Meek Mill Projects Debut Album For Summer 2012 Release

Meek Mill also explains the hardships and joys of raising and eight-month old child at this time in his career.

Maybach Music Group's rising star Meek Mill recently caught up with Hot 97's Angie Martinez to talk about his upcoming debut LP. Although the Philadelphia up-and-comer kept tight-lipped about the project itself, he did reveal that his as-of-yet to be titled debut should be due out sometime this summer.

"Actually, I'm working on my album, trying to get my album right for the beginning of summer," he explained.

Meek also talked about his eight-month old child and balancing his personal life and budding career. He explained that while he's always on the road touring and working, he makes sure to get home as often as possible and be a part of his child and long-time girlfriend's lives. He also added that his experiences in jail remind him of the kind of life he wants to maintain, one that includes his family and career.

"My baby's eight-months [old]," he explained. "I make it happen, though. You always gotta go home, at least once a week and make sure everything's straight…I'm in a relationship. It's rough sometimes, you know how it gets, leaving home for a month [to tour]…we make it work. I ain't married, I'm only 24 right now, but things gonna happen."

He added, "My girl's a rider. I was in jail before [MMG blew up], locked up nine months. My girl was riding, com[ing to] see me every week…[that part of my life's] over. It was a learning experience, it was a good thing for me, though. I just had to see it and know that's not what I want to be. I get to come out and tell some young boys that that's what they ain't want to be. It put me on a straight path."

Check out the full interview over at Rap Radar.

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  • Anonymous

    Its too bad MMG kinda align theyselves wit clown ass YMCMB....they are actually a talanted, real label. from Pozay down to Stalley..and its all real hip hop..Young money shoulda stayed Weezy Curren$y Kidd Kidd And Cory Gunz

  • dee

    I cant wait for this cd to drop i will def cop it i listen to all his music on youtube and dude can spit out of these new hip hop dudes i like him the most ex: wale, Jcole ,big sean , drake..just to name a few i think he is better than them

  • Anonymous

    You releasing an album 1 year away ,??? SMH wtf happened to the rap game.

  • tcope420

    Start you own record label.

  • So Icy Boi!

    dis nigga is real just like Ross. dis is why Meek is on MMG. I cant wait for dis album. damn good year for hip hop: I Am Not A Human Being 2 Rebirth 2 Like Father Like Son 2 Roman Reloaded God Forgives, I Dont Meek Millz Debut swag

    • Da Uff U Mean????????

      Young MONEY SUCKS!!!!!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      and furthermore "Real like Ross" has got to be the most blasphemous nonsense I've ever read. Officer Ricky is playing the world of hiphop like a fiddle and y'all motherfuckers are retarded if you think anything that Rick Ross says is real. Excellent businessman, horrible rapper, terrible hip-hop artist. Meek is average and I'm sure his first LP will go hard and shit, but you can't be expecting to much depth with anyone from MMG. Even Wale been fallin off here as of late.

    • Anonymous

      you just listed the shittiest albums of the year and they aint even out yet except for meek, why he on your list of little ym faggots?

  • wtf

    December? The fuck? If he waits that long his 15 minutes of fame will be up.

  • dentaldamboy

    What is wrong with this guy? His entire mentality is convoluted. He asserts that his relationship is somewhat impeding his career yet he feels obligated to stay with the woman because she held him down when he was in jail!?! I have a great idea for aspiring rappers. Instead of running the streets like a dumbass, why not work hard and stay out of trouble. That way you will not be beholden to some ugly chick who was desperate enough to visit you in jail. This guy is totally lame. He makes guys like Ross look smart. At least Ross was never behind bars.

  • Frankie

    I'll be sure to keep an eye on his project. He is definitely one of my top young artists right now. I like his style.

  • Kareem

    He clearly said beginning of summer. He did not say December.

  • Anonymous

    Meek Milli MMG one hunned bitch.



  • Anonymous

    mmg wont have no buzz left by then

    • NateyNate

      Don't pay attention to this article because meek clearly said his album is coming out the beginning of this summer not December smh I hate this

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