A$AP Rocky Surprised By Rakim On "The Angie Martinez Show"

A$AP Rocky finally meets his namesake.

A$AP Rocky's mother is evidently an old school Hip Hop fan, as she named her son after legendary emcee Rakim.

In a recent interview on "The Angie Martinez Show," the young rapper was surprised by a meeting with his namesake.

In the middle of the interview, the young rapper was stunned to suddenly find himself face-to-face with the God.

"I'm overwhelmed right now," said a grinning A$AP Rocky.

Martinez told the story of the young rapper's mother meeting Rakim, and asking him to sign the then-infant's diaper, as she had nothing else for him to autograph.

"You don't a crazy lady running into you at the [stop]light?" asked Rocky.

A visibly moved A$AP Rocky was so overjoyed, he had to call his mother in the middle of the interview. 

"Don't tell me...don't tell me you are here with the God!" screamed his mother. "Rakim is the God. I am a goddess. I gave birth to a god!" she said, explaining her reason for naming her son after the Rap legend.

Watch the second portion of the interview below, courtesy of Hot97.com:

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  • j

    i fucks with asap rocky dis dude need to do a track with d greatest rapper alive weezy f baby

  • egyle

    i fucks with rocky, but come on, he's nothing like rakim

  • darryl

    ........because u would swear up and down Phonte, 9th wonder and them were born and raised in NYC if u had to judge them by there music.

  • darryl

    Question. People get mad @ Rocky for tryna sound southern ......but why nobody get mad when Little Brother do it?

  • that old dude

    This was a dope story! Makes me feel old tho! Time flys when your a true head

  • G

    Rocky seems thoro. But they actin like Rakim his Dad. His pop must be a dead beat.

  • Anonymous


  • Jay Z son

    Went until i meet Nas

  • Anonymous

    Rocky is cool. I mean, he isn't as lyrical as his namesake should hint but he is dope. But his mother is on some new type of crack or something. Is she still in her 20s because I wouldn't be surprised...

  • Almar

    Not Really Diggin A$ap's style, But This is a pretty cool moment.



  • Shaolinswordz

    This is awesome

  • Danika

    OK! Where do I start? first off, ASAP Rocky is not the business... He is a POSSER, JOKER, COPY CAT, AND FABULOUSLY GHETTO... ASAP, can not write, produce, make his own beat, nor RAP! He comes out like a gangster thug with his hood posse, uh want to be and all he does is mimic other artist that he wish he can be, you feel me... all of a sudden he now does punk rap... oh and mosh pits @ his shows... WHY? HMMM because he wishes he was ODD FUTURE... ODD FUTURE IS A DIY GROUP AND ASAP ROCKY IS DEFINETLY TRYING TO DUPLICATE THEM BY MOSH PITTING AND CHOOSING THE MUSIC GENRA OF PUNK RAP CUZ THATS WHAT ODD FUTURE DOES... SUCH UH FUCKING JOKKER. PEOPLE WOULD RESPECT YOU MORE IF YOU WERE CREATIVE AND STAND ON WHAT YOU BELIEVE IN AND BE PASSIONATE ABOUT YOU ART INSTEAD OF JOKING OTHER ARTIST STYLE/SWAG. SEE ODD FUTURE ARE TREND SETTERS SOMETHING ASAP DOES NOT KNOW ABOUT... NIGGA GET SOME CULTURE/STYLE/SWAG AND A FUCKING CLUE... YOUR TRASH.

    • henry

      odd future are not trend setters, im a huge OF fan, but trendsetters they are not... rocky has never tried to be a "thug" hes into that pretty nigga party shit. how many Rocky songs you listend to? cause from the sounds of things you dont know shit about him. oh and cause OF has mosh pits nobody else can? like OF invented mosh pits? ive been to an OF show their pits were jumping and shoving nothing different from whats been going on at shows for years just alittle more hypher, n if you ask me none off em have real mosh pits, cause ive been to real moshpits... people leave bleeding and fucked up

    • Anonymous

      Not an A$AP fan myself but you gotta stop hating, like you wearing a shirt you don't even like, and telling everybody how much it sucks, nigga change clothes, quit complaining acting like some menopausal bitch.

