it all over himself to try and put the lifers off from ass pounding him...........it wouldnt work they love a dirty mothafukkaaa

  • Anonymous

    Seems like Eminem was right... He is a fag.

  • 905

    Fuck you HHDX. This is lame.

  • Anonymous

    why does it not surprise me this homo nigga LIKES being locked up? sure he's been pumping dudes like reebok in there, dreading the day he has to go home to his wife. not like he's missing out on a career. hes around a bunch of built niggas like its candy land.

  • Anonymous

    dumb fucks it's murda

  • Anonymous

    ya misunderstanding what he's saying he's saying actually achieved stuff in prison he didn't get in the streets a G.E.D. it's also amazing some the peopl that went to that prison suchsuch as prodigy and you bump into. it's called looking for the positive things in prison like god, work, and classes to find yourself again. Soul searching you can either make jail hell or do your job stay positive like ja and get the fuck out

  • Broward County

    It's hard for the average cilian to overstand, but you do meet some of the livest, realest, coolest people in the joint. Shit happens on the street... people slip, get ratted out, whatever. Everybody in the joint isn't a dumbass or a loser. Sometimes, their luck just runs out. If you've never been to the pen, I don't advise you to go. But if you ever have the misfortune of going, you'll see it's nt hard to make the most of it.

  • Jelonious Grengkins

    Any comment that includes a complaint about grammar will have a grammar error itself. I fucked up. #noswag

    • God

      Your name has grammar errors you fukin prick. If you like hash tagging too much then go twitter, this isnt a place for kids. Fuking Drake dick sucker.

  • Anonymous

    stewart little lookin' mofo, prison amazing? What Ja meant to say is that there are some people in prison who have impressed him in some way, but he's too DUMB to state it that way. Ja Rule in the shower singing to his soap bar "WHERE WOULD I BE WITHOUT YOUUUUU "(cookie monster voice)

  • Anonymous

    boosie dumb as hell 8 years smuggling drugs in jail on top of he he on death row stoopid motherfucker

  • Brendon

    Ja Rule i guess Eminem won.

  • Anonymous

    i laugh at dumb motherfuckers who look up to celebrities as an influence and try to live their life style r go off what ever they sayin in a song r an interview

  • Anonymous

    you know your a homo when you find prison amazing now he dont have to hide his homosexuality

    • Gregorious Jenkins

      Yea he probably really meant to say, "You know what? This buttsex stuff ain't that bad. And it's everywhere in here. I LOVE THIS SHIT. IT'S ONLY YOU AND I. EAR FOR AN EAR & EYE FOR AN EYE..."

  • BlazeDatIshUp

    wtf...This guy is stupid.. 'prison is amazing'..smfh.. So now some gullible kid is gonna hear this and start doing shit to go to jail, then ends up finding out shit aint fun or amazing. A celebrity or someone who had some sort of fame going to jail isn't even the same as one of us 'normal' folks going to jail.

    • BG

      I agree...unfortunately, so many kids have already gotten that message from other rappers. Ja is only perpetuating such a silly notion.

  • Anonymous

    this man is truley stupid

  • Anonymous

    Great message to send to kids. "Prison is amazing!" Wtf?

  • The Illuminati

    Hope you're okay Ja. We're missing you at the chamber. Your seat is warm and ready.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Wow Ja Rule i hate you even more well done!

  • Jose

    I think what this nigga means by prison being amazing is the fact that he's getting fucked in the ass everyday by his friends and he likes it.

  • smh

    way to teach the kids that prison is amazing!!!

  • So Icy Boi!

    when I wuz in prison, I prayed for anoder opportunity. ma girlfriedn visited me & I cried druing da whole visit. dis nigga calls Prison amazing???? wtf? ok dis nigga is betta den 50 Cent but hez a damn fool. he aint a real gangsta. I know it cuz Im a blood. swag

    • Gregorious Jenkins

      This might be the worse thing I've ever read. The content was alright. Then the syntax fucked it up. Then this is the clincher: swag. #endingsentenceswithswagisgay #andsoarethesefruityasshashtags

  • Anonymous

    Ja Rule is currently serving a two-year bid for gun possession And t.i. is a free man something aint right

  • Anonymous

    he is not in prison doing hard time he is on vacation.no lock up no hand cuffs none of that shit.to many people doing real hard prison time stop acting like he on death row.

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