Hip Hop Album Sales: The Week Ending 1/29/2012

K'Naan's EP featuring Nas debuts, while an Amazon one-day sale launches The Roots 68 spots above last week's appearance, as Yelawolf also gains chart ground.

The lone Hip Hop addition the charts last week was an EP from K'Naan. Meanwhile Homeboy Sandman's Stones Throw Records debut EP and The Alchemist and Oh No's second Gangrene project both missed the Top 200 of the charts. The week did see large gains happened on late 2011 albums from Yelawolf and The Roots, as one release remained in the Top 10.

K'Naan's More Beautiful Than Silence Debuts On The Charts

Somali Canadian emcee-singer K'Naan's fifth overall release, an EP, debuted at #172. The A&M Records release features previous collaborator Nas, along with Nelly Furtado. The five-song work is K'Naan's first release in nearly three years, since Troubadour. A full-length effort is reportedly in the works for release later this year. In an interview with HipHopDX in January, K'Naan explained the EP's influence, "I got a lot of friends, rappers that we all respect, and they know what I do, they know what I can do, and they always [telling] me like, 'K’Naan, you need to go at them. You really need to explain [the environment you come from] to them.' And so, part of my response on the new record is really just to be that, just to show people like, 'Look, I can be explicitly direct about this shit.' I took a place for such a long time of humble grace, in which I would rather you figure this shit out before I gotta explain it. But I think it’s time to explain it."

Yelawolf's Radioactive, The Roots' undun Display Growth On The Charts

Yelawolf's studio debut, Radioactive, climbed 14 spots in the last week. With new single/video "Let's Roll" circulating, the Shady/Interscope sensation has now crossed the 100,000 unit milestone. The Roots' acclaimed undun  album climbed an astonishing 68 spots last week, largely due to a one-day Amazon sale, placing the digital version of the LP at $3.99. The band for the The Late Show with Jimmy Fallon's "perfect" HipHopDX album features appearances from Big K.R.I.T., Phonte and Dice Raw.

Hip Hop Album Sales: The Week Ending 1/8/2012

#9. Drake - Take Care - 26,000 (1,376,000)

#17. Young Jeezy - TM 103: Hustler's Ambition - 18,000 (398,000)

#29. Jay-Z & Kanye West - Watch The Throne - 12,000 (1,285,000)

#37. Lil Wayne - Tha Carter IV - 10,000 (1,976,000)

#88. The Roots - undun - 4,800 (112,000)

#100. Yelawolf - Radioactive - 4,200 (103,000)

#105. Mac Miller - Blue Slide Park - 4,000 (277,000)

#106. Yo Gotti - Live From The Kitchen - 3,900 (25,000)

#109. Common - The Dreamer / The Believer - 3,800 (115,000)

#172. K'Naan - More Beautiful Than Silence - 2,500 (2,500)

* data comes from Nielsen Soundscan, rounded to nearest thousandth for units above 10,000, nearest hundredth for units below 10,000. Each week, HipHopDX presents top albums in Hip Hop/related, and five notables.

Will Diplomats/Tragedy Khadafi producer Araabmuzik's Instrumental University crack the Top 200? Stay tuned to HipHopDX.

Last Week's Charts.


  • X.Me.Y

    yela past 100 000 ...cool..haha K'naan did 2500

  • bizzalls

    Yo, the fact that The Roots are still selling above 100 thousand albums is fuckin great. Who really even knew about that album? Did they really have a hit single? and they definitely don't get much promotion. This is a classic case of a quality group who makes quality music, in turn, having a real fanbase. Shit makes me happy that many people bought the album. Same thing when Jadakiss dropped his last album, he sold like 150k first week; because he's an ill rapper, puts out ill music and has a real fanbase. Still don't get this Mac Miller shit.

    • Real Talk

      Co-Sign. I dont think anyone that likes hip hop gets the mac miller shit. But he will disappear soon enough, just give the fans some years to grow up.

