Timbaland Produces Tribute Song To Rob "Gronk" Gronkowski

Timbo links with rapper Brasco for a dedication track to the New England Patriots' tight end player.

Timbaland has teamed up with Wizz Dumb to produce a tribute song to Rob “Gronk” Gronkowski, featuring rapper Brasco.

The song is dedicated to the New England Patriots player, who will join his team for Super Bowl XLVI against the New York Giants. The NFL star has set new tight end records for receiving and touchdowns.

“Let’s toast to the life, let’s reach for the stars / Celebrate hard, ‘cause the game is ours,” raps Brasco on the cut.

Listen to the full song below.

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  • hates haters

    if yall aint got nothing nice to say then STFU...if all you can do is talk smack just remember no matter how much hate timbo gets he still doin his thing making his money and the most important thing is making the rest of us true fans enjoy his talents...what have you done with your life cept bitch and whine HUH

  • MarkyMark

    brasco is fucken lame... and why he tryna to sound like Young Chris

  • archiebang

    So many things wrong wit this lame shit. First off, Gronk is from NY and so is that lame ass rapper Brasco, even tho you couldnt tell cuz he has no presence in NY. And how u a NY rapper making a song for a New England team..thats what you call a lame..stay in MIA nigga

  • jason

    timbaland is a steroid injecting still fat out of shape overrated piece of shit... try to get some attention with his "suicide" gimmick... foh with that bullshit

  • Anonymous

    timbaland is a fag that steals beats online and his career is washed. guy is finished. quit rap when his solos flopped and then his pop solo flopped harder. HA HA damn! that being said GRONK is a beast and sprained ankle or not he shits on niggas. most dangerous reciever on the planet, and hell clean your clock on the block. beast.

  • Mr Flamboyant

    Huh? Is Gronk from VA Beach?

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