    • zachince

      Odd Future are not trend setters.

    • Anonymous

      Waw ! The haterness is growing and growing

    • Anonymous


  • Jiz

    Why y'all gotta get negative bout this shit? I couldn't feel nothin but positivity in this. We need more dope shit like this.

    • Anonymous

      Co-sign. Even if you're not an ASAP Rocky fan this is a dope story. Nothing negative about it. Far too many douchebags on this site nowadays.



    • RealRap

      tyga,thats some other shit. Rakim got good music,Rocky too. that girl up there need to stop hating. hating dnt get you no where.

    • Goodrick95

      who cares if he's old he is the best rapper ever, why do you think he's called the god? I don't like asap but he's better than all these ymcmb faggots you wouldn't know real rap if I played some to you. fucking faggot

    • Anonymous

      go to hell on a gasoline covered school bus

  • Anonymous


  • chev

    how is angie martinez still employed? gross voice. dickrides whoevers in front of her. plays trash. hits a button like shes something special. wanted to be a star, thought she was a musician. gassed her own trash, used her position to break in. hot 97 is disgusting. funk flex still sucking dick, talkin shit, playing whatever boss man tells him to play. drake, drake, wayne, drake, nikki minaj, drake, drake, wayne, ASAP rocky. thats their playlist, ASAP is the new sprinkle. angie is asking rakim if he's still rocking? bitch, he dropped an album a year and half ago, you wouldnt know cuz your boss didn't tell you to play/promote it. why are you still rocking? its clear ASAP rocky has never heard any of rakims albums, and his moms is a loser hood rat with a half fag son. anybody familiar with rakims catalog would not be making the trash ass music asap rocky is putting out. rakim built this shit and hes sitting in the same corporate space working to kill it. he knows it, too. very sad. rap's a side show, so far from what it was. techno gay boy shit. yall fuckin suck for real, who listens to the radio now anyway? losers.

  • So Icy Boi!

    I'd suck his big black cock if he was signed to ymcb, now if you'll excuse me i have to go put waynes lil weiner in my beautiful mouth. swaggg

  • Anonymous

    ASAP ROCKY SUCKS. rakim in 2012 is a million times better as a rapper. all these new rappers suck really bad. why does ASAP sound like a down south nigga? rakim shoulda put the fraud on the spot and asked him what his favorite rakim songs are. a lot of these kids "oh peace to rakim the legend" can't tell you one rakim joint other than paid in full. follow the leader destroys this kids life, and follow the leader destroys anything coming out now. rakim revolutionized emceeing, and these frauds have it regressing into some kind of stupid horse and pony show that caters to idiots. rakim catered to intelligent minds. ASAP rocky will be here today gone 2marrow, like wiz khalfgay and every other bloggers favorite. no staing power, no talent, no originality, no skills. ass kiss is sickening. rakim is happy to be seen or heard at this point, in any capacity. nas will do a song about rakim but wont do a song with rakim, these niggas got no respect.

    • LilWayneWack&YMCMB

      YMCMB is wack,them some other young niggaz, Tyga,Gudda Gudda,like look at that,str8 wack but idc i move on from it,just dnt listen to it,if you dnt like someone but you watching thier videos. JUST SHHHHH.

    • LoPhatChedda

      Grow up dude. It's a story about a young rapper meeting his namesake, a legend. Not about who's beter yadda yadda and all that other BS.

    • Anonymous

      i was with you until you said wiz khalfgay but cmon that shit is not funny, doesnt sound like his name, poor effort you shoulda went with wiz khagina or something

  • melt the ice

    Quit crowning So Icy Boy everyone, he thrives off attention (and I realize I'm not helping by egging this on, wanna fight about it?). Sooner you stop giving this kid attention, the sooner he/she will stop. Anyways, good post DX, I like this article right here. Rakim is the shit.

  • d

    back to the matter at hand. If not for Rakim, there's no Nas, no Jay, no Pac, no Big (Notorious, L, or Pun), no "Insert Your Favorite Rapper Here". May not have taken the craft to it's highest peak, but as THE originator, Ra is the only God MC.