  • Anonymous

    top five rappers eva 1.kanye 2.tupac 3.lil wayne 4.nas 5.eminem

  • Anonymous

    What's embarassing is that you tell people you're a virgin by choice.

  • T.I.A.

    Really frustrating to see K'naan with such a weak debut! Wish he moved the units he deserves...

  • Anonymous

    Jeezy is doing Officer Ricky Roozay #'s now he use to be d*mn near platinum by now! I guess Jeezy at his worst his Officer Ricky Rozay at his best?!?

  • Fish

    Jeezy on course for gold in a few weeks. And he deserves it, great album. #respect

  • Anonymous

    Finally Radioactive & Undun crossed 100,000!

  • Nico 3

    #9. Drake - Take Care - 26,000 (1,376,000) 109. Common - The Dreamer / The Believer - 3,800 (115,000) That is a fucking embarassment... Lonnie.

  • Anonymous

    These numbers are wrong TM103 just went gold.

  • bad ass

    Aslong as jeezy album keeping selling over 10,000 each week. Ross album will not come out

  • Yelawolf

    Yelawolf is good but he stood next to Shady and that made everyone exspect him to be as good as Eminem is but we just gotta accept and artist for who they are. I like him because he brings a different style to the game.

  • Little King

    Hip Hop in tupac and big time was about the streets not about some singing shit.it's origin was as the voice of the streets.Drake is R&B not hip hop and wtf does elephant man has to do with hip hop? why DX keep posting that Crap? Jeezy i like because he talks about the streets.

  • The B

    That entire list is straight TRASH!!! What a shame.



  • KiLa KaS

    Gangrene didn't even make the Top 200?! ... Shit like that is what's wrong with HIPHOP!!!

  • Anonymous

    Shad >>>>>>>> Drake.

  • Anonymous

    that fucking fruit yelawolf is done. just clocked 100,000 on shady? obie got dropped for selling a whole lot more with half the hype. faggot rappers suck, eminem is nowa faggot rapper putting out other faggot rappers. eminem is a wuss. elvis 2012.

  • Meh

    The wrong Canadian rapper is at the top and the right one is at the bottom. Funny how that works out.

  • wtf?

    Its a sad day when drake is on top. and already sold more than wtt? you all know thats wack

  • Ricky Rozay

    For all you Jeezy dickriders who say Jeezy go platinum and Ross only go gold, what do yall niggas gotta say now. Jeezy havin trouble goin gold. Face it niggas, Jeezy not even a gold rapper now. His album besides 2 tracks was wack as fuck! Bawse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      Jeezy having trouble going gold? wow arent u an ass crack.. Did you not see how close he is to Gold? he is Still gonna sell a mill what the hell is wrong with u u can't read?

    • Anonymous

      jeezy and ross both suck. shut the fuck up

    • c

      SnowGo@YoungJeezy Half a MILLI #TM103 Certified GOLD thanks to yall. Half way there! Men and Women lie #'s don't. #ITSTHAWORLD Coming Soon. Stay Tuned! RT @MikeWiLLMadeIt: TM103 Gold in 1 month Platinum next #WayTooGone #Eardruma!

    • c

      TM103 already went gold according to Jeezy's official twitter account... Not sure where HHDX gets their numbers from...

    • niggaplease

      first of all bitch ass nigga it took rick ross about 5 months to go gold with his last album jeezy only been out since december and he's at 300+ ross ain't as hot as he put on and yall fuck niggas fall into his bullshit

    • niggauabitch

      first of all bitch ass nigga it took rick ross about 5 months to go gold with telfon don jeezy only been out since december and he's at 300+ ross ain't as hot as he put on and yall fuck niggas fall into his bullshit

    • Anonymous

      u think ross is going to sell any better with his album full of the same beats?


      man jeezy whole alumb goes hard easy with th hating ross rich forever muxtape goes hard also i fucks with both

  • Anonymous

    honestly who are the faggots that keep buying drake records every week? dude is a bitch and makes wack records

    • The Truth

      @2nd anon: The way I see It, Its like this. You put up Drakes sales, then you got to put up Adele and Justin Beiber cause thats his true competition. Putting pop/r&b artists into hip hop album sales is always going to be wack. Truth is theres always more real hip hop fans outside of the us than there are in the us, so anyone talking shit about lack of support is delusional.

