Dr. Dre Performs "Still D.R.E." At LIV In Miami, Florida

The West Coast vet takes a trip down memory lane.

Dr. Dre recently performed his classic cut "Still D.R.E." while at LIV in Miami, Florida.

Dre, who had been spotted at Rick Ross' birthday party in Miami over the weekend, hopped on the mic at LIV in celebration of DJ Stevie J's birthday. He performed the cut while DJ Clue manned the turntables. Attendees at the event included Lil Wayne, Fabolous, Wiz Khalifa, Trey Songz, Ne-Yo and more.

Watch the footage below (via RR).



  • Mohammad

    Hahaha this poor, ol' guy swayin back and forth just rockin in one spot. Bout to throw out his hip and have some white guy in the crowd start yelling "We need a doctor!!!"

  • Anonymous

    hating cuz they cant afford his headphones.


    this nigga OFFICIALLY released not 1 but TWO SINGLES FOR A ALBUM.. nd didnt put it out........ wat the fuck is tht shit, find me sumone else who dun it

  • OC

    wait a sec, I thought I remember Dre being chubby. Did he steal a play from the timbaland play book?

  • Anonymous

    Everyone will pour shit on Dre for eternity until he puts out Detox. Then when he does, they'll still give him shit for doing it, so he can't win. You people act like Dre is out and about doing everything but music, but that ain't the case. Dr. Dre isn't wasting his time in the studio almost everyday of his life, especially on vacation, giving up his time to do other money-making shit, so he can work on music he never plans to release for people who will shit on it. Not trying to be a stan but you people are worse than Dre because there's no way for this man to do anything you won't hate on, and the truth everyone knows is that the second Detox starts getting real, you're all going to jump up and down on Dre's command like circus dogs until it's cool to shit on him again. Like clockwork!

    • Anonymous

      I agree him delaying Detox is a huge fuck up on his part but do you understand what he has done for hip-hop. The artists he's brought, the tracks he has produced, the era he made it through and the amount he has accomplished?. Dr. Dre was never a gangster no doubt and he's basically Iovine's bitch no doubt about that either but to criticize who he is and his whole 27 year career in the music business based off what he has done in the past 5-10 years shows how much of hater you and others alike are. If it weren't for him there would be no N.W.A. as he was the producer there would be no 50, Game, Eminem, Tha Dogg Pound, Death Row, Lady Of Rage, Hittman, D12, Snoop Dogg, DOC, Nate Dogg and I can go on and on. Legacy is trashed? Are you smoking crack? He's barely put out anything bad in his whole career. Dr. Dre Presents Aftermath is considered his weakest project and I think that album is dope as fuck. His name means something which is why if he dropped a album tomorrow it would go platinum within the month its released and that's something I can guarantee. Beats are pretty whatever and there are so many more better headphones for much cheaper but this is how business works and there is reason why Iovine (who really runs the headphone shit) has Dr. Dre's name on it and not his. Dre may have made mistakes but his legacy is far from trashed and he's far from Kim Kardashian who is someone truly famous for being famous. He used to be a DJ back in the 80's for a small club and look where he is today and how much he's accomplished. He's got so much unreleased shit and so many detox leaks go listen to all that shit instead of complaining. Oh and for the record Detox is coming within the next 4 months and you can hold me to that. Detox is done all these artists he's working with like TI and Ross are for the pre detox mixtape.

    • Anonymous

      STFU dre promised detox like 10 years ago. didnt announce it. promised it. a real man keeps his promises. dre is a happy go lucky faggot that wishes he was white, he wishes he wansnt dr. dre the godfather of gangsta rap. hes a monkey slave even at this juncture, sure the moneys coming in, but his legacy is trashed, and hes doing everything but dropping music to change that. dr.dre is paris hilton status. famous for being famous. take another photo dre.

    • Anonymous

      Word realest shit someone has said in a while especially the part "you people are worse than Dre because there's no way for this man to do anything you won't hate on, and the truth everyone knows is that the second Detox starts getting real, you're all going to jump up and down on Dre's command like circus dogs until it's cool to shit on him again"

  • dubs

    Yo it's dope to see the Doc rocking, looked like a dope party. Lol at everyone mad below, ya'll act like he fucked your girlfriend or something smh

  • Anonymous

    dre headphones are the same dogshit quality as his music of the last ten years also. not sure about the ghetto retards who buy them HEAR but i'm afraid to ask.

  • bswift77

    There will never ever be a Detox!! Is it me, or does anyone else see the gray hair in Dre's head? He doesn't look right performing anymore. He should just stick to selling headphones, cognac, laptops, and whatever else his name will sell.

  • Anonymous

    LOL dre got dx deleting comments fucking coward jimmy iovines monkey slave james brown worked till he died, he didnt ruin his legacy dr dre ruined his legacy being a scared pussy who quit music to lift weights and push headphones biggest fraud in rap. ghost writers, ghost producers, hiding behind his little elvis eminem. dr dre keep lifting those weights, he got diesel in his 40s after he got lumped up at the vibe awards. now hes a muscled up pussy. buff up the security andre, you scared white man.

  • Anonymous

    wow, that's relevant! no wonder his son overdosed, nice work "dad"! "funny" how all that testosterone, steroids, HGH don't help with your creativity. remember that bullshit about shit being 'stolen from Dre's hard drive'? hah hah.

  • Anonymous

    Come On Dre Wheres The Loyalty STOP FUCKING WITH THEM CLOWNS!!!

  • Anonymous

    look at dr dre jimmy iovines gay monkey slave keep pushing those headphones you scared fairy. james brown dropped music til he died. thats a REAL legend not afriad of "ruining" his legacy. dre has ruined his legacy by being a safe pussy scared of dropping new music cuz hes scared of "flopping". some artist. 42 year old gay face eminem, jimmy slavemaster ivoine, and dr.gay all fucking suck in 2012. dre where's detox? i need a doctor, get eminem to write you some more gay raps. dres a bitch. have another protein shake you scared monkey. dre got diesel in his 40's after he got whooped at the VIBE awards, now hes a muscled up pussy. biggest fraud in rap.

  • idontknow

    We all know detox is not even been put together he making so much money on other things he doesnt need an album.

  • simon

    its weird, because hes old and doesnt look right performing anymore lol

  • Ian

    wow iv seen it all now, dre at an event with lil gayne? and celebrating rick ross birthday with him in miami? dre is no longer gangster maybe eazy was wrong and he is just an actor

  • markisillmatic


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