    • insanemacbeth

      RAKIM didn't take the art of emceeing, to its highest point? then name one record BETTER than "FOLLOW THE LEADER", then (the single)? most emcees in the 1980s-90s didn't know what alliteration was then, nevermind, NOW! and the flow, and abstract vividness? jheeeeeeeeez! RAKIM = THE GOD EMCEE.

  • H

    Ive been watching this So Icy Boi Trolling his way through this site for a few months now... Leave him be, cause i promise you THIS! He is merely a young fat white kid, ghostly pale from sitting in his blinded room all day, only getting up to get the plates of greasy trailer trash food his mother leaves outside his door, never seeing the sun... So all that anger building up from not getting vitamin D and/or pussy, has to be channeled somewhere... and since he dont socialyze with real people, the internet is his only choice... So let this be the last comment directed at him. Let him troll, cause his little penis will be erect everytime someone thinks hes real, and you dont want that on you! Im taking this one for the Team,and let it be the last nut this sorry little white boy gets out of this site... Bitch be Gone!

    • Anonymous

      He gets paid to troll here. SoIcyBoi, Yessir, YADIG, TEXAS all these guys are the same person there job is to troll because when you respond to them your talking about YMCMB and like the saying goes any publicity is good publicity

    • Anonymous

      its incredibly sad. but alls it takes is ppl not feeding in. have a functional brain, and ignore it. he gets responses every time, and only idiots respond. i can scroll down a page and not even take a second to glance at the non sense he wrote. he doesnt have a job, a girl, or any friends clearly, so he lives for the dx trappings. only ppl responding to him are just as dumb as he is. so let them have their dialogue and go about your day.

    • tresdemayo

      co-sign too, HHDX not being moderated, a troll like this can kill a website if feeded constantly. I will add that So Icy Boi!: is also Yadig, Yessir, Damentalboy, V-Nasty is god, and couple more whack aliases. People, be smart and stop feeding that troll (who is really obvious and not even funny)

    • realest talk

      major fuckin' co-sign. damn, this faggot just gets all the attention he needs coz stupid people don't see how pathetic he is and keep rising to his bait. yo, i ain't no wanker, but i'd strangle that dick, ya feel me?

  • So Icy Boi!

    get off ma balls fags! Rakim is not dat good... I heard Lil Wayne killed Rakim in a freestyle. maybe in 1999 or 2000? swag

  • DiceTRAKZ

    Man, LISTEN UP PPL! this "so icy boi" nigga and this "yessir" clown are sayin a lot of bs on here to obviously get a rise out of ppl. They prob dnt even believe half the bullshit they talkin. They prob the same nigga using two accounts. Anyway u look at it these niggas is lames. whenever they type anything jus IGNORE them. Dnt respond on their post or anything. This is the last time i will ever bring up their names bcuz Ppl like this need not to be acknowledged.


    There's so many clown ass niggas that disrespect hip hop by posting on these articles, that make me question how credible this site is, it's like where are these moderators to ban attention seeking homos like So Icy Boi and Yessir. On a brighter note, being in the same room with such an iconic legend must have been too much for Rocky to handle, Would've been cool get some conversation popping off despite being starstruck...

    • B.Dot

      Why would you question the site if you know these are nutcases? You question the site by the integrity of the articles and writers not the idiots.

  • MacRob

    Rocky needs his nuts to drop already with this lemme call my mom mid interview shit. Rakim would kill lots of these newer rappers on the mic to this day, assap being one of them...

    • room2roam

      so now u a bytch for callin yo moms? man dudes have completely lost sight of the tings that matters these days. the only way i could see someone saying something like that is if their mom was not there for them... cray

    • lloyd

      just stop talking Mac

    • Anonymous

      I don't know about that. His mom named him Rakim so obviously was a big fan as well. Why not let the woman who gave birth to you say whats up to the god mc as well....

  • So Icy Boi!

    who is Rakim????? lmao I bet Asap would outrap him. swag

  • Anonymous

    Thats whats up. Nice to see a regular dude appreciating where he's at.

  • 123

    But if white middle-class family name their son after Eminem, nobody would be that happy.

  • gsonii

    Rakim isn't really that good.

  • insanemacbeth

    yeah, i had the honour of speaking to THE GOD EMCEE RAKIM, at BERT PADELL's office.

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