    • Anonymous

      its the truth. eminem now caters to the same audience. elvis is a faggot.

    • Anonymous

      ^Lol at grouping Eminem with Drake and Justin Bieber... that's disrepectful...

    • Anonymous

      same ppl buying justin bieber and eminem albums. little faggot white kids who have posters of them in their room. "mmoooommmm buy me drake and eminem again, they need my support"

    • Anonymous

      You should support your favorite artist like Drake fans do instead of hating on others and the music you like could magically appear on the charts.

  • Anonymous

    Drake, Jay, Kanye, Wayne, Yeezy and Mac Miller prove it: Haters are the key to succcess.

  • TOP 5 DOA

    1.JAY-Z (still relevant) 2.B.I.G.(timeless) 3.NAS (pure lyricist) 4.EMINEM(unmatched flow) 5.2PAC (subject matter genius) THIS LIST IS UNDISPUTABLE.

    • HAGE

      @ last anonymous post, Woah first time in months i've seen a decent comment from people here :)

    • Anonymous

      All of those are top 5 candidates but heres mine 1. Eminem (Incredible in every catagory, also consistent and has a couple classics,) extremely diverse in terms of flows, deliveries, subject matter, great live performances (especially the older ones) 2. Rakim (Insane flow, and raised the bar so much higher for rap and pretty much started the drive to be more lyrical, extremely influential, great live 3. 2Pac (Extremely influential and talented in most catagories, fairly consistent but his albums could be a little better overall, and there are way more lyrical people 4. NaS - Illmatic is the greatest hip hop album of all time, and contains about 5 top 25 hip hop songs of all time. Since then he hasn't been so consistent, but he still gives us gems like It Was Written, Stillmatic, The Lost Tapes, etc. He's one of the most creative rappers I've ever heard (I Gave You Power, Rewind, Stillmatic Intro, etc.) 5. Jay-Z - Puts out tons of material that is mostly very good. Reasonable Doubt and the Black Album are two of the best rap albums of all time. He's got a great flow -especially from '90-'99, incredible wordplay, lots of double/triple entendres, and has some deep songs whether people like to admit it or not. Honorable mention: Notorious BIG - A great MC but only had 2 real albums and we never got to see if he'd fall off or get better. Kind of overrated lyrically but like I said he was still really good. He was extremely influential, and debuted with a classic. Life After Death was also very good, with CD1 being classic and the second CD being solid. Good list though

    • Anonymous

      hi guy that started listening to rap after 2000. shut it sissy. gay-z sucks. feminem sucks. nas albums suck. ur top 5 sucks.

    • k

      finally a list I can agree with.

    • Anonymous

      1. dylan (hot fiyah) 2. dylan (hot fiyah) 3. dylan (hot fiyah) 4. dylan (hot fiyah) 5. dylan (hot fiyah)

    • malone

      1 second this list.

    • RCA

      Perfect 5 except the need to be shuffled. 1 Eminem 2 PAC 3 Big 4 Nas 5 Jay



    • Common = Drake

      COMMON is a GOD in hip hop, Drake is a diciple.. Drake still nice but he need more material , he gonna catch a brick here n there, he working on new material which is the right move then he gon take a 2 year brake and be on some Will smith ish..

    • gg

      LOL @Yessir i love how you always rep YM/Drake. good for you bro! rep your set! Sales are a bit overrated however. But at the same time i truly believe common dissed drake for sales...either that or it was about serena lol dont make any sense otherwise

    • niggaugay

      Sales are irrelevant

  • Anonymous

    you would have thought the carter 4 would be diamond by now with that big first week.

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